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  1. The marshmallow bits were the best part! Well there goes my halloween, guess I just get my usual Capt'n Crunch when I go grocery shopping tonight!
  2. What they do to Count Chocula?
  3. All the time here in Virginia Beach!
  4. I wish I would've read this post before I burnt all my Bills gear!
  5. Geno Atkins has been phase out by the Bengals and is not happy about it. They may be open to trade offers.
  6. McDermitt and Tomlin go way back, I wonder if McD reached out to him for his opinion?
  7. That explains a lot, thanks, I have tomorrow off and was drinking heavily!
  8. I'm still waiting to see how McDermotts tweeks to the defense looks like, if we come out looking more like a top 3 D and Josh does Josh things, we should be in the top 3
  9. And I assume you were glued to the Jacksonville Houston game earlier.
  10. Freaking marketing! A 1-3 team playing a 0-4 team, as the national afternoon game, this is why I hate the cowboys and yet the Bills barely get any respect.
  11. And Tom Brady was the 199th pick, hindsight.....you only get it when it's too late.
  12. Make the league officials go back and review the music city miracle lateral and rightfully call it a forward pass!
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