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  1. I’m stoked! 2 of my favorite pass rushers and 2 raw but insane upside Tackles 🥳
  2. Rondale Moore hands down if he’s available. Boogie Basham or Gregory Rousseau if we don’t take DE round 1 I wouldn’t mind Pat Freiermuth either he seems like a good all around TE to stick with Knox I also like both Georgia corners
  3. I’d be stoked if we stayed put or even traded up a couple spots and landed: 1. JOK 2. Newsome 3. Collins 4. Paye I’d be happy if we stayed put or traded down a few spots for: 1. R Moore 2. Basham 3. Rousseau 4. Moehrig I’m also fine with basically any other pass rusher if the FO is confident in them (even though they haven’t proved great at picking d line thus far) In the end I think the bills end up selecting Collins at pick 30. 🥳
  4. You will be by the end of the season ❤️
  5. Bills trade down and somehow end up with Boogie Basham, Rondale Moore and Asante Samuel Jr. 🥳 and Washington football team trades up into top 10 to grab the last of the big 5 QBs
  6. I’d definitely take the bet on Etienne being drafted AFTER pick 15. If Harris isn’t taken by the Steelers I don’t think a RB is taken round 1
  7. Definitely glad Beane is in control of our draft and not TBD lol
  8. Hasn’t this poll only been open an hour or so... after long it’s a big drop off at TE. Some would say long is better than Jordan he just didn’t go to Miami... Please correct me if I’m wrong and they were picked but other players that are 2nd/3rd round grades from the “experts” include the following not listed: Ronnie Perkins LB Oklahoma Baron Browning LB Ohio State Tyler Wallace WR Oklahoma State Hunter Long TE Boston College (my pick) also Mond and Trask have no business on our board and if we’re going to put an Auburn WR on the b
  9. Isn’t Hunter Long still available from Boston college? He’s a good TE and values right in this area.
  10. Still curious why we have all these RBs and Offensive lineman but no TEs and only one CB up for vote
  11. Hunter long would be a nice pick up
  12. With the 92nd pick in the draft the Green Bay Packers select Rodarius Williams, CB, Oklahoma state. Bills on the clock 🥳
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