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  1. OP feels he's entitled to specifics after how last season ended? Before that, I would constantly point out very specific in-game mistakes made by McDermott. At this point I feel like we just have to see how he does in the playoffs again. Just like I and many others felt at this point last year.
  2. And if the bills go 3 and out? Or only one first down? You want 1:20 with 3 timeouts instead of 1:55 with 2
  3. It’s the fabled 2 minute mark neither of these guys would shut up about for no reason whatsoever!
  4. lets say it’s 2024 and Belicheck is retired. McDermott gets fired and goes to NE. How scared are you?
  5. A lot of pushback on pg. 50 @PromoTheRobot @What a Tuel I don’t think it would be smart to, nor do I think anyone is calling for, firing McDermott this season. However, Some fans have had these concerns since his first season. The only thing that has improved is the quarterback and I give him little to no credit for that. So yes we will see if he can get over the hump, we were in this same mindset with him before last season and then 13 seconds happened. @Doc Brown clearly cherry-picking stats. I get it that one score games is usually a dubious distinction because there can be garbage-time scores amongst other factors. In this case the coach’s track record is actually worse than it seems considering when the Bills do win against the bottom half of the league it’s often a blowout. In those games there are often head-scratching game management and challenges, but it is quickly forgotten due to the scoreboard. @UKBillFan Basically what I’m trying to say is when the QB is a little off or the other team is really good (usually on offense) or there are a couple bad breaks, the team needs its coach to be sharp and give them an the edge needed to increase their chances. I’ve been seeing the opposite happen for years. Like I said at this time last year, we will see (we saw)
  6. I heard a lot of talk like this before the Jets game…and at halftime of the Jets game
  7. Those that don’t trust McDermott just keep getting proven right. You’d think 13 seconds would give these fans all the evidence they need, but they’re still ridiculed. I remember when we broke the drought I was happy, but quickly realized this means we are stuck with him forever now. I could already tell how game management would be an obstacle against the better coaches/teams. Unfortunately, I was proven right in ways I could never imagine. I really don’t want to dislike the guy. There’s a lot that goes into coaching, but the only aspect fans can really see is the game management which he’s terrible at.
  8. I called for that but knew it would never happen. Fans were periodically upset with him for play calls. Meanwhile he was the best OC we’ve ever had and I suspect his shortcomings were McDermott induced.
  9. I probably would have gone for it on 4th and 2 also, but 2nd and 3rd down play calls were terrible. I used to get frustrated that, under Daboll, we would keep going for 1st downs instead of TDs in the red zone. But in that situation yesterday we absolutely should have run it 6 times from the 6, if needed.
  10. Yeah but they were up 24-10, 2nd and 2 at the other teams 7. I’m not one of those establish the run guys but you run 7 times there if you need to.
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