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  1. It's like, he's working for the Bills....😎 We lost Fitz over a crank phone call....
  2. Large sex toy sales would spike in anticipation of impromptu home field ornamentation.
  3. A simple 3-7 point lead, and the team relaxes. There is no killer instinct.
  4. I'm an excellent d-ddriver.....yah...............
  5. Yes. Playoffs will not happen, unless we start putting up more points on a consistent basis. We are vulnerable against every team left on our 'easy' schedule, unless we fix the offense, AND our lousy run defense.
  6. At times, yes. Work on the deep pass. It's obvious that Allen has the short passing game figured out. Unless the Bills start scoring more points, you can forget about the playoffs.
  7. ...And Tyrod level is what we are getting. I think Allen is being misused.
  8. There is a reason why their stadium hosts a courthouse,and jail.
  9. Those stats are haunting though. The Buffalo Bills wrote the book on ruining a quarterback. I hope that Josh isn't the next in line.
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