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  1. Specifically: there are currently 3 players signed between pick 70 and pick 99 (Devin Singletary is one; a third just signed recently) Something about the rookie cap and later 3rd round picks - more negotiating room, apparently https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/draft/round-3/ Pink is "estimated contract"
  2. This is a great post. Here's a thought question to frame it differently: If you look at the teams whose offense is taking the largest numbers of sacks, are they the best offenses in the league, or a the worst? Typically, it's the latter. So if sacks don't matter, why is it teams that take a lot of them tend to have poor offenses? The way I'd put it is that sacks are an important component of a great defense, but they matter in context. Some defenses rack up sacks at the expense of gap discipline and containing the run. That was a Pettine trademark IMO. People are always saying sh** like "blitz every play, sack Brady!" but there's truth to the saying "live by the blitz, die by the blitz". You blitz, you leave a coverage gap, and no one can exploit that like Brady. On the other hand, when there's pressure that disrupts the QB and consistent coverage, then you get sacks which are less about having hair-raising edge rushers and more about coverage.
  3. Jay Skurski has a really good Q&A with Tre on TBN. (paywall) https://buffalonews.com/2019/05/23/buffalo-bills-nfl-tredavious-white-skurski/ Couple key points: 1) points out that Tre's passes defensed numbers seemed to take a step back because he just wasn't thrown at as much: " As a rookie, White was targeted 81 times, according to analytics website Pro Football Focus. That number dropped to 52 times in 2018. White's coverage snaps per reception was 17.5, according to PFF, which ranked fifth in the NFL among 80 players who were in on at least 350 coverage snaps. Simply put, quarterbacks just didn't throw White's way as much last season. " 2) Tre says he got too caught up on taking a guy out at times: "When I was shadowing guys, I sort of lost focus of the whole defense and just got into one-on-one battles. That's never good, because you leave your teammates out to dry sometimes. It's a selfish way to play, because you're going out there and you just want to dominate this one guy when overall there's a defensive scheme that you have to follow. ........Going into this year, whenever I'm trailing guys, I won't let that happen." Team game 3) On Vontae: "I know him on a personal level, and we still text to this day. He's one of those guys you always root for....... The conversations we've had, I understood where he was coming from when he made that move. A lot of people wouldn't because they don't know everything that goes into it, so they just think he quit on the team, but ultimately it was just a lot of things that he had going on. He had to step away from the game because he felt like his life and his future and his well-being was overall bigger than the game of football, which is true." True, Tre, maybe he had reasons, even good reasons, but he still quit on the team by retiring at halftime. I guess that's the "thin blue line" thing, don't expect one guy to critique a guy in the same line of work
  4. Take off your shirt, apparently. https://twitter.com/rafsanchez/status/1130362811069149189 The story is that ultra-Orthodox Jews were protesting the Eurovision Contest being held on Saturday. They blocked the street and fought with police officers sent to un-block it A small group of women then stripped down to their upper undergarmets, sending the Haredim fleeing
  5. Durrrrrr...Allen at 17? What jersey number does he wear?
  6. On the one hand, I have a lot of sympathy for your point of view. On the other hand, having myself to deal with two family members who have diagnosed neuropsychological deficits - if the ability to control himself is just gone, erased by neurological damage, it's kind of a slippery slope. He may not be able to control aspects of his own actions. It gets difficult to parse. On the one hand, one can probably take responsibility for being aware that one has a deficit, and avoiding situations which involve that deficit. On the other hand, if the ability to think clearly and acknowledge deficits is gone... Like I said, in general I'm with you, but disease processes that affect thinking and decision making do create a fuzzy line. If you don't get what I'm saying, then likely you have never have a family member with a head injury or psychiatric disorder, or an elder going into dementia and I hope you don't.
  7. I don't like to make excuses, but this is so "out there" that one has to wonder if he's "right in the haid". I believe socially inappropriate behavior and inability to control impulses are one symptom dementias can take.
  8. Direct link to Joe B piece from media attendence at OTA (Yolo linked tweet above, links embedded in tweets don't work for some): https://www.wkbw.com/sports/bills/joe-b-7-observations-from-buffalo-bills-otas-week-1
  9. When they do surgery, the intent is normally to shorten the healing time
  10. What team is he on again? If Gruden is fooled.....😂 FIFY He must be absolutely great at simulating the appearance of competence when it's not for-real
  11. Good stuff! When you got a QB who is willing to sling it, never going to eliminate those INTs. But it's pretty clear he could improve a lot if he cut back on the "Hero Ball" and took more of what the defense was giving him (checkdowns)
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