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  1. 17 years of losing, has made most Bills fans 'Battle Hardened'.
  2. I agree with this. That helmet, to helmet hit, on a defenseless Browns receiver, should've been called. We might've hosted the Browns for the AFC title. It is a game of inches...
  3. WHO, in God's name would you pick, Mr. GM wannabe? We haven't had a good GM/Coaching staff, for a long, long time. We had a 15 win season, this year. I've waited a generation for a season like this. - Would you like fries, with that?
  4. Well. Kay Stephenson might be willing to make a comeback...
  5. We didn't have the horses, on 'D', and maybe Allen has to develop a little bit more. That Chiefs 'D' had us stymied. We won 15 games this season, in a season that I thought, would not happen at all. I'm personally thankful for this run! The 1988 Buffalo Bills lost the AFC Championship to the Bengals. It seems to me, that we had a pretty good run, after that fact, and so we will, once again! We have a GREAT team, that needs just a few tweaks!
  6. I remember that Horse. Made more than a few bucks off of Kelso, back in the day. They were going to put him on display somewhere, when the Horse was something like 37 years old, and he didn't survive the trip.
  7. The conditions at the game were nasty. I was well wrapped for the weather, but I had to leave my seat during commercial breaks/timeouts, to try to warm up, around the concession stands. Say what you will, but the Bills still played better than the Ravens.. The 'Tyrod Taylor' has been completely coached out of Josh Allen. 🙂
  8. Wish that we had him, instead of J. P.Losman..
  9. Send him to Wyoming, to see the spectacular Flying Buffalo's. Taste's like it...
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