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  1. You're probably right. There was literally nothing to cheep about. I don't think one play stood out at all.
  2. Yeah im partial you that one as well lol
  3. We all know wide right, 13 seconds and so on. What's this Cinci loss called? - No show in the snow? - The embarrassment? - 60 minutes?
  4. Yeah for sure. Perhaps if ( and I suspect so) Dorsey is still the OC, he will evaluate and show way more creativity. Man I already miss the season. Maybe next year!
  5. I understand this but im also not the only one who saw that they could have been used. Take cool for example. It's not a secret that he was open multiply times when We were tossing deep balls on 3rd and 3 type downs. For me it's more the game plan and the stubbornness to not try something else when what you're doing is not working.
  6. I would hope they start some of those first rounders. Did they have a choice with the CBS this year? They haven't drafted well. Maybe that's the reason that they don't consistently play. The plan also was not to start josh if I recall. Yes he'd be in there eventually. Cook barely plays. Shakir doesn't get many looks. Perhaps my comment was a little dramatic but I'm from starting it. Just not happy atm. Regardless I still don't see McD utilizing offensive "playmakers" out the gate. I just don't.
  7. I fear no matter who they draft especially on offense, they won't play much. It's not the McBeane thing to do.
  8. I remember when someone said after week 3 I believe that there were 3 leagues NFC, AFC and the Bills were in a league of their own. The bye week happened and "that" Bills team went away. My point is it didn't look like we had a lot of holes. Sure does now. Is coaching the issue here?
  9. Maybe it's a bad team. We have josh and Diggs (if he's not doubled). That's kinda it. We had Von but will he be Von anymore? Von made the D look better. No Von no good. Just like if there was no josh. The offense would be bottom of the league. It has nothing at all to do with coaches. Josh and Von willed this team in the first quarter of the season.
  10. Technically if I were Beane wouldn't I be doing exactly what he's doing? This question always Weirds me out. BUT if I were in his place I'd Likely move on from Frazier and Dorsey. Restructure some contracts and build that Oline. Draft Oline, DBs and WR exclusively.
  11. It's debatable whether or not he hits his draft picks. I'd lean towards that he does not especially when you look at the Dline. -No real cap soace -tons of players leaving (may not be bad or good) -from the sounds of it, we'll have the same coaching staff. Ugh what happened at the bye? It's the tale of two teams and never really got addressed other than to bring in players we let go of. I might have more confidence if we had all the same players and all different coaches at this point. I know I'm wrong but that how I feel right at this moment.
  12. You guys all suck with your hopeful optimism. Should have complained that the Bills suck all along. Is this about right? All season long if someone says anything critical they get met with the whole "go find another team" or "don't let the door hit you". It's one or the other. Cheer for your team and hope for the best or be critical with some realism and be told you're a sucky fan.
  13. If this is the same crap we get next year then I am not going to invest another penny into this team. Awesome, we finally have our quarterback but neglect to protect him or give him weapons. I'm not even going to talk about the defense. I'm so confused about them for words. Idk I'm done for a while. I need a break. I won't let the door hit me on the way out.
  14. Receivers were wiiiiiiiiiide open. That's called perfect coverage right now? Yep there was no pressure from the Dline (gag) but with how fast burrow gets rid of the ball and how open the WRs were, the Dline didn't even matter.
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