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  1. Cool numbers-and-lines graphic of Taron's Pick 6 up by Sal Capaccio:
  2. Concur. Both teams lost an equal # of points on FG so can't beef there, and I think Josh missed some shots he would have made if the wind weren't nuts
  3. You can see it in this clip. About 30 seconds in. His head bangs off the turf but good.
  4. Center has been a problem for the Ravens all season. Their starter, Matt Skura, got benched in Nov. after struggling with the snap. Obviously Mekari has had his own adventures. You aren't, some others are. I agree overall that right now, the Ravens passing game is limited and represents a gap in their other teams can exploit It was commented when Roman was with the Bills, by some former QBs (not sure who, but I seem to remember more than one), that there were design limitations to Roman's passing game and that what was going on with the QB didn't
  5. I agree, but he made some mistakes that if he had executed, could have won it. Other Ravens players *cough* Mekari *cough* made mistakes. My point is: why not be thrilled that our D "cowboyed up" and we won, instead of dumping on a player who got (unfortunately, and cleanly) injured?
  6. We were there last year. It happens sometimes to good players.
  7. Y'know, this could just be me, but it seems in poor taste to bump this, much less sticky it, when the guy went out injured with the 4Q left to play. How about wander over to the Postgame thread and BE THRILLED THAT WE'RE GOING TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP?
  8. I have a feeling the D heard a bit too much about how they were gonna get shredded I can't say the offense played horrid against the league's #2 defense, but our D was the Star of the Show
  9. Please see the pinned sticky requesting to not start new game related threads during the game.
  10. The problem of the Bills futility is that there have been so many challengers for that “most inane draft move ever” crown 😥
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