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  1. Seeing Rodak in these videos reminds me of Jonah from VEEP...
  2. Saw a slight wobble tho - not a perfectly tight spiral ...
  3. Dude needs to keep his shirt on - I find that image the most offensive of all
  4. Agreed - does no media mean they aren't allowed to talk to coaches or players after practice?
  5. On the BB.com Dareus clip did Chris Brown say something about a prior relationship between Pegula and Dareus? What is that all about - haven't ever heard that one
  6. Mario is definitely the key. I'm sure there's much appeal to keep his Dline brother in the family and keep a very special Dline intact - I don't think that can be ignored especially if there's a feeling everything else will come together soon to make a run at a championship.
  7. "Brady wasn't being completely transparent with what he told them" Translation: "Brady's a lying POS"
  8. Just like thier POS franchise**
  9. The ball also has a tiny speaker so the coaches can yell out the coverages as the QB goes back to pass
  10. Sanjay Lal Nate Hackett had this gem on Tuesday, "We will say: We like this play against all defenses or who is best at this run", Lal said. "We have the luxury because we have all these pieces where you can plug in everyone to the same dive play up the middle over and over and over."
  11. Don't forget also how much Marrone's OL will benefit from stellar QB play coached up by Hackett....
  12. There can never be too many bathrooms - would still like to see more
  13. I wish they would just get rid of the kick, not make it harder. Make the game less dependent on kicking. And yes, thinking now just another oppty for Bills fan heartbreak - how many amazing "game tying" TDs will be for nothing after missed extra pt.....
  14. Can't wait for the protests outside the statdim complete with fans** burning their merchandise
  15. The most incredible thing is I haven't seen one negative comment about Brady - so many still in total denial. Unbelievable.
  16. Need to change thread title to " Kraft speaks; is "defeated" and "humiliated"
  17. Trying not to get my hopes up, but almost think there's a chance now Roger has the balls to keep Brady's suspension at 4 games
  18. I'm sure that was every Pats** msg board, but patsfans.com is close to melting down. Kraft sold them out, admission of guilt, forget #NoBradyNoBanner. This scandal is the gift that keeps giving
  19. Waiting for Roger to demand an apology....
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