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  1. EmotionallyUnstable

    2019 NFL Salary Cap Projected to Be Between $187M and $191.1M

    There is actually a pretty decent TE crop in free agency this year. I'd like to see them bring in two: possibly someone more experiences as Jared Cook as well as a younger, higher upside player like Maxx Williams.
  2. EmotionallyUnstable

    Snow Shovelers needed at New Era

    It's okay, man. Some people are just born that way.
  3. EmotionallyUnstable

    Open Roster Spot?

    Bring back deBeer
  4. EmotionallyUnstable

    Open Roster Spot?

    Bodine to IR, so who ya got?
  5. EmotionallyUnstable

    Charles Clay- the most useless player ever

    This is misdirected anger. Step back and review the game in its entirety, come back tomorrow and apologize. Clay is not worth the money, nor is he worth the blame for this loss. Have some perspective.
  6. EmotionallyUnstable

    Week 13: Dolphins Game Preparation - Inactives Announced

    Hang up the Xmas lights before or after the game? Conventional wisdom says before (less chance of "falling" off the ladder at that point).
  7. If that was a dude, would this be a thing?
  8. EmotionallyUnstable

    SNF Packers & Vikings game thread

    Pac over Vikings A a ron is king
  9. EmotionallyUnstable

    1st half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    Great day to run the football!
  10. EmotionallyUnstable

    Allen best Bills QB of 21st century?

    Great points on the consistency of the methods of evaluation
  11. EmotionallyUnstable

    Allen best Bills QB of 21st century?

    Tyrod is tyGOD number 1
  12. EmotionallyUnstable

    Allen best Bills QB of 21st century?

    https://www.newyorkupstate.com/expo/sports/erry-2018/11/02cf5c5471d94/every-21st-century-buffalo-bil.html#incart_river_mobile_index A well written piece but I disagree with gifting Allen number one status.
  13. EmotionallyUnstable

    McDermott gave his players the boot for the Bye Week

    Just win games.
  14. As always, I am available