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  1. EmotionallyUnstable

    The Ghost of Rex: Hughes dropping into Coverage?

    For all you that like to pile on, I clearly stated in the OP I don’t get why they were doing that. Thanks for those that weren’t condescending or unnecessarily pompous in their response, but simply answered the question being asked. Thanks, I understand quite a bit. Wasn’t up to speed on this quite like the football god you are. I can now sleep easy tonight.
  2. EmotionallyUnstable

    The Ghost of Rex: Hughes dropping into Coverage?

    Is this not a discussion board?
  3. Anyone else pick up on this? The last few weeks, Hughes has occasionally dropped into coverage. Most notably, it happened this past week on a key third down and we brought three. I don’t get why we take our best pass rusher and put him in a position where he can’t utilize his most dangerous talent.
  4. EmotionallyUnstable

    SNF: DAL vs. HOU at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

    Pats, Giants, Cowboys. Pretty much guaranteed.
  5. EmotionallyUnstable

    Unsatisfying win?

    We did take the win, and can be happy. But holding back criticism because they simply got the job done is ridiculous. This team is not well staffed or well coached. It’s okay to be unhappy. Even McD is would tell you that Complacency is not acceptable at this point. You don’t think they aren’t watching tape, pointing out problems and miscues? Why should our outlook and approach be any different.
  6. EmotionallyUnstable

    Unsatisfying win?

    OP is absolutely right. This is a grounded, realistic take. I, too, am happy to escape with the win. But this game was just that. An exposure of the true team. If you are happy squeaking games by and going 7-9, kudos. This team is for you. Until we wake up and realize this is an offensive league, we will not truly compete.
  7. EmotionallyUnstable

    SNF: DAL vs. HOU at 8:20 PM ET on NBC

    Literally watching this solely for D. Watson. If that’s your biggest issue, you’re doing okay.
  8. EmotionallyUnstable

    Fear of Roughing penalty led to Hughes not finishing sack

    I get his thought process. But, he didn’t have to let go. Just hold on there and the play is over. Never has a play been penalized for holding a player up.
  9. EmotionallyUnstable

    McDermott's Locker Room Victory Speech

    I’ll translate: “Oh my god! You did it! You found the worlds best cup of coffee! Congratulations!” Elf reference. Did he ever play like he DIDNT care? This ain’t a sprint.
  10. EmotionallyUnstable

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    Glad they (luckily) got away with the W. That being said, it amazes me how awful this offense is. I really don’t know where the bulk of the problem is. Dabol? Allen? Lack of talent? How do you tell? They all seem to compliment each other in the worst way possible. Congrats to McD on the defensive win, but unfortunately, today’s NFL is won through the air offensively. Unfortunately for us fans, this is something that I am more and more confident each week that this staff is clueless about.
  11. EmotionallyUnstable

    Post your GIF's of how you feel prior to Bills games this year

  12. EmotionallyUnstable

    Derek Anderson to sign with Bills per Mort

    How does this leak out 2.5 hours before kickoff of a game? I thought things of this nature were going to be contained to avoid distractions. You don’t think Josh Allen is unaware of this and will put added pressure on him for today’s game? Unnecessary at this point in the week.
  13. EmotionallyUnstable

    Derek Anderson to sign with Bills per Mort

    I’m not sure they have a clue offensively to begin with