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  1. Reid needs to rally his troops fast.. one more loss and the team could be sitting right behind us. Maybe Reid needs to take a page from Sean and mention 9–11 at his next team meeting. 🤔
  2. It’s crazy when you hear Allen take accountability.. all the time.
  3. Kc is not afraid to get in our top receivers face aggressively and we play 5-10 years off a bunch of scrubs and let them slowly move down the field in chunks.
  4. I turned on Pardon the Interruption the other day and they did a quick preview of the game. Michael Wilbon basically ended it along the lines of something like "Well lets see if Josh Allen can get through the game without turning it over 3-4 times" You wonder why the narrative never goes away? How many Bills games has he actually watched this season yet spewing out that garbage.
  5. Just saw something come through now Mcd apologizing for the 911 report. So my guess is he has now read the article. So we have a Bye week where Von gets arrested. Now the team is back to work and this article comes out. The timing of this couldn’t be worse.. Talk about distractions heading into the most important game of the season. There has been enough talk between the Media saying Mcd is holding us back to to the Fans who are exhausted. , Stories like this coming out now and I just don’t understand how it’s not time to probably move on. I have never disliked Mcd, I am very appreciative of what he’s done. But the past two years there as been way much attention being brought his way and not in a good light.
  6. I know I can only hope Mcd came up with some kind of plan over the break
  7. I am putting this game all on McDermott right or wrong. We are coming off a bye and this Offense the last few weeks has been more than good enough. Kc is banged up and likely down their starting Safety and possibly Linebacker. I think talent wise we are there with Kc (probably better) . Along with the extra time to prepare we should be playing like this is our playoffs. We should take this game unless Reid absolutely out coaches Mcd.
  8. So the Bye week is almost over.. is he showing up for work this week?
  9. Not really. I think there was some opportunites for our guys and dropped. Then we make excuses for them because the ball wasn’t a great pass.. which is pretty much the definition of wanting our guy to make a wow catch.
  10. I think Mcd mentioned in one of his press conferences himself that he and Terry communicate all the time and that Terry is very involved in the why and why not things have happened this season. That may have been Mcd kinda implying he is staying and that we have no idea how good their relationship is.. I am in no way advocating for him to stay if we miss the playoffs.. I just don’t know enough about Pegula to understand what he may or may not do.
  11. Would it hurt for Pegula to meet with some of the top players on the team in private and get a pulse on the support for Mcd? If this is true do we hope to keep Brady as OC and Mcd bringing in an D Coordinator?
  12. I think I heard in his post game that he mentioned something along the lines of the offense now sparking and Josh looking more like himself is because he decided to make the move to Brady. He wants to take ownership of anything right but nothing ever wrong.
  13. I’m honestly not sure I even saw anything that special from Hurts. I don’t think he wins very often going toe to toe with Josh and a competent Head Coach. 25/30 for 272, 2 Touchdowns, 0 Int and a 126 passer rating. The stat line listed above belongs to Mac Jones against the McDermott Defense.. let’s not forget
  14. This one sucks. We are deflated. We should be enjoying this one. Josh put the team on his back.. accounted for like over 400 yards himself. I mean, let’s all worry about Josh Demeanor as he sees another masterful performance flushed away. Yeah we missed some opportunities first half but whatever. Once again we had the lead in regular time overtime and it’s the same old crap. What has everyone been saying, let Josh be Josh and Mcd tried to reign him into his model Qb for 10 weeks.. and that Josh was just ok..no fun , just like Mcd. There is no reason anymore in my mind not to blow this up after the season. If some want to run back with Mcd fine.. I am just not sure we aren’t having this same conversation next season while wasting another year of Josh.
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