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  1. I know I hated his dad more than any other player. And I still do. Scum bag terrorist threatened to blow up our stadium.
  2. It’s funny, cause he’s not on our team anymore, Thank God.
  3. Definitely thinking playoffs. The Bills are going to be a good team. I believe 10 - 6 is realistic and 11 - 5 is a possibility. I won’t predict division bc that depends on New England. And into someone knocks them off....
  4. Very disappointed to see EJ Gaines go to IR. Maybe a candidate to come off IR during the season.
  5. Yep. Thought he was going to a Bill for a long time. But he never returned after training camp injury in his 2nd year
  6. That fact that the Dolphins are not ranked 32, makes this list completely wrong. Those are by far the worst unis in the NFL and probably in all of major pro sports in this country. Of the old school uniforms my favorites are the Raiders, Cowboys, Rams and Giants. The Giants mainly b/c their white w/ blue numbers remind me of the Bills 80's - 90's jerseys. Never liked the Steelers or Packers. Bills are #1, other than those brutal Tom Donahoe / Drew Bledsoe 2000's unis.
  7. John Elway and Randall Cunningham come to mind. Physical intangibles is an oxymoron.
  8. Mitch Morse. His signing.started to make me optimistic about the off season.
  9. Only Marrone, Jay Gruden, and Shurmur ranked below McDermott. Other than a few of the new guys who are 1st year HCs. If McD does what many of us expect by leading Bills to winning seasons, perception will change. He will gain respect and move up the ranks. IMO McD is the best Bills coach since Marv and 2nd best in AFCE. Hope he is here for the next decade+.
  10. I remember a lot of big plays by Cornelius Bennett. The article says Biscuit was a 2 time Defensive Player of the Year. That's impressive, did not remember that. For Eric Moulds and Kyle Williams it's just a matter of time. Would like to see Freddy Jackson get the honor.
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