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  1. I said it right after that game. Josh got hurt during that big hit on the sideline. He’s been hiding that he’s injured because he’s a warrior and then the next week gets his elbow jacked up. Dude is gutting through this but you can tell it’s taking a toll on him because he’s having to try and play different and more forced at times because of his injuries. Love the guy and hope he gets well soon so we can get back to “13 second” Josh form that were used to since last years playoffs and up until that second half of the GB game.
  2. I’ve been impressed with him in coverage but I agree dude needs some stickem on those gloves lol
  3. Haven’t been able to watch as closely as I normally would making homemade pizzas but is cam Lewis the starting safety opposite Hamlin?
  4. We know Rousseau is out. I’m thinking Poyer and Edmunds are likely out as well. If Josh needs time to heal then I’m all for him sitting out a week to 3 weeks max before we play the division again. Hopefully during that time Keenum and the D weather the storm and we can go 3-0 or 2-1 during that time… If Josh, Milano, and Tre play: Bills 31 Vikes 13 If Josh sits but the D gets Milano and Tre back: Bills 20 Vikes 13 If Josh sits and the D is hurting with both Milano and Tre out: Bills 20 Vikes 21 😔
  5. Man what an amazing trade and the perfect fit for our offense. I love the way he catches the ball and he’s a decent running back as well. Josh is going to be happy
  6. Exactly! They don’t have either Aaron to make it work and they lost their best offensive player in hall. They can try though…
  7. Killer trade! Roquan is easily one of the most talented LBs in the league. Ravens have some smart dudes in their FO
  8. At their best, the Super Bowl winner will be one of 3 teams: Bills, Chiefs or Bengals. Yes Philly, Minny and SF have good teams but the level of QB play is significant when Allen, Mahomes and Burrow are humming.
  9. Let’s pray Josh didn’t get hurt on that hit before the last FG. He seemed off after that. He says it was just bonehead decisions so I’ll trust his word for now. Go bills!
  10. Man I hope Josh is ok. Seems like ever since he took that hit and we kicked the field goal he’s been off
  11. Agreed! Pretty sure he’s on the last year of his contract too so shouldn’t cost much and he and Singletary would be a great 1,2 punch. Underrated pass catcher
  12. Giants and Lions pull the upsets tomorrow
  13. Oh heck ya! And we don’t even “need” him but what a luxury he would be. Second rounder all day every day but I’m sure it’ll cost more
  14. Love how Gabe goes with it lol. Seems like an awesome dude
  15. 100% agree. Daniel Jones finally had a competent coaching staff around him and is starting to show why he was drafted so high. And he’s doing this with no legit weapons to throw to. He’s flashed talent throughout his career and actually has some wheels on him but was never consistent. I’ll be watching to see what the giants look like next year when Daboll gets him some weapons. If I couldn’t get him on a cost effective long term contract I would franchise him and see how he does with real wide receivers next year.
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