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  1. Good question. Maybe it was the 2-14 W/L 2019 prediction. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Everyone saying that we gotta keep up with KCs offense. They forget we scored more points than them this year, playing vs teams w better Win %, undefeated against top 10 defenses, etc.... Screw KC AND the media! -Buffalo vs the World-
  3. Hall of Famer and one-time home run king Atlanta Braves legend Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron passed away this morning at the age of 86. He leaves behind an indelible legacy on and off the baseball diamond.
  4. We simply just don’t do anything else except pass. Why change that now? I agree 100% get into a shoot out. 42-37 Bills
  5. 0-2 in playoffs under McD with this combo.... 4-2 this year Undefeated in white pants tho, regardless of combination....... LOL I wanna someday see my madden combo of red over blue, white helmet/white socks/white facemask
  6. Sal C just said he looked into it and it was a fake account. For an hour nobody was tweeting me back. Got worried. I did not start a thread, I clearly said it was a rumor that was going around and posted it here. Good luck boys. I’ma man of my word and will be off.
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