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  1. “Two handed bowling…you need to pay extra for that kind of action Cotton”.
  2. Are you insinuating my mint box of Josh’s Jaqs haven’t increased in value? I loved my box of Flutie Flakes until their inevitable moldy demise
  3. Please describe what you mean regarding his incredible talent? If it’s he’s an amazing athlete and can scramble, outrun, juke defenders and change how teams defend I’m with you on those points. If your telling me he has the ability to out pass, outplay(sans running) and outthink outsmart opposing defenses your sadly mistaken. In this league and at this position athletic ability gets you only so far. Just ask our friend Tom Brady who most single-handedly beat the sh$t outbid us and if he’s within 25% the athlete LM is well then I’m all washed up. LM will win you games for the next 3-5 years on his skill set, but unless he changes his mental fortitude and his skill set you’ll never sniff a Lombardi. Take that to the bank
  4. To my point. He is his own agent and calls his own shots. He avoided the conversation for months but now wants it done in a month. If he’s playing chicken with a team that was to a degree balking then my assumption is he loses. Any QB has diminishing skills as time marches on , and his due to their nature diminish at a faster rate. I dont believe he has the ability to compensate in other ways for his diminishing physical skills. My opinion and I stick too it
  5. I disagree. Marginal talents with specific skill sets can get you a lick and tickle but will never get you to the promised land. That is Lamar in a nutshell. He’s got some amazing skills and athletic ability galore, but the mental side which is what makes the difference isn’t there. ten years from now with no ring and fewer playoff wins I’ll be proven right.
  6. Thank you and yes there was! The are talking up their QB1’s physique and repeating BB’s rare praise of him. and of course they trying to make comparisons to the #1 QB in the league!
  7. Films with MILF in the title we are all assuming
  8. Jeez I was just getting back to the game and saw this, thinking “what I miss”. You Rick Rolled me dude.
  9. So they have cameras in the mens room? Seems like a lawsuit waiting
  10. Able to make lawsuits disappear with millions of dollars. makes Towels mysteriously “rise to the occasion” during massages can make women cry, for no reason at all Convinces billionaires to hand him hundreds of millions by mind bending them he’s a nice guy no it’s not Penn or Teller, it’s not David Blaine …it’s Fu$&@ng Deshaun Watson, The Magician
  11. We win the whole $&?!&”$ thing. …drop mike
  12. Makes me proud to be an “ex-Pat”. Buffalo is the finest and it’s people are the best
  13. Your killin me Smalls! How is Tyrod even in this conversation. He did Nothing but pad his stats and make excuses. Not saying he was a horrible human so let’s back off that approach but as a QB be sucked. Flat out sucked.
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