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  1. Moss probably had the freshest legs of anyone on the field on that long run..
  2. It’s Amazing what Josh is doing considering what’s protecting him.
  3. Leadership is going to be big and needed today.. From Coaches to Josh to Von, these are the ones to push everything we got out of our guys today to Will us to a W.
  4. ouch.. don’t botch it please.. That’s why, if Justin Herbert needs a painkilling injection in his ribs today, it will be an ultrasound-guided injection that allows the team’s medical staff to administer the painkiller carefully and avoid hitting his lung or anything else that no one wants a needle to puncture, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.
  5. This is the first sort of Regular 1:00 non playoff non Primetime game for The Team in a while.. Will be curious if we come flying out of the gates..
  6. Hopefully later this season in retrospect the situation will have unfolded as a pleasant surprise.. the following is from Billswire.. When Poyer sat out offseason practices, Johnson got a chance to step up and he in August he felt right at home I have been taking that challenge for the force with my head high,” said Johnson. “I think the guys are responding well to me being back there and I don’t feel like we’re missing a beat. I feel like when it’s my turn I’ll be ready.”
  7. Thank you for the really detailed explanation. So say your right on his condition and again I know you are not making an actual diagnosis. Say the surgery goes as well as it can be..Can the body then just continue to absorb the physical hits over the course of another full season in 2023 without permanent risk?
  8. Prayers to Micah in his recovery. Lots of different thoughts going on today lol Our Super Bowl Dreams haven’t died Like many have said.. it’s a marathon not a sprint. Your always going to have ups and downs in the course of season.. we were up, now feeling down. But Its early,sure it’s a tough stretch now but Guys will get healthy. Hopefully no more big ones and before you know it, we will have an intact healthy roster again. I don’t believe this roster minus Micah means no Super Bowl. The second half of the schedule is quite a bit softer.. Its early, I would think unless Jaquan craps the bed he wiill get a full season of reps and just contine to get better. It’s his time to shine. I think he is up for it. Having Poyer and Tre in the lineup will support him, Micah will be around as a mentor. No one out side this fan base cares, (I’m sure they care about his actual physical safety) but as far as losing him for the season they look at it as chipping away against a powerhouse. Every team deals with their own set of injuries along the way so no pity party. Next man up. I imagine the goal of this offense will be to score 35-40 pts a game. If we do that we will be damn tough to beat. I think the team will be more resilient than many seem to play it up on here. Injuries, Tua I wouldn’t be surprised if we come out and now smack the phins around tomorrow.
  9. Even with the injuries I trust our Team to score more at the end of the day. I’m ready to put some Faith in Benford and Elam to hold their own! Mcd will have a plan to limit any big plays.
  10. Josh on O, Von on D We probably couldn’t hve asked for two better leaders on their respective sides.
  11. Oh I also read an argument that Josh Allen has always been “overrated” lol and yeah suddenly Tua is his equal.. I sometimes would love to know who ther person is posting that junk..
  12. No I don’t feel that..but there is still a place to root for the chip on the shoulder Bills because we still haven’t gotten over the hump. I know it’s probably not sustainable but like Von mentioned they have a bunch of “killers on this team” and I hope we try to lay 40 points on every team we face. I want to crush every team into oblivion..sort of like the first two games
  13. So Far two games in, From just watching the Live Games.. I can’t really recall being upset at Benford or Elam for anything…So that has to be a good thing. They have a good test upcoming this week.
  14. Oh man I feel bad for the fans who paid to see Josh play four quarters 😁
  15. My 8 year old son just saw the score and said Titans are getting roasted lol And wants Diggs to do the Right Foot Creep td dance.
  16. I can’t wait Until the Titans are just off our schedule.. I can’t stand the team, these games..
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