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  1. If the Bills win out they could win the division

    If my grandma had b----, she would be my grandpa. Dream on.
  2. Why the NFL will never die

    There will probably be technological advances bringing safer helmets, down the line, but irregardless people will go against the risk because it is about the money, and when people say it is not about the money, it is always about the money. It is like the business of the US is business. It is about corporations and companies of all size doing what they can to make more profits. It is about robbing banks, cheating people, drug addicts hitting people over the head to steal a wallet with $10 for a fix, it is about someone with a 35 inch TV wanting a 65 inch set. We could go on and on about people wanting better homes, clothes, cars. It is always about the money and there will be very few draft choices give up the money for the risk.
  3. Why the NFL will never die

    Soccer will not replace football, until idiots are not able to get guns and kill school children. Football is a violent sport, but we live in a violent country.
  4. Why the NFL will never die

    At 2:31 PM today there was a story written by a Tim Marcin for Newsweek questioning whether this is the end of the NFL, "The end of the NFL?". In it, he lists the usual subjects plus a new one added perhaps for shock, which we will list last. 1. The Ray Rice demestic abuse case. 2. Injuries 3.Kaepernick and the National Anthem. 4. Poor TV ratings. 5. Roger Goodell & deflategate. 6. CTE in deceased players. 7. And the new one, a Sexual Harassement Lawsuit filed in October apparently against a few NFL network people. I believe the NFL will be around long after any of us are around watching and enjoying the game. For one thing, where are young men after coming from college football factories going to make pay that should last a lifetime. And all the auxiliary money going towards office people, stadium people, TV and media people, and on and on. But the big thing is the entertainment and great football we see every weekend like the Steelers, Panthers, Lions, Jaguars, Eagles, and the Snow game that occurred last weekend. It is great performances and maybe heartbreak, but that is NFL football and America's sport is going nowhere.
  5. NFL 7-6 teams point differential

    They were last night. These games are not played by computer or analytics. They are played with humans who for whatever reasons either play with (a lot of) emotion or not, and why it is so hard to go 16-0, and why Vegas makes a fortune from gamblers who think they know the results beforehand.
  6. NFL 7-6 teams point differential

    Somebody must think it means something, as its quoted on every NFL Standings that you see all season long.
  7. Points scored for and against on all NFL 7-6 teams games this year Buffalo -50 Baltimore +72 Kansas City +40 LA Chargers +73 Dallas +22 Detroit + 9 Green Bay -17 Does this mean Baltimore is 122 points better than us. Of course not. But maybe it does. What do you guys think?
  8. Made the point how great and entertaining it was in another thread (Yesterday 12AM) and it was ridiculed by a few people. Sure a game can be great when Big Ben throws for over 500, but this one will stick in the memory bank.
  9. Walt Coleman

    What did Walt Coleman do to you? Take your keys.
  10. Enjoy this one. We beat a bad team, with a Special Team QB, a back up WR, and a FB pretending to be a back up half back. It won't get easier next week. The stakes got higher. Ravens lost in a great game.
  11. A Few Thoughts About the Colts Game

    I didn't think anyone would mention the play that you did in 6. Spot on. As for 9. I am having trouble with that one. It is hard to believe that McDermott knew what a great throw and catch would be made, to a backup WR. The punt was a poor decision, but the old saying is it is better to be lucky than good. It turned out to be both lucky and good.
  12. Gutless Call to Punt

    The OP was right, even though it turned out okay. What about not having a backup halfback, which some of us were screaming about from game one, or maybe you believe Tolbert is the man. And the QB was basically a special teams guy.
  13. I didn't need any in game threads. It was better to watch the game rather than read what some guy was saying.
  14. If you didn't enjoy this one, why are you even commenting.
  15. You need to go back to comedian school.