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  1. That one is legit. A lot Bills fans were calling for him. Especially the draft position where he was picked
  2. See I told you. They should’ve signed Myers.
  3. Have you been watching John Brown this year? He has been very good. He and Sanders are comparable players at this stage in their careers. For this season I would not trade Brown for Sanders
  4. The thing is that since last year Hauschka has been trying to finesse the kicks. It reminds me of Carpenter when he was with the Bills. Started off aggressive was successful and then became completely inconsistent trying to play wind and angles. Watch Justin Tucker. He just drills it every time
  5. You gotta be kidding. McGlaughlin in the same position as Hauschka and he drills it. cut the wrong guy.
  6. 27 - 24 Bills. I think it will be an exciting game. A couple TOs set-up some scoring and how about a long TD for the Bills.
  7. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Myles Garret?
  8. I understand your Point about the bad form and that was part of the issue. But there were definitely plays near the end of his time in Bflo wheee he avoided contact. He had mental lapses and appeared to lose focus. I though he checked out on the Bills at the end.
  9. How about to RT. That has been the main weak spot on the line this year
  10. One more time in my lifetime would be nice
  11. Noooo! it is time for a team with a few studs on the O.line who can dominate in the elements. A precise passer and a hellacious D End to cause havoc after the offense takes the lead. It will be more fun sitting outside once that time comes for the Bills.
  12. Good write up Virgil. To the comments in the thread about Daboll ad the generally bad offensive performance. I felt like the Eagles offense today is what the Bills want to be. Misdirection and RPO plays. Good mix of run and pass, RB by committee, and the QB with a few select runs to pickup key first downs. The O-line was bad today. Right from the first series where incredibly they seemed to have no plan to block Cox, to missed blocks by 70, to Morse making a TFL on Allen and causing a fumble.
  13. The schedule becomes a lot easier when you’re a good team. There were a few years in the last 20 when there were only 3-4 good teams in the AFC and the wild card was wide open. But the Bills were one of the teams who gave someone else an easy W.
  14. Yep. According to Nielsen 2019 https://mediatracks.com/resources/nielsen-dma-rankings-2019/ Kind of amazing to me that Naples / Ft. Myers is basically as big as Buffalo.
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