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  1. Jim Sweetness Barry Sorry Thurm-
  2. Again, there's really not much Daboll can do to help Josh in such a short time. Maybe 5-7 secs? He might actually hurt Josh. Get the play in and let the kid work.
  3. And where is your contribution? Lol When do you EVER share "knowledge". I've come to know you as weak. I'm sorry if that offends you. Please keep to topic for others. As I have.
  4. Another example of a weak post. Keep trying old man, I'll be here all night.
  5. Wtf is ur problem??? If you don't understand the 15 sec rule then move along to something else that is more your level of knowledge. You are a weak poster, so I'll leave it at that.
  6. He only had seven snaps on Sunday
  7. Thx for ur service Majbob. New appreciation.
  8. I was two rows back, he didn't attempt anything. It could have been play action ,could have been a handoff, could have been a straight pass .....we'll never know....thx Jordan
  9. He technically sacked Fitz in Buffalo but because it was so fast, it was just logged as TFL. He should have 8 sacks.
  10. I'm surprised you actually showed up today. You have more balls than others. I'll give you that. Lol
  11. You know the old saying, "Defense travels well"....
  12. Milano was Beast on Sunday. I promise they gave Allen poor marks too. I refuse to visit their trash site. Even when they gave Oliver praise. They use waaaay too much "judgement" on what they think is accurate. Any of us can look at All22 and do better.
  13. #15 WR had two late, pretty routine catches & celebrated both times like he just made the play of the game. Lol #scoreboard
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