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  1. I'm 58 and my story isn't about me, but about my father and grandfather. My late dad use to tell the story of when him and my grandfather 'Hondo' as he was called used to go to the Bills games at the old Rockplie. Hondo was a wirey 5' 6" guy who was an incredably smart electrical engineer who loved his beer. Anyway my dad use to tell the story how he'd go pick up Hondo for the game, he'd come out hauling a Coleman cooler, mind you back in those days they were made of metal and the beers in it weren't aluminum cans. Anyways Hondo would haul it out to my dad's car and haul it into the stadium. A
  2. RIP Mr. Azar, many fond memories from back in the day. Thank you.
  3. Very sorry for your loss, I hope you and the rest of your family can find peace during a time like this. I lost my Dad Dec 20th, and one of my favorite stories from him was when him and my grandfather would tote an old metal Coleman cooler to the Rockplie to watch the Bills play.
  4. Although Spielberg wrecked the movie, Ready Player One was a really good read, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Rush fan, it was really popular when it came out.
  5. He's old and hurt alot besides I heard he already signed with Arizona.
  6. BUF is also the first 3 letters in Buffalo, could be a cryptic message that he's still considering the Bills!
  7. Let's get the donations going then!
  8. Did the other JJ Watt thread get too saturated with the bleu cheese debate?
  9. Watts very active in his community and with his charities. I would not be surprised to see Bills Mafia rally donations to one of his causes to put a little pressure on signing with the best fanbase in the NFL.
  10. Can he sign with another team right away? Or does he have to wait for the new NFL fiscal year in March?
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