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  1. For some reason I found the high school QB to be one of the most jarring parts of the piece. He kept re-living his "glory days" thinking he was on the same level as The King in HS - when he appeared to be such a schlub now. The father almost did come off rehearsed - almost like an actor. The series itself was informative, but don't feel they did much more than mostly piece together clips from others who had already done investigation/stories. The sudden turn at the end to try to make him a sympathetic figure and potentially absolved of blame I thought was a bit overdone
  2. Just caught this. This is a must-listen. If everyone hasn't listened to this I suggest they do. Just a fantastic interview. Very impressive. Looks like he is interested in moving into a role with the Bills in player development. https://www.jimrome.com/articles/lorenzo-alexander
  3. The media is running with this cheating scandal that "is rocking the sports world" (quote from ESPN this AM). Cora cheats two years and he is a pariah and pretty much the worst human being on earth - Bellicheat does it for 20 yrs and he is a "genius" and revered in the media. smh
  4. To me it's not about literally stripping titles, but about the media coming around to admit/recognize the illegitimacy of the fraudulent Patriot*** "dynasty". They are outraged over the Astros having a single cheating component and calling for stripping titles and mass firings for them - but the Cheaters have had an institutional culture of cheating for 20 yrs and no one in the media says anything
  5. Would just like some recognition by someone in the media of the hypocrisy - they are outraged and calling for stripping titles and mass firings for MLB cheating - but when the Patriots** have been doing it for years it is just ignored.
  6. Home sick today and have ESPN on - the outrage across the board by talking heads on this - calling for Astros title to be taken away, Stephen A Smith outraged, title should be stripped and everyone fired because "installing technology is a different level!" Not a single peep by anyone calling out the Cheaters who have been using technology to cheat for 20 yrs. What is this world we live in.
  7. Housewife follows lil sweet into the air duct - are the children all in bed?
  8. Is dr pepper Big Fan being revealed tonight?
  9. That's been one of my peeves for years - sometimes I look forward to just tuning in before/after the game to hear about the games and it ends up being basically unwatchable. For a couple years the thing that was really in vogue on the highlight shows was to inexplicably have 3-4 guys just mindlessly mumbling and shouting over highlights all over each other while the were being narrated (esp NFL Network) - like throughout every highlight. It drove me crazy - luckily they seem to have toned that down a bit. On a related note - every time I turn on Sportscenter on the weekend I'm newly stunned as to the horror that has become. An interchangeable plastic male and female talking head with zero chemistry constantly reaching for jokes and yukfest that just isn't there. It's really cringe-worthy - like a bad SNL skit. I always think - can anyone really like this?
  10. Regardless of who is playing - if the announcers are Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan - do you still enjoy the game (with the sound on)? I get your point - to a point. I'm not a person who normally ever focused on or cared much about who the announcers are - am more interested in the game itself - but the trash production that these networks are coming up with is getting ridiculous. I yearn - yearn - for the days when you could tune in a national game and hear those great familiar voices, who actually knew how to call a game. Michaels to me is one of last ones left. It's crazy they can't find better talent - and crazier still they can't find people who don't actually impact the broadcast negatively.
  11. I just finished watching all 5 seasons of The Wire - are parts of the city still as depicted (20 yrs ago) in that show?
  12. It's provided by the Patriots****
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