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  1. I was at the Miami game on Sunday and thought about Zay Jones in comparison to Diggs. My 2 favorite catches from Diggs on Sunday, were the contested catch around midfield in the 2nd QTR where he went up to make the make catch between 2 defenders, and the sideline grab in the Bills last scoring drive. One of the last games I attended live before that, was home loss to NE last year. There were 2 Allen INTs in that game where Zay Jones had a chance to make a great catch, and not only didn't make the catch, but also allowed the INT. Both of the Diggs catches noted above looked like possible INTs when the ball was in the air, and actually became completions. It's great to have Diggs on the team. And glad the Bills management admitted their mistake with Zay and moved on.
  2. Yep. At the 1:29 mark. Looks like Dion gave him the concussion on that play. Knee to the head, and he stumbled off slowly after the play.
  3. The 49ers are staying east for their back to back games in NJ. I wonder why allow the 9ers but not the Rams? Is the league now favoring the Bills. Figure they owe us after 25 years of getting hosed.
  4. It’s good when your QB throws enough TD passes that forget one
  5. Ah. Yes that was a nice catch. And good ball placement
  6. I was at the game. I heard there were several interruptions in the telecast. The Bills got a complete ass kicking from the last 2 minutes of the 1st Half until the Big pass to Diggs around 10 mins of 4th QTR. Having a super talent at QB and a 1st class WR Corp put a the Bills at a level we haven’t seen in 25 years. Allen to Diggs is awesome
  7. Not a Miracle. A clutch drive to win a road division game. I’ll be happy with a W however it comes.
  8. You don’t think Singletary will have a good day? Or you don’t think the Bills will win?
  9. Bills 24 Fish 23. Late TD from Allen to Knox. 120 plus all purpose yards from Singletary
  10. Yes. Most have been available in 4’s or 6. It looks they opened some more in 2. I bought 4 Ticket Exchange about 10 days ago. Prices have come down since then
  11. It was Tyrod. Several times a game Woods was running open in space and Tyrod refused to look at him. Like a waitress trying to avoid a table and just averts eye contact with a diner.
  12. Good seats still available and at reasonable prices
  13. Wow. You forgot the Bills playoff game already. That spectular game winning play he made in OT did count as a victory
  14. Tagovailoa Enters in the second half Too little too late
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