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  1. Deal of the Century

    Having said that, TT has had 4 OCs in 3 years, a new system with each one.
  2. Deal of the Century

    We all know TT is not great, but he played better than 24 other QBs (19-43) last year who played, many of them starters. He is a starter in the NFL and with better OC and Rs who can catch the ball and run routes he will probably start wherever he goes next year. Of course he is not better than NP as many on the board willl tell you.
  3. Deal of the Century

    They did get good players like you described,along with the following draft choices who did okay. J Brissett 2016 J Garoppolo 2014 J White 2014 D Hightower 2012 C Jones 2012 N Solder 2011 S Vareen 2011 R Mallett 2011 D McCourtney 2010 R Gronkowsky 2010 P Chung 2009 D Butler 2009 J Edelman 2009 and if you want to go back to 2006 S. Gostkowsky, so don't tell me they can't draft, and go back to all the teams that passed on TB12.
  4. Deal of the Century

    That is page 77-79 of the Daily News today. "Brady makes Pats dynasty economically possible with cap-friendly contracts". The story was titled Deal of the Century.
  5. Tyrod Taylor on goal line pass in Jacksonville

    Finally, from Badolbilz and J clarity and good sense.
  6. Deal of the Century

    How do they get the decent team around them all the time? Please explain that and I will listen. Why is it that the Bills had no use for Eric Lee, and he became a big part of the Pats down the stretch.
  7. Tyrod Taylor on goal line pass in Jacksonville

    This is a democracy and a Capitalistic country. The business of the country is business or making money. It is why everything works in the U.S.A. Stop complaining and harassing the man. He came to explain. Without Bills news in the BN, there would be so many more empty seats, which would mean not enough money to pay everyone in the organization, and the Bills would be gone. Why complain here, go to Facebook and Twitter with complaints, that's what they are there for besides to make money, just like the BN wants to make money, just like the Bills want to make money, just like you want to make money.
  8. Deal of the Century

    Does anyone really think that Brady would be still be the greatest if he didn't have a OL to protect him. The way to beat Brady is to pressure him. The Bills played the Pats twice this year, and Brady did basically what he did whenever he plays the Bills. You want to compare their pass catchers with the Bills, really, for instance Gronk against Clay who is so banged up he can hardly practice. I don't care where the Pats get their players from: the draft, free agency, or the BIlls. Year after year they draft near the end ofeach round, and year after year they win the AFC, and mostly go to the SB. They know what they are doing, the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins basically don't. End of story.
  9. Tyrod Taylor on goal line pass in Jacksonville

    A lot of nastiness on this board, just like on social media, and just like life. You complain about a TV program, change the channel. Complain about a newspaper, don't read it, and to complain about $2.99 for a full month, for the entire newspaper I believe, makes no sense. As for the play and KB, he was damaged goods when he came here. Carolina duped the Bills, and the play was a push off, end of story.
  10. Deal of the Century

    Great article today in the Daily News (New York) about all NFL QBs and the salary cap. As we all know, New England is better than anyone in NFL, not withstanding winning or losing today. They draft better than anyone, they coach better than anyone, and the only head coach in the league to have full roster control is Bill Belichick, although I think McDermott comes close as he brought Beane from Carolina. Anyway, the Pats lead the league in having undrafted free agents with 18, 34% of the roster. 7new key players on D this past year, and on O, only 1 starter who was a Pats 1st round pick. The point of the lengthy article is how QBs played this season in comparison to the salery cap hit their team took for them.A lot of you know that Tom Brady, the 3rd best rated QB in the league had his 2017 QB salary % of the cap 19th of 43, meaning the Pats had a lot of money left over to sign free agents. The Bills had Taylor the 18th rated QB, and 22nd against the Cap with a little under 5% of his salary against the cap. The worst situation is Joe Flacco who dealt the Ravens a cap hit of 14.5% of their cap space. Whether it means anything to you, QB play rated under Taylor this past year include Prescott, Carr, Dalton, Bortles, Palmer, Brissett, Foles, Mariota, Cutler, Newton, Manning, and Flacco. What does this all mean, maybe nothing, but maybe Taylor is not costing a horrible sum against the cap, and just because the Bills can draft in quantity in the draft, doesn't mean they can draft their way into the SB.
  11. Forget Kirk Cousins

    Who we want, and who we can get to come here are two different stories.

    Why wood a good QB want to come here, with no one to throw to. (And what is KB going to be after his surgery) If McBeane didn't think enough of Woods, Watson and and Goodwin and wound up with Mathews and KB both broken down and who did very little, what makes you think this D guru, has the smarts to know O talent.
  13. Bills hire John Butler as secondary coach

    This is not about Rex or even SB coach Schwartz, it is about Byrd and Butler.
  14. Bills hire John Butler as secondary coach

    What happened with the "if it's not broke don;t fix it idea." McDermott giving a job to his high school buddy. Why not, because he can, so he does.
  15. What is it with this guy and Peterman, a 5th rounder who can't play? I don"t get this.