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  1. Lol I loved the part of Josh asking Keenum to laugh, kinda a Dr Evil feel to it. He seems like a fun dude who probably fits in real well with Josh.
  2. Paup was a beast and I believe a four time pro bowl player through the years he had played here. Although he never reached quite his 17.5 sacks again I mean that was a special year. Teams had to account for him. I was a big fan of him and Speilman playing together. Those were some smash mouth football years. I think he got hurt was never the same.
  3. Wow, I completey forgot about him. Cleveland has really building their roster with high character individuals 🙄
  4. Jacksonville.. Now I am thinking back and wondering what the heck happened last season in Jacksonville?! The other Josh Allen.. Can’t afford those letdowns in a bid for home field. They won three games 🤮
  5. We have pretty much decided to do all our fantasy drafts right after preseason.. kinda pushing it but better to know is available!
  6. Good to hear! Count us lucky. Going to need some here and there. Tim Patrick from Denver not so Lucky. Out for the year https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/10044160-broncos-tim-patrick-reportedly-diagnosed-with-season-ending-acl-injury.amp.html
  7. Well said! I think Cleveland is in desperate times trying to compete in an arms race of the young Qbs. They had their chance and failed miserably with Baker. What’s the old saying that goes something along the lines of missing on a Franchise Qb can set the team back x number of years. Because of this They have sold out any sort of semblance of building a team the right way. I agree that they seemed to be a fun team to root for. They know all of this will be water under the bridge In time and Deshawn will be back and everyone will be asked to move on. but so classy (sarcastic) seeing those fans applaud him.. maybe it’s just a small minority that end up supporting him. I don’t know. All the more reason Buffalo will truly be rewarded when we win a Super Bowl. We have a SuperStar Qb who has the brightest future and right now still gives the time of day to every person that comes acorss his path. Loves the game . And all he ever got was getting dumped on by media year after year as a guy who wouldnt amount to anything.
  8. I honestly read this and get a feeling that Judge Robinson by saying that this is in response to “public outcry just undermines the seriousness of the matter. And club approved therapists? Lol is this can’t be a real ruling can it.. Goddel should have just dropped the hammer and now it drags on for another couple days while we wait the next move..
  9. I’m still not over the anxious feeling yet until we get Saffold and Brown back into the lineup. I would just love to see them get some playing time ( the starting five together) before we roll in La. I hope all is well with Dion and won’t miss any more time. Josh is Superman out there but I don’t need him taking unnecessary shots having to make up for missing guys.
  10. Any reports on how either side of the team looked out there? Or still to come..?
  11. Is this a serious post after 3 practices ? If so wow lol Josh and The O will figure it out. We are not winning anything on Day 3 and having to deal with more new changes than the D. Maybe we should be a bit encouraged with the Defense and the possibility of how good this Unit can be. Von is going to be a disrupter that we haven’t had in ages. Oliver sounds like he is off to a strong start along with Aj and Groot. This D has the players and depth to be a nasty physical team.
  12. I’d have Josh play a quarter to a half in Game 2. I don’t think Mcd has any hesitation to do so either. He should sit Game 1 and probably Game 3 other than a series at most.
  13. Yep! Someone on the Nfl network made the point that it may not even matter where you rank as A Qb compared to the others, it’s just about the next contract being bigger than the last.
  14. Tyrod was a glimmer of hope maybe for a while until his limitations began to show. He was a true professional and teammate. I don’t really have anything bad to say. I myself just kept waiting and waiting to see more from him and it never materialized. Ultimately I think Legacy wise he will just kind of be forgotten as a side note. Not that there is anything wrong with that but For my age it’s been Jim Kelly, Josh Allen and everything in between.
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