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  1. Stafford is at best a wild card loss qb. Won’t take you over the top, Lions did him no favours but they had a chance to draft a replacement last season. I don’t think they make the same mistake this year.
  2. The offense in a whole isn’t the same. Diggs will be either double covered deep and most of his routes seem timing based. Knox is non existent and Gabe Davis ain’t a burner. Brown open up so much of the offense and is clearly a first or second option to look too.
  3. I agree 100 percent and what I was trying to convey. This seems to be a Rhythm passing offense for whatever reason and Josh gets into a zone . We need speed out there for this to work.
  4. I like sprinkling it in here and there. I just feel like the game plan today came off as kind of disjointed out of sync. Just my opinion though, I’m no means a coach lol id like to see more plays where we have an outlet like the Chargers had with Eckelar. Every time he caught the ball no one was near him for seven to ten yards. Find some creative ways to use our backs. we did hit some good screens.
  5. I’m glad we were able to nail some big runs off but I’m still not sure I actually like the game plan long run. But it’s probably necessary until Smoke comes back. He is such a huge part of at least stretching the field while Diggs and Beasley /Davis work underneath and the sidelines. Without him We lack a respectable solid deep threat and a tight end no where to be found. But I still think This offense is going to live and die with the pass. I prefer we actually ask More if Allen because of the gamer he is.
  6. I agree I mean one play here or there really can change the outcome of a game. He’s stepped up.
  7. Beauty! Time to stop Messing around and let Josh finish this.
  8. I honestly rather Josh just throw 50 times this offense is not the same.
  9. This is junk. We are taking this game out of our best player on the field.
  10. Bosa can blow our whole line up. We can send the house and not get to Herbert.
  11. Yep. No answer for that. Scheme something better than that up.
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