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  1. Going back to that 2018 draft class, there was a wide variance of opinion regarding who should be the top selection. Pure scouts and football guys loved Allen's off-the-charts physical attributes and limitless ceiling. Analytics guys favored Mayfield, who was undersized but posted eye-popping numbers and won a college championship. Darnold had played in a big-time program against quality opposition and posted stellar numbers his final year in school. Rosen was viewed as the most polished of all of them. (I ignore Lamar Jackson, becaus
  2. ESPN is such a mess these days -- everything is always a double-standard with them. Remember years ago when they brought in Rush Limbaugh to provide an alternative view -- then immediately fired him when he did exactly that. Yet clowns like Foxworth remain gainfully employed. I am not suggesting that ESPN fire him, just pointing out the hypocrisy of the network. Probably the best thing we can do as fans is ignore clowns like Foxworth and Jones, do not get tempted by their click-bait drivel, and tune out when they are on air. By being "provocative" and getting the responses they hop
  3. Actually, the Bills were coming off a 9-7 season and had a pretty good defense -- a great front 4 -- so there was plenty of interest at the time. Remember, Doug M. had opted out because he had that $4M safety-net and was "certain" that he was going to get the Jets job. I'm not sure that Gase would have been any worse than Rex, who came in and tore apart the one good part of the team. I wonder if Gase would have left the defense (run by Jim Schwartz) en tact? Word at the time is that this was the concept that Whaley had in mind at the time, when he wanted to hire Hue Jackson to be t
  4. Excellent point. It was clear in the first half that Bosa was going to be a disruption and that Josh would not have the time to get the ball downfield. That probably explains the play that resulted in the INT -- Bosa was out on the field for that play (after having just served up a TFL on the previous play), and the Bills decided to be more aggressive knowing he was on the seideline. Too bad the protection broke down with the the blind-side blitzer.
  5. Not doubting your insider status, as the reports at the time of the 2017 draft jive with your insistence that the Bills were not going to take Mahomes (or any other QB) with the 10th pick. The following are things I heard at the time (from reliable sources): 1. By the time of the draft, Whaley was a dead man walking. Everyone in the organization knew it. 2. Final decision for all picks really did go to McD. 3. McD badly wanted to draft a top CB in the draft as he felt it was a primary area of need and would jump-start the overhaul of the defense he envisioned.
  6. Obviously the run game has not been what we would like to see, but I also wonder how much of that is a lack of commitment to it. From my perspective, they really have not tried to make it a focus of the offense in any game except the New England game -- and in that game they ran the ball very effectively. I know once the weather starts getting really bad, etc. the team will need to rely on it more heavily -- but aside from the Tennessee and KC games, the offense as a whole (even without a consistent running game) has performed.
  7. I am not buying this article. It was reported at the time by many reliable sources that no QB (Mahomes or otherwise) was in play for the Bills at the time. The Bills were prepared to turn in the card at #10 with M. Lattimore's name one on it, when the Chiefs upped their offer to move up to 10.
  8. Wow! Can you imagine what the Bills offense would look like with Mark Andrews?
  9. Another thing to remember is that as the the roster has gotten better and deeper, the reliance upon the draft for immediate help is no longer such a critical factor. No matter how the other picks pan out (and I have high hopes for Epenesa, Moss, Davis, Bass, and Jackson) the fact that the 1st pick was used to acquire Diggs, who has already proven to be such an impact player, makes the 2020 draft a success!
  10. Yea, I would not trade him for any other player in the league. I won't argue that he is the best player (or QB) in the league right now. But he is elite, will only get better -- and is such a great fit for the city and fans.
  11. Not sure what the deal is with Yeldon -- other than I know that he missed some time earlier this season due to injury. Maybe he still isn't 100%? The front office and coaching staff are clearly aware that the RB corps could be improved. Remember, they were reportedly interested in Fournette during the off-season, and they were one of 3 teams to make a push for L. Bell.
  12. This is a very interesting topic. For many of these players -- especially the rookies -- it really is too early to say. Tua, in particular, has only played in a handful of games and very little has been asked of him. So anyone predicting great things (or, conversely that he is a bust) based on the small NFL sample size is not being intellectually honest. Burrow and Herbert, meanwhile, already appear to have passed the eyeball test. However, if we look back at last year, similar things were said about Daniel Jones, who has regressed badly in his 2nd year. With the small sample size,
  13. Yea, I would think that the DE's job in that situation would be to set the edge and ensure that the play does not go outside. On both TD runs, the interior looked like the parting of the Red Sea and Murray raced into the endzone pretty much untouched. The fault there is with the DTs and LBs IMHO.
  14. On point. The other thing that everyone forgets is that, even if there had been no trade-down with the Chiefs, the Bills were NOT going to take Mahomes with the #10 overall pick. They reportedly had Lattimore queued up before the trade with the Chiefs was finally consummated.
  15. In a weird way, the Dolphins remind me of our team from LAST year. That includes drawing a number of easy match-ups as well as fortuitous ones. Take the version of the Cardinals that they faced 2 weeks ago, versus the version we played on Sunday. The team that Miami played had a depleted secondary and was without Drake. The team we played had their secondary en tact and had a relatively healthy Drake on hand (109 rushing yards against us). One thing I found interesting was a reported quote from Tua, saying that he did not believe that the NFL is as tough as he thought i
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