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  1. "at the end of the day"....I hear it in almost every coach and player interview, yet I never hear it in the context of a normal conversation, ever.
  2. I think aquiring Smoke Brown this off season is still an underrated move that has helped this team tremendously.
  3. Why is it everytime we play the Pats* we come away deflated (pun intended) and full of self doubt? We're fine, our QB is fine, let's get thicker skin and step off the ledge, whatya say?
  4. Similar story to my son, played RG at a D3 collage, injured his hip in his sophomore year, went from weighing 255 down to 205 in about 4 months, I didn't realize how hard he had to work to keep his weight up. Concentrated on his studies, now hes a Physical Therapist assistant rehabing others. I'm glad he left football when he did.
  5. We definitely covered the Vegas spread on this one.
  6. Punting hasn't been as big of an issue as some thought it would be, so far.....
  7. Straight black, and as a retired Navy Master Chief Ive had the same coffee cup for the last 23 years and never washed it once. Some are disgusted, but I think it adds body to a good classic roast.
  8. I think this old 57 year old white guy is buying his first rap album.
  9. I would be OK with winning low scoring hard hitting defensive games, but I would be concerned because I think inevitably we would be in games where we would have to win in a shoot out and if we can't, may cost us a wild card bid.
  10. The injury report from Pro Football Talk posted Friday evening, not looking good for Giants WR corps. Bills at Giants The Bills ruled out CB Taron Johnson (hamstring) and WR Andre Roberts (quadricep) for their second straight game at MetLife Stadium. TE Tyler Kroft (foot) is considered doubtful to play. WR Sterling Shepard (concussion), TE Garrett Dickerson (quad) and WR Darius Slayton (hamstring) are out for the Giants. WR Cody Latimer (calf) is questionable, so the Giants may be awfully thin at wideout this weekend.
  11. Your confusing that with Koodies.
  12. I can't help but pin this on Gruden, you're a 100 million dollar coach, act like it, like you're worth your money and can coach a bunch of D III kids to the NFL playoffs. It just shows his insecurities as a coach where you were relying on unstable players and hoping their talent propels your team. Give me a coach that took us to the playoffs with a bunch of scrubs and the personal drive and strategy to strive for more.
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