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  1. There's that... I still believe they are better than their record indicates though.
  2. I like the way you think. Denver won't roll over but I feel good with it being at home. Fond memories of Flacco throwing 2 I believe 4th qtr ints trying to make a comeback before he went to Denver. Plus a Thanksgiving massacre of the cowpokes makes for a very happy holiday.
  3. Don't sleep on Denver, they handled the titans better than we did
  4. I think people might be actually underestimating the Duke. He great hands, uses his size very well. Tracks the ball very well. He can actually hit the ground without dropping the ball. Something no one on the team could do last year.
  5. Looking at the replay, turn the tables and if that situation was called against bills, fans would be pissed.
  6. That was an extremely ballsy aka stupid decision by vabrel
  7. Moriota killing us stepping up with those short tosses
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