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  1. Agreed. He is really slow by NFL standards. Huge long shot to make any NFL team, let alone a good team that will likely keep only 2 or max TEs
  2. Article says Seahawks just hired him “Lynch’s arrest came barely 24 hours after Seattle revealed the All-Pro had been hired as a special correspondent for the team in the 2022-23 NFL season, producing creative content for a number of projects.”
  3. https://nypost.com/2022/08/08/punches-fly-in-heated-fight-at-giants-training-camp/ So RB Antonio Williams is in camp with the Giants.
  4. I was going to respond to this joking that Jerry Rice never had more than 1,000 yards when not playing with Joe Montana or Steve Young. But then I checked his stats and see that he had a 1,200 yard receiving year at age 40 playing with Rich Gannon. Man, Jerry Rice was awesome, the opposite of overrated. All time #1 NFL player at any positon since I have been watching football Anyway to the point about Bryce Paup. He did take advantage of playing with all time greats, but he still had to execute. His 1995 season with 17.5 sacks was pretty awesome.
  5. I hate Tom Brady. He's an annoying pompous SOB. Hope he takes a big hit week 1 and never plays again.
  6. Dont care what PFF says, Kuandjio was bad. He was completely unathletic. Horrilble use of a 2nd round pick. Not that the Ford pick has been better, just dont see how you can defend Kujo.
  7. He will onmly be upset if you block him from the Dolphins forum. He just trolls here when he's bored
  8. LaDanian Tomlison? He's not even a top 100 all time RB, let alone other positions. Always came up soft in big spots. Way overrated. 11 LTs would get destroyed.
  9. Are you counting Playoffs? How about a bye in round 1. Home Saturday night in divisional round and of course the SB. plus at least 4 in the regular season
  10. Good list. I would need to include Super Bowl XXV against the Giants. That was such a dramatic hard fought game. So many "almost plays" in that game that could've tipped the scales. And a penalty free game. Would bump either the no punt or 51-3 game to make room. My recency bias to choose "Perfect game" over 51-3. Had the good fortune of attending both. Can't comment on games from the 60s and 70s
  11. Not having Mahomes in the top 6 doesn't make sense to me. To the question of Allen vs Watson. My biased opinion is to take Josh as the guy you want to lead your franchise and as the better QB. I think you could make a case either way just as a football player. The year off for Watson makes some forget his recent greatness. He finished 2019 leading the playoff comeback against the Bills with some amazing clutch plays in 2nd half and OT and was up 24-0 on the Chiefs before the Texans imploded. And then he put up MVP level stats on bad team in 2020. Unnecessary to recap Allen's great play the last 2 years and 2021/22 playoffs for this audience. Both have Allen and Watson played 4 years, with Allen playing 61 games to Watson's 54 games. Watson only played 7 games his rookie year. Comparing careers stats -Total passing yards and passing TDS are about the same: Watson 14,539 yds and 104 TDs, Allen 14,411 yds and 103 TDs - Watsons has a truly impressive career Yds / attempt of 8.3 compared to 7.1 for Josh. And his completion % is better too - 67.8 to Allen's 62.3% - Allen has the advantage in rushing production 2,325 yards & 31 TDs to 1,677 and and 17TDs for Deshaun. Both AVG 5.5 yards per carry On the negative side. - Watson has been sacked many more times: sacked 174 for minus 1,050 yards. Allen only 118 for minus 773. - Allen has been more turnover prone with 46 INTs and 21 fumbles compared to 36 INTS and 14 fumbles from Watson. 1
  12. There is a risk in the sheer volume of player turnover the Bills are going through compared to the last 2 years. And I worry about replacing the tough durable guys like Hughes, Addison, Beasley, and D. Williams. Best ability is availability. Also hope R. Bates doesn't get added to the out list. It's impressive that Beane & co. found a direct replacement for everyone on the out list, with the exception of E. Sanders, Klein, and Wallace. And there are guys on the roster who have the potential to replace the production of those 3. Plus the draft and leftover free agents to fill out the roster. When you factor in that Von Miller, Daquan Jones, Roger Saffold, and OJ Howard are all upgrades over their predecessors it's a strong off season.
  13. They definitely can still take a WR in round. A 1 year contract for a guy w history of injuries won’t stop them. Beanie always says BPA in draft. this draft has good depth for both WR and CB in first 3 rounds. BTW I like the Crowder signing. Hope he can show close to Beasley’s toughness
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