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  1. Russell hustle bustle man-muscle Wilson is everything the NFL should be
  2. I believe many municipalities signs post hours where the school zone times are in effect.
  3. Luckily no I was joking. In all seriousness, I hope he is okay
  4. Edmunds Isn’t injured. He is just embarrassed after that wiff on the Jamison Crowder screen TD!
  5. I hear the over/under for grams per serving of sugar is at 21.5....Smart money is on the over, but Josh has always been an underdog.
  6. Glad this isn’t one of those weird food threads in OTW from back in, like, May.. same routine as always: Coffee, black household Chores some light work to make Monday easier While listening to WGR 12:00 I’ll make my way to the TV to put on a pregame show and get to snacking. Inlaws will arrive around 12:30 Greek Dip with Pita Chips (hummus, diced cucumber, diced tomato, feta, green and black olives, sprinkle of balsamic, finish with salt and pepper Buffalo Wing Dip White pizza dip chips/guacamole/salsa Beer throughout. Not sure what kind yet. I had a heavy Labor Day so may go with something a bit lighter like SoTiers “8 Days a Week” that I have left over in the garage fridge.
  7. Due to Cuomo’s bail reform, they likely cannot take you to jail. This would be a catch and release program
  8. I’m curious what area you’re in and what kind of soil your foundation is laid on. With a 1979 home, simple settling is likely not the cause. Here are a couple things to try: 1) look at the interior ceiling drywall. Do you see any cracking? Where is the cracking? 2) Are there any visible cracks in the home’s foundation? Where are they? Are they relative to the interior ceiling cracking? 3) Do you have any doors/windows that are tough to close or won’t open at all? 4) Go outside to your siding, reach up underneath the bottom piece. Slide your hand along the bottom trim against the framing. Do you feel any gaps? these could be indications of vertical sinking. Hopefully it is not the serious, but worth exploring. I’d call in a structural engineer to assess the situation ASAP. Best of luck The main poles running to the house, if properly replaced, are likely not causing this, IMO.
  9. After 7 years of DirecTV, I’ve finally canceled. I contacted the online chat reps multiple times. The first go around, they told me they’d suspend the increased payment for the month since their were no current promotions and to check back next week. I then contacted them again, and was told a representative would be calling within 24 hours for a deal. They never called and after 3 days of waiting I contacted them again, at which point they had no record of any of these communications. Today I finally called and asked for customer loyalty. They gave a pretty good deal, but it wasn’t as low as my previous promotion, so I decided enough was enough, and will look elsewhere.
  10. I’d say on a monthly basis I’ll see someone drive through the neighborhood with a truck bed full of crap (piping, old dish washer, etc). like they say, one mans trash is another man’s new trash
  11. Worked out well. Went through 2 bits...just the cheap-O 3/16ths kobalt glass and tile bit.
  12. Finishing my bathroom reno. Installing new toilet closet flange tmrw through new tile. A little nervous about drilling into the porcelain. Any suggestions
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