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  1. Building a winning culture with high-character guys

    Badol, At one point in the game yesterday, the Jags were up 21-0. Yes, there was one INT in there, but at the point, it was largely the D not demonstrating any ability to stop Jax. Be fair, Big Ben had to sling it to give them a chance and get them back in it.
  2. Bradford will be the Available Viking QB

    You aren't listening
  3. I have never wished another player to be injured, but watching Gronkowski use the brace he's allowed to wear as a club to attack Tre White after the whistle seems to have changed something in me. If the Jags did unto Brady as they did unto Taylor, face mask followed by slamming his head into the ground then elbowing it, I would not be sad. And if one of those human clubs on the Jags DL takes out Gronk, a sad little scumbag part of me would be wearing a sh*t eating smile. Those are my depths
  4. If it’s my pick here is the Bills next QB

    Tell me what "average QB" means to you, please. Or so-so QB. I don't think all that many teams are letting their current QB walk. The Redskins may transition tag Cousins for ~$28M but they get no compensation if he gets other offers they can't match - and he's going to get offers, carefully structured to be sure they can't match. Franchise tagging him again is $34.5M or something like that. They can do it - but why? They're kind of out of options with him if he doesn't want to sign a contract with them. The Chiefs are in Cap Hell. They have a young QB they just drafted and their choice of players to trade or cut and meet cap is basically Alex Smith, Alex Smith, or Alex Smith. Especially if the Vikes win the NFC championship, it's kind of gonna be hard to let Keenum walk. Even getting to the AFC game, ditto with Bortles. I'm not sure what "average QB" or "so so QB" means to you, but hopefully you can see that Smith and Cousins should really not be compared to Fitzpatrick.
  5. If it’s my pick here is the Bills next QB

    That's sarcasm right? DangeRuss sarcasm? Who? Your response got separated from the post it likely answered.
  6. Brian Daboll hired as new OC

    Which might be a reason to hire a guy who isn't as entrenched in his ways, and who recently showed success working with two different QB (we hope) I thought part of the complaint was that his game plan was too complex and that he was unwilling to be collaborative or take input from either his position coaches or from above. IOW, he selected too many plays out of his playbook for the team to learn and practice effectively during the week, and he wasn't willing to take input on which to leave out. Edit: that's just what I've heard, no idea if it's true. Lynn said the best advice he got when he took over was "draw up your game plan then throw half the plays out"
  7. Daboll's preferred offense and QB.

    It's entirely possible that Daboll felt he was being strung along and got fed up waiting. It could have gone like this: 2014: "stay with the organization, Brian. McDaniels will leave for a HC gig after the SB and you'll get your shot" Daboll: "thanks, Bill" 2015: "stay with the organization, Brian McDaniels needs to build his resume next year with another win, and you'll get your shot" Daboll: "I understand Bill" 2016: "stay with the organization, Brian, McDaniels will leave for a HC gig after the SB and you'll get your shot" Daboll: "Eff waiting, I have a resume to build of my own" Of course the question was whether it was then "Bye Felicia!" or "Good luck, and we'll keep you in mind when we have an opening"
  8. Bradford will be the Available Viking QB

    Things wind up in the Goodwill Store for various reasons. Sometimes they're very high-quality things with a serious flaw.
  9. A Giants fan opinion of a Pats*-Eagles Super Bowl

    That was wonderful. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that's the point
  10. Bills getting some offseason love from ESPN.

    If Dareus is lights out next season, I think fans have to treat this like the case of an ex-lover who treated you like crap, and is now all Little Ms (or Mr) Right for somebody else. Yeah, it sucks that they couldn't hold down a job, show up for your dates on time, and make heads turn when they got there instead of ordering crap of HSN in their PJs on your credit, standing you up, and slouching into the bar in their Kmart sweats with lank greasy hair. But the fact is, whatever the reason, they did not have their act together for you and were not going to give you their best, so Get Over Them and move on. I came to this realization whilst butt-hurt over Lynch. Well that, and in Dareus case, it might help that he's playing now with two all-pro DLmen.
  11. Bills getting some offseason love from ESPN.

    Do people even flash neurons at some of what they write here? I agree that McBeane deserve credit for rebuilding the secondary and bringing in some quality depth on D. If they thought they could find players who did as well or better, woot! They did it. So I have no quarrel with them for moving on from Gilmore and trading Darby. But Darby was on his freakin' rookie contract. He's getting $800k this year and had no dead cap. That's practically minimum salary. And the guy's contributing on the team contending for the NFC championship, it's hard to say he's underachieving for his rate of pay.
  12. Bradford will be the Available Viking QB

    It's entirely possible Keenum could regress to Matt Cassel. He does have a bit more track record playing in the league before this year, and it has its Cassel-like aspects especially last year with the Rams. But from what I saw Sunday, his WR have made him. Not just getting open, but that Diggs guy has a vertical leap like a volley or basketball player. He's listed as 6'0" (maybe- if he slept on a board) and he's playing like he's 6'5". They are contesting for quite a few balls that would be INTs or incompletions with another wideout. In another post, I sarcastically said Keenum should look at Diggs and Thielen and quote Ruth 1:16. I was not kidding. In contrast this year, Eli Manning's WR have been playing like crap. In the few games I saw, when they weren't failing to haul in catchable balls, they were deflecting them into the hands of opposing players. Looks to me like their WR corps has degraded to Odell Beckham and NEXT! Keenum wouldn't look good there, even if the Vikes are willing to let him go. OTOH, if you put Eli Manning with Keenum's guys, we just might be writing about his amazing resurgence. Same logic applies to our Bills. Upgrade the WR or prepare to be disappointed, no matter what Hot Young Hand we bring in.
  13. Bradford will be the Available Viking QB

    Bradford's knees aren't an issue of pass protection. In 2014, he was lost in the pre-season on the closest thing you can get to a non-contact injury. Essentially the Browns tackler was blocked into him and they kind of hugged briefly, then Bradford stepped away and crumpled to the turf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dOqytc5n_0 A Philly fan site put together his full injury history as of the Philly trade (I think some early details are wrong, as he was active for 16 games in 2010) http://gcobb.com/2015/07/14/sam-bradfords-disturbing-five-year-injury-history/ Basically, the man has been playing in the league 7 years, and he's had 3 years where he made it through >14 games. And the concerns go beyond knees - he's lost games due to other injuries. Those aren't good odds, folks. Is he a crappy QB or a "down arrow", I don't think so. Whether or not you agree, the primary concern is whether available, or whether he's an arrow pointing to "IR". The problem I would have with that, were I a Vikings fan, is that your backup, to be worth carrying, had better be a durable guy whose availability you can count on. With Bradford, he could go out for the season taking snaps in training camp, or dropping back on the Scout team, or the first time he's hit when he comes into the game.
  14. Trade Up? What it would take

    I know, right? And the other three are still in the league, though questions about the remaining "shelf life" of one of them. (I think if you gave him a better OL and WR who can catch, he'd be fine)
  15. I'll be first to ask: Would you fire Mike Tomlin?

    Oh, I agree - and ultimately, the buck for all decisions stops with the HC. I do think Haley has persuaded the whole organization to go with his analytics/probability based approach, and I think if Haley hadn't made so many goofball calls, it wouldn't have come down to an onside kick. But fundamentally the Steelers problem with that game is that their defense was facing a "meh" offense with a great RB, and they couldn't shut it down.