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  1. Foreigner

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Religious freedom my friend means you tolerate other people speech. This country does not put people in jail, throw them out of the country, or worse because of their speech whether it is hateful or not. But I do have a problem with whoever thought it was a good idea to keep Peterman and get rid of McCarron. Maybe it was about the money. Peterman making minimum or close to it pay. I am also willing to bet that Beane and McDermott are also low on the Management scale in the NFL. When someone says it wasn't about the money, it's always about the money.
  2. Foreigner

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Have you ever heard of religious freedom my friend. Go argue that topic in your Church. If someone has different ideas about that than you, so be it.
  3. Foreigner

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    If you think this stuff is offensive and irresponsible, what do you think the internet is. Complain about stuff that kids can see, and people making plastic guns that work, but stop complaining about people who don't like the management of a bad football team.
  4. Foreigner

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Hey guys. Calm down, because some of you guys are taking yourselves a little too seriously. We love football, and we love the Bills, but things have become so bad at OBD, so bad on Offense, and so bad with our QB position, if we can't have fun with this, we will all go nuts with the situation. We are dead last in scoring, dead last in passing, and some people across the country are wondering why Peterman is even in the league. If we can't laugh at the situation, then we have a bigger problem than anything that is said on this board. Calling people offensive and discriminatory. Give me a break. This is football, it is not life and death. If we want to have more fun with bringing in a has been who never was last week as a QB (my opinion) that really isn't going to help matters much (again my opinion) then we will. If you can't stand all the negative stuff that Peterman and the coaching staff have created, turn your computer off, instead of knocking people who have a different opinion. Get out of this thread and get out of The Stadium Wall and get lost.
  5. Foreigner

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Maybe he thinks if he keeps throwing Peterman out there, it will get him a higher draft pick next year. Seriously, anybody hear what he had to say at his 4:00 presser.
  6. It is now 3:40 PM and Nathan Peterman is still a Bill? Somebody please tell me why.
  7. Foreigner

    Will the Bills ruin Josh Allen?

    I guess it is time to revisit this topic again from a week ago.
  8. Foreigner

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    Virgil, no critique to the game yesterday? What needed to be done in the off season and will not be done this offseason, is get a real football person running the operation, because whatever good Beane and McDermott have done, they have failed to evaluate talent, unless you think there is some psychological problem for having Peterman in a Bills uniform. Like trying to satisfy their ego. Most people can't admit failure, and it sounded like more McDermott excuses after the game, instead of him saying they just misjudged the roster, because boy did they ever. Not even a capable punt returner on the field.
  9. Foreigner

    Despairing Fans

    There are always going to be fans that make excuses, but if you guys can't handle the truth, and tell it like it is, tough, because the rest of are not going to fly the pom poms at this incompetence.
  10. Foreigner

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    "It's something I'll learn from". If Peterman ever puts on a Bills uniform again, the entire organization should pack it in.
  11. Foreigner

    Despairing Fans

    The only reason the Bills Offense is 32nd in the NFL is because there are not 33 teams, and my Grandmother knows better than having Peterman in the NFL. Call us trolling, but if you want to make excuses for what is going on, the op is worse than trolling.
  12. Foreigner

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Thanks to Beane and McDermott for having the worst QB in NFL history. These Bill players want to win now. So having stripped the roster of talent, and I am not only talking the Offense, (for draft choices) to tank the season, and having the worst QB in NFL history, undoes whatever good Beane and McDermott have brought to the Bills. Making Peterman pay his way home, would show some ba---, but maybe that is what the Bills need. TT got run out of town, but Peterman stays. Thanks Beane and McDermott, for nothing.
  13. Foreigner

    Bills claim DT Jordan Phillips

    So much for changing the culture. The guy can play better than anyone we have at the position. The hell with the culture.
  14. Foreigner

    Will the Bills ruin Josh Allen?

    The idea is to win games, however it is done. Winning 13-12 boring games is better than losing 50-45. If Jim Kelley was healthy enough, and wanted to do it, Allen could learn more from him than possibly anyone.
  15. Foreigner

    Will the Bills ruin Josh Allen?

    If Tyrod ever had a game with 79 yards passing, there would have been 20 negative threads about it. Allen gets a pass? Of course he should, because he is not ready. There was a story today about bringing in another ex Panther to mentor him. Another Benjamin maybe?