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  1. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    I’ll belly up for my helping of crow if needed but I don’t think the Giants are going to draft a QB at #2 and I don’t think 4 QB go in the top 10 It is possible they will trade with someone who will, but I think it is equally possible (depending upon what the Browns do) that they draft elsewhere. The Jets are pretty clearly throwing down the gauntlet to the Browns “draft a QB at #4 and you’re picking at best the 2nd QB off the board.
  2. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    Uh Joe - the Jets were already picking in the top 10. Whether they trade for #3 or pick at #6, they’re still just picking 1 QB. So are the Browns. It’s possible (though from draft history unlikely) that 4 QB will be drafted in the top 10, but I’m not sure this changes the odds.
  3. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    I personally think Beane said what he meant and meant what he said about having an initial set but re-setting in April after pro days, team visits etc YMMV
  4. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    There’s a very effective way to obfuscate/prevaricate and that’s to tell the exact truth as you see it at this moment. Beane is a master of this. I think he’s telling the exact truth-they haven’t set their board or finished FA and he doesn’t know with certainty at this point if they will trade up
  5. I say we will not draft a QB round 1

    They can indeed. That's the flaw in the whole "trade up for the QB we want" plan - whether teams will trade with us. On the other hand, both the Jets and Broncos have plenty of other holes, and they also both just invested more than we have in the QB position. That could be a "tell" that they're planning to take someone they think will need more development time. As a screen, I don't think McCarron is very smoky. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a good signing, I'm glad we signed him. But he's not a "proven starter" along the lines of Keenum, McCown, Bridgewater, Bradford, Taylor. I don't think teams without an immediate glaring need typically spend draft capital to move up. Coaches want to win or they're gone, so the motivation is strong if you have a QB you think is "good enough", to put pieces around him. That said, I loathe the "one of those 4 might make it to us at 12!" notion. The top 4-5 QB are very different guys with different strengths, weaknesses, and development trajectories. We really shouldn't be happy with "one of those 4". We should evaluate 1, maybe 2, as "the man", and do everything we can do to go after him. Settling for the 4th QB off the board was not a big win for us before.
  6. I say we will not draft a QB round 1

    Now you're just trolling.
  7. Random Babble From a Rabble

    Unless of course, the guy at #4 is the QB you wanted, he succeeds in the NFL and has a HOF career supported through most of it by his HOF running back. Then it would be brilliant. It would have to rely on some pretty careful intel - that, say, one or both of the teams at #2 and #3 don't plan to take a QB, and don't plan to trade out, and/or that the teams most likely to trade up and take a QB favor a different guy than you favor. The way Hue Jackson talked and was so definite that Tyrod is his starter, it wouldn't shock me if their #1 is someone who needs to sit.
  8. I was responding to your comparison of EJ and Allen, saying EJ was surrounded by 5 star talent and would have been super-crappy if he spent 3 years at Wyoming. Maybe. I'm not equipped to compare the talent level in Florida 2012 and Wyoming 2017. My point is just as they were surrounded by different levels of talent on their O, they were also facing different levels of talent. Maybe if Allen were facing tougher D in a different conference, he would have looked super crappy even with more talent around him. We can't tell, that's why it's kind of a pointless exercise.
  9. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    It didn't come off as deliberate or purposeful to me. He talked the same way at his post-pro day workout and in the combine interview. It came off as that's just the way he talks, as though he's brainstorming for a 5 page essay and pouring out every concept that comes to his mind, almost free association. I don't really care - as long as he can be concise in calling a football play, or explaining it to a confused teammate. But for interviews in the NFL, he 100% needs Crash Davis to help him work on his cliche's.
  10. Random Babble From a Rabble

    If I were the Browns, I would draft a QB #1 overall and take my chances - if Barkely were available at #4 I might take him then. But depending upon who the Browns favor, how they perceive him as rated around the league, and so forth...I could see them deciding to draft Barkley #1 AND take their QB at #4 At some point, you have to stop collecting picks and cap space, and start collecting players.
  11. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    The one thing I can say is in his combine interview, he struck me as the sort of guy who never says one word when 25 will do. Conciseness can be a virtue. But that is something that can be taught, and learned.
  12. Josh Rosen myths

    How to put this politely? No person of strong character is universally loved. I would bet there are teammates at OU who think Mayfield is an arrogant little twat, and just don't want to stir coals. One of two things will be true in both cases: 1) these teammates are players with NFL level talent/work ethic who are getting a chance to talk to teams in private and can share any concerns OTR, in which case teams will know about it (unless they are ball-less little worms) or 2) they are at the bottom of the roster, where resentments tend to bloom esp. if they were tagged a few times for "dogging it", and no one in the NFL really cares what they think That is why physicians are employed. It makes no sense to stay away from a top prospect unless something concrete turned up in medical exam. You know, as a lifelong camper, I can tell you that you can have a huge amount of smoke without much fire producing it. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who knows Rosen, or knows someone who's directly worked with Rosen. But otherwise, except for Dilfer who has converted and is now in his camp, it's all this amorphous blob of rumor. We have nameless "NFL Execs" and "scouts" with no details and much exaggeration. It's like the "F**k Trump" hat pissed in their Wheaties. The only other concrete stuff is all teen-prank level - lawn ornaments in suggestive positions, hot tub in the dorm room, ping pong table. Like I said, I'd love to hear anything concrete.
  13. Dolphins Release C Mike Pouncey After He Refused 50% Pay Cut

    Well then, that plus the hip surgeries/possible need for hip replacement - I hope we stay away.
  14. I'm not 'that guy' who is going to debate witcha about talent on college team A of 5 years ago vs talent of college team B today. It does seem to me the "talent" argument cuts both ways.... who were both of these guys playing against, what level of competition across the ball?
  15. Arthur Brown sighting

    No, his bro is our late unlamented RB Bryce Brown...the one ALynn slung out of town for refusing to take coaching on how to carry the ball, and the Seasnakes checked out and discarded.