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  1. 33:30 – "John Brown – when he came in – the work ethic this guy showed – how fast and how hard he ran his routes – each and every day in practice. It was like – this is different. I didn’t have this last year….. Then when Bease came in he was the same way”
  2. Growing up, the father of my friend across the street was a cop. Every year around every 4th he used to bring home a bunch of confiscated fireworks - man did we blow some sheet up
  3. Yeah the "year w/ no games" was sarcasm (though honestly I won't be surprised if they don't make it through the full season). People seem to forget the Bengals was just where they got caught - zero doubt they've been taping other games all along. In a normal corporate environment they would have been thrown out a long time ago - and blacklisted for the scum they are.
  4. Once again - the advntage they get from continuously cheating far outweighs the punishment they get. They know exactly what they are doing. Yeah - the one year there will be no games...
  5. Every time I see a foortball player on the beach I think Robert Edwards
  6. Yep. Playing street ball in my neighborhood in Lancaster how many hundreds of times we'd "toe tap" our feet by the edge of the curb and reach over by the sidewalk for the catch and yell "Bobby Chandler!"
  7. First time was meeting some of the Buffalo Braves at St Francia basketball camp when i was a kid. They held a "practice" for us campers and hung out a bit after. Used to go down by the locker rooms before Braves games and sometimes catch the eye of a player. Also if you got down there early sometimes random visiting players would just be sitting in the stands. I remember talking to Wes Unseld, Truck Robinson, others i cant remember God I loved the Braves
  8. Talking Proud! Loved those early 80s teams - the playoff loss the year before to SD with Fergy on one leg was so disappointing
  9. Bonus if they're shaped like a sex toy
  10. That's how he spoke Actually - it was interesting there were times his very slight speech impediment came out - but he did a good job holding it together. Definitely comes off as a genuine good guy.
  11. You said it much more diplomatically than I could. To me there couldn't be a more terrible comparison (not aimed at you, just my true feeling) To me Brady is a cheating douche who has cheated throughout his career to win, and his "competitiveness" manifests as tantrums when things don't go his way. There is absolutely no comparison to the qualities Jordan showed with regard to working and willing himself and his teammates to be the absolute best they could be. BTW - such a great show - so great to see Jordan doing his thing - amazing. How anyone could not say he is the best ever is beyond me - no one touches him as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Today on Rome: - (Currently in Fla) - (Talked about virtual visit to Children's hospital) - What were you like as kid as player - Kid same as now - caring heart, look out for people. I didn't even realize at the time I was that kind of person, but there were things that I did - <Told story of in middle school taking box of teacher's favorite cereal (Froot Loops) to her home after she lost a baby> As far as football in Rahway it was different, the field was always muddy, always swampy, and it was definitely hard to get off the line of scrimmage (ed note - ?) - Shnow man - Shnow came into existence when I was in high school. In North Jersey when it was cold I would always hope for a snow day, which I called a schnow day, because I'd make my schmoney - I go shovel driveways and ask people if they wanted their cars started - it was my bread and butter so I've just kept the schnow falling - Bills Mafia - They are family - I treat them that way. They embraced me as soon as my name crossed the screen. It has been a huge family experience. Coming from Temple, which isn't like the Alabama/LSU of the football world so I've never had that level of excitement from playing and being an athlete. Once I felt it I was like you know what - I respect you people, they live their life for football, they love it so much and they show us so much love and respect - if at the least what they want is for me to acknowledge them I Owill do it every day, every day, just to keep them smiling and for them to understand players are just as normal as you guys - and to win we're going to need the entire family to circle the wagons with us - 2018 not as good - McD's comments "Thought as a whole he was too inconsistent - this will be an important offseason" putting him on notice - I realized in this league you have to be at your best. When he said that to the media and me personally - it was what I needed to hear. Came down to Fla and hit the groud rolling and came back and actually won the most consistent player award. It was something I had on my mind every day working out - to be the opposite of what I was my sophomore year. Hopefully is showed - It certainly did - you were nominated to be a captain so everyone obviously took note. On last thing - in week 1 last year the team had a comeback against the Jets and you dropped quote post game "If you think about it it's like a train. You've got to oil that train up and start that engine, if it's a diesel truck you've got to start out slow and then that thing opens up and then you're gone. That's exactly what happened - you just keep churning. If you're making mac-n-cheese you stir the mac-n-cheese up - you stir the mac-n-cheese up and eventually the mac-n-cheese is going to be nice and wet and juicy - you know what I'm saying" did you come up with that in the moment? - Yes definitely in the moment. It's weird how my brain connects certain things - for some people they said it was off left (sic), but it still made sense - What for team to take next step - Consistency and for everyone to trust in themselves and what they need to be doing. All we have to do is do our 1/11th the best way and the rest will fall in place. Josh Allen is our QB and we're going to roll with him and keep the army going right behind Sean McDermott and we're going to keep this thing turning and we're going to attack it every day. Just win your 1/11th and just keep it going
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