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  1. Foreigner

    3-man QB competitions of Buffalo yore

    Why is our coach so in love with Nathan (pick six) Peterman? Is it because he is a good practice QB or some other mysterious reason? I can't figure it out so please help me. You better hope there is no Peterman 2.0.
  2. Besides what he has lost because of surgery, and was damaged goods when he got here, he lost me with the push off in the end zone in the playoff game. Inexcusable.
  3. Foreigner

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    He is better than anyone we got now unfortunately. Believe it.
  4. Thanks for the answer Mr. Wawrow
  5. How else do you evaluate QBs or anyone else on the team except by past performances, meaning game action, (not looking good or bad during practice), and if you forget he has already been evaluated as a 5th round pick, not a 1st rounder. Is every team in the league wrong about this guy and the Bills are right? And maybe someone can explain to me why my thread that is the opposite of this one, was merged into this one.
  6. To John Wawrow and others. Is the Bills policy of no media until the last day of OTAs standard NFL policy among teams, as we knew things that on at opening of OTAs that went on with the Giants and Odell, and yesterday first day at Jets OTAs everyone even knew how many snaps the 3 QBs got. Maybe if the Bills were more fan friendly with injuries and other news it would be a positive, not a negative.
  7. Because McD borrowed $50K from, and this is the only was he can get it bac? edit: borrowed $50K from him edit: back? I really am annoyed
  8. I know, I know, there will be haters on me for this thread, but someone has to take the opposite view to someone predicting he will be the #1 QB starting the season. Please, please let us hope not. Is anyone forgetting he was passed over more than 100 times in the draft, and Tom Bradys do not grow on trees. I don't know what NFL records he holds in the league for his performance in 2017, but I remember him starting the year with picks, and closing out the season against the Jags with a pick. To answer my own question, maybe McD likes him, maybe he has shown improvement throwing to pee wees over the winter, maybe, maybe, maybe. We all better hope he is not QB#1 against the Ravens, and that is my opinion.
  9. Foreigner

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    You are all guessing as to why he did what he did, with someone saying recently he has mental issues or is basically not thinking clearly, and the situation with the contract seemingly is the #1 guess, but isn't it possible he has looked at the roster and on his side of the ball, saw a bad OL, a rookie QB and really no #1 WRs. Benjamin lost me with the push off in the end zone against the Jags, plus coming off surgery as he was damaged goods from Carolina. Don't forget our other WR running around naked with blood on himself, and apparently was never disciplined. As no one has actually picked the Bills in the Super Bowl this year, maybe he just wants to play for a winner.
  10. Foreigner

    Incognito's Retirement? [update: Now Released]

    If he does not sign with the Bills as a free agent, and who thinks he will, this has been a novel and successful way of him dumping the Bills. Which is of course it ishis right to do, but does anyone really know for sure the real reason he has wanted to leave.
  11. OTAs are voluntary, I get that, but does anyone know who has stayed away, if anybody has? Obviously, there can be good personal reasons, there can be guys who are in rehab for injuries, and guys with contract problems, but one would think with new coordinators, all guys would want to be there to learn a new playbook.
  12. Foreigner

    Bills bringing in another QB, this time from CFL

    He can't be any worse than NP
  13. They better do something at WR and the OL
  14. Foreigner

    Explain why we should trust McBeane on offense?

    Hard to disagree with the Dog, although he is forgetting about our naked WR.