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  1. Thanks for the data. I believe that must be counting practice squad. 1,947 players works out to about 61 per team
  2. You totally made up that statistic. Can you name 1 NFL team that had 27 UDFAs on their 53 man roster at any point in the season last year?
  3. Bills could've had him if they Kept their 2nd 5th round pick
  4. Eric Stokes CB UGA. Great speed, performed well against top SEC receivers, and overachiever compared to his 3 star status out of HS. Maybe a reach at 30, but seems like Bills kind of guy. would love him for Bills in round 2 Boy that brings bad memories. What a horrendous pick that was for so many reasons. Maybe even worse than trading up for McCargo.
  5. Yes. Cause it looks like a classic style. They didn't over do it. Sometimes with new looks, it seem like someone is trying to hard to be creative.
  6. Some great names on that list. A couple receivers, Reggie Wayne and Torry Holt, who definitely should get in. Just need to wait their turn like Andre Reed and Art Monk did. I can't believe Lester Hayes is not in. Growing up, I remember him making so many big plays in big games. 13 Interceptions in 1 season is crazy. He was defensive POY that season in 1980. I was surprised to see that he only played 10 seasons and retired at 31. Felt like he played as an old veteran. 2 defenders on that list who I think are on the very good, but not great, list
  7. Definitely. First guy I thought of was Gilmore. Afraid to make a tackle, and would look around to blame another player when he got beat. But I forgot about J. Byrd. Totally quit on the Bills and seemed to exagérate an injury his last year. Have ro add Bryan Cox Jr. Because his dad’s such a tremendous a-hole. I see some people naming Magahee and M. Lynch. Those guys might’ve bad mouthed Buffalo, but at least they ran hard.
  8. What happened to Del'Shawn? The coaches seemed to have high hopes for him when he made the opening day roster. I remember he got hurt early in the season and wasn't available to fill in when Edmunds and Milano got injured. I though he came back around mid-season and then he just disappeared.
  9. Some thoughts after watching recent highlights of Sanders. John Brown has better hands and is just as fast. Sanders seems like more ideal replacement for Beasley than Brown. Ran a lot of similar Beasley slot routes in NO. If Beasley gets hurt could fill in. Hope the price is right for the Bills. Do you think the Bills will offer Sanders jersey #17 to seal the deal?
  10. Not exactly, Manning’s rookie deal was 6 years 48 mil w $11 mil signing bonus Joe Burrow’s rookie deal is 4 years 36 mil with $23 mil signing bonus. even factoring inflation, they’re comparable contracts.
  11. If it was my grandmother he’d be praying for solitary confinement
  12. That list is unimaginative and full of not very well researched predictions. They basically have all the top free agents staying with their current teams, 17 out of top 19. And 5 top free agent WRs all signing 1 year franchise tag deals. None of that is realistic.
  13. The CBS sports RB ranking has Gainwell 5th and Patterson 6th of those declared for the draft. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospect-rankings/runningbacks/runningbacks
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