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  1. Hey I'm not all against this lol. White and poyer are possibly gone anyway right? Idk. Restructures will happen this off-season. I guess it depends on how bad they'd want him and how serious they are about getting WR help. Go Bills
  2. Well good for the chiefs. We can't afford him
  3. Isn't this how the saints got themselves in trouble. Think I remember hearing this.
  4. I told my boss that I'd love to play for the bills. He's not threatened by it at all.
  5. I love when they say the age of the person being quoted as if that matters, says goinbreakdown who turns 48 in may
  6. I remember the AKC at one point and maybe it's still this way, but they had pit bulls rated higher than Goldens as far as well temperament.
  7. It's a Sean way to the top of you wanna rock and roll
  8. I'm proud to say that I think a chiefs player is an awesome person. That's what makes a man, not what he does in the field.
  9. It's going to be a long offseason paying attention to the chiefs moves.
  10. Dang. He had to have been hurt. We all saw it. The drop off was there, but that's a big difference overall.
  11. Haha. No worries. I once drew a chiefs player well before they were.....these chiefs. The link didn't work, but papercraft is great! Hey whatever gets those creative juices flowing. It's a great was to "vent"
  12. Thank you Zevo. I'm sure you have a ton of gifts. Even being a great friend or speaking kind words to people is a gift. Don't sell yourself short. I appreciate it man! Do you draw? You said you have a ton of content. I'd love to see other people work. I was super reluctant to put these in here because I'm not the biggest "look at me guy" but I thought sharing art might be a cool change of pace ya know.
  13. If I had a million bucks haha I could quite this movie all day long. Not saying I'd be verbatim but pretty close. One of my all time favorites.
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