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  1. kumerow fumbled. So we will probably never see him ever again.
  2. low is one thing, but Watson is making almost nothing in base salary, that’s not common. (For example, when Josh signed his extension they lowered his 2022 cap hit to 16mil but he’s still making 4mil base salary) Another thing I just put together is the fact that Cleveland has the most cap space in the league by about 20mil. Wouldn’t it benefit them to front-load a big contract at this point? Its indefensible from every angle I can think of.
  3. I believe it’s a combination of laziness and ignorance. Same people call Epenesa, Espinoza.
  4. Hopefully we finally get a decision by the NFL on the suspension soon. I just want to say if there’s any chance that Deshaun Watson is reading this, Hey quit stealing my moves!
  5. you must not be watching. When I watch the Bills on defense I see a huge tall man with loooong arms blocking any footballs from getting past him in the middle of the field.
  6. I think the fans saying “The Bills are going to win it this year” or something similar are in denial about how bad the 13 seconds collapse was. There’s no reason for a Buffalo sports fan to ever be that confident, but I’m seeing a lot of it. I think 13sec is to blame. If the Bills win this year 13sec will be mostly forgiven (even though it shouldn’t bc then they could be going for a 3-peat in 2023) , so they’re just skipping to that feeling. The Sabres had double the odds to land McDavid than the Bills have to win the SB this year. Just to put it in perspective. What do you think their odds were with 13 seconds left?
  7. Buffalo gets significantly more precipitation than any of those cities
  8. I like Joe Marino and I listen to the podcast pretty much everyday. Of course he has a couple takes I disagree with. One that comes to mind is that you shouldn’t blame Beane for the Wyatt Teller trade. It’s not the end of the world but it was a mistake. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that. Beane has done a lot more good than bad. The reason I bring that up is because this Edmunds podcast is another case of Joe being too much of a homer to be objective. You can hear it in his voice. Even when he talks about the negatives he immediately makes excuses for TE. He puts far too much value in Edmunds’ length and unprovable theories about what opposing QBs are thinking. Having longer arms is negligible when you take a wrong step in coverage and are a couple feet out of position. Here’s a perfect example where the arms don’t help because they’re attached to a body that is in the wrong spot: https://www.chiefs.com/video/touchdown-travis-kelce-uses-double-move-on-tremaine-edmunds I know it’s the best tight end in football but it’s just an example of what Edmunds does far too often.
  9. there you go with age again. Saffold and Bates are much better guards than Edmunds is a lb. I know some people don’t agree, which is fine. I also think Ilb is a harder position to play especially in McDermott’s system, but my point stands. there is much more potential to improve by replacing edmunds than replacing either of those guards. RT is the only other position close to as weak. Brown had a terrible game against the Chiefs, and if you couldn’t tell I’m not giving credit for youth in this equation.
  10. Not only is it a pretty good assumption that it’s saffold and bates, but there’s pretty good depth behind them with Ford and Quesssenberry (sp?) potentially
  11. This reality. The super bowl window is open and Edmunds is our weakest starter imo. In that case they need to tag and trade him after this season
  12. In league history there have been: Plenty of good 32 year old linebackers. Plenty of good 24 year old linebackers. Edmunds isn’t one of them though. You Edmunds apologists really are obsessed with age. btw, London Fletcher left Buffalo for Washington at 32yo. He played another 7 seasons including 4 consecutive pro bowls, which were the only selections of his career
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