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  1. how much would a brain transplant for dumboll cost?
  2. no..but he should have spit in his hand first
  3. i'd be shocked if brady comes back next year.
  4. id still give him a B- he did some really great things and some really stupid things but over all he still made a lot of plays. Also he wasnt always put in the best situations. over all when i think of this team i think its like, when your playing a super intense game when everything seems like its going a million miles an hr and your doing so well but then your brain like becomes overwhelmed thinking how your going to keep it up with out screwing up...that to me is the Bills anytime they get the lead..its like that success scares them and they dont know what to do and then they start overthinking things and then they start to fall apart and so they panic. This is Dbolls play calling especially but the entire team shows this as a whole a lot of times. the biggest reason for the loss is the same as all year really. we cant play efficient smart football for 4 qtrs. Thats offense, defense and coaching that are all responsible
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