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  1. I think you'll see a trade up in the second or third rather than in the first
  2. Allentown would be a solid location. Just make sure to hit The Old Pink
  3. If I were a player, I'd be furious to be tagged. That being said, it's in the contract that you agree to play under. In a profession with frequent union negotiation, I will say this. If one party wants to change something that is to the benefit of the opposing group, it would likely only happen as a result of some concession elsewhere. So I think the question is, what would the NFLPA be willing to part with in order to reduce a team's ability to us the franchise tag year after year? Otherwise, it won't change. I don't know the negotiations well enough to know what they have that they could no longer deem necessary or may find less important that they'd be willing to separate with to get that done.
  4. Wow. Great QB, maybe top 5, but not worth that money to the point where it handycaps your already struggling team
  5. Vs. Bengals... Home opener week 1 and we'll have our divisional overload in the back half of the season
  6. With the 11th pick, the Cincinatti Bengals select Andre Dillard, T, Wahington State. The Packers and @wppete are on the clock. Dillard gives the Bengals the versatility to pass protect at Right Tackle and eventually take over at LT when Cordy Glenn enevitably injures himself. He'll eventually slide in as their new cornerstone LT while allowing for an immediate impact on the right side. I almost went Ed Oliver there just for value sake, but was initially hoping for a new MLB at 11.
  7. Damn you raiders, I wanted Devin White at 9 for the Bengals
  8. Just win, baby. And if they do, their millions were clearly well spent. They attracted good free agents and were a great allocation of resources from our devoted owners. If we lose, it was just another wasted attempt to match talent with missplaced money. Our owners are clueless and have yet again, struck out. Just win, baby.
  9. I can ***** up the Bengals. Sign me up!
  10. Dude! They went from "leaky pipe" to full blown firestorm in one episode. The worst part being, they gave the implication that their lives turned to ***** because of the whispers. I refuse to believe the could have infiltrated their society with enough prowess to set forth all that damage, let alone kidnap and murder 10 ppl. This show should have ended with Negan.
  11. What a ***** episode IMO. To jump from thriving communities to broken and needy is a plot gap I can't overlook. Issue aside, the whole show is moving towards mini plots that are stupid and not meaningful to me (Gabriel/Doctor/Rosita) In just a short time, they've managed to butcher a majority or the original cast and try to force feed new characters (Lydia/Enid's boyfriend/Alpha) that I have no interest in. How are the whispers more of a threat/challenge than the Saviors used to be?!
  12. Really? Saw the trailer and not sure. I loved Heath Ledger's portrayal FWIW
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