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  1. Don’t get caught up in the numbers. He’s been a beast. And as much gratification as it’d probably serve him, I am not going to evaluate his play thus far by a statistic. He plays a position that, aside from Aaron Donald, notoriously lacks big stats. Numbers can not accurately reflect what he has brought so far to this defense.
  2. The North, South and West all seem to be up for grabs. Go figure the only division with. Consensus front runner is our own...
  3. You know what they say about lawyers: if it wasn’t for lawyers, we wouldn’t need lawyers
  4. We have as many webMD doctors on this board as we do arm chair quarterbacks!
  5. I can’t imagine what the life of a backup QB is like in this situation. Your sitting your ass the bench, riding the pine behind an NFL MVP collecting a nice paycheck and then all of a sudden, boom! Get in there! Next thing you know, 300 lb mad men are trying to take your head off
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