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  1. My good buddy moved there in 2016. Went to visit for his wedding in 2019, and had a blast.
  2. Lmk what that final hospital vet bill is….those things are outrageous!
  3. It’s very average. The mild tastes almost identical to sweet baby rays mild wing sauce.
  4. Wishing the best for your fearless K-9. Dogs are truly wonderful beings
  5. Any particular station? I know they may sub-contract the to local markets (as some have alluded to in the past) but haven’t seen/heard of this yet this year
  6. Question regarding the local market: in past years, if NFLN carried TNF the Bills game (local broadcast) would still be carried on a local station. Same for MNF on ESPN, Can we expect local market prime time games to be broadcast on the major networks as they used to be, or will even the local markets be relegated to exclusively Prime Video?
  7. Some people are just bad people. yes I’m talking to you.
  8. Once again, the Bills PR team knocks it out of the park. Love it. Thanks for posting.
  9. I was super into this when the first iron man came out. Then couldn’t keep up. Now I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. One day I plan to start at the beginning and go back through the Marvel universe but I think I’m about 20 years and 30 movies out.
  10. I think you’re on to something here. baloney and ranch sandwiches?
  11. I just found some old binders of trading cards (cards dated 1992-2001) in my basement. Not sure if any of them are worth any value but I imagine likely not. I looked up a few of the bigger names on cards I have, like a Peyton Manning that came back as being sold for 40ish bucks. I don’t have the know-how or the desire to try and sell individually. Anyone have insight into how I can flip these to someone who might use them? I think I’ll keep my bills cards, or at least some of them. The walk down memory lane reading the names was worth the 20 plus years of storage. I think my favorite I found was a Pat Mahomes card (His dad, on the twins) from the 90s. If I had only known!
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