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  1. Where do the 30 mph winds come into it? Many deep passes I've seen, including successful deep passes, involve the QB getting hit just after he threw it. I'd like to understand the source of the info that "in almost every instance, such passes end up short"
  2. I guess I care? Underneath all the trash and turmoil, he is presumably a human, not an advanced reptilian solar lizard being It's kind of painful to watch someone with so much talent for a game I love crash like this.
  3. I think targets vs drops might be being conflated here. There are a lot of things that go into completion percentage for a receiver - what kind of routes is he being asked to run, for example? Are there route options and if so, to what degree are the QB and receiver on the same page about what option he’ll run/what pass the QB will throw? It’s kind of notable that Hopkins catch # was about the same Watson’s first year and with Watson throwing to him, then skyrocketed. That’s either the offense fine-tuning what works well between them, or Watson and Hopkins getting in sync on their route options. A couple of the QB throwing to Hopkins during his first seasons had higher completion % overall than to Hopkins; it’s far too simple to just say “it’s the QB”
  4. Interesting; I missed that. In Manziel’s case, though, self-medicating with booze and social drugs was a clear additional factor - not that they aren’t in play with AB
  5. I put it out there if Beane contemplates a move to trade Poyer, McDermott takes him to the mat in a cross-face cradle until he re-contemplates I also put it out there, I am NOT the one who made these observations but if it’s correct that Spain is just a fraction slow in the initial pass pro block and Dawkins/Morse are helping him (and we know the Titans upgraded LG from Spain to Saffold to “free Henry”), Spain needs upgrade. Do we know whether Ford can play LG and how Mongo compares on the L vs R side?
  6. And others don't see how it makes sense to dredge up the history of the Bills as an organization for every decision this FO makes There ya go.
  7. Negative, hence the interior quote Apparently so. Set it free; if it doesn't come back, it was never truly yours in the first place
  8. I honestly don't know, sorry; I'm simply responding to @Reed83HOF 'take' on what Beane said that we want guys who can make the roster hence we may not need all our 9 draft picks - of which 5 are 5th or 6th round, plus what Beane explicitly said in the presser about there being a couple Edge in the draft who could definitely come in and start, but "those guys usually go fast". I don't think Beane is "locked in" on any course of action at present; I think it's going to depend upon the results of their scouting combined with what they can accomplish in FA.
  9. So when does the statute of limitations on Bills mistakes by FO personnel who are no longer with them run out? When they leave the Bills? When they pass on? Never?
  10. 1) track record of poor impulse control 2) track record of thought patterns that spiral situations further and further out of control 3) likely to be surrounding himself with yes-men (or women) who will not question or re-direct his thought patterns or impulsive behavior 4) has behaved in a way to alienate or divest himself close relationships with people who might check his behavior such as agents, coaches, teammates etc. 5) likely to have firearms on the premises
  11. https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/22/new-york-giants-legend-carl-banks-pleads-with-nflpa-help-antonio-brown/ Sounds like others are having the same thought: Help is something retired New York Giants legend Carl Banks pleaded for on Tuesday, encouraging the NFLPA and DeMaurice Smith to step in and assist Brown before things reach the point of no return. Dear @DeSmithNFLPA @NFLPA , I know that Antonio Brown is not on a current roster, but for the sake of all of "us" current and former players PLEASE assist (within your purview) in getting him the professional help he needs. Sincerely, Carl Banks — Carl Banks (@CarlBanksGIII) January 21, 2020
  12. I'm afraid I had kind of the same thought: this might not end well for AB
  13. You're such a sweetie-pie! I myself would prefer that Kroft break someone else's, or as the more common football idiom goes, their knees.
  14. https://buffalonews.com/2020/01/22/buffalo-bills-daryle-lamonica-alumni-josh-allen-afl-championships-raiders/ may be paywall; free trial On his nickname: “When I heard that nickname, I didn’t like it much,” Lamonica says. “I thought, ‘What a dumb name; it sounds like I don’t know where I’m throwing the ball.’ The next week, I get under center and I make eye contact with the cornerback – and he backs up three steps. And I thought, ‘Well, OK, I like that.’ ” On Josh Allen: "Daryle Lamonica likes Josh Allen, because of course he does. “He reminds me of me,” the Mad Bomber says. The similarities are striking: Strong arm? Check. Strong personality? Check. Strong ties to the neighboring Northern California communities of Fresno and Firebaugh? Check and check."
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