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  1. EmotionallyUnstable

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Jordan Mills has an IQ of one
  2. EmotionallyUnstable

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    What did peterman do on first and second down?
  3. EmotionallyUnstable

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    McDermotts Clapping really pisses me off...
  4. EmotionallyUnstable

    Do you trust the process?

    List of things not to trust: - anything after midnight - people who eat grape jelly - a man with two first names. ...the process drafted a new QB (see bullet 3)
  5. Thad Brown with the miss information. Shaq was at LB for scout D vs first team offense. They rotated all day.
  6. EmotionallyUnstable

    Predict the division winner: AFC North

    The Ravens are over-ravened. The Browns are the Browns. The Bengals orange the great. Seriously, idt its even close
  7. EmotionallyUnstable

    Jaguars Suspend Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler for One Week

    Still a pointless move
  8. EmotionallyUnstable

    How many WR's are the Bills going to keep?

    Is it out of the question that they keep 7?
  9. EmotionallyUnstable

    Mic’d Up: Brandon Reilly vs Carolina

    He has the personality of a piece of chalk
  10. EmotionallyUnstable

    Sat 8/11 training camp updates post them please

    This just in: Harrison Phillips took a big ****.
  11. EmotionallyUnstable

    Position battles to watch in preseason game 1 vs Carolina

    And QB, one would imagine.
  12. EmotionallyUnstable

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    I feel like we’ve gotten better as an organization just having this conversation.
  13. EmotionallyUnstable

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    Not to be a dick or anything but my buddy’s girlfriends dad’s sister’s baby momma just saw T.O. at the Buffalo airport
  14. EmotionallyUnstable

    What is the over/under on Jerry Hughes Personal Fouls this year?

    I’ll take the over. A Jerry Hughes personal foul is to a Ritchie Incognito holding call is to EmotionallyUnstable’s remote throw: good for one a game.
  15. EmotionallyUnstable

    Is Zay Jones A “Lock” To Make The Roster

    Lock. They are all in in their boys. Local media today asked him to elaborate on the issue and he side stepped that question referring to not wanting to rehash the truama associated with the issue. Seems like he is doing good, but you never know. #theresnosuchthingasadumbquestion I was 22 once too. If cameras were always on me, I coulda done a lot worse. Give him a chance