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  1. Spare me the “hindsight” BS when I spent months before the draft defending DK against his doubters. I broke down every criticism systematically and explained why they were not a big deal. I went on record saying I would hypothetically take him #1 overall. Still all his doubters are hiding behind the hindsight excuse. Cody Ford’s struggles just magnify an obvious mistake. We couldn’t trade our entire 2019 draft for DK at this point. it’s not the end of the world, and the Bills have been good despite passing on him. I just don’t understand why fans can’t admit it wa
  2. a girl I went to high school with is now married to mike Jasper.
  3. And even though I liked the draft I would have taken Teven Jenkins at 30. Joseph Ossai in 2nd, and try to trade up for Terrance Marshall in 3rd.
  4. I love the draft. I wanted them to get fast WR and CB late because our WRs can teach route running and McDermott can mold an athletic CB like Wildgoose. So no need to use top 100 picks on complete players at those positions. Rousseau was a top 5 pick in mocks this time last year and only started to fall before his pro day. I remember thinking it would be amazing if he fell to us. After his pro day he fell even more in mocks so I started thinking about corners. There’s no doubt he has one of the highest ceilings in the draft. There are UDFA 1T DTs available. Naquan Jones and
  5. Imortobebe wr trill Williams cb wildgoose jr cb a 1T, if not in 5th or 6th then Forrest Merril
  6. Heck, just make that our base line and swap in star and Phillips on short yardage.
  7. I like CBs Marco Wilson and Rachad Wildgoose Jr. (slot corner) on day 3. They’re both fast and athletic, but need to be coached up.
  8. I like Josh Imortobebe (sp?) he had the best vertical jump ever (46.5”) and is 6’2”
  9. According to over the cap of hes traded after 6/1 we would save 6.1. Mil and get 2 mil dead cap
  10. I didn’t look into him too much. What do you like about him? I wanted Rousseau for months then everyone said he was gonna fall suddenly.
  11. I’ve been saying Addison traded post 6/1 for weeks. Saves cap if traded.
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