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  1. Good to hear. I would think both have a shot to make the roster or possibly protected on the practice squad.
  2. Best weapons he’s Had in years. I think he has a good season even though I don’t like it.
  3. I am pretty pumped to get this thing going and see how it lasts.I am going forward with fantasy as well. I am cautiously optimistic we can get through the season without any stoppage due to Covid. There will probably be a lot of unpredictability/ up and downs with rosters this year. Now having lost and the possibility of losing more of our players brings me down a bit. If we lose our best corner, I think it hurts our chances. But like I said I will not rip into any player who chooses to sit out due to the circumstances. Mcd won't accept excuses, next man up and step up. We have a pretty nice window over the next few years to be Superbowl Contenders. I am excited to see more growth from our guys especially building some chemistry together with JA and SD!
  4. I was really excited to see him resign. Thought he would be a solid depth player. I’d have him beind White, Norman, Wallace and probably Johnson. And I don’t want to question anyone’s decision to opt out for COVID reasons However of our whole roster I’m not surprised it’s him lol well maybe next season!
  5. My guess Jason Croom protected all year lol
  6. I was actually quite serious like you say but it’s all good lol lots of laughs the closer it gets the more I realize how much I want my football news!
  7. I am pretty sure Qb's were to report today? How much if any media coverage will be let inside the building?
  8. I think we should all be entitled to a certificate of our fractional share ownership and a piece of the stadium when demolished.
  9. We need about 60,000 fans at $100 annually. I could be way off on what new era was pumping in a year.
  10. I honestly think this is a great idea. I’d pump In a yearly fee to be part of this.
  11. Provided a full sesaon I’m going over 30 passing td 4-8 rushing td over 3600 passing yards
  12. Sorry I didnt mean it like that in the sense they will go half speed. I meant more from a watching standpoint.. it’s just going to be strange with little to no fans , Im sure these guys get juiced up with crowd support. They are pros and competitive and will play to win like another other game. I’m just intrigued to see how it will look to us viewing!
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