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  1. And a few years later Larry Fogle was playing for Canisius. Those little 3 games at the Aud were a good time
  2. Includes leading the league in yards after contact on 4th down after fumbled snap
  3. My Dad is older than old dirt. My brother and I have traveled back to Buffalo for years to take him to a game each year from the time before we had kids, then we started taking our sons when they were little - they are now in their early twenties(!). I'll never forget a couple years ago before the game we were talking about the Bills chances as we always did and my nephew said - very serious and sincerely - "I just want Grandpa to see the Bills in the Super Bowl again before he dies". Let's do it this year.
  4. This was posted in some of the Marc Miller threads before the game - reflection and update on where he is now https://wben.radio.com/articles/dallas-is-going-down-gary-fan-reflects-on-fame-and-bills
  5. Gore was just on Sirius Movin the Chains. No link - subscription only Short interview - especially liked his last answer though - Joining Buffalo - Happy that I came here. Once i got here I saw they were doing something special. Great guys, great family. Our locker room is great. I'm happy to be here, think that this style of play fits my style. We've done great things and I'm very happy - McD - He's all about family. All about team - no guy is bigger than the team. I love that - that's why we're winning games. Our locker room is very tight - it's a big family over here. - Offense - We're going to do whatever it takes to win. Up tempo offense is doing great. Our QB is like the best in the league right now these last couple weeks. The main goal is to win - How much longer - I take one day, one year at a time. I still feels good. I showed people I can still play this game, and also that age don't mean nothing. If you love what you do and respect by grinding hard all season then you can do it. Hopefully at end of the year I can sit down and talk to the GM and owner here and see if they want to bring me back. If not, see what other team would like me - Baltimore - Great team. Great offense, I know their OC Greg Roman, very smart guy. Got a great young QB. Defense, have watched them now the last couple days, flies around and plays well. But I think we got a chance. We also have a great team. We're just grinding and when Sunday comes we're going to try to win. Tell all our fans to root hard and go crazy and we're going to go out and play hard. - Young guys seeking advice - Mainly for young guys, seeing me practice - how hard I go in practice and training camp. The guy the most - Tremaine - man, he asks me about every LB I've played against - the guys I've played with like Willis, Navarro - he picks my brain on everything. Tremaine man, I think he's going to be great in this league - he's been balling all year. He's got a bright future in the NFL
  6. Do small children follow his twitter? That is a pretty boss picture tho
  7. That's one of my concerns honestly - if he needed a contract year to motivate him to play well, once he gets paid will he still be motivated. Obviously the hope would be that he bought into The Process and his approach/mindset has been changed going forward.
  8. Every time a kicker misses an extra point my mind immediately goes to oh man what if the Bills miss one next game
  9. Boomer is still so good - wish he was actually on the real network instead of some of the current vacant talking heads and not relegated to The Plus
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