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  1. Hapless Bills Fan

    Met Ryan Fitzpatrick briefly at Busch Gardens Yesterday

    Phillip Rivers chose to do just that - he outfitted a van or SUV into a "QBmobile" equipped with everything he needed for film study to drive back and forth from San Diego, as it made more sense to keep their kids in their schools and keep their current home than to disrupt them with a move to LA. I think his backup QB also stayed in SD so they did the commute together. I don't think Fitz is in the same situation for having the team give him dispensations, but he could easily buy his own Filmmobile and hire his own driver if that worked out better for him. His kids are getting to the point where it's harder for them to move between schools and sports teams and such. I think they have a permanent home in Arizona.
  2. Hapless Bills Fan

    Josh Allen, Sicko Mode !!!

    Mmmm, maybe? 1) Josh took a big-time lickin' against Green Bay. 7 sacks and I don't know how many hits. 2) next week against the Titans, the Bills had a notably run-dominant game plan. 43 rush attempts to only 19 pass attempts by Allen - almost as if Allen's passing was limited and they designed the game plan to give him a break 3) following week, Allen takes a helmet to his elbow that doesn't look that severe of a hit - but could easily have exacerbated an existing injury to "shut him down" point So was it a freak injury, or was Allen actually injured when he was beaten to a pulp in Green Bay, they designed a game plan to protect him and let him play himself healthy vs Tenn, and Houston exacerbated something? Conspiracy theories aside, it's a point that some of the biggest hits QBs take, they take in the pocket especially if the Zebras keep the laundry in their pockets on late or marginal hits. Certainly Sam Bradford would be a textbook example of a guy who has been injured repeatedly doing what a pocket QB does.
  3. Hapless Bills Fan

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    I'm uncertain of your basis for saying this? A number of folks here regularly express reserved judgement or even doubt about both of them. We take crap for it to, but it does get expressed.
  4. Hapless Bills Fan

    Everyone talks OL and WR, but our ST sucked last season

    You lost me right there You're entitled to your opinion, but most people involved in sports indeed think coaching has a huge correlation to performance on the field. In particular, most people would say that whether guys are out of position or miss tackles they are in a position to make and allow a big play has a lot to do with how they are being prepared and coached. Most people would say whether guys commit dumb penalties also has a lot to do with preparation and is hugely influenced by the coaches. Nit, but the first known published use of this quote is actually a Narcotics Anonymous pamplet. The misattribution to Einstein is commonly made, however. https://quoteinvestigator.com/2017/03/23/same/
  5. Hapless Bills Fan

    David Culley (former Bills QB coach) gone- to Ravens

    As far as I know, only coordinators are regarded as a promotion not requiring a team's permission. Assistant HC (again, as far as I know) doesn't cut it.
  6. Hapless Bills Fan

    Gronk retired

    He can read?
  7. Hapless Bills Fan

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    Again, fair enough...why I asked the question. My take on Dawkins is that he did a serviceable job in relief of Glenn in 2017, which led to Glenn being seen as expendable (and possibly also not a great fit for Castillo) I think he looked less serviceable next to the questionmark that was Ducasse and the revolving door of Groy/Bodine/Groy at center than he looked next to two steady vets in Cog and Wood, so maybe with upgrades at LG and center he'd return to serviceable. I had not realized he had such an extensive pedigree at LG.
  8. Hapless Bills Fan

    What do you think the Bills record will be this season?

    Well, I don't want to take up "horse beating", but please keep in mind that slotting Nate Peterman in as the starter at the beginning of the season, and allowing a QB roster of Peterson/Allen to carry into the season, was a GM and coaching decision. Same for the rest of the decisions - on OL for example, via the FA choices made or not made after Wood retired and Cog did whatever he did (yes, there were OLmen available) Surely then the FO bears responsibility for those results?
  9. Hapless Bills Fan

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    OK, fair enough
  10. Hapless Bills Fan

    What do you think the Bills record will be this season?

    In these days of FA and short rookie contracts, if a GM and coach can't get on the winning track in 3 years their plan seems to get called into question. The Bills have to post a winning season this year and look legit in the games they lose. I'm sure I get the "downer" tag for this post, but the fact is, of the Bills 10 losses last year, we lost by less than 2 TD only 5 times. Most of the rest were blowouts - 45, 32 (2x), 22, 19 points. It wasn't just a handful of mistakes, the defense looked sieve-like and the offense looked impotent. Regardless of record, that's the thing that I have to see change to believe we're turning it around.
  11. Hapless Bills Fan

    Met Ryan Fitzpatrick briefly at Busch Gardens Yesterday

    I think that's an easy answer people understand I think there's more to it than that. I think the guy truly loves football and loves to play football. He's a gamer. The guy has an estimated net worth of $24 million at this point. That's more than enough to get richer without getting slammed to the concrete 300-400 times a year
  12. Hapless Bills Fan

    Albright believes Rosen to the Chargers is a real possibility

    Because he was giving his personal opinion (so stated) not reporting on info. No
  13. Hapless Bills Fan

    Albright believes Rosen to the Chargers is a real possibility

    [This is an automated response] The topic title is potentially misleading. Accurate titles help the community find topics relevant to their interests and avoids reader frustration. Please change the topic title to more accurately reflect content of the original post.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you. --------------------------------- Dude he was asked, other than Washington, where do you think Rosen could wind up? Albright responds: "I would suggest the Chargers as a more likely destination for Rosen. ...IF he were to be moved." That's a long cry from "Rosen to Chargers is on its way" Edit ya title please
  14. Hapless Bills Fan

    What am I missing about Jared Cook?

    Gronk can block. IMO some of his blocking was key to NE championship this year. That would be....unfortunate if true. People who own several businesses can easily find a good job for a guy, they don't need to influence FO or coaching decisions to make him one of 53 men on an NFL roster.
  15. Hapless Bills Fan

    Tim Graham Defends Mike Rodak. Says Bills Fans Treat Him Unfairly

    I'm not sure who you're referencing as "our most vocal anti-Sully member ...who now goes out of his way to listen to Sully" but that's neither here nor there. It's a great point that what fans really want a better team. But there are folks who never saw a Bills move that wasn't bad, and some of them write for the media. Sully lost me when he wrote several columns in early fall 2011, while Fitzpatrick was hot hot hot and the Bills were 4-1 then 5-2, about the short-sightedness of the Bills FO not wrapping him up long term. He wrote about the contract that it was fair to both sides. Then when Fitzpatrick tanked the rest of the season, Sully wrote about how stupid the Bills were to prematurely give him that contract. Clearly the Bills were stupid to him no matter what they did. That stuck in my mind (and craw). I think Tim Graham is a good writer, especially some of his feature pieces were great. It is part of our TOS " If you post breaking news - reference your sources! " I think most here understand that sources can't always be named, and generally, when someone says "I do have a source within the Bills, but I can't out him here" that's OK with most for a while (until the guy is proven BSer).