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  1. 2nd to last play, lost the game. Different story, if Allen doesn't slip.
  2. I think that we are 11-1 all time, in 'Rich'/Ralph' Stadium, so home field, accounts for something.
  3. I was in a metal splint, for the first two weeks. They put me in a hard cast, yesterday, after the stitches were removed. I requested 'Buffalo Bills Blue', for the color of the Hard Cast, and they complied! :-)
  4. I was very depressed, after the Steelers loss. This Monday night fiasco, simply pissed me off...
  5. I've been saying for years, that this is the worst call, in Football.
  6. I'm currently in a cast for six weeks, following surgery on my right hand. Hope Knox's Doc is a miracle worker.
  7. Let's take the high road, and not be like them. I do not want to become, what I despised in the past....
  8. Nashville is a fun town. I spent 10 days there, back in the '70's, and I had a blast! The level of Musicianship, that I saw from Bar room performers, was pretty mind blowing.
  9. Here is my take: Always be a ‘good sport’, and always be an ‘Ambassador’ for the team, and the city of Buffalo. Behavior trickles uphill, as well as downhill. How would you like to be treated, and how would you like us to be remembered?
  10. It's like living in the Bronx, and somebody asks you about Westchester.
  11. I make wings at every tailgate, and you can keep both Blue Cheese, and Ranch. Both just mask the flavor of the wings. I'll eat my wings with some Frank's hot sauce,and a splash of Habanero sauce, for the desired level of heat.
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