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  1. I’m assuming the 19 is the number of references to Josh’s elbow and 40 is references to BB being a genius coach all said analysts during the game.
  2. O.J.‘s. Bigger dumber and slower less murderey cousin?
  3. Sounds like something Rex Ryan would like tip your waiter-try the veal😁
  4. Lamar and Kyler Murray are similar in my book although LJ is far superior. Both tremendous athletes but neither will win you a Super Bowl. Not enough between the ears to get you there. LJ, tweet aside seems like a good guy and respectful and appreciative of what the NFL can offer while KM is a d-bag from what little I’ve seen. Again shows athleticism alone won’t get you a Lombardi. I’m my opinion cut bait get a ton Of draft capital and move on if I’m Ravens
  5. No I just watch the games. When your getting beat consistently in the same fashion and don’t change your strategy your either stubborn or stupid. I don’t think DC is stupid. How many 3-longs must we give up for people to realize.
  6. No but we should be at worst 9-2 and probably 10-1 which changes the dynamic 💯. Maybe I’m in the minority but if our DC wasn’t so reluctant to change game plans to react to the opponents strengths we would be 1 seed.
  7. Now let’s hope their contract with Watson proves to be even worse for them. Watching that franchise crash and burn will be entertaining.
  8. Can Dorsey be that OC? Jury still out, but the first few games I thought he would be. Did McD reign him in? Is it holding things back until Shakir develops more? just hate to see potential possibly wasted based on weak play calls if that’s the reason. I hope Dorsey grows as well
  9. I don’t understand the statement “the D is built to expect points from the offense”. The D should be built to keep the opposing team at 0. Full stop If you mean we are built to hold teams to field goals, that philosophy means give them the short stuff until they get to the 40 then tighten up you D. Makes little to no sense to me.
  10. Exactly. That’s coaching to put our players whomever they are, in the position to not fail. Say practice squad going for a pick instead of knocking down the ball but a coach should have “coached” that knowing his players. we can make all the excuses we want but getting eaten alive on passes play after play isn’t good coaching. These are all professional players and if our depth is this bad, we’ll that’s coaching too in my book. the goal line stand was amazing to watch but why were we even in that position-because we let them March down The field virtually uncontested. things need to change because what was looking like an easier tail end of the season is looking more like a gauntlet At this point in our franchise history the only acceptable expectation should be Super Bowl. Making excuses for poor performance due to injuries etc is weak by my standard. Good teams recognize this and work to solve the problem. Belicheck has made a career of making non superstars look like superstars-we should be able to do the same with our depth players.
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