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  1. I read one source that said "light strength training can begin 2-3 months after surgery"
  2. So what's a typical timeline for a torn pec? Mongo had surgery July 31. This article from Billswire implies he's only been out 3 weeks, but it's been 8 weeks since his surgery as of yesterday.
  3. I had the impression SAR is actually a known troll account, parodying the homer fans
  4. I'm gonna go with the Jags worse, for narrative. For my opinion, I think the Dolphins are a young team and will lose some they could win, but they're going to give every team a hellacious fight and win some.
  5. Am I the only one "F5"ing for news of CB workouts/signings by Bills? Bills CB depth is looking like "boardinghouse peanutbutter" right now....SPREAD MIGHTY THIN!
  6. Wow, fantastic story! Guy with the right priorities who truly put Family First!
  7. The 49ers built up a 21-3 lead with Garappolo in the first half. I don't say the Jets have a great D, but it's not garbage. If you're looking for the bottom of the league, I say look elsewhere, but Time will Tell.
  8. 🤷‍♂️ In general, habits are hard to change. Muscle memory in athletes is hard to change. Processing ability is hard to change. There's a list of starting QB in the NFL whose accuracy and ability to read the field unquestionably improved in the NFL. The list would include Steve Young (traded by his first team, "bust"), Drew Brees (first team drafted Phillip Rivers 'cuz they thought Brees couldn't play), Ryan Fitzpatrick (took him 5 years of playing in the league to crack 60% completions), Matt Stafford (3 years to crack 60%, 6 years to stay there consistently), Alex Smith (from "top 10 bust list" to solid starter - just took 6 years) - I'm sure I can think of others. Sam Bradford, perhaps. Then there are QB like Case Keenum, Nick Foles, and perhaps Mitch Trubisky who can have an all-world year with the right OC and talent around them, but regress badly when too many changes are made. Last, there are QB like Matt Schaub, Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, and yes, Pat Mahomes who looked very good once they started - but who sat on the bench 1-4 years before they stepped on the field as a starter. Would they have looked the same if they started right away? We'll never know. Of course, there is a much longer lists of QB who had "steps to take" coming into the NFL and who failed to take those steps. Allen is considered suspect by the "stats geeks" because unlike many of the other QBs named above, he didn't complete a high percentage of his passes in college. Ironically, the same stats mavens who claim to separate the effect of the talent around the QB from the QB's performance don't seem able to do this for Allen in college. Allen didn't follow the path of Russ Wilson, who actually changed programs from NC State to Wisconsin and saw his completions jump 15%. The bottom line IMO is no one as yet has figured out a way to measure heart and determination and their impact on what a QB can become. As far as one can tell, Allen is doing all the right things - his offseasons include sitting on the beach and golfing, but also clearly include intense work on his craft. And he seems to come back better each year. It's really IMO not worth getting in a lather about. Allen has already confounded most of his pre-draft critics who seemed to predict he'd have no success at all. Playoffs, Baby. Either his heart and determination and intelligence will allow him to solidify his improvements, or they won't. I'm betting on the former, but if someone wants to bet on the latter they have some history on their side. The other possibility is that if he keeps trucking linebackers and DLmen, he won't last in the league. The Jets offense is looking like a hot mess. The Jets defense is in the middle of the pack, which is actually fairly impressive given that they lost a couple of their best players and that their offense hasn't given them much help.
  9. I edited. Works now. Sometimes one has to post, then edit and hit "enter" after the link. I don't know why hitting "enter" work in the original posting doesn't work, but boards work in mysterious ways sometimes.
  10. That's good to know, actually. Last year I felt Kroft was too slow and his footwork too sluggish for this, but he was working his way back from injury so perhaps this year he is back "on form"! I don't think anyone can argue that fundamental point. Some might argue the ratios, and truly they are to be determined this season. TE is one position where I had fervently wished we'd upgraded this season. Well, RB as well - I had hopes for Moss, we'll see.
  11. On the pattern where Beas showed pain and frustration by drop-kicking the football (and I think we know now who our emergency punter might be) - HE STILL MADE THE CATCH.
  12. Wishful Thinking on both sides: https://pro32.ap.org/article/donald-says-bills-dont-need-double-teams-im-just-guy From the Bills: Aaron Donald chuckled when he was told Buffalo offensive coordinator Brian Daboll jokingly suggested that the Bills' best chance against the Los Angeles Rams' dominant defensive tackle was if he missed the bus to their game Sunday. Among his many other sterling qualities, Donald is also never late. “I’m always early,” Donald said Thursday. “I’m always probably the first one on the bus, first one on the football field.” From the Rams: Donald then smiled and did his best to disguise his intentions for Buffalo. “I would think we could just not worry about me and just let me play,” Donald said. “Don’t give me any other attention. You ain’t got to slide, you ain’t got to double-team me, nothing. Let’s all play football fair, just one on one, and don’t have any of that.” “I’m just a guy," Donald said with a smile. “You ain’t got to worry about me.” So just for the record: Memo to Coach Daboll: Aaron Donald will most assuredly be On That Bus Memo to Aaron Donald: I don't know if they'll worry about you, but they most assuredly will be giving you extra attention. It's Sheep Week in Buffalo! Sheer the Sheep!
  13. https://www.nfl.com/news/ryan-fitzpatrick-after-win-i-feel-like-the-luckiest-guy-in-the-world Fitz is just having fun, and it's great to see.
  14. I was also impressed by Robinson. The Dolphins are a well-coached team.
  15. #1 Gilliam is listed as a TE, not a fullback. Maybe there's a reason for that? #2 TE differ in their blocking vs pass catching abilities His blocking may very well improve, but most rookies seem to have a learning curve around the speed and power of the NFL game.
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