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  1. I wonder if he was carrying a club while he dragged his woman in by the hair
  2. My point still stands though it is as much the o-line as it is the running backs or more
  3. Mostly a fluff article about Matt going back to Miami for youth camp. Reuniting with friends. Matt excited to be back with Buffalo. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/florida-recruiting/os-sp-matt-milano-dr-phillips-re-signs-buffalo-bills-20210420-4epq4xnnw5g5vc6twyuvn3tbxa-story.html
  4. True but that was already Undisputed when they redid his contract
  5. Hence some people like the attention of stirring the pot
  6. I'm sure it will, some just like to stir the pot. As stated they did redo his contract though. How often should things be redone?
  7. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Channel 13 Wham?
  8. Idk, sounds like probable Bs speculation to me but.... What do I know. What do you guys think? https://13wham.com/buffalo-plus/bills-latest-news/money-ball-could-stefon-diggs-be-in-contract-talks-with-buffalo
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