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  1. Behindenemylines

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    I'd love to see the actuarial tables and risk tables on this decision. Doesnt seem like he could possibly over earn the 14.5 mil he gave up. The chances of getting hurt on the field to chances of getting hurt/losing a step by missing a year would be an interesting comparison. Also teams will take his behaviour into account when looking at him. My gut bad decision but I actually dont really care-not my cash!
  2. Behindenemylines

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Agreed. Didnt appear to have any leadership qualities when things were going bad snd progressively got worse. Even his "I was being soft" interview was horrid. Seems so in genuine and as he put it-soft.
  3. This has to be one of the most ridiculous posts I've read in a while. No substance and 101 psychology. Go back to community college and retake the class please. Ughh total garbage
  4. If the Eagles choices boil down to win now or not win now, is any cost truly to high? You get Shady for a second, he's a one year rental giving you the best option at SB #2. Is the SB worth a second, or only a third or fourth. Answer seems simple to me. Whether the Bill's take it is another story.
  5. Behindenemylines

    McDermott and Beane ought to feel utter terror about Allen

    So yeast is more important than the quality of the ingredients? Or is it the combination of the ingredients with good rising yeast? Although yeast refers more to cakes so maybe I dont know what I'm talking about 😁
  6. Is it blue cheese or Ranch with that sandwich. Maybe start a poll?😁
  7. I hope it would be assumed that he ALWAYS wants gravy on his fries-and cheese
  8. Behindenemylines

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    You mean the tooth fairy and Easter bunny aren't real? What about Santa...I needs ta know
  9. Behindenemylines

    Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Parade

    Love the optimism my friend. Maybe a bit premature but when (not if) it happens you lay claim to calling it! .....Cool-aide sip
  10. Behindenemylines

    Why is bob Foster still on the team?

    I still can't believe he didn't make an attempt to catch that bomb from Allen. Not even an attempt. I'd cut him just for that
  11. Behindenemylines

    Good Night / Bad Night - Pre-season Game 1

    I just was able to watch the Allen throws. Did Foster blow as bad as I'm seeing or am I missing something? Seemed to not even try on what would be a spectacular TD pass.
  12. Behindenemylines

    McDermott doesn’t learn

    Sammy's here?
  13. Behindenemylines

    Are we now a pass first offense?

    I know. Compared to last years play call of run, run, pass at the line, punt. It was a breath of fresh air.
  14. Behindenemylines

    How did AJ get that scar on his head?

    Oh no...are we starting a "the legend of AJ" series ala Kiko. A wee bit too soon😁 But a story I'd use!
  15. Behindenemylines

    Whelp, count miami out

    Brought in for his opinion on the D then tell everyone "Whatever he says-yeah let's do the opposite"