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  1. I'm more concerned with performing during the season. We don't need this preseason adulation. It means absolutely nothing. A sports writer has to hit his or her word count before deadline. Nailed it: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/08/21/nfl-preseason-predictions-team-records-playoffs-super-bowl-liii-champion
  2. i just basically want to know who would be considered a win for us if we got them at 9. Not like a STEAL. Just, we're happy to have the following guys.
  3. someone will release a compromising video of a top 10 pick right before the draft.
  4. No more "he needs surgery, but he has tons of upside!"
  5. Big deal. Get back to me when you hit 1,978.
  6. We'll be fine. Brady's retiring after the draft. We will be dealing with their QB2.
  7. By existing, we have given the Patriots the easiest schedule. We also don't face the same opponents. Pats played the Chiefs and Steelers last year. We played Chargers and Ravens.
  8. i'm about to inception this: we can't be ahead of the patriots because we exist.
  9. Florida has aggressive open record laws. His legal team is both claiming his innocence and challenging the state's constitution to release the tape. Think about that. He's turned down a plea deal. Said he's innocent. AND his lawyers said the police report describes the act in detail and there's no need to release the tape. If you want to buy your way out of embarrassment and debase a state's constitution so your HJ video doesn't get exposed, you deserve everything that's coming to you.
  10. Trade up for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick. Cut them in 2020 when they don't live up to fans' unrealistic expectations. Come up with a cool team slogan in 2021 to make up for trading away that year's draft picks because of 2019.
  11. Don't care about that division rival and defending super bowl champ that we play twice a year and have a 5-33 record against in the last 18 years? The team that we have to beat to win the AFC East? You don't care about that team? They're basically what stands in our way of ever winning our division. Look at the QBs this guy has played with. He caught 50 balls with the Jets. He's young, tall, solid and athletic. They'll put him in position to make plays.
  12. AFCN: Browns AFCS: Colts AFCW: KC AFCE: Bills (Brady's retiring after the draft)
  13. INterestINg INsight INto INtimate INsider INdustry INnuedo
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