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  1. Comebackkid

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be benched ASAP

    Duly noted
  2. Comebackkid

    Despairing Fans

    no... not arguing...just stating how i see things. i understand what your saying
  3. Comebackkid

    Despairing Fans

    maybe...but...if u know what to do, and dont do it, is that a talent issue?..i mean if u cant learn what to do or dont understand it..thats talent deficient. see KB. but if u just plain dont do something u know how to do...lack of preparation.... discipline.
  4. Comebackkid

    Despairing Fans

    i think what makes you hate a game like this is that we should have won that game...it wasnt that we lacked the talent...but between some bad offensive play calling and players not doing things they should have we lost.
  5. nice weekend... pats win, jets win, phins win....we get peterman and a loss.
  6. sometimes the more things change the more the stay the same....then u have teams that qbs just fall into their laps, one after another.
  7. Comebackkid

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    i think if allen couldnt beat out tyrod at the end of year one they would need to look at other options. how long did it take Cleveland to bench him... I was pro tyrod for a long time but he sealed his own fate.
  8. not saying im a KB fan or that i want to see him next year...but...both big plays by allen were caught by KB today.
  9. Comebackkid

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    you lost me at a few years
  10. i skimmed over the entire post.... Learning moment
  11. makes me wonder what shape he is in physically to play qb....esp for the Bills. I dont see him taking hits all that well.
  12. Comebackkid

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    he looked worse than peterman
  13. Comebackkid

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    this is why peterman does not start.....end story
  14. Comebackkid

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    nice time for our coverage to go to crap