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  1. Love this speech! I do think this was genuine emotion built up over the course of two games in four days, no practice, Guys down.. yet they pulled through with two wins when they needed it most. Lions are no joke. They are on the right track and playing everyone tough, learning how to win. We were there at one point. I can sit here and say I am actually quite impressed that we are even 8-3 with the injuries to Key Players that we have had , also losing three Games by three points in others.. I remember last year half time of the Tampa game. We were getting crushed and they interviewed Mcd. His voice was crackling and I thought he might actually cry as it seemed he had lost the team. They rallied and were resilient in the second half. Mcd gave credit to team leadership stepping up big time..I don’t think that happens if you give up on the coach. Mcd can be criticized for things absolutely. But you can’t do this and not give him credit for having us 8-3.
  2. Josh came out for a bit didn’t throw but went over and gave hugs to maybe some of Knox’s family. He seems ready to go and I’m expecting a big game from him today.
  3. Bills 34-Lions 21 I have a feeling Josh is going to get a bit of swagger back today.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Bills Fans!! My wife and I are here. (section127) 3 straight games for me starting in Op two weekends ago. I think the atmosphere in the stadium will be up a notch today with the Lions playing well! Saw a number of Bills Fans walking around Detroit last evening. It’s been a fun little getaway from the kids.
  5. Interesting enough they asked Kelce in the post game about winning so many games in a row in November December Kelce responds with coaching getting them ready to play their best ball. Yet for us we always seem to have that lull mid season which probably again will cost us the one seed. We still hold a lot of tiebreakers so we need the division first and maybe we can get a second home game out of it. But yeah our dreams may rest on Mcd Allen and Staff to win in Arrowhead again.
  6. I thought todays “Find a way “ had a good ring to it considering the disruptions. Was great to have Poyer back and making a difference early on. There was a time in the first half I really thought Mcd had taken over the D with the way he seemed dialed in.. probably not the case. I believe one series Diggs was held out the first two plays. it’s probably the specific package but I would be curious if it just screams run all the time when he is off the field. I feel better when our best player is at least on the field other than a breather.. but I get it could just be matchups based on what they are trying to do.
  7. Back from the Game..a couple thoughts. I found The indoor atmosphere with Bills Mafia a much better experience than watching a Lions Game. I always felt the Lions games came across pretty quiet but it was Loud today. Very comfortable to be sitting in November and just sit back not freezing my butt off. It could have worked. Talked to lots of people who made the trek with families. It was awesome! Went into the stadium at 11:00. Allen did not come out for pregame warmups. Diggs and Makenzie spent time throwing balls with the Fans. Hines is Fast..he kicked it into a different gear one return like really fast.. Returns should be his job from here on out. Josh had the biggest smile coming to the bench after winning the coin toss.! The first quarter it seemed Cleveland could do anything they wanted. There were a lot of open players running around and Cleveland missed on a few as well. Why is it that opposing Receivers are making some spectacular catches against us for points and Davis continues to leave some big plays on the field with drops. Singletary and Cook looked Good running. We need that balance. Josh and Joe Brady are tied to the hip all game. They kind of sit off on their own bench and I didn’t see much interaction between Josh and Wr while the D is on the field. He was visibly pissed after one series… plays running through McKenzie seem to be a mess I worry Spencer Brown is going to get Josh Killed. Despite the rough start, we seemed to pick it up before half. Adjustments were good and we settled in. At the end of the day we still put up 30 points and today that wins a lot of games. We need to get healthy at some point?? Milano is a beast out there .
  8. He was doing a lot of talking in the headset.. I was wondering the same thing.
  9. Crazy that Diggs is off the field on some of these plays. Why not keep your best on at all times?
  10. Not to stir up any debate as I Love the Elements!! but something to be said for being indoors with no jacket on lol Quite comfortable.
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