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  1. I thought he was dead and this was weekend at bernies part duex
  2. Comebackkid

    Hauschka's Health - Day-to-Day with a Hip Injury

    That was an epic stupid decision
  3. Comebackkid

    Bills need to learn how to close out games

    Coaching definitely matters or coaches wouldn't get fired. Edmunds and Alexander are perfect examples of experience vs athleticism. It's a coaches job to take players from a raw Edmunds to a very football smart Alexander. New England has won a lot of games by having players prepared for every situation.
  4. Also taking into account defense is that he's faced and the fact that we're number one at quarterback pressures against., basically quarterback pressure is the Kryptonite of rookie quarterbacks
  5. Your welcome. When you judge Josh you have to look at his entire body of work and also the talent around him. Also if you look at his sack totals since he came back from injury it paints a different story.
  6. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25500861/best-worst-qbs-nfl-week-14-goff-stumbles-bears, According to ESPN Josh just missed the list of of top 3 QBs for week 14.
  7. Thanks for looking that up. Watching it feels like even more. I get your point. It's players that are not succeeding in making the play work when it comes to running the ball, but at the same time it's the coaches who keep calling the same play on first down time after time only to see the same results. Yesterday just seemed like first-down was a giveaway and we operated on 2 downs most of the game.
  8. Comebackkid

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    Hits like this should be treated and flagged as a hit against a defenseless player. Ie:wr
  9. What was our percentage on run to pass on first down? And what percent of those runs went for two yards or less? Had McCoy not went out it might have even been worse
  10. They got burned on some plays. Didn't get enough pressure on darn old. But from what I seen, offense was hampered badly from play calling. Special teams was atrocious and I put most of that on coaching as well. Way to many downs wasted on bad play calling. Asking our kicker to attempt a 55 yard kick after barely being able to walk earlier was full on retarded.
  11. Comebackkid

    Lorax - should he be extended?

    Where's my 'wow' emocon…?
  12. Comebackkid

    PFF's view so far

    You obviously haven't seen KB at the all you can eat buffet
  13. Comebackkid

    Bills add WR and T to PS

    Hopefully Da'man and not Da'Rick
  14. Comebackkid

    Bills add WR and T to PS

    I keep reading that as wr Da'man.