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  1. He said he wouldn’t give him a game ball. Not that he sucked.
  2. You know what the other teams staff puts their players in a position to be successful, and exploit match-ups, and how we refer to this as “out-coached”? What is the appropriate terminology for the opposite, where as your coaches aren’t necessarily contributing to the aforementioned advantage, but the opposing coach is negatively hurting their chances? Under-coached?
  3. The final quarter of the season is likely Nagy’s last chance to keep him job
  4. Just hoping for a good game. A few thoughts: Bears offense is turrrrrrible Montgomery is back but, no room to run Rogers is a male genital (however, he is amazing) Davante Adams is fantastic Aaron Jones is a beast that is all
  5. Was I the only guy that saw this and immediately thought, “he’s fine” only because the dude is a warrior?
  6. People ragged on buffalo for letting CEH rush for 200 on the Bills that game. Tyrik has that and 2 TDs in a quarter. Pick your poison
  7. Frazier Morse Levi Wallace Bojorquez Billy Buffalo Hughesssssss
  8. That 2nd half, my god. 3 turnovers, countless questionable personal fouls, other penalties, mixed together with random positive plays (gave Davis bomb, Singletary gash, etc) was just a roller coaster of emotions. “Hey let’s sack them, and then give up a hail marry!”
  9. The self-destruct button on this team is way to large
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