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  1. What did I miss this week? Was there an "Average Joes" comment or something?
  2. Coffee (Southern pecan roast from premier gourmet) Paula’sDonuts (red velvet) Organizing some things for work WGR pregame presents and cake (it’s my b-day) Total Bills domination (my real gift!) Go Bills - Get it done!!!!
  3. Ideally, we’re looking at a water pressure back up but aren’t in the financial position right now to make that happen. jealous of those with a finished basement. If we end up staying in this property long term, the basement must be done! (But want to make sure we’ve taken the proper steps to eradicate and water issues first)
  4. So I’ve been having an annoying issue with my sump pump. We live in a super saturated area in WNY. Our house has had all sorts of waterproofing done on both the exterior and interior, and it is pretty well taken care of. We’ve been in the house almost 3 years and have totally revamped the water drainage systems. Between the French drains, the sump pump and the exterior rerouting of downspouts from gutters for run-off, it is constantly dry and in good shape. Over the last few days, we’ve had a tremendous amount of water flow into the sump and it is triggering often (every 5-15 minutes). I’m planning to replace the check valve on the discharge line to be sure the water isn’t leaking back in and being recycled around. I just don’t think that’s the cause. I bailed out almost 100 gallons of water of the past few days to try and see if it’s new or recycled flow and water is still trickling in. The flow is not heavy, but it is constant, almost reminiscent of a small leak. I checked the meter at the supply line, and there is a rate of 0.0 GPM when nothing is running, so there doesn’t appear to be an interior leak in any piping. I can’t stop fixating on this, as I’m concerned their is an exterior underground leak that may be causing issues with the foundation (we’ve had trouble in the past). It’s possible that it is just steady melt from the snow, as the sewer lines on the street have a constant flow in them, but it just seems too regular for that. I’ll check with my neighbors to see if they’re having similar issues with drainage. I’ll keep you all posted, as I know you’ll be waiting eagerly for an update. Anyone have similar issues/concerns?
  5. Get it done, Beane Bring this guy on staff!
  6. Buy a massive amour of cocaine and ask your drug dealer
  7. The “impenetrable” Patriots defense doesn’t look so great when they’re not gifted turnover after turnover.
  8. I wouldn’t hate Brady as much if he was a good example for our youth. Kick, scream, whine and yet, receives the admiration from media. His childish actions are perceived as leadership while others who emit the same behavior are cast-off as divas. Way to go, NFL
  9. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true
  10. Eff Tom Brady that cook slucking POS!!!!!
  11. I’m so sick of watching the Pats. I must have watched 8 patriots games this year. They are ALWAYS on prime time. This story is so played out. The narrative is boring, and I, and millions of others are tired of it. Move on already, NFL. There are some future stars emerging among the league, it’s time to highlight them. Enough of watching the predictable Brady to Edelman connection with the occasional blatant BS officiating call that unfairly benefits the pats.
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