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  1. Wow. Sammy and Zay with big plays. Tyrod with the win. Good weekend for former bills.
  2. No, I’ve never met anyone from this board, but I heard my uncle is on here. Don’t know his handle though
  3. they haven’t won anything yet. Rex Ryan made 2 consecutive AFCCGs. You can stop criticizing and worship the ground they walk on of you want, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to.
  4. They ran the ball on the last drive because PIT was defending the pass. They were defending the pass because running the ball, even as effective as it was, takes up too much time and effectively ends the game. We should have been passing no matter what is what i'm saying
  5. Maybe if people didn't jump all over him the first time he said it he wouldn't feel the need to.
  6. They never showed the long pass to Davis. They were showing a replay and put the live game in a small corner then never showed a replay.
  7. This is terrible news. Now we have to wait longer to see that his return will provide little to no impact.
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