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  1. That Rob Johnson was going to be a mega star.
  2. He quit on his team and sat the season out. There was no need to do so. Don’t want him.
  3. The brother Jackson is just as bad. If you have the stomach for it, look him up on TikTok. I don't know who is worse...him or JuJu.
  4. We keep seeing that the cap is going to drop to $175. This is based off of revenue the NFL makes, correct? The question is, does the NFL have to choose a lower number and can they go up to the $200 that was projected? I would think the players certainly want it, and for some (most), it would give them a better chance to win.
  5. Judon wants $20 million a year Forget that.
  6. It was the pass rush up the middle. Between that and the blanketing (holding) of the receivers, no bueno.
  7. How long until free agency opens up?
  8. Feliciano (new center) Williams Milano McKenzie Wallace Everyone else can gtfo.
  9. He’s not eligible to be signed until the off-season.
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