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  1. The "we can't catch a break" crowd is projecting their own life-pessimism onto the Bills. A less-talented Bills team was one coaching-related brain-fart away from putting away a more talented Chiefs team. Every team suffers injuries. Not every team chases a ring like the Bills did this offseason. It's unfortunate that this particular signing didn't work out but it was the right move. But as I said upthread, the smarter path to success would be to lean into the strength of the team, JA17, and focus on protecting him and giving him weapons.
  2. We have drafted enough DL for the time being, I think.
  3. Yes, absolutely. Lean into your strength. Plus offensive production is generally more consistent year to year.
  4. Signing him was a good move, it just didn't work out. They really have to start spending the resources on offense though.
  5. I actually think SF is the perfect offense and landing spot for him. Shanny runs an offense where the reads are well-defined and simple, and pocket mobility is hugely important. Really good fit and I could see him being successful there.
  6. It's Monday morning: power up your computer, log on to TSW, and post a half-formed thought for us mortals to try to decipher.
  7. Probably right. Not a concern unless he sits again against the Jets and Dolphins.
  8. Not surprised he wants to remain in place. Moving around ain’t his thing.
  9. Very curious how they scheme up to defend Miami in two weeks.
  10. Quiz had to take time off from the NFL to beat cancer. He’s a tough SOB.
  11. TEs have been struggling league-wide this year except for Kelce.
  12. Just forwarded to me, sorry if already posted, a Pats fan reaction from Barstool: ”--I hated this game like it was FTX. Like it was Deadspin back when Deadspin was a thing. I hated it like it was a Gender Reveal Party. I hated more than anything I've ever seen on Prime, including Rings of Power. I hated it like it was a person who closes their eyes while starting a sentence with, "Well, actually ..." I couldn't hate this game more if it called me today without texting first. I'm filled with more resentment toward Matt Patricia than that mom who tried to mask shame my family during Covid, while we were passing her on a hiking trail. The Patriots were that $1.7 million San Francisco public toilet that broke downafter three days. I hated their performance like it was the 1980s drinking water at Camp LeJune. I would rather have spent three hours of my Thursday night watching those TikToks where sad narcissists talk direct to camera beginning with, "I didn't want to have to make this video, but ..." If this game could speak, it wouldn't be aware of how embarrassingly loud its conversational tone is. If it were a meal, it would have a hair in it. If it was music, it would be Christmas songs on the store PA system in September. I'm in the process of moving to a new house starting tomorrow, and I've hated the process of organizing every item in 28 years worth of accumulated stuff less than I hated the Patriots offensive scheme. Above all else, I hate the way it made me hate it so much. Hate turned in on itself. An infinite Moebius strip of hate.”
  13. Focus more than confidence. They minded their fundamentals yesterday. Looked far more precise in just about everything including the playcalling. One thing I have to give McD major props for is his laser-focus on beating the Pats and the Chiefs the past few years. They really turn it up a notch in those games and it’s impressive.
  14. He’s the best player on that defense IMO and he’s going to get a monster contract in a few years - like $150M type contract. He’s an absolute game wrecker. I could not be higher on him .
  15. And he hit him shoulder to chest. I don’t understand the call.
  16. I've seen things... seen things you little people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium... I rode on the back decks of a blinker and watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments... they'll be gone. Like tears in rain. Time… to die.
  17. That was not a personal foul, he’s allowed to play the ball and he didn’t lead with his helmet. The league is just a bit lost on this stuff.
  18. These announcers are just reciting facts they know like two father-in-laws.
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