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  1. And the defense to make me change the channel after halftime.
  2. Eric Sleeping with Bienemy Odebe Young Again McDowell
  3. This ain’t your grandfather’s Buffalo Bills..... we throw way more than run
  4. I still think we have 2 best QBs in AFC East right now.
  5. Sorry bout the SB. Tough tough loss. Yikes. Should be fun in ‘21. This time we host.
  6. LJ8 is by all accounts SUPER LIKABLE but they are a Run-1st and Run-2nd kind of team. He obviously has limitations and throwing to the boundary is unfortunately (for them) one of them. F the Ravens! 😄
  7. Bill Belichick still schemes weekly for Josh Reed.
  8. There are more pressing areas of need IMO. We are currently loaded at WR. Draft one of your speedy college kids in later rounds. Period
  9. WR? They have G.Davis and I.Hodgins from last year plus Kumerow & the Wyoming kid. ...maybe spend a 6th or a 7th but not 1-3
  10. Bojo punted like what, twice a game? McK has a TD more than Andre did last year on ST. This was supposed to be funny I’m guessing??? .....we got better IMO and have the 2 best QBs in the division. period.
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