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  1. Reks Ryan

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    Russell Wilson. It was exciting when he was still in the board in the 3rd round.and the Bills were trading up to get him! And then they accidentally turned in the card for TJ Graham. Who is that and why isn’t he on any of the draft rankings? that was a strange one.Ty Hilton slipped to the 3rd round that year too. Missing Roethlisberger by one pick was thought.
  2. It was only 26% because he wasn't on the team for the first 4 games. He played about 35% of the Bills D snaps for the games Phillips was actually on the team. In the 12 games Phillips played compare to the first 4, The Bills gave up less yards / game 304 v 358, less points / game 22.3 v 26.5, and had a better winning %. Yes I know there are many other factors. But my point is the Bills were better off with him than whoever was in his place before. After losing Kyle, and with all the other holes the team needs to fill, I would like to see Phillips back on the team for 2019 and beyond. He's 26 years old so should be in his prime. I don't pretend to know what the going rate is for a good but not great D tackle. If the Bills paid in $5 million / year or even a bit more for a few years I would rather that, than lose him. Hard to say that Star is worth twice as much as Phillips.
  3. Reks Ryan

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    That makes no sense from the Raiders stand point. If #9 for 24 & 27 is close to equal value., then why would the Raiders trade 35 for 40? And then throw in 66 just in case the Bills aren't smart enough to take it.
  4. Reks Ryan

    Bils fans the Dee Ford appreciation thread

    KC did have other plays and opportunities to win the game. But the penalty is about as close as you get to 1 play costing a trip to the SB. The interception would have given them the ball on the 40 yard line with 54 seconds left. Even if NE holds them, which is highly questionable, they likely get the ball back around their own 20 with about 30 seconds left after burning all their time outs. Even for Brady, 80 yards for a winning TD in 30 secs with no TOs is not happening. It takes a great effort and discipline to beat NE in the playoffs, but KC overcame the 14 point deficit and had the game. It's amazing that Seattle, Atlanta, and now KC all had NE beat in recent years, and then made colossal bone headed mistakes by players and coaches to hand NE a lifeline. It is sickening.
  5. Reks Ryan

    Bils fans the Dee Ford appreciation thread

    Dee Ford. All time dumb ass bonehead. The Chiefs should not bring him back. Patriots are the luckiest team in the history of the world. I was getting excited for Mahomes vs Goff. But now, having those miserable bastards in the Super Bowl again diminishes my enthusiasm for the big game by about 90%.
  6. Another twist on the OP’s question is who can the Bills realistically get that would be the closest clone to one of those great Bills players of the past? Whether you think Bruce, Cookie, Thurman, K. Hull, etc. Whar rookie, free agent, ot tradeable player can the Bills get that would come closest to matching their production?
  7. Thurman. A young T. Thomas would make this a dynamic offense. And his attitude would make a serious difference too. You could pencil the Bills into the playoffs for the next 5 years.
  8. Reks Ryan

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Wow. Not a terrible coach, but the NY media is going to destroy him and his pouty attitude. It will be fun. He better get off to a good start or it will get ugly
  9. Reks Ryan

    Nick Foles Contract

    Yes he did. The Eagles scored on 8 out of 10 possessions. Brady dropped a pass and a fumbled. Both big mistakes that lead to stops for Eagles D. So even though your boy threw for 500 yards, he could not keep up with Foles drive for drive. The Eagles won the game.
  10. Reks Ryan

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    This game reminds me the Bills Jags game last year w Jackson playing the roll of T Taylor. Of course Rivers is 100 tines better than Bortles
  11. The bolded sentence is an interesting factoid. And it is almost true. You forgot about Paxton Lynch. He did not lead the Broncos to the playoffs last year. 5 out of 6 is still a surprising figure. I think Mayfield, Allen, and Jackson have the best chance to keep the trend going next year.
  12. Need double digit wins in regular season for it to be a success. 10 - 6 seems like a big difference compared to 9 -7. Especially since the Bills have reached 9 wins 3 times this century and none of those teams ever came close to scaring New England. If we have a home playoff game it means the Bills are Division winners. So that would be great to end Brady’s streak. But ultimately the goal is to advance in the playoffs.
  13. I understand the optimism. Allen is a diiferent level QB than the Bills have had this century. The completion % is a concern. It could go either way for Allen. But his talent and mentality give him a chance to be a true franchise QB. In general I believe this is the most stable and competent coaching staff and management team the Bills have had since Marv (the coach not the GM). It really does feel like they’re building a foundation to be consistently competitive the next few years. This year 6 - 10 is really where they deserved to be. Expect improvement in Allen’s 2nd year. But based on his inconsistency this year, his play was not better than the.500 winning %.he ended with.
  14. Reks Ryan

    Do you want Adam Gase to stay in the division?

    During and after his first year, I really thought he would be a good coach. But as his time went on with Miami, it is apparent that he does not have the temperament to be a successful NFL head coach. He seems like the last guy you want leading your team after a bad loss. In his press conferences after an L, Gase reminds me of a little leaguer who just struck out 3 times, made an error, 1/2 wants to blame the ump, 1/2 wants to blame his coach, and is trying not to cry. Maybe he'll mature. But I would be very happy for him to go to the Jets.
  15. Reks Ryan

    Kyles retirement probably puts DT as a possibility in round 1

    Thank you K. Williams for always giving full effort and maintaining your level of excellence throughout your career. Made me proud as a Bills a fan. Regarding the draft, Bills should take the best player available. Don't reach for need and don't trade up. Seems like D-Line could be BPA in first round. Sign Jordan Phillips to reduce needs going into draft.