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  1. Help Me Out With A Dead Money Explanation

    So what you're telling me is, no matter which way you slice it, he's still rich as ****
  2. Trying to make Greg Hardy look like a choir boy
  3. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    As you stated, opinions vary!
  4. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    Sure, makes sense. A rational thought. I wasn't looking to argue. But maybe I've overstepped.
  5. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    I'll spell it out for you... You asked if my mother taught me "if I don't have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all." Yet, you are the one that called me a jack ass? I never said anything"not nice." You're clearly just thin skinned and trying to pick a battle instead of offering any quality dialogue.to argue against my point. So go ahead and call me a jack ass again and move on because it's apparently all you can offer
  6. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    In rebuttal to your first point, you're the one that implied I was a jackass so your hypocrocy is staggering. Secondly, Jim Kelly was a Bill and is no more a Bill. For someone who missed the 90's and has never experienced the success they had, it gets extremely tiring hearing about all the greats and the glory days. And no, I wasn't looking for a reaction, at least not the one you think. I was asking sincerely as I know that some fans similar to my age feel the same way about these stories as I
  7. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    Being tired of hearing about a former player and the tiny details of his personal life is lacking respect? Some might argue that airing and discussing his personal health lacks respect. Sorry I don't live in the glory days...
  8. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    Thin skin much?
  9. Jim Kelly has Gallbladder removed

    Anyone else tired of hearing about the has beens?
  10. Unlike some years, there's not much to talk about now

    I appreciate that you've made an effort to talk about not talking
  11. Nasty No Glove Nick

    Nothing official. Just have called him that since we've drafted him. It was a Fitzpatrick/O'Leary over stated interesting fact joke... I guess it wasn't too funny
  12. Nasty No Glove Nick

    As small of a role he played this season, I wanted to shout out some love for one of my favorite, under-the-radar Bills. His ability in the passing game is sneaky. His measurables wont shock anyone and, in fact, may appear disappointing. I do believe him to be a good route runner and a reliable, trusted target. His numbers have improved each season in both yards and catch percentage. To me, he has carved a little niche as a reliable South Team TE. As far as his blocking goes, he has to be better. I can blatantly remember him as the occasional perpetrator of blown assignments, most notably in pass protection. Any idea why Nasty No Glove Nick has struggled in the blocking game? Is it due to his unimpressive numbers and his inability to keep up with the big boys? Or is it more of being out of position or technique flaw, that is correctable? Entering 2018 as a ERFA, I'm hoping the Bills will make him an offer to keep him around for a while. Btw, did you know he went to Harvard? Or something like that... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/O/OLeaNi00.htm
  13. The Process

    Idk but I think you're supposed to trust it
  14. Predict which team will sign Kirk Cousins (Poll)

    Went with other... ...didn't see a category for "busted-doing-blow-while-driving"