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  1. Reks Ryan

    Open Roster Spot?

    Not Funny, and too early. I’m still traumatized.
  2. I like this thread. Even at 4 - 7 we still have Bills fans rooting for the team to win, and not higher draft picks or an excuse to fire coaches. It’s good to see. This Sunday will be my first chance to see Josh Allen in person. Looking forward to it. Go Bills. Squish the Fish.
  3. Reks Ryan

    TNF in the PNW: Green Bay @ Seattle

    The Seahawks remind me of the Patriots w some of the ridiculous calls that go there way. 83 never had control. That was a brutal call
  4. Reks Ryan

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    3 comments If Matt Barkley can move the team like this, it’s extra proof of the total incompetence of Peterman. He need man to be cut this week crazy that every game the bills play is a blowout Wyatt Teller. Yay
  5. Reks Ryan

    Overpaid Bills for 2018

    Benjamin Bojorquez - Dropped snap, botched field goal that should have been a pick 6, 2 long returns, and then blocked punt. The guy averages 1 disasterous play per game. It doesnt matter if he is paid the minimum, he’s a huge negative at a position that just needs to be neutral.
  6. Actually Tuel and EJ were clearly better statistically. It is amazing the parallels to 2013. Peterman and Tuel are basically the same guy. And EJ and Allen are both big athletic guys who look the part but can’t read a Defense and aren’t accurate enough. McCarron and Kolb had similar experience levels and both seemed like they could develop into solid NFL QBs when the Bills signed them, Only to look Terrible in preseason / training camp, suffer pre-season injuries and never play for the Bills in the Reg. Season. Both EJ and Allen end up forced into action in week 1 before they are ready. Throw in Thad Lewis getting picked up mid-season and starting a game on 1 week of practice. Welcome Derek Anderson. Obviously McDerrmott studied Marrone’s expert handling of QBs and said, “that’s the way to do it.” At this rate McD will quit on New Year’s Eve after his 2nd season
  7. Reks Ryan

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    It's heartbreaking to watch this guy and knowing that we have still have a big Question Mark at QB. Not to mention Deshaun Watson. But Whaley and the entire scouting department actually were fired immediately after screwing up and not taking either guy. It's just stupid that you would have a lame duck staff run the draft. Can't fire Pegula.
  8. Reks Ryan

    Does Fitz have the record?

    400 yards in all 3 games to start season must be a record. He has the 2nd best passing yardage total through 3 games in NFL history. Only behind Brsdy’s start in 2011. Helluva run for Fitzmagic
  9. Reks Ryan

    Phins vs Pats

    Douche bag
  10. Game Speed. He plays faster than he looks.
  11. Damn, Albert Wilson is fast. Only Tyreek Hill was clocked faster this year. And yeah, Allen was impressive yesterday.
  12. Reks Ryan

    Bills “Big Nickel” package is a Big Fail

    but it was sneaky. The opposing QBs were always surprised to see Marcell Dareus drop 5 yards behind the LOS and cover no one.
  13. Williams and Donahoe are the worst. They started the mess. Greg rivals Hank Bullough for the worst Bills coach I can remember. And trading up for John McCargo and JP Losman just to name a couple Donahoe gems.