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  1. Born in Rochester, NY Moved to Buffalo for college and never went back. Spent 6 years in the city all over (elmwood, masten, sobo and N. Buffalo) Spent the last 6 in Amherst, NY where I’m raising my family and living the slow suburban life
  2. As sexy as it sounds, they came today not yesterday, which is why we did date night then
  3. Had a great Saturday night out, and wanted to share the combination in hopes you share your best mix of eats, drinks and galore.... After a Saturday of chores, we celebrated Valentine’s a day early due to the in-laws visiting. 3:00-4:00 Happy hour at home with relaxing music. A banana bread beer (Eagle) and a Day Trekker (42 North) 4:00-4:15 Drove to dinner, more music 4:15-4:30 Walked around the surrounding area, took in the weather/city of Lockport 4:30-5:45 Early dinner at Stooges Stuffed Burger Bar. Went with “The Larry” a stuffed
  4. If yes, please post your number to prove it
  5. Or some people just have 200 billion dollars and they do whatever they want
  6. There wasn’t even a single sparsely-clad attractive woman in this video. Shame on you!
  7. Even watching this NFC game has me yelling at the TV. I’m going to go warn the neighbors
  8. Sports book has Allen o/u passing yards at 306. Hammer that over if you can find it!
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