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  1. Comebackkid

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    Me thinks the writer has
  2. Comebackkid

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    Go fish?
  3. Comebackkid

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    Or... Meth 🤔
  4. Comebackkid

    ESPN 2019 Power Ranking; Bills... 29th

    Thats just dumb... or thats just espn..same thing.
  5. Comebackkid

    MVP sums it up

    Glad it wasnt just me that thought half time sucked about as bad as the game itself
  6. Comebackkid

    Lorenzo is back

    Good move. I like.
  7. Comebackkid

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    That and bradys O-line affords him a lot of luxuries
  8. Comebackkid

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    James hardy
  9. Comebackkid

    Josh Allen at #9????

    Let's make it happen!
  10. Comebackkid

    Do you want Adam Gase to stay in the division?

    I mean he's not super genius Rex ryan but then who is. 1st year he looked really good. Tanneheel got inured and they looked like crap, Tanneheel came back and they had their moments but mostly looked like crap. I voted yes because... Why not. At least we know his tendencies
  11. Comebackkid

    New Restricted Prospects Member Group

    Key word probably being.... Less
  12. Comebackkid

    logan thomas kills a guy clip

    Maybe he needs to switch places with with Edmunds, that one-handed grab he made was better than anything I think I've seen from the receivers all year
  13. Comebackkid

    logan thomas kills a guy clip

    It wasn't completely unnecessary either. Even if that's a quarterback standing in the pocket and you're the guy rushing him, you don't wave out and call his name in case he's not looking at you, no you level him. Legally of course
  14. Comebackkid

    Post-game perorations - Put ‘em Here

    its her eyes....right??