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  1. If it happens today, they make the same call on the field. There's not enough evidence to overturn the TD.
  2. Funny I heard that everyone the all 22 said was good was bad on here. I knew those guys were good and people here said I was wrong, and I said just wait until the all 22. And here we are. I was right! Those guys were actually good! I’m just here to write this sanctimonious post and let you know I was right and you were less right.
  3. Sorry. Everyone please return to a time when you thought we were only in the SB conversation in the 90s. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. No, just pointing out that this isn't the first time since the 90s.
  5. Perhaps I can interest you in our '08 5-1 start. We've been here before.
  6. We have singletary and gore. This would be a Billsy move of old. WRs and lineman. That's all I would entertain.
  7. BB blitzed Allen 45% of his snaps. He wanted him out of the pocket, rolling, cutting the field in half and and trying to make hero throws. And that's exactly what he got. We were at our best running the ball and working out of play action.
  8. They should really close this site after a loss until Friday.
  9. Really showing your ass here. He’s up against a hall of fame coach and a defense that hasn’t given up a TD all year. He took some shots and missed, ill take it over checkdowns and three and outs. It’s a process and it’s only year two game four. Calm down. We’re 3-1.
  10. Honestly, -7 is showing us a little bit of respect. This team is a juggernaut compared to us.
  11. I would agree with you. Must win sounds weird, but it’s one of those games you should win and would kill you not to win when December comes rolling around. If we’d only beaten the bengals in sept.
  12. I’m supremely worried at how many people are chalking up a W already this week. Dalton has 93 PA and over 700 yards in two weeks. He’s going to hang in there. They could easily be 1-1.
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