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  1. I'll take the word of experts, over self interested politicians, any day....
  2. Bills never led for 59 minutes, 41 seconds. Kelly to Jamie Mueller for the winning touchdown!!! Funny. I can recall all of those 1990 games with clarity, but the 2001 season? It is as if it never happened.
  3. Denver,and the Raiders, in back to back weeks, I believe...Two very exciting games in the final seven minutes of each! The game against Philly, was another exciting game in '90. 24-0 Bills in the 1st. qtr. We should've blown the Eagles out, but a 95 yd. Cunningham pass to Fred Barnett @ the 50, silenced the crowd. Bills hung on 30-23
  4. I remember a 30-28 road loss against Atlanta, during that '89 season, if I am not mistaken....
  5. Division games are generally tough. I can remember a 7--0 contest, against the Pats late in the 4th qtr. in 1990, when the Pats were not a very good team. The game was not a lock, but the Bills got the ball with around 2 minutes to play, and Kelly hands off to Thurman on the 20 yard line. Thomas runs 80 yards for the touchdown, to ice the game. (I watched the play unfold from the opposite end zone) Bills win 14-0
  6. Agreed. BTW, feel free to stop by our tailgate, if by chance, any games are played!
  7. I go back to the early '70's w/Mighty/Elmwood Taco. ..Not sumthin' I'm proud of, but it sure filled the void at the (correct) 3:45AM checkout time.
  8. I preferred Elwood Taco, back when I was doing the wee hours club circuit in Buffalo, many, many moons ago. . Elmwood Taco used a finer grade of dog food for the meat, as opposed to Mighty Taco.
  9. 'SpaceForce'. LOL...... Just giving you good advice.... Have your 'partner' tuck you in.
  10. You should take your meds, and remained locked in your rubber room..............
  11. If games are actually played, the TV money will be the driving force.
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