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  1. The Texans are afraid to play him because he might get injured. They want to trade him because he doesn’t want to play for the Texans.
  2. Congratulations to the exPenn State player that knocked the ball out!
  3. Let’s spread them out on Offense Stop keeping everything around the line of scrimmage let’s use our TE
  4. He couldn’t even catch a cold in Buffalo!
  5. All the people at Caesars sports book were counting their money but wait stop!
  6. OK now throw that ball backward 6 yards to get a touchdown
  7. That’s what a Dome Stadium will do for you!🏈
  8. I think we miss Lee Smith for blocking. Why did they let him go? TE is a big problem.
  9. Exactly. McD is going to live and die with that.
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