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  1. Pretty sure that was in reference to the modern family clip
  2. Aaron Donald will be in the top 2 or 3
  3. Fred Jackson And Kyle Williams are no brainers that deserve to be on this team in their prime and would immediately improve the team. 3rd would be dealers choice on Corner Winfield, Gilmore or Clements
  4. I’m still a baker believer. He was injured last year and thrives when counted out. If I were Philly I’d trade Hurts straight up for Mayfield and end any QB controversy upfront. Then Philly wins the division 💥
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uiPDPglISxE here’s the video version. Love me some cosell
  6. Boomer! Yes I love that, gives respect to our boy Berman who always circled the wagons for our bills and it’s fun. So far that’s my vote for sure
  7. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2022/04/why-new-bills-punter-doesnt-like-punt-god-nickname-takes-draft-position-personally.html?outputType=amp Matt isn’t a huge fan of his college nickname “punt god” so I’m hoping we can come up with something unique to Buffalo for our new big leg. We’ve got a creative group here so I’m hoping something sticks and makes him feel the bills mafia love
  8. I was hopeful for purdues David Bell but I’m going to trust Beane on this one. He’s more right than wrong
  9. If we end up with Pickens, Hall or Walker I’d ecstatic. I think we go playmaker
  10. QB Willis drops to pick 25, lions trade pick 32 and 34 to bills for pick 25 and 57. Bills snag George Pickens and Breece Hall with those picks. We grab corners and interior line later and grab a couple of the abundant crop of veteran corners still left on the free agent market after the dust settles (Harris Jr, Jason verrett, Kyle fuller, Kevin king Xavier Rhodes, janoris Jenkins, Desmond trufant, Richard Sherman etc) Bills win Super Bowl 🥳
  11. I agree I think walkers going to be the class of this draft for RBs. This is a good year for WRs and RBs. Pickens is another guy that will outperform where he’s drafted. Probably won’t happen but if his stock falls to the 2nd I hope the Bills jump all over him.
  12. I’m stoked I was telling my buddy yesterday that if we don’t hire Dorsey as OC we should take a shot on Joe Brady. The guy was legendary at LSU and I can’t hold the ineptness of Darnold against him. To keep Dorsey and get Brady is the ultimate win! Go Bills.
  13. I’m stoked! 2 of my favorite pass rushers and 2 raw but insane upside Tackles 🥳
  14. Rondale Moore hands down if he’s available. Boogie Basham or Gregory Rousseau if we don’t take DE round 1 I wouldn’t mind Pat Freiermuth either he seems like a good all around TE to stick with Knox I also like both Georgia corners
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