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  1. Awesome stuff. We’re all addicts. We just have different vices. Cheers to you for trying to find one to improve your quality of life! p.s. Ice cream ain’t a bad substitute
  2. Right now I've onto an Ellicotville Blueberry and I ain't mad about it
  3. Best quick way to make homemade Beef on Weck. We'll use this method for lunches at home when we get a craving. Just don't forget the horseradish or you effed up
  4. For the first time in forever, it's just the wife and I. In fact, I don't ever remember a time where I've watched the Superbowl with less than 10 people. We're having a lighter menu as a result, but I'm still looking forward to it. Our late breakfast will be the wife's favorite: A BLT sanwich with chive cream cheese on a bagel. Apps around 3:00 are limited this year to a Mediterranean hummus dip with pita Chips and the classic pigs in a blanket. (Of course, we'll have plenty of bison dip with potato chips too) Dinner at kickoff is chicken fingers subs made from scratch. The hotsauce is a medium blend of a Duffs win sauce that we've doctored up. And obviously, they'll be served on Costanza sub rolls. Dessert at the half will be a pudding infused banana waffer cake complete with Nilla dippers. Bone Apple Tea. Edit: Forgot to mention that tomorrow will be the ceremonial end to a "Dry January" where I'll undoubtedly be fixing to make up for lost time. Stella, I've missed you, sweetheart!
  5. I like the action on Gatorade bath color. Best odds are 'clear' but last year hit on blue. Red and yellow/lime are also on the docket. I'll take orange at +450
  6. It's 2:04 Demi Lovato's last major sports anthem ran 2:12. Take the over
  7. The 40 yard dash does not measure how fast a player can run. It is a indication of how quickly they can reach their top speed. Often the two are very closely related, which is why we generally assume that a 40 yard dash time gives us insight into their speed. Allen has more top end speed than lots of QBs in the league. He is quite fast. If you watch him run, you'll notice it just takes him much longer to reach that max speed, than say, Lamar. This is one reason Lamar is a dangerous runner. His short area acceleration is unmatched. He is through a hole and into the secondary in a heart beat. I don't think Allen needs more speed. I would, however, like to see him be more decisive when he runs with the ball. Pair that with better ball security and I think he gives you a great threat from the pocket with his legs.
  8. If they lose tonight, It’ll be my last game watched this season
  9. Just when I began to forget about this game, someone bumps this thread and depresses me.
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