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  1. Right, it's nice Josh got recognition, but this isn't exactly the be all/end all of who's who.
  2. Way to much space between Gilmore and Tre. Eagles fans are pissed Wentz didn't make it and Josh and Kyle did.
  3. Just because there wasn't charges doesnt mean it didn't cost him plenty. Get what you're saying though.
  4. This time it has to do with madden rating Josh higher for arm strength.
  5. Well.. When was the last time Flacco didn't stink? He was horrid in Denver and was horrid before arriving in Denver. And did you mean instigate?
  6. i thought the same thing..but i always see wierd crap others usually dont.. i thought it was mostly his eyes, eyebrows and forehead.
  7. You're right, I was momentarily mixed up
  8. I thought Belichick's motto was: Dont sweat the petty stuff, just pet the sweaty stuff.
  9. In times like these I'm all for any small amount of excitement I can get. The draft is like Christmas Day though. All the shiny new toys we waited all year to unwrap. Good times.
  10. yeah but he was an excellent pass catcher last year and they didnt use him... Moss is an excellent pass catcher. im not sure why yeldon is even on the team..unless his contract doesnt make it sensable to get rid of him.
  11. Balance is a very good way to look at it. The Pats have been the best team in the league for the last 20 years at finding talent with out over spending. letting players go before they are washed up and still hold some value. having the right balance of coaches that can work together. Also maybe the hardest thing to do ...finding a balance that allows you to win this year while still having your focus on winning for the next 10 years. I think that with Beane, he does and excellent job of understanding this balance, by far better than any previous gm we have had in ages. Also the Union of Bean and McDermmot being on the same page and having similair philosophies gives us a great advantage to build upon. Thanks for the write up, nice work.
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