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  1. I always chuckle a bit when I see ppl freaking about the cap situation. Just as a reminder Beane has built this team, and was entirely aware how his moves would financially impact the future of the team. There is no doubt some difficult decisions are to be made. However, I’ll give BBB the benefit of the doubt that they’ve previously played through numerous scenarios years prior at which point these circumstances would come to fruition and how they’ll handle them. Doubt they’d do this, but would they ask Morse to take a pay cut? Maybe he wants one last shot at a ring so instead of making pennies from being released he’ll come back at a reduced deal benefiting both parties. Idk if that’d sit right with the folks at OBD and in the locker room but I imagine it might be worth exploring before riding ourselves of him completely.
  2. The more I watch and read about him, the more I think you might be right. Seems like a big bodied, strong boundary player that is a intermediate to deep threat. He seems to catch everything, and is a play maker. Some knocks appear to be he is not refined as a route runner, nor does he have top end speed. I could see these two things being looked over because: 1) He’d get to work with Steph Diggs, one of the best in the business at running and setting up routes 2) At #28 you aren’t going to get a completely well rounded elite player, and speed (although important) might not be a death sentence as long as he can separate, get behind the D and catch what’s thrown his way. For those reasons, I think I’d be okay with it. You’d be getting an immediate #2 guy with the potential to develop into something special if his technique can improve. If not, you go back and take another WR early in ‘25
  3. Unfortunately the weather in western NY isn’t quite that balmy!
  4. Both dogs to the face. Washed them in the peroxide/baking soda/dish soap solution as best I could outside. Gated them off in one room with windows down and fans blowing. Unfortunately the stank is spreading. 2nd time it’s happened to us. Anyone else have this awful experience?
  5. People who called for McD’s head should also be calling for Shanny to get the axe. Roster is littered with all-pro talent on both sides of the ball, and can’t get it done? Meanwhile we knowingly discuss how our defense is ravaged with injury and offense a few pieces short, all navigating through no defensive coordinator and an interim OC. I think it’s crazy to think either of these guys would or should be fired because they’ve crapped out in the playoffs. They both consistently find themselves in contention year in and year out. Obviously we all want the Lombardi. However If winning the big one is the only thing that matters, only a few coaches would be considered “good” and still have jobs.
  6. I like the idea of this, not so sure about the players themselves. No doubt we are lacking top end taken at WR, but if the value isn’t there at the back of RD1, go get that DL depth restored. We cannot solve every need in this draft alone, so getting the best value picks to continue and build a winning team around our elite quarterback should be the goal. We saw it last night with Mahomes in the big game. Did they win because Mecole Hartman and MVS are elite talents? They won because of Mahomes and his insane ability, aided by an extremely strong defense that’s elite on the back end and deep on the DL.
  7. I can see a scenario where the top WRs are not available at 28. Beane takes BPA on the DL, and then moves up in the 2nd for the next tier of WR he likes (worthy maybe?). Then again in 2025 they take their true size WR early in the draft (1st or 2nd)
  8. I was on this train of thought but wonder if there is room, or if necessary, to bring in 2 rooks this year : Diggs Rookie (RD1) Shakir Harty Shorter Rookie (RD4?) In all likelihood a round 4 Wr will not see the field all that much in their rookie year. In addition, would it be a player at this point in the draft coming in with minimal experience that would offer more than Shorter? I think those mid round picks will be better spent on retooling the DL, secondary or OL. These are picks that could be guys that play significant snaps to maximize their rookie deals. We must keep the talent young and constant at WR, and I think taking one yearly moving forward early in the draft is a must…I just want them playing when you take them. I think bringing in a premier talent this year will be sufficient for now given the state of the offensive skill position support (Kincaid, Knox, Cook, etc) on top of the WRs we currently have (Diggs, Rook, Shakir). Adding a vet this year to the WR room might be more beneficial, having some experience in depth, and might fill the Sherfield Special teams hole. Then the next draft in 2025, we again look at WR early, and hopefully have struck gold on WR at 28 the year prior, and are poised to keep the talent young and flowing in a world without Diggs, or with him in a supportive role. WRs in 2025 Rookie from ‘24 (pick 28?) Diggs WR2 Shakir (contract year) Rookie from ‘25 Shorter Vet
  9. Dang. Good think it’s tax return season. Thanks for sharing
  10. We’ve used turbo tax for the past five years to e-file. We generally get our return within a week. When I was younger, I liked getting a fat return. Felt like free money to play with (vacation, etc). Now with a young family, we adjusted our withholding to try and balance it out so we don’t owe but are getting most of our $$$ month to Monday, as that’s when we need it. Child tax credit helps and is just about what we get back, so our Withholdings would otherwise be pretty close to accurate.
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