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  1. Hapless Bills Fan

    Josh Allen hurdling Anthony Barr

    Got a link? I've been hunting but can't find it
  2. Hapless Bills Fan

    What if the line isn’t that bad?

    Sorry, but we really need to upgrade the OL. Right now, the worst aspect of the line is the run blocking. Last week, our most successful run play had 2 TE on one side, and we really only HAD one really successful running play. Romo commented several times that the Bills were showing they would run by using 2 TE and Holmes (best blocker of their WR) in. That's pretty limiting. Ivory, who got 20 rush attempts, managed a whole 2.8 ypc, and those were very hard fought 2.8 ypc. He got little help from our OL. It's very short sighted if we don't invest in some serious OL improvement.
  3. Hapless Bills Fan

    Foster Drops Another

    I will say this for Foster. On that deep shot Allen took, 1&10 from our own 35 - when you slow it down it's pretty clear that Foster saved an INT. The DB was in much better position on the ball and it looks as though he had his hands on it but Foster either grabbed his arms or knocked it out. Allen should buy Foster a nice steak or summat.
  4. Hapless Bills Fan

    It’s confirmed: Zay Jones is the biggest bust in living memory

    TJ Graham? Seriously? You got a short memory Me, I'm gonna wait until I see the all-22 and see what they were asking Jones to do. The bits I was able to see on the televised film, I saw him laying a competent block that enabled Rayray to pick up 5 yds on a quick dump pass. I saw him running a crosser with quick separation on a play where Allen was sacked. I saw him running a fake end-around correctly and with good timing. I saw him open on a short slant to the right sideline where Allen was looking L for Ivory all the way. There were at least 2 plays where he was running deeper than the televised window and I couldn't see what route he ran or whether or not he was open. And that's just in the first 2 min of the 33 minute condensed game. So yeah, I would have to say someone could be more invisible out there. I can't explain why he's apparently not visible to you.
  5. Hapless Bills Fan

    SNF: Pats at Lions

    I would feel happier if it were 21-0 instead of 13-0
  6. Hapless Bills Fan

    SNF: Pats at Lions

    Does anyone else just get this warm, relaxed happy feeling watching Detroit build a 10-0 lead on the Pats while Tommyboy*** is 2/5 for 6 yards? It just makes me smile
  7. Hapless Bills Fan

    McDermott got angry!

    Dungy and all were talking about it, that absolutely no way can a defender do what they’re being asked to do while they’re trying to sack the QB.
  8. Hapless Bills Fan

    Here comes Rosen

    Haha he probably won’t hurdle again, he’ll come up with some other athletic stunt in the heat of the game
  9. Hapless Bills Fan

    Here comes Rosen

    I bet you’re right, but I also bet McDermott and Daboll would say they never want to see that again from Allen
  10. Hapless Bills Fan

    Here comes Rosen

    Have they acknowledged that or how is this known?
  11. Hapless Bills Fan

    Always a 747??

    KIAG (Niagara Falls Int’l) has a 9,800 ft runway. (used to base fighters) KBUF (Buffalo Niagara Int’l) has a shorter 8,800 ft runway and at this point better approach lighting and instrument approaches Both are more than long enough for a 747 at specified maximum landing weight land (that’s 7,500) but a fully loaded 747 has actually gone in and out of a 6,500 ft runway Prior Aviation is located at Buffalo-Niagara, which is the airport everyone thinks of as “Buffalo”, in Cheektowaga
  12. Hapless Bills Fan

    Always a 747??

    That’s the official name of the Buffalo Airport, Buffalo-Niagara international, KBUF. Niagara falls airport is KIAG
  13. Hapless Bills Fan

    Here comes Rosen

    Picked off!
  14. Hapless Bills Fan

    Here comes Rosen

    Seems that way. Standing on the sideline. Got his helmet on. No trainers in the vicinity.
  15. Hapless Bills Fan

    Here comes Rosen

    Bradford looked like someone just killed his dog. His cute, fluffy dog.