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  1. Time to check out some of Buffalo's finest https://stepoutbuffalo.com/best-dive-bars-in-buffalo-wny/
  2. A few pictures https://nyheritage.org/collections/hurricane-agnes-and-flood-1972-collection
  3. You are correct - having never watched a USFL game - I did not know https://www.fierceelectronics.com/iot-wireless/sensors-inside-usfl-footballs-debut-judging-first-downs#:~:text=The USFL will deploy sensor
  4. "On my first day of mini-camp, Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy came up to me and knew my name and all my stats. He was the head coach and he knew everything about me." (Levy had coached in the Canadian Football League for a period in the late 1970s and early 1980s.) Tindale had gained television exposure in Buffalo through CHCH-TV's broadcast of Ontario university football, which had made him a "cult hero" of sorts in the station's broadcast area. Tindale scored his first career rushing touchdown on December 30, 1995, in a playoff game against the Miami Dolphins. His Western University coach, Larry Haylor, said he remembers watching Tindale's first NFL touchdown while on vacation. "We were huddled around a 7-inch TV screen. Tim broke a run for 44 yards and my wife and I were jumping up and down, cheering and screaming. People came storming into our room to see what was wrong." Haylor also said "I always said Tim would be the guy I would pick first if I had to choose a team. At 5'11", 220 [pounds], he had very unusual talents. He's one of those guys who will give you his soul in effort."
  5. If this works out - will the NFL take notice? https://mashable.com/article/fifa-world-cup-ai-offside-tech?utm_source=GetTheElevatordotcom
  6. The UB Bookstore junked all their NCR behemoths in 1978. Those things weighed at least 200 pounds and were indestructible. For Agnes - I was in high school in Rochester and it rained for like three straight days. Every hand patrolled the streets to keep the sewers cleared
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/354125885662?hash=item52738c30de:g:oScAAOSwcR5iaxjC
  8. https://wellsvillesun.com/blog/2022/01/19/where-are-they-now-the-four-wellsville-kids-who-made-national-front-pages-at-the-then-coldest-buffalo-bill
  9. $15 for 10 is pretty much standard here. I see a lot of menus heavily promoting "boneless" wings. (Buffalo) I just bought a dozen (precooked) at BJ's for 10.99 + a $3 dollar coupon off. I don't need wings at $15 that bad. 1970's - Fridays at Broadway Joe's - 10 cents wings and drafts
  10. I am sure - has not played in 6 (SIX) seasons ! NFL Pipedream
  11. The Braves were linked with Toronto in 1974 - good read here of attitudes back then (48 years ago) https://sportsteamhistory.com/when-toronto-got-buffaloed-by-the-nba
  12. Divine Providence?
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