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  1. I assume, as most wives would, she took you up on that. How’s Cabo?
  2. obviously not. Id just like to see as many of the cap dollars as possible go to positions that are more obviously going to get best bang for buck. Rotational RB is not one of them Are you bringing the Lions OL with Williams? Who said he wouldn’t help? Help enough to make meaningful gains as an offense is another story.
  3. A goal line back is exactly what’s going to put this team over the top
  4. Josh Allen will also be making 40 million this year 🤦🏻‍♂️ DANIEL JONES?!
  5. A friend of mine plays professionally. He is sponsored by manufacturing and athletic companies. Nothing major, just the makers of the disc, gets free gear and small stipends and bonuses for placing in tournaments. He travels all over the US for contests. Only time I ever played was at his bachelor party. I was awful.
  6. RIP https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/large-fire-on-main-street-in-downtown-buffalo/71-b8397f9e-f549-4b68-9c95-99484cb2a54e
  7. My wife is in an interesting spot. Similar to @Johnny Hammersticks, she is a school psych (not a PhD, just a MS) and this is her 8th year in a public school here in NY. Obviously we are awaiting the supreme court’s decision on the 10k she is eligible for in relief via Biden’s plan. If it goes through, we will pay off the remaining balance no matter what. Although, I am assuming it won’t, and she’ll be on the hook for the full remaining balance (around 16k). We are contemplating what it’d look like to pay outright a large sum and be done with it vs. paying on the loans for two more years while incruing interest and seeing is the PSLF would wipe out the remainder, ultimately saving us money in the long run. We’ve run a few amortization schedules in the past, and it seems to come down to how fast she could get approved and the loans forgiven. We’ll see! She’s contemplated returning to school for her PhD and looking into private practice. A few of her old classmates at her graduate program went on to do that. She currently works with one of the most needy inner city populations. Her job is difficult. She’s a warrior. Either way I am happy for her, and us, to be done with that unnecessary burden. I know she has more than earned it.
  8. Rough seas make for smooth sailors
  9. He’s faking. Just like he was last week. Leaning into it. Don’t doubt the injury, just the severity. He’s an actor just like his loser brother and dumb wife. It’s all for show.
  11. Amazing watching the 9ers front 4 first step off the snap. They come out of the gate like sprinters on a track. Are our DL wearing cement shoes or something?
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