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  1. This. And, to your point, it is not an excuse to point out that the Bills matched up against the "Good Fitz" last Sunday. As we have seen, when he is on, Fitz can be downright lethal. Passes were coming out of his hand quickly (withstanding numerous hits from the defense in the process), were right on the money and he was trusting his receivers to make plays. And those receivers made some fantastic contested receptions. He played the same way against the Jags last night: 18 of 20 on pass attempts. I'm not sure that Goff has the mental make-up to stand in there and take the shots that Fitz endured last week -- or the mobility to evade pressure. Of course, the defense was indeed a bit soft in the middle of the field last week -- hopefully we get one or both LBs back this week to help.
  2. I doubt that the injury came on the elusive fumble play. Remember, after the video resumed (which was after the fumble), Knox had a near-catch down the seam that was stripped at the last second as he was hitting the ground. It was a great throw by Josh and a nice play by the defender to get the ball out before Knox could secure it. I wonder if that was the play in which he got hurt?
  3. With the expected extra windy conditions, my suspicion is that the Rams' gameplan (similar to what the Eagles' was against us in similar conditions last year) will be to focus on the running game with some mixed in play-action passes. The Bills had trouble stopping the run and Josh turned the ball over in that game against the Eagles last year, which proved to be our most lop-sided loss of the season. If I'm McD and Frazier, I focus on stopping the run and try to secure against the short-to-medium routes in the passing game. Dare Goff to beat them over the top. Offensively, it would be nice to get the traditional ground game going.
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