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  1. Well spikes, Ed Reed,. Urlacker. I like the whole premise of a defense basically how it is with the speed guys. I just think you need that one middle linebacker that can cover all the bases when your speed guys miss. Edmunds is okay if he can wrap up otherwise he gets trucked. I'll mention like everyone has said before he doesn't attack, he just waits for them to come to him and by then usually they just run right by him or he gets caught up in traffic.
  2. Well my question would be, can we be smaller and mean and still avoid injuries. That seems to be the issue when little guys start trying to stop big guys and then they get hurt. It would be nice to have all your fast guys to attack but still have a middle linebacker that could lay the wood to anybody that got loose.
  3. I was pretty happy watching the end of the game,. Like when you get manly giggles. But then to watch Kyle in the locker room after and imagine what he was feeling and everything he had been through to reach that part, that was hard.
  4. I think he needs to work on those little shovel passes
  5. The problem with the bills rushing when using running backs was scheme. I delayed handoff with an offensive line that doesn't block very well does not work. A blind man could have told you when the bills were going to rush last year.
  6. I would think this would effect 2nd year QBs the most. First year in the league and they never had to worry about communicating with noise or the pressure of fans.
  7. All my dots are in a straight line and the only leaking is a small amount of cranium fluid from one ear 😛
  8. I'm not at Liberty to divulge that information
  9. Thanks yolo, I always liked him, thought he had good hands, physical.
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