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  1. Didn't see this anywhere else but 10 remaining opponents are a combined 18-39. I can't remember a schedule this favorable. I'm pushing 45 by the way.
  2. Does anybody know if this kid lived? That honestly looks fatal.
  3. 4 for 70 is insane he was the best player on the field. feed him
  4. Tavern on the tracks here in Charlotte if any body wants to join us well be tailgating in the parking lot at 9
  5. I get why both teams make this move, Texans are in win now mode and Dolphins are in full tank for a QB but then why did they just give up a high pick on Rosen? Has he already convinced them hes a bust? Just dosnt seem like they have a plan there.
  6. Remember the thread about a year and a half ago where someone said " Beane is a warlock and I want him to run my life" this reminds me of that.
  7. Suspended 4 game KB might start against us?!
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