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  1. Snakes and sparklers are the only ones I like. I’m not trying to go JPP style
  2. @JohnC We are two totally different types of hockey fans. You seem extremely knowledgable and I am admittedly new to the sport. That being said, why is it so wrong to want to be good now? I watch hockey purely for enjoyment. I want to see scoring, wins and a playoff run. I’d rather have one in the hand then two in the bush so putting off potential successes to snub a shot at a good season now is crazy to me. Go get the guys to be good now! Idk how to do it, who to move, or who to acquire, but that’s not my job. As others have said, other teams have done it. If I watch another wasted season playing mediocre to subpar hockey (see January/February), it will be clear that they are still a mess regardless of what you perceive to be a good administration.
  3. Like I said, I get what the team is doing long term. The draft picks invest in the future and we all want to be great for years to come. But you ignored my point. How far away are these guys? We wait and wait for these prospects from Rochester and when will they turn into actual contributors on a winning team? You have much more patience than I. I’d trade every prospect for the chance to be good now. I’m a fan, not a GM (Clearly). So a lot of the moves they make I dislike because I’m sick of watching losing hockey year after year while being told that we have tons of potential coming up. When exactly is that? How long do you wait for this to happen before you stop and say, “can we just try to win now?” The players you’ve listed have been on the team. How exactly does that improve next year’s roster? I’m not expecting anything from a franchise that has sat by and simply watched their talent level be subpar while doing little about it. I’m not asking for magic. I just need something different. As much as I criticized Bean and company for their drastic moves upon arrival, I’ve learned to appreciate their vision and plan for better or for worse. They came in and totally flipped the roster while maintaining a core of players that they felt fit their team (plus made the playoffs in year one after losing lots of talent!) I just don’t see a clear cut plan in place here with the Sabres. It’s just more of the same.
  4. How many years out is that? Just kee burning away years years on current talent. I get what they’re doing long term...but this team needs to be competitive now.
  5. Is this a discussion on potential stadiums or a “yo momma” roast?
  6. I don't think I would celebrate in an obvious and outward way. But I wouldn't hide my excitement that our team's odds have improved. These guys are paid millions of dollars to put their bodies on the line. They all are aware of the risks they face. An injury to any player is unfortunate for them, but I'm sure not losing any sleep over it.
  7. Red velvet from Paula's are my favorite. In the fall, Becker Farms has fantastic old fashioned donuts. We go every year. This morning I'll buy Tim bits for my coworkers, because I don't like them very much. Happy Donut Day
  8. I had a peanut butter sandwich tonight if anyone cares
  9. ROR leads the Blues in post season points...nice job Botterill
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