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  1. how big is shavers..he looks big even next to Josh. everytime i see Keon out there i think he is smaller than he is.
  2. I think its still may and training camp hasnt even started yet
  3. i think the bills are setting up the team to be complimentry wr based. You dont have one star..you have multiple pieces that are good at doing their job and your average wr abilty on the field rates as high as other teams with a clear one. i think 2nd part of the season showed they said..we can do this without force feeding a numero uno receiver. that being said i think Shakir should def flourish and they should game plan around him.
  4. normally i dont even pay attention to these but this was an excellent watch, especially when they started talking football. u notice a lot players we draft..they talk a lil...say good things but when it comes right down to saying hey im just plain better than everyone else they back off. keon he has respect but at the same time its a blatant..hey..dont come at me because i'll beat you. his comment about ,..hey a guy wants to stick is arm up between mine i'll just clamp down and break it...see if he wants to still do that.... He's drivin..smart, focused and has that "im humble but im still better than you" mentally that you have to have.
  5. i was just looking to see if this had been posted. I'm excited by how much he could teach coleman.
  6. We needed a dB with speed. It's been kicking our ass
  7. Guessing they take a Cb. But for all I know it could be a punter.
  8. with all the draft pics we acumulated i could see this being a year of restocking the shelves with cheap players and then next year being the one we bring in higher end talent
  9. mind boggling play calling at times still.
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