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  1. Bob Lamb

    Party expenses and other stuff

    You found your present! It doesn't fit my décor anymore
  2. Bob Lamb

    Is anyone THAT upset being 0-2?

    The 1985 Bills started 0-6 - finished 2-12 and fielded Vince Ferragamo and Bruce Mathison directed by Kaye Stephenson (0-4) and Hank Bullough (2-12). But here was their 1985 Draft 1 1 Bruce Smith * † Defensive end Virginia Tech 1 14 Derrick Burroughs Defensive back Memphis 2 29 Mark Traynowicz Guard Nebraska 2 42 Chris Burkett Wide receiver Jackson State 3 57 Frank Reich Quarterback Maryland 3 63 Hal Garner Linebacker Utah State 4 86 Andre Reed * † Wide receiver Kutztown State 4 112 Dale Hellestrae Offensive tackle Southern Methodist 5 130 Jimmy Teal Wide receiver Texas A&M 6 141 Mike Hamby Defensive end Utah State 7 169 Ron Pitts Defensive back UCLA
  3. Bob Lamb

    Do You Enjoy a Delicious Eggplant Dish Like Eggplant Parm?

    I will go out of my way for a good moussaka
  4. Bob Lamb

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    Maybe Mead and I have a spearing contest - instead. Hogboy can referee Lisa's brownies are out of the oven
  5. One where everybody's homework is done Bring back NFL Europe seeing as the powers that be want to combat the Premier League I'm not sure I'm white anymore - waiting on the genome results. The rest is a given
  6. Bob Lamb

    WNYTBDGPS pre-home opener Luncheon

    Too far to drive and use gas just to get gas (burp)
  7. Bob Lamb

    On the Lamb - Redux - Bills vs. Chargers

    If you want to scratch that ITCH - I suggest some Benadryl cream
  8. It’s Been A While – but in light of the Chargers coming back to OP – let’s see The LA/SD Chargers have owned the Bills ever since 1960. Their head to head record is 12-24-2 The Chargers have a 3-7 advantage in the last 10 games. The two teams did not face each other from 1986 through 1998. The last Bills home win was a decade ago – October 19, 2008. This was the infamous “Balloon” game. I was in my sports bar in Vista, CA surrounded by the San Diego Faithful (not as many as you might think – Raiders fans are strong there). Then the game powered out. CBS was at a complete loss. Just recently, I had a conversation with the lead electrician from that day – and he just explained the situation as the complete sequence of everything that could go wrong – DID. Despite the SOCAL brethren being upset – this was the Bills last win: Trent Edwards was 25/30 – 8.7 YPT and 1 TD Marshawn Lynch was 19 for 70 (3.68) and one TD Lee Evans was 8 for 89 and one TD Ryan Lindell contributed 3 FG The Chargers were largely ineffectual but Philip Rivers will be in the HOF one day – Jim Kelly never won a Super Bowl either. Some fun facts from Bills/Chargers history November 20, 1960: The Bills pick off five Jack Kemp passes and cruise to a 32-3 win November 11, 1962: The Bills go to 4-0-1 and a 37-0 halftime lead as Jack Kemp sat on the Bills bench. December 26, 1964: Chargers ran an 80 yard opening driving and only 99 for the rest of the game. Bills win the AFC Championship Game 20-7. Mike Stratton made the Bills’ most famous hit ever on Keith Lincoln. Each Buffalo player’s winning share was $2,668. December 26, 1995: The Bills win their second AFL Championship game – 23-0 – the Chargers never get past the Bills 24. October 5, 1980: Both teams were undefeated – The Bills won 26-24. Jim Hasslet intercepted a Dan Fouts pass and Joe Cribbs scored the winning TD. December 6, 1981: The Bills win a defensive struggle 28-27 as they throttle Dan Fouts and Chuck Munice. Steve Freeman and Rufus Bess co-op on a fumble and then Charlie Romes and Mario Clark sealed the deal. October 15, 2000: The Bills win 27-24 in OT – the 0-6 Chargers lose on their way to 1-15 season but in the next draft the Chargers draft LaDamian Tomilson and Drew Brees
  9. And never showed any leadership qualities
  10. Bob Lamb

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    Do you need advice?
  11. Bob Lamb

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    The owner is a bit of a butthead. Lisa balances out the duo. I hear the new dog is nasty.
  12. Bob Lamb

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    It has only been 12 years. See you for #20 What game you showing for?
  13. Bob Lamb

    TBDAHOT at Hammer's Lot 9-16--18 Parking list

    I request an early in and early out - so front row please. And I'll walk the dog Mike from HHDS is showing up?
  14. Bob Lamb

    Who Remembers the Giant Whale Car Wash?

    The Colvin Drive In for a late night double feature and "frolicking" in the car with your date. What was that 2nd movie? And the batting cages
  15. Bob Lamb

    Heading to WNY........

    Premier Gourmet locations in Buffalo has one of the most complete cheese selections but you don't need that advice.