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  1. Jeez. He’s never had time to even unpack his bags.
  2. Right Boot! (Gotta see that shimmer off the blade) Callin me sir is like puttin an elevator in an outhouse..don’t belong
  3. Hell yes! Have a decades running bit with a buddy that whenever it’s on we text (used to be a call) just a saying from the movie to the other guy. Just as an FYI we are watching. It always makes my day getting that Rando.
  4. Can anyone explain why we have a thread about Ole brick hands and his jersey number ? ...but more importantly why am I even reading about it?
  5. The BGE is excellent in my opinion but takes some time and experimenting to get down. I cook anything on it from pizza to ribs to brisket etc. leave it out all winter with no issues. Use only lump charcoal and start it with cotton balls dipped in vegetable oil and good to go. I think that unless your going top shelf Komodo Kamado then the BGE Primo or Joe are all good choices. goodbthing with the BGE is there are easy to find accessories and articles for mixing matching items of other brands to meet your needs. And so many websites for recipes and help. Just re
  6. They may have been crappy opportunities but he did little to nothing to take advantage of what was given to him. If Allen, Mahomes, etc were in the exact same position the conversation would be much different ala geat effort by the QB but just no surrounding talent. Rosen just had no talent at this level and no desire to work for it.
  7. I agree with everything you're saying. He knows he has "power" in the situation, just look at his actions trying to get traded! Also, he denied all of this initially, now the tune changes to consensual sex. That only happens when there is evidence, or so much circumstantial evidence that it can not really be denied any longer. A guy like this can pay for anything we would want in that department, just have his agent order it up, right? Discreet and clean, but the he did it this way because that is where the thrill was. Its going to get even uglier as the lawyers
  8. so this didn’t age well then.
  9. He will get that rehab during his prison time. I believe more will come out with greater and more harmful accusations. Everyone knows he did something bad it’s only to what degree of badness and to how many. his only arguments boils down to consensual sex and his now sudden realization he has an addiction. lame lame lame excuses.
  10. I agree it does. Age we are in and lord knows I never want to be in the position to be judged by that court.
  11. You are correct, but nobody remembers that the meal wasn’t that great, but they remember that the dessert sucked for sure.
  12. Although nobody on TBD knows what really happened, it doesn’t take much thought to figure out what really happened. If it looks like a fish smells like a fish and swims like a fish it’s a fish. Dude has a kink, used his celebrity and assumed “power” and did his thing with numerous MTs. Didn’t think he’d get hammered and assumed incorrectly. Now it’s pay up time and he’s trying to figure out what went wrong and to get out of it. unless this is a setup story for the ages, where 24 people and a prominent attorney can kept their yaps shut about a conspiracy to d
  13. I can’t see him playing again. Too many women coming forward and there will be too much coming out in the near future for a team to voluntarily associate with him. Maybe it’s all true maybe none is true but we can all assume it’s at least partially true. And partially true is creepy enough
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