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  2. What an f'ing joke. Don't forget also about only calling a 5 yd penalty and not PI on the previous drive. Indy should have had the ball at the one and should have 21 pts.
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=1G3DF_WubG0 http://youtube.com/watch?v=T-IzO30aF_g http://youtube.com/watch?v=WZZyv_UAApo
  4. Everyone knows a new press box takes time to develop. The new press box cannot be judged until it has at least a full year starting experience - and even then only if it has a good OL and good receivers
  5. Check out JPs MySpace page Actually - check out all the pro athletes in his 'Friend Space' - looks like it's pretty popular w/ the pros
  6. Same thing happened to my ex-brother-in-law's step-brother (for real), he was standing around a fire at a party an some idiot put a beer in the fire and it exploded - except he actually lost eyesight in one eye. He was supposed to have been a great baseball player - pitching prospect - it ended his career.
  7. Haven't really seen TP in a live game situation - but I can say that at the couple practices at training camp I went to this year he impressed me with his mobility - he was very fluid moving around.
  8. God I loved the Braves. Going to the games with my Dad and my brother (sometimes even w/ my sisters and my Mom!) and sitting up in the Orange - and actually getting to go to a lot of games because they were cheap! We used to go down and watch warm-ups and watch them come out of the dressing room (and especially when we brought a friend) even get some autographs. Sometimes players from the visiting teams would just be hanging/sitting around before warmups and you could just walk up to them. One time me and a friend even had a conversation w/ Paul Snyder. Two little 10-11 year old kids just standing in the hallway having a conversation with the owner asking him how the team looked that year... I played once at haltime of a Braves game - that is quite a thrill for a 12 year old. Randy Smith was always *the man* for me and my friends. I remember the Boy's Club and elementary (and probably high school come to think of it) teams I played on we used to call "suicides" or "lines" sprints "Randy's" - it wasn't until after I moved out of WNY that it really dawned on me no one else called them that Even now when I coach youth basketball I have to catch myself sometimes from calling them that when we run them in practice. A number of years ago I was going through me and my brother's football card collection - and realized we had a bunch of Braves cards too - full team sets for a number of years. I still have my original Braves pennant hanging in my closet at home. God I loved the Braves.
  9. I saw these guys open up for the Black Crowes this summer - enjoyed them a lot. The coolest thing was during one jam all the members of the band went around switching instruments and they all were *realy* jamming on all the different instruments - not just sitting there banging two drums or playing two chords. It was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen at a live concert.
  10. Ken would kick all their asses Joyce would also do some damage Though best believe Dave would be doing some most serious Devastatin'! Zip! Zap! Pow!
  11. I was praying on 2nd and inches they would not go downfield. That had the nice drive going - just get a first down, move the chains and keep it going. Think of it as 3 downs to get inches - I don't care - just hand it off 3 times (run a QB sneak three times) but the priority at that point is just get the friggin 1st down when you have inches to go! Don't mess around when you are playing a superior opponent on the road!
  12. If it was anyone but the fuggin Patriots I'd agree with you. C'mon - just think about seeing poor 'Lil Tommy's sad, sullen, mopey mug when things start going bad, and the announcers go all Dr. Phil analyzing how poor 'lil Tommy misses his 'lil friend Deon...awwwwwwwwww Not to mention the sight of Bellichek looking like he's going to puke up his lunch and take a sh-- simultaneously - how can you not want to see that!!! BTW LA - "Fish fans burning down buildings and eating raw manatee" - THAT's fuggin funny
  13. The game was sold out a long time ago. A small amount of tickets (including SRO) which the league/club were holding/reserving are now being made available to the general public. This happens all the time in all cities/venues.
  14. I could have sworn on the short 3rd down w/ about 6 minutes left (which Wilis ran for a 1st over the right side) Gandy broke out of the huddle and ran over to play RG. Did anyone else notice this or see him there at any other time? Wondering if it was because CV was hurt and he was in there for a short yardage 'package'. BTW - all the Vikings fans I saw were very respectful. Can't say the same for the groups of Bills fans (at least three different places) by me who felt the need to periodically stand and point and chant "A $ $ H O L E!!! A $ $ HO L E!!!" at Viking fans who as far as I could tell were just sitting there watching the game minding their own business. How clever! You really showed them! Nice job, morons
  15. That's how she's always looked hitting the 2 hand backhand. It is mostly the angle and the action flexing the biceps and triceps simultaneously. If you look at other pictures you will see she is anything but muscle bound in the upper body. Get some pics of Serena if you want to see what steroids do to a woman... Hingis arms Hingis arms 2
  16. /Hidden bathroom? Is there wireless service to the secret website in there? Damn inner circle
  17. What a couple of sullen bastards At least I can go to bed with some amount of joy after a pretty crappy football day....
  18. This was an article from Chris Brown on Thomas after the game Chris Brown on thomas
  19. I really enjoyed the insightful, candid, open and informative 'Ask Him Yourself - Mike Mularkey/Tom Donahoe' features last year. Where is it this year? What is the new regime hiding? They need to be as open and forthcoming with the fans as the last one!!!!
  20. That's funny - I am on vacation at a lake house and (long story) we were watching the game on a fuzzy 10 inch TV down on the dock and it was difficult to see everything that was going on. On that punt Dan is blathering on for 5 minutes about Welker and I kept saying "Did it go into the end zone?" - I don't think they even mentioned that the punt went out at the one. BTW - getting pretty sick now of the media's love of Welker - they were orgasming all over him in week 1 as well.
  21. Yes - one big ST play in 4 years - get his bust ready for Canton. Even a crappy player makes a play once every four years. Before all the hysterical Wire ST-ace stuff starts again - please note that on the NFL.com play-by-play for the first two games this season Wire is not listed as making a single ST tackle. One play does not suddenly make him a great player.
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