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  1. I read a recap where they focused on limiting the big play at all costs but it came at the expense of their run defense.
  2. The Washington D line has been the talk all week.. maybe our guys had something to prove. Josh hopefully gained a lot of trust in the oline play against a formidable front.
  3. Pick up years to make a Fg attempt shorter or maybe even a first down?. Nah let’s throw horizontal..
  4. The whole Sherfield and Harty pickups have been pretty underwhelming so far.
  5. I know Elam hasn’t been able to crack the starting lineup but we know how important having any sort of depth at the position is. I’d rather have that depth than trade him away.
  6. What happened to Morse? I must have missed something..
  7. It’s going to be a great week! We have moved on.
  8. I feel pretty happy with Mcd calling our Our Defense so far. Adams is going to get his, he is just too good not too but I don’t find it maddening to watch like I did last year.. at least for now.
  9. Baby steps..take a clean handoff Baby steps.. complete a pass I truly believe he will have a bounce back week. I don’t know if it’s true that he doesn’t pay attention to the outside noise because this week he has been crushed. When (if haha) he looks over the tape he will be crushed. That was a really good D he played but he was a wreckless. If we see that again this week this season we will be in trouble. My hope is we see a composed Josh this week. There was a game in Foxborough a few years back One of the best performances I remember. He was almost like in a zen state. Was nailing every pass. He needs to find that zen again and build from it. He needs to look and play the part. He is going to throw int, that is who he is. I can accept that. I don’t accept these brain dead decisions interceptions however. The fumbles need to stop. I have also gotten tired of the same old lines after these performances. This is rock bottom and hopefully the wake up call. Stop preaching and go out and show us.
  10. Diggs was very concerned about the direction of this team. The Bills just spun it the other way around.
  11. I am about a ten on the concerned meter with Josh. I don’t know what’s up with him. Jets have a great D but there were plays to be made. The ints were horrendous.. I don’t know , maybe he feels like he needs to make that Espn highlight every Down. Why is he tryjng to trying to hurdle two guys when the first down marker was five yards away. He is just doing really strange stuff. Both Mcd and Diggs trying to tell him to be smart use his head. Something ain’t right. I’m at another loss that Mcd can’t somehow lead this group when everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Rodgers was gone, Wilson is not good. The crowd is out of the game and it just seems like I’ve watched this story numerous times season after season. Keep the other team in it just enough to Self destruct. Running the ball on 2 and 15 up the middle against a formidable front wasting a precious down in Ot? Sherfield was he inactive? heard a lot of good things about him. Davis two targets but maybe it’s just a product of his route running. for a team that wants home field this is a really bad loss. I’m extremely pissed.
  12. Same old team, story whatever you want to call it . There has been no more growth..it just seems like we are stuck in some sort of bad purgatory.
  13. Daboll would be chewing Josh out..I wonder if Dorsey does the same? After the game it will be the same old “I got to be smarter” can’t put the balls in harms way..
  14. Diggs, Kincaid and Cook. After that I don’t know what we can count on.
  15. Bernard got thrown down like a rag doll. Milano a beast as always but really gotta be better with not taunting lol
  16. Hard to get over the hump when we continue to kill ourselves with head scratching playcalls, throws.
  17. Go Bills! Enjoy everyone! Hopefully we can take the crowd out of it early.
  18. Crazy fantasy matchup. I was down 47.96 points heading into last night game with like a one percent chance of winning. I had Dallas D in the lineup and they got me 47 points! I need Kincaid to get me .96 pts tonight to win!
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