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  1. Behindenemylines

    Sean McDermott’s Current Approval Rating

    Had the pleasure of having a chance dinner with one of the mothers of a correct Bill's player. She said he absolutely loves playing for McDermott. Having a coach that is as passionate about the game as the players is critical. Says he listens to the players and communicates really well but is absolutely in control. She mentioned that her son after playing for other coaches would want nobody different. Speaks volumes about his expectations and his desire for excellence. I think we are lucky after years of mediocrity. Go Bills!
  2. Let's try harder to suck the fun out of this post...ok??
  3. Behindenemylines

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    At LeMoyne college in a house full of "other than Bills fans" proudly drinking alone giving them all the one finger salute!
  4. Behindenemylines

    LeSean McCoy hamstring injury - OUT vs Lions

    Let's see this top 10...