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  1. I heard of those guys! They were pretty good!
  2. ...13th, @ 10 AM. I don't even bother asking friends anymore, since tickets are easily available elsewhere..
  3. I believed the Bill Walsh Kool-Aid, myself..
  4. That by itself, was unforgivable. I'm not condoning it, but it's no wonder that Whitey's kids were harassed in school.
  5. Jesus. After Donahoe WRECKED the Bills for a generation, I thought that he'd be bagging groceries, somewhere..
  6. The kid just turned 21. He has the tools, and the smarts. His family even has a Buffalo connection. I'd wager, that he can be coached up, like Josh Allen. What's not to like? If he played last year, he never would've dropped to #30 this year.
  7. ...Should've defended the 'Hail Murry'......
  8. I suddenly wondered, if Gregg Williams was coaching the Packers, in that moment...
  9. At the end of the day, Hammer was just drumming up a little publicity, for himself..
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