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  1. My one dogs freaks at fireworks and thunder. The other couldn’t be bothered to even notice it.
  2. It’s hard for me to come to grips that there are people in this country so hateful.
  3. Rest and time are your friend. When you are ready to get back into it, spinning/biking are a low impact way to get the blood pumping back into the muscles. I'd be very careful to stretch, or push too quickly. A lot depends on the severity of the pull. Does it hurt when you walk?
  4. *****, I would. A million dollars is a lot of money!
  5. First real paycheck out of college. Went to Wegmans and threw whatever I wanted in the cart, didn’t even think twice. Felt like a king with my vast array of condiments and cheeses.
  6. Looking back on it, I've done some stupid, reckless things in my own life that I'm embarrassed of and extremely lucky and thankful that I never had to pay the Pied Piper. It's a miracle I didn't kill myself, let alone an innocent person. I have regrets from my past, and Ed will, too. Inexcusable for all of us to make this choice. I have some sympathy for him, knowing the regret and feelings that he will have moving forward. It's disappointing and unexpected, but it doesn't change who he is or what he can become. Don't write a man off for one bad choice. Don't excuse away his actions and decisions, either. He'll have questions to answer and debts to pay, but hopefully this will make him a more complete, reflective person and allow the Bills community to get the best out of him moving forward.
  7. Do you use a squeegee? I've heard coffee filters are a nice truck? Windex or a home made remedy?
  8. Did anyone else notice the smiley face in the threat topic title kinda looks like a dick?
  9. Can't believe he didn't just ride his horse
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