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  1. Being a perennial division champion, playoff team, and super bowl contender is actually a good thing
  2. Right down to the ridiculous game changing ST turnover - just unbelievable
  3. Freaking chiefs are like cockroaches
  4. Patrick int would he perfect end to the season
  5. Kc defender flops down bc he hurt his finger?
  6. Even before he kicked i was thinking he might miss this its just one of those stupid games
  7. Deebo down they're going to have to start riding CMC
  8. Kyle Allen would be playing better than Mohomes right now
  9. If we're allowed to mention the Bills this is where I'd say that's when some Bills ST dope would flub the perfect kick into the EZ
  10. Ha Ha - is Kelce going to attack sugar high Patty on the sideline
  11. Freaking Bosa stop there would have been so huge
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