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  1. He went down on what seemed a harmless play but got up limping, looks like they were messaging him left foot on the sidelines and he looked a littler dejected/pissed a minute later the showed him walking to the locker room with the trainers, no other word yet
  2. Cams heading to the locker room, looks like his left foot.
  3. My thoughts exactly, I think you said it better and more of what I was eluding to, we all look for signs of improvement this time of year, and I think the reduction of dumb penalties is a good sign.
  4. I could look this up but I'm throwing it out to you all, I didn't watch the Colts game, but it seems after two preseason games the penalties seem to have been somewhat held to a minimum, I think I've seen Spain flagged a couple times and we're only half way through the preseason, but it seems to me the talent improvements and the coaching is showing through. Thoughts.....
  5. Stay healthy More chemistry between Josh and his new receivers Oliver having a strong game. Hope I don't burn the steaks I'm grilling tonight. Plus the game is on locally in the Virginia Beach area so I hope I don't get too wound up watching a preseason game.
  6. They did show our first TD but nothing after that
  7. The Bills will be up 44-0 at halftime, but due to injuries to their back up QBs and Luck not dressing, the Colts head coach suits up and plays the second half and engineers the greatest comeback in preseason history.
  8. I'm actually surprised there wasn't more shuffling of players than there were at camp so far (injuries aside) seems Dawkins and Spain are locked on the left, Morse when healthy at center and just some experimenting on the right side. Hoping it helps build some continuity earlier rather than later.
  9. Might not be a bad idea to have our scouts looking hard at stud centers at the college level this year. Never too early to get ready for the next draft, even though well be picking 32nd.
  10. Born and raised in Cheektowaga, but after 30 years in the Navy wound up retiring in Virginia Beach, still try to make it up there for a game when I can.
  11. A little early to be locking down the starters, but no sense waiting the two months until training camp....🤔
  12. As a Biills fan that's a reason to be optimistic, as a human being it's encouraging that the young man seems to be getting his life in order.
  13. My guess would be the FO is still carrying a grudge, and that we signed him just to cut him again, then.beat him to IG to talk smack
  14. I couldn't agree more! I just went on eBay and sold my Allen jersey!
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