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  1. I mean... His initials were practically DOA when he got here.
  2. one thing that isnt mentioned, at least that ive noticed is.... We must have the worst receivers I've ever seen for being able to go to the ground and keep the ball secured.
  3. A lot of that is a factor of no consistency and poor drafting. We'll see what happens. For now I like where we are at.
  4. Well when I say I like where we are headed, for the most part, Im talking about our drafts, our coaching staff, the philosophy of McDermott and Beane. So even though our record may not always show a steady linear climb, I think as a whole we are improving. From one year to the next other teams change, players get injured... Luck, refs, Things happen that alter the year end outcome.
  5. I like where we're headed. At the same time, game time reality usually beats the crap out of the post draft high. I would say 9+ wins this year would be good progress. At the same time so many other factors come into play.
  6. We finished last year at 20 with last minute losses to to jets and Miami. Strange we some how got worse.
  7. is this scott chandlier all over again?...maybe with better hands?
  8. Yeah but late when everyone is banged up and burnt out its nice to get a reset, especially for tools.
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