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  1. 38-6 Bills. Allen is back in form, moss with another bruising TD and Motor with a 20 yard breakaway TD. WFT held to two FG as they miss the last to cap off a horrible outing. and yes the D is punishing knocking off the starting QB for second week in a row. AJE gets his own “legend of “ series by people with way too much time on their hands
  2. No Bills bars out there. My advice is to call around looking for the Sunday ticket and ask if they will put that game on for you ahead of time. I don’t recall places having lots of TV ala sports bar style. you may have to settle for a NY game and red zone. At least you’ll get to listen to Giants and Jets fans wallowing in misery as a bonus
  3. Penalties killed us today and they were all just stupid. So frustrating lots to work on and boy do we look rough
  4. But Rex Ryan declared we won the off-season years ago-that should count Let the unbearableness begin!
  5. I expect to kick the S**t out of NE Miami and the Jets. I expect to win the AFC i expect to win the whole Damn Thing
  6. What’s the cap hit if we cut Allen and will we have enough for Peterman to sign to a deal? He looked great pre-season
  7. Great now I’ve got that song in my head…thanks
  8. Good post! And with the addition of the extra game it changes the percentages of injury and illness significantly. I’m of the opinion since we are a passing team you’ve got to have healthy receivers. As Maryland posted we were out of the playoffs with hurt receivers.
  9. Doctor describing Zay Jones condition.
  10. I agree Rosen got more than his fair share of chances. You can’t be a total d-bag with zero personality and expect to keep getting chances when your talent is mid tier. Even high tier talent only gets so much leash being a total d-bag Rosen appears by all I’ve seen to be both mid tier talent and a high tier D-bag enjoy your millions, retirement and tennis Moving on to awesome Josh and our future Lombardi’s!
  11. So does he collect a pension from the NFL AND The Patriots?
  12. Goto Anchor bar, walk in check out the motorbikes near the ceiling -ohh and Aww, take a deep breath and say I’ve seen the original. Immediately do one of two things… walk the 10 min to Gabriel’s Gate for great wings and a funky time or drive to east aurora for the best wings and beef on weck and call it a night. enjoy your time in Buffalo! It’s a great town with some awesome friendly folks
  13. Takes over by game 4. Here in NE if Cam is playing poorly they are calling for BB’s head. to used to winning and even BB isn’t immune.
  14. Congratulations and I’m sure your trip will be awesome! stay downtown at The Curtiss for lodging. Hands down great experience and close to tons of great places downtown. Hit Gabrielle’s Gate for a cocktail and next best wings if you can’t get to Bar Bill. Allen street is hoppin usually Bar-Bill for wings and Weck. grab a beer at Moor Pat in Williamsville such a cool vibe Marble and Rye downtown for a great meal or apps american side for the Falls imho. Canadian is way too honky tonk for me. Explore Buffalo is easily walkable.
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