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  1. I'm also tired of the narrative that the Bills can't beat the Chiefs, but, to me, the reality is no one has been able to stop them, hence the back to back championships. I Give the Bills credit for playing them so competitively (except for a few brief seconds) that the media often links those two teams together.
  2. Prayers and strength to your wife, you, and your family.
  3. I apologize but my girlfriend is from Long Island and is a Jets fan, so we're going to the bar to watch them play the Giants. After that I'll go home put on whatever game is on and make a pot of chili.
  4. I look at our deepest run we had under McDermott era, he had 2 established coordinators in Frazier and Daboll, although some will argue not the best. This year he opted to take the DC job on himself and has an overwhelmed OC. I think he just bit off more than he could chew trying to manage the whole show and is neglecting the little things a head coach should be doing, which shows in the clock management and lack of discipline and penalties.
  5. Speaking of wings? Anyone living in Cheektowaga? Is Johnny's on Union and Cleveland still open? And how is their wings/ pizza these days?
  6. Haha! My buddy ask the same thing as we were watching him.
  7. Based on how crappy our OL has played, I would like to see them sit Josh so he doesn't get hurt, and play the starting linemen until they can pick up a block and not make so many stupid penalties even if it takes 4 quarters and overtime.
  8. I was waiting for this guy to get his own thread. Seems he's been talked about the most of any player not playing MLB or RG. I'm no expert, but intrigued and hopes he makes it.
  9. First game that counts will be against a division rival, gotta knock the rust off at some point. Be nice if TJ Watt didn't play and hope the Pittsburgh's turf isn't one that's prone to injuries,
  10. He gets to play his old team the Cowboys twice a year, might be interesting.
  11. "You know you'll cause over 100 pages of speculation on TSW don't you?"
  12. Not so fast. I think we should discuss this a little and get everyone's thoughts first.
  13. Isn't a player required to buy the old number unsold jerseys before switching to a new number?
  14. We're what? Two weeks from the draft? And a slow news period. I think this is just click bait and easy speculation because of Beans past history of trading up. I don't think we have the draft capital this year to be movers and shackers. Wouldn't be surprised if we just use the picks we have to fill holes and get depth on cheap rookie contracts.
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