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  1. Turning into a pretty good game! Only wish I had more cinnamon rolls and tequila
  2. 1) How does that happen? 2) How does Ryan not recover that ball?
  3. Oh baby I can’t wait to watch what Matty Ice and the high flying Colts passing attack can do with 1 minute and two time outs!
  4. I always used to like the Trix commercials
  5. Anyone having any good late night snacks?
  6. This sounds like the beginning of a back knock knock joke.
  7. Such a sick catch. And a great play on the ball by the DB. Just a fantastic play by 14
  8. I need 4 fantasy points from Michael Pittman. FOUR! And it seems unachievable
  9. Sirianni just looks like a complete scum bag.
  10. He’s been their entire offense. Just Hurts on the ground. It’s crazy. Sell out and make this guy beat you over the top!
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