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  1. So nobody cares that only the fans are required to be vaccinated at Bills games. Not the guy that pats you down? Shouldn't ALL personnel be required? What about the guy handing you a beer or a hot dog. The players on the field??? 🤔
  2. I don't believe ANY game was sold out this year. I could be wrong but yeah ... Crazy
  3. To be fair, it was one Twitter account that called her out. It was Hammer. And they hate each other soooo.
  4. This may be an unpopular opinion but to me Dan Dierdorf was the worst broadcaster of all time and I remember turning the volume down when we played the dolphins several times.... Unlistenable.
  5. I'm glad you said this bc that's exactly what I was thinking. It comes off as rude but it's just true.
  6. I'm like a West Coast Offense type of member. I like quick-hitters and more importantly ACCURACY and unfortunately you missed on both. Always appreciate new opinions tho!
  7. Very! You saw the Miami game. Who wouldn't be concerned for this young man's well-being. 🤕🤕🤕
  8. Was too long to read the whole thing but your take on Edmunds is horrible and I'm glad you're just a mod & not our GM!
  9. I actually agree w your post but I'm too lazy to go fix my post to replace the word world. 😂 I still think you'll see "more" rival fans. We're not the only fan base that travels-
  10. Sorry man. People think that there's only 700 tickets they're not considering all the season ticket holders that aren't coming forward selling their tickets. The NFL is the biggest show in the world and to think that people from across the country won't come here is ludicrous to me. Especially Buffalo, ground zero bills Mafia. Best of luck selling your tickets and even better health to you sir ✌️
  11. So that's how you got your username,..... derailing football conversations one post at a time
  12. Exactly this. ☝️ People who aren't getting jab'd obviously prioritize other things more than football and have already conceded concerts, foosball gms & in some cases even their jobs. I know several young women who plan to have families and know the risks associated with the jab and can just watch the Bills kick ass at home. Go Bills
  13. Exactly.... That's why I said there's going to be a lot of visiting fans this year and I got trolled for it. I hate to say I was right but I was right! No season ticket holder in his/her right mind is going to give up his spot that he's earned since 1982 or 1999 or whatever. They'll just dump and make some money & retain the same seats for next year.
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