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  1. Pay him whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He’s the only reason we’re a Super Bowl contender. Lock him up as a Bill for life
  2. He should have final word. McD doesn’t need to be involved in player evaluation, it’s not his job. He should be like most other coaches in the league and shut up and color during the actual draft since I’m sure months prior he told Beane what “he needs”
  3. If any coach had Allen the drought would’ve been over. He is the best talent QB the league has ever seen. But I agree Chan was at least creative and would’ve been more successful than the current regime imo
  4. I agree. Safety is fine and thank God Hamlin is probably gone. I do think Hyde would come back if needed and that gives me comfort come playoffs. He’s got a few good games left in him and would love for him to win a SB on this squad
  5. If history is any indication it will once again be a pass rusher to be the “big money” free agent. We did it last year with Floyd and a couple years ago with Von. Would be awesome to go trade for a vet like Adams or Hopkins for Josh but I think Beane is happy with his one year rentals competing in camp. I agree on corner. I think we’re fine and Ingram has been being groomed for a couple years and showed well last preseason. We do have the rookie nickel corner to back up Taron so we’re fine there but I won’t complain if they bring back Gilmore on a year deal
  6. True enough. I like the way he catches the ball. I believe he’s a natural hands catcher and it will translate very well. Not as many routine drops that we’ve seen from guys like Gabe Davis. Coleman wasn’t my favorite prospect either. I think he was #13 on my board but if the bills wanted a Tee Higgins type I’m fine with it.
  7. That’s my bad I should’ve wrote this in my last post. I left off 2020 intentionally because that class has no barring on helping Josh now. Diggs and Davis are no longer on the team and rookie contracts are 4 years long (with the 5th year option). Where are all the rookie WRs we’ve drafted to develop with Josh the last 4 years? Shakir is it outside of replace our top 2 WRs with 1 Keon Coleman in this year’s class. And please no one give me special teams specialist Justin Shorter, who isn’t a legit NFL WR and wouldn’t have been drafted in this class. I do like that Beane brought so much competition with 3rd chance options like Claypool, Hamler, MVS, Hollins, etc but I think you do this on the defensive side of the ball where your head coach supposedly thrives at getting the most out of free agent players (Hyde, Poyer, D. Jones). You prioritize WR in the draft for 3 reasons: 1. WRs are crazy expensive once they hit free agency 2. If you draft multiple WRs each year for your franchise QB, you have cheap options that have time develop with your QB, not 1 year dart throws 3. When your best WRs do want to get paid and you don’t want to pay them, you have plenty of options waiting in the wings to step up and fill the holes (GB, Cincy and SF)
  8. I think we’re going to be at an impasse on this. I think Beane has done the bare minimum to help Josh out with weapons while keeping him content. Table scrap signings of MVS and last chance Hail Marys in claypool are not how you build long term continuity for your superstar QB who is your only chance at winning a Super Bowl. I know Mahomes has won it with an offensive mastermind, the best offensive weapon at TE we’ve ever had in Kelce and a defensive genius who won’t ever get another chance to be a HC. So sure let them do their bare minimum at WR but that’s not how normal teams with franchise QBs operate. Cincy drafts WRs every year for Joe. 3 of the best offensive minds in the league in Mcdaniel, Shanahan and Lafleur consistently find new weapons for their QB early and often. Even the in the trenches former Michigan National Champion HC, Jim Harbaugh drafted 3 WRs for his new franchise QB this year. Now let’s look at our last 4 years big key free agent signing and also the first 3 rounds of each draft (because that’s where the starters are right?): 2024 - We lose our top 2 WR and had no one behind Shakir worth a damn on the roster at WR. Buffalo selects Coleman in the second round. The next 2 picks…defense. Safety Cole Bishop when there were plenty of cheap options still available in free agency to include the unsigned Justin Simmons. 3rd round we select a rotational DT after signing multiple DTs early in free agency to go along with our starters from last year, Oliver and Jones. No big money free agent signing this off season because of the cap. So end score defense up 2 and helping Josh 1 2023 - This year I have to admit was more Josh help in the draft. Kincaid and Terrence first 2 picks were slam dunks and the D got another LB in Williams. The big free agent signing was a $9 mil contract for Floyd but even with that I’d still make this a win for the offense (even though I was begging to sign Hopkins over Floyd…could’ve used him vs KC). All of the minor free agent moves for scrub WRs (Harty and Sherfield) didn’t work out and is another reason to throw darts in the draft at the position like GB and Cincy does year in and year out. 2022 - Defense rules the day. Elam and Bernard, first and third with a RB in the 2nd (I hate take RBs early but I’ve conceded that Beane is going to replenish a new RB every year somewhere between round 2 and 4 instead of getting more WRs). Cook has been a nice addition though even if he can’t catch a wide open TD pass to save his life. What was the big free agent addition this offseason? Von Miller 🥳…you’re welcome McD. The signing makes total sense because it’s not like you invested your first 2 picks on pass rushers the year before…Defense killed this offseason 2021 - Round 1 DE Greg Rousseau, Round 2 DE Boogie Basham, Round 3 OT Spencer Brown. Besides resigning Milano there wasn’t a big money free agent I can find from this offseason. But again pretty obvious defense was the flavor of the offseason. The priority is not Josh and it needs to be.
