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  1. Awesome find - and great job pulling out key soundbites. Thanks! So what are your scouting notes on Jayson Oweh? Feel free to just link if you've already posted elsewhere.
  2. That would be my guess. He just had that look in his eyes - I can't describe it exactly but I know it when I see it. IKYKWIM. I think there's a reason his teammates voted him the "Ed Block Courage" award, over a guy who played 3 playoff games on a freakin' broken leg fergoshsakes.
  3. Agree. Possibly a bit more of an argument for RB because in general, RBs have a short shelf life in the NFL, but overall, article needs context
  4. I swear, Beane must sit down before pressers and make himself a cheat sheet of talking points he wants to hit to sow as much confusion and ambiguity as possible into the predictions by other teams of what the Bills are gonna do. We'll draft at 30 and take the 5th round option, unless we get good offers and the board falls such that we think it's in our favor to traded down. Then again, if a guy we have a top grade on as a difference-maker falls a bit, we might trade up, too. It's probably worth noting that the question about Tremaine Edmunds 5th year option does have unu
  5. He did, but then there's also this assessment from the article linked above: The Rams appear to be bringing in competition thus firing a "shot across the bows" of Hekker, who had 7 total touchbacks in 3 SEASONS 2016-2018 - but has had 5 touchbacks per season the last 2 seasons. He's also had a shorter average punt distance (career worst) last season and only downed about the same % as Bojo inside the 20 yd line, ~40% I think Bojo is reasonable competition for last year's Hekker but I'm expecting a cheap "competition" contract for him. I think he and his agents perh
  6. So first of all, Thanks to the OP for posting a thought-provoking article. Good read. Something like ~50% of all positions drafted in the top of the 1st round pan out. ~30% in the later half of the 1st/top of the 2nd. And that's just whether they become a solid starter, not whether they become a difference-making star. So this has to be looked at properly in a sort of Net Present Value context of "what are the odds of getting an impact player if you draft ANY position in the first round?" How would the article look if analyzing the impact of WR or QB or DE or CB drafted in the
  7. It got posted elsewhere but there was an article in some fitness magazine about Feliciano coming back from injury https://www.muscleandfitness.com/athletes-celebrities/winning-strategy-jon-feliciano-kept-pounding-after-tearing-pec/ From what I saw, Feliciano was getting beat at times with footwork especially on stunts. Judging by the look in his eyes in a couple of post-game pressers, I would say he was getting pretty doped up to be able to play. That can affect reaction times all around.
  8. I don't see the relevance of Keyontae Johnson to this case. Because the NFL had a screening requirement, Sweeney was diagnosed and placed on IR before he collapsed in a game from acute myocarditis. Virally induced endocarditis can cause permanent damage, but it can also resolve completely in a matter of months. As @Ethan in Portland said, there are excellent tests to confirm resolution and detect lasting damage if any. A case that was properly diagnosed, managed, and resolved is unlikely to lead to a Keyontae-like mid-game collapse. I actually don't know
  9. Does he mean Pro Bowl caliber running backs like 2nd round pick Ronald Jones II? Or is he trying to make the argument that former 1000+ yd back Leonard Fournette and former pro-Bowler LeSean McCoy were the difference for the Bucs? Does he feel #32 pick Clyde Edwards-Helaire ought to have been a pro-bowler last year? Or is he arguing that former pro-bowler/all pro Le'Veon Bell (this season) and McCoy (last season) were the difference for the Bucs? Overall, he keeps using that word "Pro Bowl caliber running backs" I am not sure what it means to him T
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/what-does-the-corey-bojorquez-signing-mean-for-johnny-hekker/ar-BB1fRQY3 Me, too. Unless it's big $, I don't think it's a "gimmee" he's got the job over Hekker. Bojo is from Cali, though, and perhaps what Beane meant by "want guys who want to be here" when he came up, is that long term he wanted to go back there.
  11. Most of the catches I saw in that highlight film were "open when I'm covered" catches where he was either boxing the defenders off of the ball to make the catch and being hit by 1 or two guys immediately as he caught it - not a lot of YAC there - or else diving for it. Other times he was fighting his way to the marker. I like the hands though He came out of college with the reputation of being more a blocking tight end than a receiving TE, I thought This seems to capture the receiving part of what I saw in that highlight film: https://www.nfl.com/pros
  12. I'm sure they teach ballet - and martial arts - in Buffalo
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CN5XjbqJLH1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Good summary
  14. But is he an incredibly powerful Solar Lizard Being?
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