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  1. Is keenum behind Josh over Barkley? God forbid anything happens to Josh
  2. Why would a girl want a tube sock?🤔
  3. Took me forever to notice the little one !
  4. Eric Moulds was 6'2 and played at 225. Seems like Moulds was plenty fast.
  5. Suddenly I started getting an email notice every time someone replied to a post out of the blue. I don't think it's one I've even commented on. Any idea why?
  6. i would just like to add.. NFL.COM #1 Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills The Bills' transformation since McDermott's hire in January 2017 could be taught in a college-level course on how to rebuild a franchise. McDermott helped to hire Beane in May of that year, and they've hit every right note since: from big trades (Stefon Diggs, moving up for Josh Allen) savvy draft picks, to knowing which veterans to reward (Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde) and when to move on (John Brown, LeSean McCoy). Beane was chosen as the top executive by several of The Athletic's national writers. "I voted for Beane because I think the Bills lead the league in MTMS (Moves That Make Sense)," Sheil Kapadia said in explaining his support for Beane. "That doesn't mean they all work out, but they seem to have a good process."
  7. both good players, I was thinking Fred EX though.
  8. I miss #22 and i dont mean Vontae Davis
  9. Are we still talking about the back tackler?
  10. its funny because i didnt really care about drafting a rb. Definitely didnt want one in the first. but now that we have cook and ive watched him i think he has the ability to be very exciting to watch. Elam is a very close 2nd.
  11. when u can kick a ball 86 yards at sea level i think u have to go with the kicker. hang time or not...it takes a ball a while to travel 86 yards. arazia also can do kick offs and even field goals and is proficient with all of them. holding is the only skill he needs to learn. If i remember right while Bojo had a huge leg it was hit or miss if he was going to shank it or not and thats all he could do was kick deep (into the endzone)
  12. he does look quick and has a way with getting through the line but i wonder what the stiffest competition was he faced. also the best part is his number. hopefully its a sign.
  13. I think cook has the ability to be the difference maker in our offense. there are atleast 3 things he can provide for the bills offense. Starting with the complaint about the o-line. now we actually have someone who should be effective running the screen game and can burn teams if they get to aggressive trying to get to josh. We also have wydermye who was was used a lot as a blocker and does really well at this. 2nd cook has the speed and agility to get the the second level and before the holes close up which we didnt have before. 3rd cook can exploit coverage holes and act as a very good wr. I dont think we nec. run a lot more, but i do believe that when we do run we will be much more effective at it.
  14. Looking at 12 plays from Texas A&M tight end Jalen Wydermyer versus Alabama and diving into run blocking, pass protection and more.
  15. i think this kid is going to be a star. great hands and concentration. can catch in traffic, can go up for the ball and win one on ones in the air. has the speed to play deep and the shiftiness to play out of the slot as well. makes one handed catches look easy. he may not be elite in any one area but really good in just about every area.
  16. are you going to replace bruce from the eastside? 😃
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