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  1. Does he have a relative that coaches on our team???
  2. My parents used to rent on Manasota Key near Englewood Florida just down from you! Half of Webster, New York down there where I’m from and also Myrtle Beach back in the day.
  3. I do remember that Josh wanted a say on who his new offensive coordinator would be.
  4. At least we won those games unlike the game like Jacksonville where Josh got smashed.
  5. Josh should call Beane and tell him to match it! He knows how good he is! Just look at last year‘s games when he came in. I worry about the team‘s chemistry a lot of new pieces this year.
  6. We better sign Bates and stop playing around with him.
  7. David Carr on NFL network just said,”His brother Derek Carr is friends with Devante Adams and they always wanted to play on the same team.” And he bought a new house in Las Vegas.
  8. Seems like Buffalo puts all their stock in defensive players they need good lineman. They better hold onto Bates
  9. I live in Houston, do you really think Watson wants to go play in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Cleveland outdoors in the cold and snow every year. He’s been comfy in the air-conditioned Retractable Roof Stadium here
  10. Washington doesn’t need Ryan Fitzpatrick anymore. Let’s get it done!
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