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  1. You think you're old, my daughter was at JMU with him....
  2. Is this gonna turn into another Duke Williams thread?.....
  3. Hard to contain myself when it's playoff time?
  4. I would not be surprised if that is being brought up regularly during meetings and practices this week.
  5. Great feature, thank you for all the hard work!
  6. They listed his two TD throws in his stat line but not his two rushing TDs, that's sellong him short.
  7. A lot of 7:30 am posts on a 4:30 kickoff day I like the energy on this board already!
  8. I was foolishly hoping with the bye Smoke would be back at 100%, stupid 2020!
  9. Good to see the Cowboys get some prime time recognition.
  10. Maybe Morse is getting a little apprehensive after concussion #5 and may even be contemplating retirement. His heart may not be in it anymore.
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