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  1. I’m friggin in Boston for the game and dying here. Me my wife (who’s a pats fan but likes my Bills) and two other bills fans surrounded by NE fans. they like the teams grit but if I hear “it’s the Bills” one more time I’m throwing punches.
  2. Stop, just stop. You obviously have zero clue on building a team of any type. Go back to your parents basement and have Chinese food while whacking to the internet.
  3. I agree!!! Unleash that F’en Kracken and let’s destroy the whole lot of ‘em. Ive been screaming this at the TV all season
  4. Did Fitz just be FItz? Fill me in at work and cant get real info??
  5. HOW HOW HOW??? Being carved up by Fitzmagic today. Allen looks terrible, as he has last several games. Just watching the stats on NFL network from work and looks like we couldn’t stop a flag football team.
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