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  1. He’s not eligible to be signed until the off-season.
  2. I just went to his Twitter. He’s not wrong.
  3. I like him. He had Covid a few weeks ago and was hospitalized briefly.
  4. The Ravens only have themselves to blame. Before the game, they were chirping they were going to hit him by a RB. It was reported by various reporters. I’m sure the refs caught wind and were looking for stuff.
  5. Dude, you need to relax. You are so negative. My God, take a Xanax or smoke a joint.
  6. I’m a big Rutgers fan. Years ago when Schiano was here for the first time, we played a lot of triple option teams. His strategy was the same. Always hit the QB. On every play. Worked wonders.
  7. Couldn’t disagree more. The Ravens are awful when you spread them out and go 4 wide. Awful. We are going to see a bunch of that.
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