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  1. ... and ...of course he will sign with Boston*
  2. I had Bill's winning 31-17 last week and by a TD versus Jets. This game makes me feel uneasy and I'm not nearly as optimistic as I was for the 1st two. Not sure why. One thing is for sure, that house will be rocking! Buffalo 34 Cincinnati 30
  3. Good pass. Bad route. Drop. Confidence is a huge crutch for young receivers with no experience. He should be better now but just isn't....he just flashes here & there
  4. As a Die Hard Cincinnati Reds fan, yes, they are my 2nd choice.... Bills Sabres Reds 'Cuse
  5. NFC team offered a 1st today... AFC team offered 1st & player today...... Hmmm-
  6. That also means we have ZERO td's of less than 70....lol....... that'll change soon with more int's and getting Roberts back!
  7. He should be allowed to wear gold socks, to match the jacket he'll be wearing someday...
  8. I really get the feeling we got the best QB of that draft. Sorry but I think teams will figure out Jackson and Baker has reached his ceiling already. We missed out on Mahomes but struck gold with Allen-
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