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  1. SPAC was my favorite venue, when it was run by the state. You could go to a ticket window, and ask for (Subscriber) 'Cancellations'. - Saw many GREAT shows there, between the '70's, and '90's. You could always find a great seat for face value. Nowadays, you are corralled around like cattle, and I paid $36 for two beers @ a James Taylor show. I said 'that's it'. Never again.. Interestingly, Tanglewood, just over the Mass. line, does not have these issues, with treating customers like sh¡t.
  2. My wife worked for Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbus, Ohio, when she was a student at Ohio State. (A long time ago)
  3. It was painful to sit through that game. The Bills mailed it in, because they emotionally had nothing left. There was no fire, except for Diggs, and Allen fixated on his Tablet, seems disinterested. That surprised me. The Bengals were also prepared for the sloppy, damp on field conditions, and the Bills were not. It is the second 'weather' home game that the Bills lost, in recent memory. (N.E. regular season, last year)
  4. What he has NOT collected since, has to be factored in, since he walked away from that deal.
  5. I don't think that he has the aptitude to play MLB, on a *elite* level. He has the physical tools, no question. There are too many plays, where Edmunds is just standing around, and/or watching.
  6. I barely noticed Crowder's playing time. I like what I saw, in Shakir @ the 'Stadium'. He can be explosive.
  7. Possible click bait, but here it is: https://fansided.com/2023/03/06/nfl-rumors-tom-brady-retired-landing-spot/?amp=&amp=
  8. AFAIK, Diggs is happy, in Buffalo. When something actually changes, I'll pay attention.
  9. There should be a Buffalo Bills 'Gutless F**K' award. EJ, and Trent should so enshrined.
  10. I'm not sure, if he could actually do that. I think he'll simply retire, if the desire is gone. The red flag, for him, was last season..
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