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  1. That’s ok guys we’re getting so close to solving mental illness!
  2. Pin it to your ***** for all I care. What would it take for you to actually comprehend reality? A video of Trump discussing coup plans? You’d dismiss that as well - you’re part of the zombie horde, you’ve lost the ability to take in information and process it at a normal level.
  3. You actually, seriously believe the nonsense you type? Really?! It cannot get through the skulls of some folks here. They will do ANYTHING not to admit reality, it’s basically the definition of insanity.
  4. Remember when Mularkey cut Bobby Shaw mid-week to prove a point?
  5. She didn’t mean to say it - she just slipped up. Don’t even think it was Freudian, just a mistake. Let’s not be ridiculous.
  6. Lol at incels moralizing about what women should and shouldn’t do…
  7. Which of the two parties attempted a coup by force? And yes - there are plenty of fascists on the left. They seem unable to even organize themselves into a coherent assembly, let alone orchestrate a Marxist takeover. They are inept, but equally despicable.
  8. Oh I'm well schooled in history unlike the subhuman cretins upthread who simply copy-and-paste from disinformation outlets. Fascism usually starts with the invoking of a folk myth ("the election was stolen!" - check) as a justification for suspension of law and, ultimately, the use of force. As a political ethos it requires a demonized enemy of the state ("you [liberal] morons"), and is characterized by protectionist economic policies (MAGA - check!) and a militarized state which relies on fear and armed groups of loyalists to instill loyalty and order (CHECK). And it's coming.
  9. And fascists gonna fascist. You are the primo example of someone who only surfs “news” outlets for confirmation of his own demented beliefs. There are few things worse than the tyranny of a closed mind.
  10. Oh I don’t doubt this may have happened. But it doesn’t come close to accounting for, or overriding or excusing, an attempted COUP by an outgoing President, nor does it excuse the morons who stormed the building. It’s classic Soviet-era “whataboutism” designed to distract, deny, and obscure the real issue. (Not saying you’re doing that - it’s obvious who in this thread is doing it.)
  11. Maybe they didn't think they'd actually go so far as to storm the capital? Maybe they didn't think the Liar-in-Chief would go so far as to incite hundreds of lunatics to orchestrate the biggest Sore Loser campaign in American history? Maybe by the time they realized what was happening it was too late for a handful of embeds to stop it? Nope - must be a CONSPIRACY! You know that scene at the end of Seven when Brad Pitt is interrogating Kevin Spacey in the back of the cruiser about whether he realizes how totally feces-smearing crazy he is? That's the impulse I have whenever I'm engaging with you. Like - you are totally, completely gone.
  12. What the hell kind of insane question is that? You really embody the “deranged” part eh? False flag! Deep state lies! The fix is in!
  13. It is amazing to me - but not the least surprising - that the guy who created a thread about Q Anon and spent months and months here spouting that nonsense is now back at it, spewing more nonsense and disinformation, as if nothing happened. Utterly incredible and terrifying how divorced from reality some humans are.
  14. Let me guess, it’s all a deep state pedo conspiracy, the Dems are the real election fraudsters, we’re all being conned by BigMedia, and one judge once found Trump was spied on so that proves the entire puzzle. Amirite?
  15. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2022/06/january-6-hearings-republicans-will-do-it-again.html The GOP is turning into a fascist organization right before our eyes.
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