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  1. wasted picks on O-line and d-line that have not lived up to draft position. To much relying on talent from carolina. throwing to much money/bigger contracts signing washed up talent or talent that had a history of being poor. not signing players that were fairly cheap and could have made a big difference. ie melvin ingram
  2. or you live on the west side of the us and Monday happens to be a day your still at work. it's nice to just lounge around and watch sunday football... with the Bills
  3. Whoever doenst make it gets fed to our new Guard. no pick wasted.
  4. good to hear everything is ok.
  5. lots of speculation on the world wide web
  6. what? now we have a bowl game for old people? wth? at least that's what my brain was thinking for a half a second before it woke up
  7. The thing that worried me was Josh ended up in this situation three times this year at least, luckily not with the injury but with possibility to make that injury a lot worse
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