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  1. I’m happy with this. My friend says Harris was hurt a lot last year but when healthy is a beast.
  2. If we don’t make any more moves Beane really needs to nail some solid draft picks.
  3. I’d be in for a move. Something to move the needle for this season. I’m pretty sure our draft picks were close to the bottom in playing time last season. Or we run it back with what we have and see where we fall. I think maybe the best expectation for us is not to be the favorites and have a little luck fall our way. Will be nice to have Micah Poyer and Tre out there in week 1.
  4. Growing up can’t help but remember this voice driving home after the game lol
  5. Everything will just seem complete if Po and Hyde could win a ring together! Glad they get another shot.
  6. I like Beane a lot and think he has done a great job. But we as fans invest a lot of time, money, emotion into each and every season. I’m 43, I’m sure some here are older, younger whatever. We have an Elite Qb in Allen, now entering into year 6 and has to sniff an MVP or Super Bowl appearance. Why is that? Diggs was openly candid about asking that very some question why the same thing is happening year after year? It’s a fair question to ask what has held us back from reaching the big game. Now you have some media raising the idea that Mcd is not the man.. I don’t know, I like Mcd but maybe hard decisions need to be made. I think I echo a lot of sentiments that the bar is now higher than trust process. We are better position that 90 percent of the league with just our Qb.. give him whatever the heck he wants or needs.
  7. Not everyone agrees. I think it’s going to be a wait and see how the rest of Frre Agency and the Draft pans out. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-free-agency-winners-losers-aaron-rodgers-jets-raiders-bears-dolphins-bills/uk1unvivlmskqwab3om0jefo
  8. Josh could have made this deal himself over drinks. They seem to be pretty good Friends.
  9. All things considering I think I’m fairly happy with what we have done on D. It does come with some risk with regards to our safeties age but I feel if they can stay healthy it’s a better solution than the alternative. Hyde and Poyer just work so well together and I’m not sold on what we have behind them for a whole season. I’m ready to roll without Edmunds and see where it takes us. Anyone but Saffold is a step up so it seems we could be relatively set with the starting oline and go after it more in the draft. It Really would be good if Spencer can improve his game or bring in some competition. In my opinion for this to be successful for Beane I would now focus my attention back to the Offense. Beane should look to grab another Wr to take the pressure off Diggs. I don’t want to be signing guys off the street come playoff time. I wonder if he will look to sign another back before the draft as well..
  10. I wish Po would go somewhere outside the Division. He knows our offense pretty well.
  11. Dolphins Fans have that same excitement I felt about our team the past two off seasons and I think they should. Jets will too if they land Rogers imo. This off-season I have more of a “wondering what will it take approach” Allen is so special that he alone can mask a lot of shortcomings. But is it unreasonable to think that the Phins and possibly Jets Qb dependant don’t have a roster as complete or maybe even more complete than ours?
  12. Resign Saffold and we are in great shape! 😃
  13. Nfl Network now reporting about these talks. Maybe they are looking into him and Poyer?
  14. Milano deserves it. Not only does he play hard you can visually see the game changing type of plays. Make sense as he will be here for a long time.
  15. Probably all the more reason to give Allen every the very best opportunity to succeed by pouring resources into the Offense. I read an article just recently and it stated After Kc got manhandled in the Super Bowl to Tampa, Veach promised Reid he would do everything he could to make sure he protects Mahomes going forward. Maybe Beane thought Saffold was that guy? but he sucked. Pretty much anyone not named Morse or Dawkins is a concern right now. But how you do not do everything in your power to constantly surround your Franchise Qb is beyond me?! Maybe the brass really believed Gabe was the guy.. or Knox, but in Dawson case we probably couldn’t utilize him fully as we needed him to stay back and help block. For the past few years it seemed the consensus was Kc had a not so great D. I’m sure they accepted the fact that they could give up 28 points and still win the game because of Mahomes. At the same time while maybe not a great D it was an aggressive D that could cause you to make mistakes. Plus you have a disrupter on the D line like Chris Jones. that was our Von Miller.. Our sit back and bend but not break D is frustrating as teams ran all over us and we still failed to rush the passer post VoN despite the resources poured into the dline over the past few years. That kind of D keeps Allen off the field. Not only that, at the speed we actually get draft picks into the season is really conservative to say the least. I believe we were at the near bottom of rookie playing time. Yet we kept trotting out Dane Jackson time and time no matter how bad he was getting abused. I honestly don’t even get the Super Bowl or bust this year mentality. With what’s looking to be a crazy difficult schedule, a D missing two pieces and having to replace and an offense that has certain questions marks we are no longer that much better than than a handful of teams. So I think this is a critical year for the Top Brass and Mcd. Surely they know the pressure is on. But they all need to hit it big before you have a guy like Diggs check out completely.
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