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  1. That makes sense to me So Bills have no motivation to tip their hand with IR or PS callups until Saturday Oct 30th, by which time they will have a lot of info on how Knox hand is healing. This is where we find out if Beane & Co knew what TF they were doing when they kept Sweeney over Hollister.
  2. MLJ Sighting!!!! So we have a good Miami ESPN reporter who cultivates sources saying "Nope!" and a Houston reporter of some distinction putting the info out there.
  3. Why pull the trigger right now? I will say in case anyone else was interested, the recent moves to cut Andre Roberts (now a Charger) and Whitney Mercilus (now a Packer) were NOT cap saving moves for the Texans to "make room" for an estimated $16.2M cap hit from Watson's roster bonus (though maybe they can put some of that off until next year now). As far as I can tell, both moves are at best about cap-neutral - both players had "voidable years" amortizing their signing bonus into 2022, but (assuming they have offset language which prevents them from double dipping) the savings from their remaining salaries roughly equals next year's signing bonus at this point. If they don't have offset language, then the Texans lost a couple million of cap space.
  4. Anyone know when a team has to place a player on IR in order for the next game they would have played (if not on IR) to count?
  5. I feel the same was true earlier in the game - there was a 3rd and 5 in the RZ I think where he wound up throwing the ball away. He had Moss in the flats with a ton of green grass in front of him. Moss gets up a head of steam and even if he's tackled behind the line of gain, chances are good he churns his legs and gets the 1st down. Josh needs to learn to take what the defense is serving up to him on a fine China platter I think your interpretation is accurate, but there's a ***** ton of good stuff in there about a bunch of the good things Allen did. Yeah, Kubiak doesn't say this, but it spotlights the Elephant in the Room - that the real problem was that 31 points wasn't enough.
  6. This week's Jim Kubiak Analysis from TBN https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/jim-kubiak-how-bills-used-unique-rpo-concepts-how-titans-made-josh-allen-uncomfortable/article_74cf078c-3136-11ec-81e1-7f49b77924f9.html Some interesting breakdown of Daboll's use of RPOs early in the game. Key assessment of the 4th and inches play (Kubiak incorrectly calls it "fourth and goal"): For those who say it never should have come to that on the 2nd to last drive, Kubiak appears to agree with you: Kubiak ends "Allen and the Bills were still the better team, despite the loss." I don't know that I can agree; game has 3 phases and our D was a sieve. We need to be better there. The article has great video clips and play diagrams and is well worth the trial subscription IMHO. (Full disclosure some people have complained it is an ad-riddled, slow to load bad website but it behaves perfectly for me. I do use ad blockers on my 'puter and the latest iOS on my idevices.)
  7. He won't, but I do appreciate the sentiment. I hate like hell that we lost that one.
  8. This is great. Knox "shot putted" the pass to Allen!!!! https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3389633/ultimate-football-guy-move-bills-te-dawson-knox-broke-a-bone-in-his-hand-didnt-leave-the-game-until-he-threw-a-successful-2-point-conversion My favorite part of that film clip is Mike Vrabel's expression after the play.
  9. I would take the word of people on the Bills or who are in contact with Knox over Dr. David Chao. Upthread we heard 3-4 weeks, which does not make IR unreasonable. Yolo just posted a bout a similar injury with a timeframe 2-4 weeks. So it's a tradeoff between having him possibly miss a game he could play (that 3rd game), vs. having another player on the roster for 2 games Knox will miss if not IR'd and able to make the earlier timeline. Chao has an...ahem.."colorful" past: "he had two alcohol-related driving incidents, was subject to a DEA investigation, was reportedly sued 20 times between 1998-2011 and the NFLPA demanded he step down as a result of repeated negligence" "In 2010, DEA agents searched Chao’s offices because they alleged he had written 108 prescriptions to himself since 2008. The probe eventually closed without charges when he was, “now in compliance.” "In 2013, two San Diego-area hospitals barred him from performing surgery on the premises." (I don't think hospitals ever revoke a physician's privileges without strong cause) Whether or not you're troubled by the new celebrity status of someone with that past, the point remains that he's "diagnosing from afar" with "not getting any leaked information from people inside the league." Details make a difference in the timing of return from injury. The Bye week doesn't count in either case, so I expect the Bills to wait until after the Bye and see how he's progressing, they don't have a need to make a decision until they decide if they need space on the 53 man roster.
  10. Looking over at "Bye Week Update" (Thanks @YoloinOhio) we already worked a guy out today - though I wouldn't call him a veteran backup exactly, but he's kicked around the league a year or so.
  11. Just might be *g* No seriously - paging @Mr. WEO, this is to his lane, and just my understanding subject to correction. There are two major reasons to have immediate surgery on your hand: 1) you smashed the ***** out of the thing and need surgery to put the pieces in the same zip code with each other and keep them there 2) you're an elite athlete and you hope to speed healing by fixing the bones in optimal alignment and providing extra strength and support while they heal Everyone else gets stuck in a cast for a couple weeks while the swelling goes down and a better assessment takes place. Given what's been said about the timeline I'm guessing Knox is in the 2nd category. I've heard of athletes getting back on the field in as little as 2 weeks post surgery, but that wasn't a sport with as high, violent contact as football. We heard 3-4 weeks, but I'm guessing he'll maybe be able to take the cast or brace off and start doing PT in 2-3 weeks and he'll need a couple of weeks to strengthen and recover - and he'll probably have to figure out how to play in some kind of a brace or support for a few weeks longer. My kid had a custom-molded hand splint that was made to allow her to play the flute when she broke a finger playing volleyball. She successfully auditioned for State band that year, wearing the brace. No worries, like I said the other thread had drifted............... into an argument about Lamar Jackson (of all things)!
  12. I think Vrabel felt he had all the intel he needed from our former champion sideline cape-twirler That...was a Good one. Not limited to this thread: https://heavy.com/sports/buffalo-bills/bobby-hart-titans/ Tennessee Titans Steal Veteran OL From Bills’ Practice Squad: Report But then there's this, written with the author's tongue firmly impacted in his cheek: https://thebuffalofanatics.com/universally-beloved-buffalo-bill-bobby-hart-signed-by-titans/ That had nothing to do with it. People who pull crap like that get smacked down promptly and 26CB knew it.
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