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  1. This game was fun for all of nine seconds. Special teams turnover touchdown. Then boink..9-0 Heck of a job from the Chiefs taking our receivers out of the game. It was easy to see from many of the replays the tight coverage coupled with piss poor o line play tonight. Not absolving Josh from some dumb decisions throwing into double coverage vs underneath but I bet more often than not our guys lost the battle. Disappointed that we didn’t do something more on defence. At the very least you have to take either Kelce or Hill out of the game. I’d have two guys on Kelce at all t
  2. I have no doubt we will be back. One seed should be our goal to start and play it all in Orchard Park. Sounds like we head back to Kc next season which may just decide it. Beane should take a day or too to reflect and get back to work lol
  3. Some part of me thought Smoke would be back to the player we saw last season. I’m not sure what he brings anymore if anything.
  4. We will be back. The front office has to figure some things out. Our guys can stew on this for an offseason and come back hungrier. Credit the Chiefs, just at another level.
  5. I see the same plays ran over and over by the Chiefs that they have run all season and we are totally unprepared for them.
  6. The bad omen started when we plunked the extra point up 9-0. The Footballs Gods began to laugh.
  7. Chiefs are just dialed in on all three phases. I hoped we would see that but it’s just not there or anywhere near their level.
  8. Our receivers our blanketed within the first ten yards, our o line is not holding up as no one respects our running game and Josh is panicking. Kc d looks more intimidating than us at this point. On our D well we can’t even sniff touching turf toe. Continue to let their best player get open and give up big plays on fun plays we use to run. This is going to leave a sour taste in our mouth unless someone figures something out.
  9. Honestly Yeldon is fine but pretty sad he is our best back at this point in a title game.
  10. Kc is winning on the lines both sides of the ball and it’s killing us.
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