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  1. ..Don't get me started, on pass Interference!
  2. He's busy showing his Ying-Yang in the public Domain...
  3. Well, the Fish have a scumbag owner, so who knows? The buck stops with the Doc, who made the call, however. Some people, will do anything, for money. If the Doc has long term sleeping issues after this, I would not be surprised. "Show us on the Doll, where you were hurt, Tua"
  4. I would think that any ethical Medical Professional, would not let team politics supersede a proper medical decision. This strikes me as incompetence, rather then a team conspiracy
  5. A man’s life was at stake, at the end of the day. If the Doc says ‘play’, then he is ultimately to blame
  6. If ‘The Doctor’ is working the Medical Tent, then he is the one making the call. Who else is to blame? Do you think that the team has a secret ‘if Tua gets a concussion?’ Policy in advance? Tua should never have returned to the field, against the Bills
  7. Link? Someone has to be in charge of such a decision. Are you saying, that it was not him?
  8. He was in charge of an important Medical decision. Correct? The knife fell, where it needed to fall.
  9. I rewatched the game, and to my eyes, Allen’s throws had lost some velocity. I’d like to know the extent, of his hand injury.
  10. In my opinion, they are a dirty team. They tackle to maim, instead of simply, making a stop.
  11. Sitting close to the field, sounds fantastic, but in reality, it sucks. The field is heavily crowned for drainage, and you miss a lot of the action. For the playoff game against the Ravens, I had 40 yd. line seats about 35 rows up, and the view was difficult, from that perspective. I now, sit in row 46 on the 50. I would gladly exchange with someone, who sat in the last row of the 100's. It would be MUCH BETTER, if people would sit the F down.
  12. Yes. We use them all of the time. We have a bunch of Griswold pans, that we paid fifty cents, to a few dollars, for the price of ownership. We're not going to get rich off of them, but they are now a collectable item, FWIIW. I make huge apple pies, from a #12 frying pan. 😀
  13. The End zone view, sucks. For that money, you should be able to find good sideline seats. The fact is, that Ticketmaster is rigging the market for ALL events, besides NFL games. I had COVID for the divisional playoff game, last season, and my *50 yard line* tickets went unsold, @ face value. What changed since then? - Ticketmaster, scamming the public. That is what changed.
  14. It will be called the 'Wastebasket'. Note the wind confusing screens😇
  15. There were 12 attendees, I believe. You, and I are the only (TBD) 'survivors' from that little get together. Greg De'Ville disappeared off of the face of the Earth...
  16. He has done this in the past, but not for a long time. Facebook gives him all of the ammo, that he needs!
  17. I think he would provide some humor to this forum, since we would all 'be in on the joke'. :-)
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