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  1. This could just be me When someone leads off with the term “floozy” for a degreed professional woman with years of experience in the job position she’s hired for, I wonder if they have much brain to wash. I was responding to a chap who asserted that our Bills ESPN reporters were terrible, and were Patriots fans. I assert that’s 0 for 2 in describing Marcel L-J
  2. Maybe we ought to do a GoFundMe for Aaron Rodgers personal herd of Drama Llamas, make sure they get some extra oats or whatever Llamas like for a treat
  3. OK, Gents, time to take this one elsewhere.
  4. I didn’t want to start a new thread we have to police, but this quite lengthy interview with JC Tretter is interesting and relevant: Article from Cleveland.com I had to give my email address to read it, so a few key points: -he had a conference call with a group of 15 concerned NFL players (described as “mostly unvaccinated) on Sunday -they are all pissed off about the NFL’s memo on forfeiting games - Tretter said it created “panic and frenzy” -they feel the league is setting up a divisive scenario between vaccinated and unvaccinated players and trying to coerc
  5. Not that it’s Germaine to the main point of your excellent post, but per his twitter Beasley says he is not religious at all. He seems to think he’s scored a clever point here but I’m unsure what he believes that point to be.
  6. It will go better if you take the bulb-shaped end and push it into the mound. I’m talking about digging a cave, you Perverts
  7. I don’t think charges have been filed. The women have made criminal complaints, but except in wierd states like PA it’s “up to” the prosecutor to decide whether or not the complaint rises to a prosecutable crime. Perhaps one of our lawyer types will set me straight if I’m mistaken I actually think any NFL action, following their usual pattern, would not take place until after the civil case completes. The link said Watson wasn’t even scheduled to testify in that case until January. Of course, if criminal charges are actually filed that could change
  8. I get it, in fact I agree with your point, but then the issue isn’t the cap hit, it’s the quality of the player in question
  9. Well, neither can anyone else right now including the Bills FO and coaches so What’s Your Point? Thought she was NFLN, but I don’t keep great track
  10. I don’t disagree with your take, but how much of a cap hit did the Rams take trading Goff?
  11. ? Thought our current ESPN reporter was Marcel Louis Jacques, I think he has embraced the Bills and WNY
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