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  1. Yep Josh Allen or Mac freaking Jones 🤔 Buffalo Bills or joyless cheating franchise with miserable mumbling dbag coach - set for perennial division basement-dwelling 🤔 Bills Mafia or Masshole fan base 🤔
  2. They're counting on Rusty Jones to get them in tip top shape
  3. Is there anything more annoying than all these talking heads on TV constantly trying to show us how plugged in they are by texting/talking on their phone while they are on the air
  4. It's gonna be fun if things go a little sideways there - Aaron's gonna go in pouty displeasure mode pretty quickly - and don't forget Hackett is there for the NY media to skewer as well
  5. No kidding - after a few months his joyful tik toks are gonna look like hostage videos
  6. New Peace Bridge Renderings released
  7. Earlier this year went through boxes of SI's that me and my brother saved when we were kids that have been at my Dad's house for 50 yrs - I always remember this one Here's the cover story https://vault.si.com/vault/1977/07/25/ill-do-anything-i-can-get-away-with
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