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  1. EmotionallyUnstable

    Josh Allen. Let's get real people!

    Another McCarron thread?
  2. EmotionallyUnstable

    Nate Geary article breaking down why Allen starts this year

    Nate knows his ****. He has a good football mind but didn’t have the athletic ability to match. Good read, arguable ideas, can’t wait for camp!
  3. EmotionallyUnstable

    My Debate with a HC

    I think it depends on what you mean by adjustments? Changing your play calls? Blocking schemes? Personnel? Some are easier done on the fly. As we know, the 11 man game of football can be treacherous to a team not on the same page. If you are changing something complex such as a blocking scheme, it is probably best to wait until the half to make sure everyone is on the same page. That being said, minor adjustments are being made all game and not just at half. It is my thought that major schematic adjustments wait until the half, as to not abandon the game plan too early. It works for BB and TB12. They are the best second half team in football
  4. EmotionallyUnstable

    Saints lose Ingram 4 games due to PED

    Mark Sanchez is considered notable? By whom?
  5. EmotionallyUnstable

    Who Makes Your Priority UDFA List?

    My phone is on high
  6. EmotionallyUnstable


    Good luck!
  7. EmotionallyUnstable

    Forgive my ignorance but why is Edmunds nose so big?

    Great question. Not sure anyone nose the answer
  8. EmotionallyUnstable


    I see what you did there
  9. EmotionallyUnstable


    ...is he still in the green room?
  10. EmotionallyUnstable

    Best Available for Day 3

    Take these 5 picks and turn them into 2. Get me the best WR and LB available.
  11. EmotionallyUnstable

    RD1, Pick 7: Josh Allen QB - Wyoming

    Never trust a man with two first names
  12. EmotionallyUnstable

    RD3, Pick 96: Harrison Phillips DT - Stanford

    Jersey number? 96 would be cool... pick number and also one away from his likely mentor, 95
  13. EmotionallyUnstable

    RD 1, Pick 16: Tremaine Edmunds OLB - Virginia Tech

    Sign me up for a #49 Edmunds jersey
  14. EDmunds seems like a cool dude