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  1. I saw this yesterday on SC, have to say didn't know much about Lance before but rooting for him now
  2. What is this "going into work" of which you speak?
  3. It's almost surreal watching off season coverage now and seeing the Bills being discussed as SB contenders - at times I have to remind myself - holy crap we were in the AFCCG last year. Recently I saw some draft coverage and the talking heads were discussing about QB prospects and were saying accuracy in college no longer is an end-all metric - Josh Allen has changed the entire way QBs should be evaluated.
  4. Wish you would have started a new thread - instead of me reading the OP and first few posts and trying to figure out wtf was going on. I am not a fan of keeping old threads around forever as subjects change. Anyway - was a great article. Cool to see behind the scenes and see the value a player can have to an org separate from on the field.
  5. For you it was after football - for me it was after Creed vs Balboa I, after Fight Club
  6. I got my first shot (Moderna) last month. Was able to get myself and family signed up early, there was a window early on where UNC Health had a web site where they would offer appts to the general population if they had vaccines that were getting close to expiring. Mostly in rural areas - had to drive almost an hr for the place I signed up but that was no big deal. I got the first shot at 10AM - around 3PM I remember sitting on the couch ("WFH") and suddenly feeling very tired and slightly chilled. I wrapped myself in a blanket and then felt a wave of chill/malaise sweep over me - like whe
  7. https://theathletic.com/2494539/2021/04/06/nfl-offseason-head-scratchers-great-moves-and-leaps-things-weve-learned-for-all-32-nfl-teams/?source=dailyemail
  8. And bouncing off him as if shot with a giant elastic band
  9. Funny - I just started watching Letterkenny a couple months ago and am realizing now that for years on sports msg boards I've been subjected to letterkenny references that just totally flew over my head (esp HFBoards)
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