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  1. I have to say, good for him. Stud.
  2. He’s trash but probably a good guy. Honestly, the TE position is the least of my worries. I like the 4-5 we have going to camp but won’t be sad if they let Kroft go.
  3. Some passes that should’ve been caught by his OWN men too
  4. It of course was but it was early in the 3rd......these other ones were daggers
  5. In order 1a) Milano & Neal failed sack at end 1b) Knox whiffing on Cunningham that would’ve won game in OT 3) refs calling Fords block dangerous 4) Duke dropping TD 5) Smoke sideline miscue Honorable Mention.... -Motorless overtime -8 missed tackles -Allen’s fumble
  6. Change your username & avatar. It’s so confusing to the rest of us.
  7. This place is gonna suck for a couple months
  8. I’m much better today. Future is bright. Was really depressed, now frustrated. Tomorrow I’ll be fine. The Music City Miracle was killer. Four SB losses were way more brutal than this. We will all be fine.......well maybe not #nextmanup
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