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  1. If Marv was a great coach, the Bills probably would've won 3 out of 4 of those Superbowl appearances with that totally stacked team.
  2. That's the way that real estate transactions work. The biggest buck for the seller...
  3. He was a Seal in a previous life.....
  4. I don't think that will happen, but on the other hand, it would be business as usual...
  5. The Titans lost to the Steelers, because their kicker missed a field goal. Sucks that he screwed up two kicks, but I'm glad that the kid ending up getting a lot of work today.
  6. EJ played with fear, after returning from those injuries. His Monday morning quarterbacking skills need to be polished as much as he did, while he was a player...
  7. Tyrod NEVER made the kind of throws that Allen makes, routinely.
  8. The Bills won one home game that season. We were getting pushed around by the Panthers, and I left @ halftime, in disgust. We ending up winning the game, and I vowed to never leave early, ever again.. I was there, for every contest, during that putrid season, though..
  9. The same game came to mind, for me, last night. (I live in the Hilltowns, above Albany, BTW) Better days are coming!
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