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  1. One thing Diggs mentions is the int at NO was his fault, he was supposed to run an in route and instead faded out thinking it was a scramble drill. I think at the time Brees pointed out it was prob a miscommunication, but I saw plenty of people and talking heads talking about what a "brutal" bad int that was by Josh afterwards
  2. Surprised no one commented on this after all the discussion there's been on Dawkins' play, and speculation whether he's still feeling the affects of covid. Also the comments about Star contacting him about his illness, having chest pains etc makes you think it's possible when Star comes back he might not be himself right away either.
  3. I go through threads this week and my eyes/mind are now trained on virtual ignore. I see a cheater fan post, or response to one, and I just go right past.
  4. That's pretty cool info - $27 provides 100 meals - and the current total equates to over 1 mil in food value
  5. Or the foul odor after a soft unpleasant bowel movement
  6. Kinda wish the Cheater fans would start their own message board
  7. This is one of my biggest concerns - the cheap shots, and crap after the whistle to try to get us flustered and have retaliation penalties
  8. If Mac Jones was a storm he'd be soft drizzle
  9. I've always thought it is so bizarre so many Cheater fans hang out here - not just the week we play them, but all the time. I just don't get it. Has any true Bills fan in history ever hung out on a Cheater board? It's crazy to me.
  10. Love being able to pick up 6 yds with a run on 2nd and 5
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