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  1. I'll take a shot, unlikely as a veteran presence.. but could it be possible Mario Addison is a cut? We have a lot of young guys vying for limited spots. Given his age and cost (mind you I did not bother to look at cost savings from cutting him now) Is Mario even after this season?
  2. I was playing golf at the Copper Head golf course at Innisbrook (Tampa) with my Dad. It’s a great resort for families and after the round we hit up one of the bar lounges on site. I just happened to notice Andre Reeed sitting at a table with a couple guys. This never happens to me so we went over and introduced ourselves as being bills fans and congratulating him on his recent induction into the Hall of Fame. He was really cool about it. I kind of regret not getting a pic but it was a cool experience none the less.
  3. I’ll throw a vote in for Aj Epenesa. By all accounts he is bigger and stronger. I thought he was doing some good things end of last season. Mario and Jerry are on the wrong side of age and this coaching staff knows we need to get after the Qb.
  4. It will be hard for anyone on our roster to outwork Josh and Diggs this off-season from the videos I see.. These two are always pushing for excellence.. well maybe Knox.. he did attend a tight end summit.
  5. Numbers could scale back but I believe Josh becomes more elite overall from a command of the offense perspective. He will recognize more quickly how how teams want to play him and adjust accordingly. I expect to see much improvement of the areas he worked on such as In routes and putting the ball in better position for the short stuff. im expecting big things.
  6. I was thinking Diggs, Beas, Gabe, Sanders , Mackenzie, Hodgins and Stevenson if we can utilize his speed.
  7. If Hodgins has a great camp do we roll with 7 WR on the active roster?
  8. I think this is a good move for the Titans, not for us. Not sure if Julio will be excited to play with Tanny. I think while it would look pretty madden good on paper I see much more value us trying to upgrade at Tight End. Barring making any more moves Right now (I still think we may make a move for Ertz) I guess Beane had decided to go with continuity on keeping the band together and More production /accountability from our current squad- add in Braieda and Sanders. Offense will be fine and could be even more elite with better run game and tight end play. I am very excited
  9. We should be set at Kicker for the remainder of his career. One less position to worry about. Hopefully we can solidify the Punter end.
  10. Nice to see Diggs get back with the team! Allen to Diggs connection with a full stadium this season will be unreal. Thanks for posting these Clips. I don't remember ever seeing so much coverage of things like OTA in the past. Maybe I just never looked in the right spot or it has grown with the Media age..Whatever it's awesome to see. Just found out our kids are not going back to school here in Ontario until Fall. More disappointment for my boys...I continue to be a work at Home Dad with them so this is my mental break. Lets hope we can get our border open this Septemb
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