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  1. I was trying to be delicate, but you hit the nail on the head! 🙂
  2. There are people out in the world, who are brainwashed into thinking that 'Journalists are bad'.
  3. When I worked @ UB, I'd stop by the Millersport Highway location. The wings were always superb! The Bones were 're-purposed' 🙂
  4. My wife, and i had lunch there. It was pretty good. I'll have to check out the wings. Huge wings, as I recall. 'Just Pizza' gets my vote, for Buffalo pizza. It's been quite a while since I've had one, though...
  5. Good to know! (I live a few miles from Thacher Park)
  6. Is that the place with the open wall, facing the Mohawk River? I'll have to check out their wings...
  7. I concur, with all of these points. 'Crispyness', is first, and foremost! I throw the tips in the trash.
  8. I worked as a short order cook, in college. We used a gallon of Frank's, and a Lb. of margarine for the sauce. Tabasco was added to individual orders, for the 'heat'. Good wings. I first had them, in the'80's.
  9. I use straight Frank's, unless there is a request for hotter wings at the tailgate. Speaking for myself, I use Frank's, and a liberal application of Habanero sauce. The key to great wings, is cooking them in the deep fryer, until the skin is crisp. Otherwise, they will taste like crap, no matter what you put on them.( I never tried grilling them, but I think that you get my point, about crispness)
  10. When I lived in Buffalo, I made exactly one trip to the Anchor Bar. The wings were soggy. Awful. Just awful wings. Bar Bill, and Duff's, are top shelf. I cook my own wings at every tailgate, in peanut oil. I use a 20" Wok, for the deep fryer. - Good as anything out there! 🙂
  11. Thanks for the correction. My memory of the event, is a bit dusty, so I'll have to watch the video for a refresh. 🙂 I'll never forget the conclusion, though!
  12. With Miami up 3-0, I think that it was Shane Conlan who deflected (and picked off?) a Marino pass. We didn't know it at the time, but the game at that point, was essentially over!
  13. Bills fans were concentrated in one corner of the upper level.(Where I was sitting) As the clock wound down, Bills fans broke out in song: Na-na-na-na! Hey-A-A! .....Goodbye!
  14. He is a distraction to the team. He needs to grow up, and shut up.
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