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  1. Thank you Mr. Obvious. I didn't think they picked Ford by accident. Just saying that I like Risner. IMO he was the best available RT and would've been a good fit. Hopefully Beane, Jeremaiah, etc, are correct and Ford turns out to be a long time starter for the Bills
  2. If they were going to take O-line, I would have preferred Dalton Risner
  3. Yep. Me too. NE picking him put a sour note on an otherwise good night.
  4. That contract seems low. His agent did a crappy job
  5. Why did you think the Bills covet Wesco, did you hear or read something value him more than other teams? He seems like a tough kid with decent hands. But he has very limited experience in passing game and limited route tree. Basically 1 year in the passing game and most of his catches were on 2 routes. #137 seems too early to take Wesco.
  6. Nice Post OP. #2 regarding Andre Roberts and special teams in general will be important. Not sure if Senorise Perry and Mo Alexander will make the team. But the Bills are putting a focus to upgrade the ST including coaching staff. And I agree this could easily change the out come of a few games. Last year ST were awful, so just getting to neutral could change from 1 or 2 losses caused by ST to break even could be the difference in making playoffs. #6 I am a big McDermott fan. This year really will be a good test for him and tell a lot if he can be an elite coach or not. Not only to see how new and more talented players are utilized, but also several new coaches on the staff. Several of those 18 FAs are not going to be on the opening day 53. I would say at least 5 or 6 through injury or being outplayed. This should be the first year since 2015 where there is really good competition. The last 3 years the back ups on OL, WR, LB, RB, TE have been very weak. If they do the draft right they should have a NFL quality 53 coming out of camp for the first time in awhile.
  7. He doesn’t fit the culture of Bills RB room. The first step in The Process of becoming a Bills RB is to live for at least 30 years. Fournette’s not there yet. Come see us when you have at least 10 years experience and 2,000 carries under your belt
  8. That one I believe. He actually looked the ball into and out of his hands. I heard that the FBI interviewed Harmon after that play and due to his 4 fumbles in the Rose Bowl. There was smoke, but the investigation died for some reason.
  9. Not his best game. He definitely struggled taking on blocks on the runs up the middle. He did play his assignments and overall LSU held down a very talented UGA team. He was fast and aggressive to the ball on blitzes and outside runs even with some missed tackles, White disrupted plays. Also good in coverage. Based on picks of Allen and Edmunds last year, The current Bills front office seems to value high end athletic talent in 1st round. Edmunds had trouble with reads last year and lacks some instincts as an ILB, but he improved though his rookie year. White has incredible athleticism and runs hard to the ball. Personally, I think he will be gone before 9. If the board falls the way the OP has it, White should be in strong consideration. Who would be your pick at 9? By the way, the video you posted featuring every play with White highlighted was pretty cool.
  10. If the Bills stick with the BPA mantra that has been their company line, then it's Devin White. And if he is there @ 9 he is who I would take. In that scenario move Edmunds outside.
  11. Bojorquez Nooo!! You can’t have a guy who drops perfect snaps as your punter and holder. Cory Carter will be a better option if he is fully recovered from ACL. I prefer Carter or almost anyone else to Bojorquez.
  12. Me too. I was trying to guess what exactly is the Go Biils hand signal. And why I hadn’t heard of it. like a pledge who hasn’t been taught the secret hand shake.
  13. Really dislike this rule change. More flags and more stoppage is the opposite of what the league needs. PI is a judgement call. There are so many that can go either way. At least they’re not allowing more challenges. But the last 2 minutes are going to be hard to watch.
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