  9. Oh no not NFL coaches that come into your pub! He’s got great hands, just snatches the ball without hesitation. If not the BEST hands, off the top of my head they’re in the top tier with Polk, Odunze and AD Mitchell. Maybe tell your coaching buddies they need to watch a little closer. Coleman is a natural hands catcher and it’s why he doesn’t have to slow down his routes to make a play on the ball.
  10. I agree with you all. Shakir will be our best WR this year. He’s only gotten better every year in the league and he’s a dawg.
  11. You’re on point. He also really tagged Hollins as well. I’m not the biggest Hollins supporter but Beane definitely loves him some Hollins and MVS. Hope it’s a fair and even competition for all 3 remaining spots but definitely sounds like Hollins and MVS have a leg up. I’m a huge Shakir guy and think he’ll be our best WR this year along with Kincaid in the middle so it was nice to hear Beane give him some love. That really was a good interview. And like others said before I’m glad Chop Robinson was gone because McD would’ve been all in Beanes pocket to get him at 28 lol. He did mention Latu though. That’s the only DE I would’ve been on board with taking at 28. He’s a freak. Lastly I really am excited to see how Brady operates his offense with a full offseason under his belt
  12. Again, I never said we had the opportunity for Odunze, Nabers or MHJ. I was simply replying to a hypothetical with my own hypothetical lol. I also don’t fault Beane for not trading up because he can’t do anything about not having a willing partner and he shouldn’t overpay. The ONLY thing I fault Beane for is not going harder at long term investments around Josh. Kincaid and Coleman are a good start but when you have a generational talent you need to do better. What happens if Kincaid goes down? Do we depend on the no hands team again in Knox and newly acquired MVS. Sorry to be so blatant and hard headed but honestly screw the defensive side of the ball. It’s not like we’re getting Chris Jones so come playoff time having a Cole Bishop or a Justin Simmons or a Mike Edwards at safety or having a Calais Campbell or a Dewayne Carter as a rotational DT is going to add up to the same thing we’ve seen year in and year out of a McD led defense. But having receivers better than Sherfield to back up injured starters (who have their own issues with drops) like Davis is a glaring issue in getting us to a Super Bowl championship
  13. I agree with you. I was only responding to the guy who stated we didn’t trade up in the first round for one of the top 3 WR and he’s ok with it because we ended up with Carter and Bishop instead. I know it would’ve taken more than what we had to get up that high. If we are still playing this hypothetical though I would’ve been all about trading 28, 60 and one of next years 2nds for Odunze
  14. That’s exactly my point. Would be incredible if Bears would’ve traded the #9 pick for our first, second and third. Teams have done dumber things. Remember a couple years ago when the Vikings traded all the way down from pick 12 to 32!! Lions got Jameson Williams at pick 12 32, 34 and 66 to the Minnesota Vikings for pick Nos. 12 and 46 Wish we could’ve gotten a steal like that to trade up for Odunze. Stupid Vikings
  15. He never said at pick 28 lol. But yes he did say he was glad he had a slow 40 so that they could get him. He said the same thing about Gabe when he came out when they got him in the 4th. We’ll never know where they had Coleman on their board but 2 things we do know: 1. They knew they could risk dropping down a couple time to get Coleman because other teams wouldn’t have him rated as high 2. There was no WR outside of the top 3 they had conviction on to trade up in the draft for. Coleman had the best hands in this draft class so I’m happy to have him because we had too many dropped passes last year. Coleman should NOT be expected to be a plug and play #1 WR that can run the route tree and win off the line of scrimmage with his explosion. That’s not who he is. He’s got a great head on his shoulders though so who knows maybe he’ll get to that level with some hard work and good coaching. I see him being a Higgins type for us and I’m ok with that. If you would’ve guaranteed me we could’ve had Rome Odunze at pick 9 for 28 and losing out on Bishop and Carter, sign me up all day every day. Odunze will be a top 10 WR in this league for the next decade sooner rather than later
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