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  1. Spiller wasn't doing much to begin the season, but watching these plodders run behind other unathletic plodders makes me wish he was healthy and in there. He would've broken a few big gains the past couple of weeks. Dixon is 100% heart but simply lacks the athleticism to make a cutback. FJax's body has started to wear down big time, there is no explosion there. And Bryce Brown probably cost us the playoffs with that fumble against KC. I miss CJ.
  2. The Bills drafted Ross Cockrell over Zach Mettenberger. There's just one example that comes to mind.
  3. My thing with Gilmore is that he seems to lack some spatial awareness that causes both his ball skills to suffer, on the one hand, and his pre-snap lineup/depth to suffer, on the other hand. I think the coaches actually give him a fair amount of discretion in terms of how much cushion to give WRs off of the snap (except on certain blitzes and pressure packages), and he has not yet mastered this element of his game. There was a third down play yesterday where he cushioned Gordon too much, proceeded to give up the first down, and then pounded his fists in frustration about it - he realized he gave up too much depth pre-snap. He seems to do this quite a bit. He either underestimates his own speed, or the opposing WR's speed (or both), perhaps. I'm not sure how best to explain it and maybe some of you with more X's and O's chops can explain it to me. But I think it's related to the poor ball skills and has to do with a lack of spacial awareness. Something like that.
  4. Not just a top tier LT. Maybe the best LT in the game. And he flat dominated him. And, for Kelvin Shephard. Unreal.
  5. Because not a single player on offense has improved or developed under Marrone, Goodwin included. Sooner or later you have to stop nit-picking at each and every player and start focusing on the one constant.
  6. Correct. To compare Marrone as a coach to Harbaugh is laughable.
  7. I hope the four of you figure this out for us soon, the season is almost over!
  8. And as I've said, what you're seeing are blatant symptoms of the coach and the GM not being on the same page with one another. It's bad enough even when you're winning (see SF), but when you aren't winning, there is really only one way this ends.
  9. I actually don't know that the players like Pettine too much. There have been grumblings from players who have played under him that he's kind of a jerk. Coaches who have worked with him seem to respect him as a coach but not so much as a person. Just a feeling I get from what's said and isn't said about the guy. I get the sense that Schwartz is much more well-liked than Pettine.
  10. We kicked a great coach out of our division last night - it was a big victory for that reason alone. Now let's just hope they don't lure a Harbaugh to replace him...
  11. EJ doesn't even look at the defenders pre-snap. It's maddening.
  12. Orton played "fine" yesterday against a horrible secondary. But honestly, I didn't see him hit a single WR in stride the entire game. He missed wide open reads throughout the game (including two plays where Sammy was running virtually uncovered, one down the sideline and one over the middle). It looked like he stayed in the pocket a bit longer yesterday and was willing to take a hit or two, which was a refreshing change from the prior two games. He also looks to be in better shape (footspeed etc.) than he did when he started his run. IMO the best things about Orton is that he knows where to go with the ball on most plays, and he is very good at pre-snap reads - he checked into and out of the right plays for most of the night. He also is willing to throw it up there and let his WRs make plays. But he's not "the solution."
  13. Bills already beat a better team in that stadium this season. Non-NFL stadiums might trigger insurance issues for the league.
  14. Marrone is not "conservative." Marrone is afraid of being blamed for making mistakes. There is a difference. (He's worse than conservative.)
  15. This may be brilliant leverage by someone to get Terry P. to pony up for a domed downtown stadium...
  16. This offense doesn't even use its WRs, so I really don't have an issue with the trade.
  17. The Bills really don't throw to their receivers; when they do, they design the routes so that the ball either goes to the receiver or out of bounds (i.e., the deep fade). The Bills might start drawing more flags if they started actually trying to get the ball to their WRs downfield, in space.
  18. But see that's why I think he's doomed. They'll insist that he fire his OC, and Marrone, being the stubborn fool that he is, will refuse (remember, this is a guy who - reportedly - dared his bosses to fire him - in public - because they told him to put Urbik in). Marrone will get himself fired by refusing to get rid of Hacket, so this'll all take care of itself.
  19. Well, look at this way (and I want Marrone fired): The QBs Marrone has been given to work with: EJ Manuel, Kyle Orton, Jeff Tuel, Thad Lewis, Kevin Kolb. OUCH. He has been given 1/2 of 1 guard in two years. Last year he had almost zero WRs to work with. He has been given zero tight ends in a league that features them. So, I would say, while Marrone hasn't done himself any favors and probably deserves the axe, I could see the argument for keeping him around one more year given how little he's had to work with on the offensive side of the ball.
  20. Ebron round 1, Kujo round 2, and yes, a lot more of us would be wondering about the bona fides of Doug Whaley.
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