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  1. Until he unretires. F him cheating douchebag attention *****
  2. The NFL woould say that sound travels slower than light so they need to give an extra second after the clock expires for the sound to hit the ref's ear drums
  3. Last week the Bengals were smart and were bring guys from corner blitzes and all over the place - not just trying to bull rush the front 4 on a slippery field
  4. Yep - and Josh will go down like that too if hit OOB - its the smart play. Semi-related - I was thinking after the last Jones sack he was being smart, almost gentle, making sure he didn't get any personal fouls when he got to Burrow
  5. So much more pressure on mahomes here - faced with having to live with choking away another afccg
  6. Immediately following a game which was exactly what you dont want as a championship game
  7. This is where I'm at. With bonus of KC fan tears at home and Mahomes another afccg loss to add a little tarnish. Hard to not root live for Bengals to get their a$$ kicked here though
  8. The slippery field was such a neutralizer against a scrub OL when all you do is just vanilla pass rush with an occasional Blitzer right up the middle into the mass of scrubs. Then Bengals bring corner blitzes and other pressure from different places knowing the snow was affecting the DL rush. Sigh
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