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  1. Bob Lamb

    How do you measure your devotion to this franchise?

    Your 30's ?
  2. One early out please. Don Julio still accepted Hammer?
  3. Bob Lamb

    Washington Bullets versus Buffalo Braves

    The Braves had decent support. I used to go to games for $4 and a coupon on the milk cartons. Some nights were UB student discounts. The Knox brothers (Sabres) controlled the AUD calendar and froze the Braves out of Friday and Saturday nights. Then John Y Brown pulled his voodoo. Before the 3 point line; MacAdoo, Randy Smith, Gar Heard, Ernie "no" D, Jim McMillian etc, etc, etc. I know I'm an old fart but have tried to explain to the Curry/LeBron generation that back in the day you could score 130+ points and lose a game. 🤔
  4. Bob Lamb


    For a beef on weck and ice cream in one stop - great deal on Sheridan Drive. Or hit Ted's down the street and then Anderson's.