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  1. I've said before the long diving catch Hooks made down the middle before the Hail Mary was the greatest sports play I ever saw live. I was in the EZ behind the play and saw the whole thing unfold in front of me - the catch was just spectacular - can still picture Hooks parallel to the ground just flying into view like Superman - unbelievable I've also said before earlier in the game as people were flooding towards the exists I told my brother "We're going to stay - It's going to be an Alcoa Fantastic Finish!" - a reference for the old timers
  2. Last week I watched one of the replays of the Chiefs playoff game on NFLN they've been playing periodically just to see the 4th Q - hadn't watched since the actual game. It was absolutely incredible to watch his performance at the end of the game - just otherworldly. Clutch play after clutch play - and his attitude - just a freaking WARRIOR. It was such an amazing performance - just unbelievable.
  3. The 'Booking Inquiries' page https://www.buffalobills.com/stadium/events/booking-inquiries?utm_source=bills&utm_medium=web&utm_content=tourspromo&utm_campaign=booking currently has the following note:
  4. Good stuff - really enjoy the stuff Dion puts on there. Saw and read the Jamarcus Russell piece there - talk about a contrast
  5. The chunky comment was something Brady was just waiting to break out and had prob practiced in front if the mirror for weeks. I thought the whole thing was better once all the rehearsed "trash talk" was out of the way. I saw one interview with Josh this off-season where someone asked about his diet etc and basically he said that is one thing he really doesn't focus on at all. I think in the coming years it will be one of the next "areas of improvement" he will really work on and he will show up a ripped lean 245 block of muscle. That should be fun for DBs
  6. - Waaaayy too much Brady - Was better once the rehearsed trash talking got out of the way - Actually came away liking Patrick more - Josh don't quit your day job
  7. This is making me like Mahomes more - and not like Brady more
  8. It feels like Aaron's just going to take over
  9. Watching this is extremely challenging for me - I am used to instinctively hitting mute when brady talks or someone talks about him
  10. And Dion should keep his shirt on...
  11. I wish he was my son and my brother and my dad
  12. Same - I always appreciated even when he was a beat reporter from Syracuse he would try to find different angles for stories, and actually do the work to make calls and find people to interview for stories, instead of just rehashing quotes from PCs like so many guys do
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