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  1. Not much of a story but I had a jersey exchange once. It didn't fit
  2. I was thinking this would be a new position like Loose End or Narrow Receiver.
  3. Yeah. But Allen sucks and Marino is a legend. I was told that stats lie.....on this board.
  4. I was size 13 at age 13. My teacher told me to act my age and not my shoe size. I told her they were the same. I got sent to the office.
  5. People Need to learn to love and respect others regardless of differences. Isn't that what diversity is?
  6. Yep, It's how things get started.
  7. I thought Davis didn't participate in OTAs. I'm probably wrong
  8. Let's open this up to people not as smart as you too.
  9. The best father son sports moments I ever had were watching my own son play ball. As much as I love the Bills it's not even close to how I felt watching my son play. He graduated this year. I'd give anything to go back and watch him some more.
  10. What worries me is even the ones he makes look like he wants to miss.
  11. Why did I think these guys went to collage already and got degrees? Win win for all I guess
  12. HOLY SHUT. Came for the mini camp news but got schooled on spelling, auto correct, key placement and grammar. Thanks Sal.
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