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  1. Yeah part way through the game I told my son - man I really wish the Browns hadn't choked last week
  2. I couldn't believe there were so people hoping for Brady to win to give the Bills a chance to "get revenge" in the SB. There is no circumstance I would not want him to just GTFO out. I literally will not be able to watch sports shows for 2 weeks
  3. Before, Beane was building a team to beat the Cheaters - now he has to figure out how to add pieces to beat KC
  4. There's zero percent chance I watch the SB with the sound on - if I watch it at all
  5. Yep - it doesn't matter what the offense does if the defense doesn't get at least some stops
  6. The problem at this point is even if we score a TD every posession we need to stop them twice
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