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  1. Watching the second half this morning, Robbie Anderson seems to catch everything.
  2. I am so pumped for this game! More hyped than nervous. I would hope that if we want this team to be a serious contender in the playoffs we can go into Pittsburgh and take care of business. Because once in we are going to be playing a bunch of Qbs much more experienced and dangerous than Duck. We are also going to have to win on the road in the playoffs. I think we have a few things going for us. We have played better on the road. Just went toe to toe with Baltimore. We are hungry after a loss and Mcd will keep the players focused on 1-0. We seem to tighten up the loose ends after a loss and I fully expect the offense to get back on track. I really think Pittsburg is a lot like Denver in a way and this game sets up like it. we have already played some teams loaded with talent on the offensive side of the ball. So even if Conner and Schuster are back we find a way to contain. If we don’t beat ourselves we win this. I think our roster overall is better. I will be really concerned losing the next two and then having to beat the Jets to squeak in. Not sure what that would say about our chances this year.
  3. Also sucks we lost to these guys. I guess we caught them at the wrong time.
  4. I would like us to come out with a few short to mid range completions to start. We seemingly run, run pass and then punt. I think Josh gets rolling if he can get into a rhythm early. Maybe a play action to start and try to utilize the middle of our field. Get some tight ends involved. We need to move the ball first drive and get some points. We can't keep starting 3 and out.
  5. I agree with this. I didn't see Lamar look that much better. Both defenses made each QB look like 2 year's to me. Our defense played flat out amazing but we had a major breakdown that led to a long td. Their d was pretty solid right up to the final breakup pass.
  6. I actually think our D made Lamar look pretty much like Josh for the most part. Difference being we got caught on a huge breakdown that let to a very long td. Also had some nice creative playcalling on that td to Snead. They really didn’t have any breakdowns like that on their side of the ball. It was a really defensive game. Our offense is not a world beating offense at this point but had been rolling pretty good the last few weeks.
  7. There are no moral victories -“MCD press conference ” I’m glad he doesn’t look at it this way.
  8. Your absolutely right. The Ravens d has been really good flustering a lot of qbs who have been around. Josh knows he has to better and that’s what I love. No excuses, he will learn from it and grow better for it.
  9. Hey Guys, sorry if I missed this but does one win get us in over the next 3 weeks? I was fooling around with the simulator and worst case scenario with a win only against the Jets I couldn’t find a way we didn’t get in...just different seedings in play. on a side note I think we take care of business in Pitt.
  10. Thanks yes that’s what I meant. I think head to toe we have a better overall roster than the Steelers. It may be close but I think we squeak it out.
  11. I just watched Mcd post game. Loved it. ”No moral victories, maybe in year one but with credit to the other teams we expect to go out and win every game” we will be ready for Pitt.
  12. I think the offense does enough. The duck stops here with Mcd. We should expect our d to make life miserable like we did to Denver.
  13. Take care of our business. That’s all that’s matters. If we can’t do that we might as well get ready for next season. I’d be surprised if the titans take the saints.
  14. Same old comments I heard a few weeks ago.. with Kyle Allen, and Minshew and that Denver qb.. some fans on here live play to play with this obsession. I’ve moved on, time To get ready for Pittsburgh
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