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  1. i have a feeling he will be back a lot sooner than the internet doctors are projecting. At one point on the broadcast they were saying the guys on the field including Reid implied it wasn't as bad as everyone thought
  2. (Can't believe I'm quoting Peter Pan) I was going to say this - he's been right there a number of times. Not necessarily just an issue of beating your man - think he is getting penetration - but you also have to learn how to finish
  3. I just assumed Cleveland was supposed to get all flex games
  4. Is this east of Buffalo? Where would the parking garage go?
  5. 11th in The Athletic rankings this week https://theathletic.com/1293244/2019/10/15/nfl-power-rankings-week-6/ 10 - Ravens 9 - Colts 8- Texans 7- Vikings 6- Chiefs 5 - Seahawks 4 - Packers 3 - 49ers 2 - Saints 1 - Cheaters
  6. Didn't realize Crossman landed there. Time for Andre to take one to the house
  7. Like that Jets have some life now going into game against Cheaters
  8. Oh god. I was rooting for jets then they had to go and show a shot of greggo on the sideline
  9. Should jets let them score here Edit Maybe not now lol
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