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  1. Football on big sand box. That worked out well for Robert Edwards
  2. I was also at that game - I remember the fans streaming out of the stadium and I told my brother "We aren't leaving - this will be an Alcoa Fantastic Finish!" (old timers will get the reference). The catch by Hooks may be the most remarkable sports play I've ever seen live. We were in the end zone and I can still picture plain as day the ball leaving Fergy's hand and sailing down the middle and then the catch. OMG. What an unbelievable catch - and to see it live in the moment it was even better - I'll never forget it.
  3. Tears of unfathomable sadness
  4. Back in the day when I used to coach youth/AAU basketball I'd make the whole team drop and do pushups if someone missed an easy layup - and sometimes for other assorted offenses that were simply lack of focus/attention. Would be interested in how hard the run is - if it's just a jog I don't think it has the same impact as a sprint that causes enough discomfort to really commit the cause to memory.
  5. I know you are only the messenger, but for them to claim that 50% of the fan base "loves" the train horn is patently ridiculous. I can guarantee though that at least 50% hate it (that number is probably much higher). Many/most in the "don't hate" group probably just like the idea of something generating noise on 3rd down (however obnoxious) instead of doing nothing (ignoring the fact that the damn horn seems to blow constantly throughout the game - not just on 3rd down) I like the stampeding Buffalo herd as a replacement. Something that actually has some meaning/connection - and no doubt if combined with video on board would create a real meaningful visceral feeling/reaction on 3rd down for those in attendance.
  6. Funny when I first read the announcement I thought it said *Binghamton*, and my first reaction was "oof!" 😛 Similar to when people have super strong opinions about certain announcers, or jerseys, the alleged terribleness of Rodak just kind of went over my head - just seemed like a regular dime a dozen beat writer to me. My most lasting impression of him will be at training camp last year where after one of the practices he was standing near the stands with a group of reporters who had stopped a player coming off the field. As the reporters were gathered and recording what the player was saying, a group of 20-somethings in the stands stood there mockingly screaming "Rodak! Rodak!" the whole time. He just stood there and took it with as much dignity as someone can muster in that scenario. All I know is that he handled that encounter with class (and the same verbal assault these same guys had given him throughout practice whenever he was in earshot).
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