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  1. I don't know, has Beane ever had any luck trading up for the 7th over all pick and getting an impact player?....
  2. "At the end of the day....." Seems when every player and coach is interviewed they manage to sneak that phrase in, I rarely if ever hear it used outside of a football interview.
  3. Please let Cinny win the coin toss.
  4. As a suggestion, what about a separate game day thread for those tailgating and at the game who would be generous enough to post their observations and pics to share with those out of Towner's and those who can't attend?
  5. Is that from today? 5 hours to go, wonder what the tailgating looks like already.
  6. Is Tylor Heineke gonna be available? Him!
  7. I haven't taken a pregame shot yet, I must be a bad fan with no love for the game 😐
  8. No tolls on that route, correct? I can't remember, but took that way to the airport back in Sept.
  9. When I was there I watched a game at Fat Harry's, a Bills Backers bar, and there was a big crowd of Bills fans.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving TBD, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow members north of the boarder!
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