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  1. The trash titans and their meat head coach could really do us some favors winning some of their remaining games but I'm not counting on it because they are a trash team with a meat head coach
  2. It doesn't matter - since the refs tragically called a penalty, for all intents and purposes the play never happened so the football world, nay - all the world, has been forever denied of its greatness
  3. Dallas won't be mad after a loss so this means we might have a chance!
  4. It was also delicious to see Kelce become unhinged at the beginning of the game when they had the audacity to actually call him for PI - how can this be happenning this is not allowed do you know who I am! lol
  5. The crazy thing on that series was after the amazing Murray catch was ruled complete to get the first down - the subsequent cluster resulted in us eventually punting from I think further back than if it was originally ruled not a catch and we punted then
  6. Yep - if it was us the narrative would be 'team is undisciplined and poorly coached', and 'refs don't decide games - be better and not let it come down to that play'
  7. Can you imagine if he'd been through some of the ringers Josh has - he'd be in a psychiatric ward by now lol
  8. Guess we know what you will be doing for each of the rest of the games. Thanks in advance!
  9. I fel the media narrative will be he is a fiery competitor doing everything right but getting let down by teammates. Meanwhile if it was Josh it would be a feeding frenzy that he is unhinged and not mentally capable of being a winner
  10. Incredible All is right with the world - my son and I hugged, having a post-game beer, and we decided we are so spent we're just going to watch a movie and maybe catch the Dallas game later 😛
  11. Was just thinking that - such a great play - and Kelce sold it so perfectly. You don't need to wait until deperation time - great play any time of a game
  12. Is 4th and 15 going to be the next Bills loss to live in infamy
  13. 1) KICK THE BALL OUT OF THE EZ 2) Try to give up less than 20 yards on 1st down
  14. Who was clenching when they saw the long touch pass leave Josh's hand
  15. Flag got picked up when Kelce did that
  16. Snap it before NY tries to change their mind
  17. He did more than Kelce did - but 100% will get overturned
  18. Honestly I wish we would just punt out of bounds - even if you lose some distance better than givin up a return
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