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  1. A pyrrhic victory for sure. Further exhaust and expose to injuries players who might be needed as guys are dropping like flies - for a few yds on kickoff? (not to mention risking a big return against exhausted players) That's ridiculous IMO Edit: BTW - Fins starting position after kickoff: 22, 17, and 24 yd line
  2. One thing that bothered me last week was not kicking the ball out of the EZ each kickoff. Why subject anyone to more heat/injury in those conditions. Just kick it out for God's sake
  3. Also I don't care how fast the WR is - safety has one job on that play - to not let anything get behind him - AFTER starting the play well off the LOS - just a terrible play
  4. Yeah I've analyzed that play like the Zapruder film - DB does pop up, but he's running parallel to him at that point - there's no doubt in my mind if McK ran full speed to the sideline his momentum would have carried him out even with a hit. He would have been out at like the 45 though - so would have taken a hell of a boot even after that.
  5. Did anyone see the play in the game where he was going out of bounds - a defender had hands on him then let go once they were oob - and Jones literally jumped off both feet to fly through the air to try to get a flag, then came up crying for one. It was the worst fake acting job to try to get a flag I've ever seen. Dude is a crying POS
  6. Just realized - Saquon broke the ManningCast curse
  7. The post-injury reaction was a little different between these two players 😛
  8. The biggest tell is also when he got up and stumbled there was a lot of head shaking and unsteady side-side movement - notably lacking was any reaching for his back at all - has anyone in hstory who ever hurt or threw out their back not reached and put their hands on their back involuntarily
  9. Watch the replay - Allen grabs his crotch while he's yelling at the ref. also Wilkins has a history of it - famously caught doing it in college. The crazy thing is he knew what he was doing and it worked - grabbed Josh's junk in the pile - Josh gets a 15 yd retaliation penalty and Wilkins just laughs
  10. Natahniel Hackett - Born to Coach - just not Head Coach
  11. Hackett should have hired Marrone for his game management coach
  12. I was just realizing as I first tuned in the game - oh yeah, Hacket coached game - entertainment factor automatically sure to go up
  13. At first I thought maybe it was possible the stumble was his back, as I've had situations where my back locked up that almost took me to the ground - but upon further review that was obviously not what this was. I don't think the independent doctor will be doing concussion asessment for NFL games in the future
  14. I know it's been discussed a lot but it just drives me crazy - who doesn't think if Josh tries to fall forward 3 times he doesn't get in once. Freaking QB sneak is automatic for 80 yrd old Brady for 20 yrs - how can they not expect Josh to be successful once in multipe tries
  15. Also the people that are saying games shouldn't be scheduled in S Fla early in the season - so they're supposed to play away 8 weeks in a row then home the rest of the season?
  16. I assumed I'd see Jones cry on the field this year but didn't anticipate it would be from injury.
  17. Their play on 3rd and 22 was pretty brutal though - how can both of them let someone get behind them 3rd and 22
  18. I never even knew teams could bring their own equipment to the sidelines - I always assumed it was provided by the home team. Where is the line drawn. Instead of umbrellas could they have brought shade canopies - or would they have said canopies would impede fans view? But wouldn't umbrellas to a degree? Never seen anything like it
  19. Agreed - I think it's ridiculous to say they were scared of executing the most fundamental play in football - the snap from center. Give me a break. If you really think there are better odds of scoring from a shotgun run than executing a snap from center I don't know what to say
  20. Injuries or not, this should be a reality check for the team - better to come early. If anyone was a little too caught up in the headlines and media fawning this should fix that. Use it as fuel
  21. You go into shotgun and have him try to run from 5 yds out instead of under center and pick up half a yd that is automatic for almost all QB sneaks across the league
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