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  1. This is such a great post. One think about Allen is he has never whined about his situation and has always been the first to take the blame. He has been pretty much been doubted his whole career even so much into two seasons of the Nfl. Those of us who actually watched the games instead of stat line or highlights could see something special. You can go to a Miami message board today and still find the posters who believe he will fall from grace this season. That last season was an outlier. I don’t buy the comparisons to situation like a Wentz because he has gradually been accsending
  2. Vlad Ducasee. We must haven been really grasping for something on the line..
  3. So now I’m pulling for Darnold and hope this comes back to haunt the Jets for the next ten years!
  4. Interesting note that the Vote was 30-1 to go ahead with this, the only No was from the Chicago.
  5. We kicked the bucket around with how many different Quarterbacks from Jim to Josh? All we showed for it at best was maybe some 7-10 Win Seasons. We had one of the longest playoff drought in the Nfl and yet we were decent enough to never really have a shot at a Franchise Qb. And when we did maybe for a guy like Wilson we passed. I would probably give up a few years of numbers ones over that time if it meant finding the right guy. I think if you have a guy in site you go get him. Waiting to think he may fall to you almost never works out. It only took
  6. A slight name alteration could have represented our Guys well on GameDay with visuals to back it.
  7. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/buffalonews.com/news/local/bills-home-has-a-new-name-highmark-stadium/article_9999e71e-90a8-11eb-ac35-dbadd8b01e6f.amp.html Yikes horrible. The sign rendering. I’m not sure this has the feel of anything I remember.. Rich Stadium, The Ralph, ..Highmark!
  8. It’s great for us Watson didn’t land In the AFC East. I think Houston missed the boat. It sounds like their true intentions were to trade him before the draft but publicly spinned he was never for sale. If someone came in and had offered the farm they probably should have taken it. Then all the allegations came out. Now we all wait and see what happens in this saga, followed by the continuing saga with where he ends up playing. That franchise is a disorganized mess and I’m not sure Nick Caserio has done anything impressive to be honest. There is nothing about
  9. I’m thinking Cb at 30? Will there be some good talent available? I don’t think Levi is really viewed as our number 2. Or is Jackson ready to step into that role..
  10. I like this! We are hitting some spots where we can go anyway in the draft now it seems.
  11. I came away quite impressed with Sanders when he spoke to the media. I think this was a great signing to replace Brown. He is going to have a lot of opportunity to do some big things in our offense. He also understands what bringing a Championship to Buffalo would mean.
  12. Bills Seahawks on Nfl network right now. What a first drive! Josh is just a beast on the field. The cap was a beauty Touchdown throw and catch to McKenzie. I think Josh is going to be deadly this year. He is going to cut teams apart with the precision of a surgeon.
  13. Sounds like Ingram is visiting the Chiefs this week. I wonder if we have even entertained the idea of bringing him in? Not sure some of these guys and Beane would even be in the same ballpark.
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