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  1. Marge Simpson: Homer, your boss called and said If you don’t come to work on Friday, then just stay at home on Monday. Homer: Ya-hoo 4 day weekend.
  2. How was the new security entering the stadium? Did the lines move quickly?
  3. Not only did Q. Morris make the final 53, he is listed ahead of Sweeney. 🤪
  4. I have 4 great lower level aisle seats on visitors 40 yardine 30 rows up. I am looking for 4 Steelers tickets nearby which I will purchase outright or trade my tickets to another game. Can be 2+2, just trying to have a family event. Thanks. Also, Selling my Dolphins and Browns Tix as I can't make those games.
  5. So, how will this work? Let's say lower level sideline seats between the 40s have a PSL price of $10K each. But after weeks of marketing, they only sell 50% of the seats. If the Bills then reduce those PSL prices, will they refund the difference to those who already paid the $10K each? And what about years later? Can the Bills lower their PSL prices making it difficult for charter PSL buyers to resell their PSLs for what they paid? I guess PSLs mean the end of STH seniority. If a person wants great seats they just find someone willing to sell their PSL and poof, they are sitting mid-field their first year as STH. No more working your way up to better seats.
  6. Bills want to show how much they appreciate their fans? They could give current STHs a discount on their PSLs based on how many years they have held their tickets.
  7. Invoices are posted. My tickets are up 14.8%. That's a lot when I have to sell several games. I like how they always note the average percent increase to soften the message but then reality hits when you get your invoice. Oh well, another year. Go Bills.
  8. Just saw my invoice. Discounted season ticket holder price for lower level 40 yardline tickets is $275 each. Yikes!
  9. I had to sell my season tickets to the Patriots playoff game. I later received an email from Ticketmaster saying they cannot send me the money from the sale until I send them my SSN etc. so they can send me a 1099K and notify the IRS of the proceeds. Does it matter that I made $0 profit from the sale? So, do I need to file separate forms come tax time? Amount paid vs amount sold for, deduct fees etc.? As far as regular season games, tickets don't have a face value anymore, just one price for the season. I don't even know the price of an individual ticket. I don't blame Ticketmaster for this one, I'm guessing it's the government, but it's one more reason to not use Ticketmaster unless you need to. They charge buyers over 20% and hold the seller's money for about a month. Yer killin me Smalls.
  10. I’ve got 4 great lower level tickets available if anyone is interested. Section 111 Row 31 Lower level, Visitors side, 40 yard line on the aisle. Temperature in that row expected to be mid 70s.
  11. Don’t throttle me cuz I’m just asking you experts, but is Trey Adams in the picture at all?
  12. TY NSEKHE was picked by many here to start at one of the tackle spots yet he has not seen any time with the 1s. How does the coaching staff determine opening camp starters? Will he get a chance to earn a starting spot? I would think he signed here for that opportunity.
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