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  1. So do both the “revenges” cancel each other out and this is just a regular game now? I’m so confused. I would think the AFCC is more “Revengie” so we win
  2. Have lots of work to keep me busy then a long-standing party to goto- which has now turned into a Bills Pats party-with all but me Pats fans. I may need to get new friends
  3. Enjoy time with your family watching the game. Thanks for all the recaps! GO BILLS
  4. Said player embarrassed the team with his vaccination FELONY and other things. Along with his demands to be paid the bonus guarantees etc. think Arians didn’t know he snuck some skank into the room-bet he did! AB is an AH so quit defending any of his actions.
  5. Exactly. People are trying to make Lamar a yearly MVP without the stats. So emotional. He was marginal this year at best and when his elusiveness as a rusher diminish he will be a sub par QB. Not an MVP and will not be again IMO.
  6. OMG that’s hilarious and disgusting all at the same time.
  7. I see Cleveland giving Mayfield another year while buying time to unwind tge marketing they have built around him. Too much money involved to cut him now and while he’s not healthy. jackson is another story because if he’s not “their guy” he’s definitely got a big value on the market. I could see a Miami trade of two firsts + and Tua for him or something along those lines. Buys them a year, avoids a huge contract, and loads them up for the drafts.
  8. I love it. Good memories When I was 12 my parents left for a two week vacation and I stayed home alone. Had a $40 for groceries and was told don’t burn down the house! Had a great friggin time and learned some good lessons.
  9. Virgil I appreciate your thoughts and they have made me a better student of the game. I’ll certainly miss that and bet others will as well. With that said ten years is a long time and I can fully appreciate wanting to pass the torch. Would it be possible to hand this down to a willing participant? Seems like a tradition here and hate to see it pass away. Guys like me who look forward to the thoughts and perspectives, then research them for further understanding of the game will certainly be missing a mentor. Only If your retiring: viable and willing candidates please apply! thank you again Virgil!
  10. Harris scat ability is nice. He cut a full 90 degrees the another 90 to miss several guys. All is a split second.
  11. I don’t know what it is, and although I’m sure we beat the Jets, I’m not really comfortable with this game. No clue why and it’s not just division title. maybe it’s my Jets buddies just non stop saying “spoiler spoiler”.
  12. I’m in healthcare in senior / ownership levels for over 30 years dealing with mental illness as well as general physical and mental illness within inpatient settings. I’ve seen most everything and he may have diagnosis to be given but he knows exactly what he’s doing. Everything about him screams look at me I’m AMAZING and you all need to play by my rules. It’s been enabled over decades. The ankle is an excuse to cover his poorer performance and possibly missing his targets for bonus. this is all very psych 200 stuff and if anyone feels sorry for him they don’t fully grasp his intentions Every failure going forward will have bigger drama to get the response he wants as people quickly forget about him. It MAY lead to a break when he fully realizes he’s a failure and the limelight is gone but by then who truly cares. Not me nor should anyone really other than some family possibly. Some people suck regardless of talent and I it’s usually talent that makes them suck that bad at being a person and I would bet good money he had this to a large degree planned out over many days if not weeks to elicit the best response for some upcoming “gig” or venture where he can get his attention. Just wait for the next big thing by AB
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