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  1. At someone's suggestion, used win % instead of wins to correct for bye weeks. Moves things around a little bit, and makes it harder to ID teams so I labeled em. Bills looking better with a solid win over the Dolphins. Things starting to tighten up, and some teams starting to pull away on the rest. Sorted by net points, can clearly be seen that Dallas is out-performing their W/L record. Either an easy schedule or they are a team to watch. NE, for all Brady***'s whinging, is still at the top of the pack with the Ravens+ and SF right behind them. +Do you guys know the difference between a Raven and a Crow? One has 8 pinion feathers while the other has 7. So you see, the difference between a Raven and a Crow is just a matter of a pinion.
  2. https://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41085314-4 Apparently the Bills think it prudent to look around: Per source, the Bills have worked out offensive tackles Brian Mihalik, Sam Young, Caleb Benenoch and Corey Robinson. Buffalo also brought in guard Austin Pasztor. Right tackle Ty Nsekhe left Sunday's win over the Dolphins with an ankle injury, which Sean McDermott said the team was still doing tests on during his press conference Monday. Nskehe's leg was immobilized before he was carted off the field but there have been no further updates as to what exactly his injury is. Marcel Louis-Jacques, ESPN16m ago
  3. I think, on this one, you shoulda stopped there If anyone in the game of football has earned the right to choose his course for himself, that would be Alex Smith He decides when the fork is stuck in him and the game is over - no one else If he wants to come back and he physically can, I hope he does If he wants to enjoy life with his wife and kids, I hope he does
  4. The Ravens? They did draft higher. Picked TE Hayden Hurst at #25 before trading back into the 1st at #32 for Jackson
  5. Um, what about Andrews and Boyle? Seems to me what's giving teams fits about Baltimore is a 3-headed snake. Take away Ingram, Jackson either takes off or tosses it somewhere in the vicinity of Andrews, who sucks it in and rumbles his 6'5, 260 lb ass over people at a pretty good clip. There must be a solution - 3 teams beat 'em - but it's a legit matchup problem. He's the same size as Edmunds.
  6. Nice writeup, Shaw. I thought you had one of the more measured and realistic takes after the Browns game and this is even better. I have one question: Since Tre'davious White is a key player in our secondary, while Tremaine Edmunds is a key player in our front 7.... Does that mean the Bills defense is "Tre to Tre"? I'm here all week. Tip your waitress.
  7. There was one episode noted after a really dumb INT in the Pats game, where Daboll came over and was yelling at Josh and McDermott had to position himself between them and back Daboll off. But one episode seen in Week 4 really doesn't explain a move in Week 11. "If you hear hooves, Don't Think of Zebras". McDermott made it clear: the offense needs to score more points. Change is needed. He also made it clear they would "examine" the "operational issue" that required the Bills to huddle up and waste time on that final drive in the Browns game. Given McDermott's style, I expect that he sat down with Daboll and a pile of analytics and took a brainstorming /question asking approach and they came up with several things to try. One of them was clearly "run up-tempo", which is best supported by 1) putting Daboll in the box so he can make quicker observations and call plays more quickly 2) limiting offensive substitutions I expect it was also felt that having Daboll in the box would have streamlined whatever the "operational issue" was that caused the huddle-up. Daboll was noted for screaming in Colt McCoy's helmet radio during his tenure as Browns' OC, so if going off at Allen on the sidelines is an issue, I'm not sure putting Daboll further away would help. He can scream just as well on the sideline phone or in Allen's helmet, if he wants to scream. Buffalo Rumblings is a pretty good fan site, but what does Buffalo Rumblings have to do with this "Cold Front Report" thing?
  8. Yeah.....did you look up "Cold Front Report"? https://coldfrontreport.com/meet-the-team Yeah, three fans - one living in CT, one 3 hrs from B'lo, and a Welding major from Alfred State just screams "plugged in source" to me. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  9. OK, so the investigation could be wrapping up. Decision time for the Pats. I don't think Belichick**** is quite satisfied. Tommy Boy ain't quite satisfied and if Tommy's not quite satisfied, Billy's not quite satisfied. Wait. Maybe I should reword that? 🤔
  10. Yes. A major effort to reform officiating and improve its consistency is long overdue.
  11. He hasn't shown up and talked to the league yet. League gonna look pretty much no-account if they let him dis them off and not even talk to 'em after making a thing that's holding the investigation open.
  12. Orlando Pace. I just need to pause to admire that guy, as a football player and a man. Ahhhhhh. I now return y'all to your regular programs.
  13. AB is still under investigation by the NFL as of mid-October https://www.masslive.com/patriots/2019/10/roger-goodell-offers-vague-update-on-status-of-antonio-brown-investigation.html Last I heard, the failure of AB to meet with the investigators is one factor holding the investigation open and he ought to be aware of that: https://sports.yahoo.com/source-antonio-brown-hasnt-interviewed-with-nfl-investigators-leaving-leagues-probe-open-indefinitely-063528904.html At present, AB is not on the commissioner's exempt list, but the League specifically said they would re-visit that if he signed with a team “Antonio Brown was released today by the New England Patriots and is currently an unrestricted free agent,” the NFL said in its statement. “Our office is presently investigating multiple allegations, some of which are the subject of pending litigation. We have as yet made no findings regarding these issues. The investigation is ongoing and will be pursued vigorously and expeditiously. “As long as Mr. Brown is a free agent, placement on the Commissioner’s exempt list is not appropriate. If he is signed by a club, such placement may become appropriate at any time depending on the status of the investigation. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, he may also be subject to discipline if the investigation finds that he has violated the law or league policies.” See above. Unclear. At this point with an open investigation (with which AB has not cooperated), I would think a club that signs him, sees him go straight onto the Exempt list.
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