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  1. Good thoughts and thankful he ain’t our gm. The only thing I am fine with is extending our own that he mentioned. But I think this might be our most crucial offseason I can remember. Beane needs to hit it out of the park in my opinion. We have better cap space than most teams and we are now talented and coached well enough to be playoff threat season in and out. But we can’t go backwards.. he needs to find us players now that can fit in and propel us to a playoff win and beyond..
  2. Congrats Andy Reid! Remember Back in 2014Kc had the lowest wr touchdowns ever. I think zero. I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than maybe it’s time we start kicking the bucket on a couple receivers in the draft. 4.2 speed please, and big tall body. We need to find some game breakers and grow a couple of our own. I think our d is there. We need points like 25-30 a game.
  3. Halfway down the page is a video of Jimmy Kimmel mean tweets football edition. Some are a good laugh for a Friday! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/nesn.com/2020/01/tom-brady-reads-mean-tweets-qb-admits-he-cries-has-a-pottymouth/amp/
  4. For me being into golf as well takes me back to Payne Stewart’s plane crash.
  5. Thanks! I don’t watch enough but great insight for the upcoming draft.
  6. Thoughts. Thank goodness they traded him out of the division. I thought he was worth the price SF game up for him.
  7. Nice play design. Texans may need to answer.
  8. I want to envision our offense with a Hopkins, Fuller and Stills type. One more piece of our puzzle.
  9. It’s the Will Fuller effect!! When he plays points go up.
  10. At that time he seemed to have no idea what he was doing. I couldn’t believe some of the decisions. he turned it around. Coaches need to continuously improve just as the players.
  11. The Miami Dolphins have agreed in principal in game to trade the 5th, 18th, 39th, 56th and a 2021 first rounder for Ryan Tannehill pending a physical.
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