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  1. Sounds like we came out of this game ok. I want to get the lowdown on Feliciano, excited to see him get back into it.. Hopefully this week off is what Smoke needed.
  2. Have you watched the PATS? They are very very bad, no talent at all on Offense. Surging dolphins just swapped out their best player for an unknown at this point.
  3. That's one of the more fired up postgame speeches i've seen! Find a way! Love it. i know it's just the Jets but any victory is still a victory. Whatever each coach and player can take away from this however big or small maybe just maybe can get us back on track.
  4. Josh made a lot happen second half, had points called back. And kroft should have walked that td in.
  5. Get back to work and figure out how to score and keep the tds on the board. More of the second half d please
  6. You can’t possibly stop that in the nfl what’s Hyde supposed to do. He lays up Perriman catches the ball. I understand the penalty call as that’s the rule but the defender is in a no win situation. Hyde is the last guy who is taking a head shot.
  7. Again a play where our guys put five to seven behind the line to start..hate that call
  8. He’s been fine second half we have tds taken off the board.
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