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  1. Dez Lewis was an OTA standout, too. everyone looks good in shorts
  2. I always HATE this time of year in football. They get you all amped up and then you wait around all summer
  3. One of my favorite comedians
  4. I save soy sauce and hot mustard packets from take out Chinese.
  5. Matt Milano, Taron Johnson, Siran Neal, Dane Jackson, Levi Wallace
  6. Yes! It’s been great. Tired but an amazing experience
  7. I have a two-week old. I am also drinking milk
  8. DeGrom is the best pitcher in baseball by far and I think it’s HILARIOUS he never wins games. Efff that roster
  9. My numbers haven’t changed 7 Years (2028 UFA at 31 years old....FWIW, Russ is 32, Cam is 31.) 41 million AAS (Watson=39, Mahomes=45) 287 Million Dollar Deal 71 Million in total guarantees
  10. Not the most inspiring but a piece, none the less
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