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  1. I read the title to your post and thought to myself he's fumbling the ball just fine and doesn't need anymore work on it.
  2. I'm already counting the days to the start of free agency and the draft. Because thats what I always do...
  3. I had the same experience with my new Singletary jersey, gonna compromise and wear a Bills long sleeve tee to the local ginmill to have wings and drafts with friends for the game.
  4. I misinterpreted the title of your post and was expecting you to start slamming this team for some reason, but I thought you summed up this team and where we're at perfectly. Well done!
  5. Let's step off the cliff shall we? We made the playoffs and played the Pats to the last minute.
  6. I've never considered the Nick Foles special before, as athletic as JA is and with all his rushing TDs doesn't he need a receiving one as well?
  7. I agree, plus It went on too long during the game and bleed over a Bills possession, which I found incredibly annoying, seeing how it was/is such an old story
  8. I think this conversation is a testament to heart and character of Josh Allen, his rookie year he played behind an O line that this year could not even get playing time on another NFL team or aren't even on a roster. Yet he went out every week unfazed and just competed hurling LBs and doing whatever he could to move the sticks and taking that subpar offense on his shoulders. When others like Rosen and Darnolds crawled into a shell JA stood tall, an attribute often over looked. Thankfully Beans cleared money and gave him a real offense, but JA hung in there like few often do.
  9. Those numbers may be a tad misleading, Beasley and Brown have a better quarterback throwing them the ball.
  10. My condolences to you and your family.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving, here's to family, friends, TBD posters, good food and a Bills victory!
  12. Not quite sure about Shaq yet, but saving 7.2M....we need to show Murphy the door.
  13. Anybody know Murphy's contact without me having to look it up? Does it go past this year?
  14. Agree, especially Milano, thought he had a career day today.
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