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  1. Well that changes things. Maybe throw it . Dial up your best play here
  2. Run the ball 2 more times and if you don’t convert, FG. Kill those TOS and clock
  3. Still gotta finish. Let’s go bengals come on
  4. Just realized that I hate Joe Burrow’s hair cut
  5. Yes also have to blame Higgins route, he faded that wheel, needs to keep it straight, give himself a yard or two of space down the sideline
  6. That’s the 4th down I want to see them go for
  7. Bengals need to try and screen or stretch the field horizontally. Slow that pass rush a bit.
  8. God I really hope the bengals can turn up and beat them
  9. Underthrown and Higgins had two steps on him. is Howard even good?
  10. Hate to see him hurt but man, if this isn’t karma …
  11. What the heck is up with Burrow and that offense?
  12. Great 3rd down presnap defensive movement. Keep Tua guessing at the snap. Cannot just line up and play. Mix those press alignments with bailing coverage and also roll up from deep to tight press coverage late.
  13. They gotta jam these guys off the line and give that pass rush some time to get there. Too much free release IMO
  14. Come on ppl, you know you would have been clamoring for them to have gone for it on 4&1 if they had kicked the FG.
  15. Yes it will be. You should drive there and set up.
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