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  1. Ooooh. I like the way you think. Has he indicated an interest in broadcasting? I know he's funny as hell, but that's different than wanting a job as a broadcaster. I think his kids are getting to highschool age and he may want to be a dad and go to soccer games or whatever.
  2. I wasn't accusing you of creating fake news, just asking you to clarify what part of what you posted was Polian's take, and what part (if any) was yours? I don't like to ASSuMe, and I thought it was ambiguous. Part I'm asking about: Part I italicized seems pretty clear to be Polian's view, just wasn't clear about the rest.
  3. Pretty sure they had Dodson playing Mike next to Klein at Will when he came in for Edmunds vs. the Jets and started for him vs. Miami? Thought they had him playing Will vs Tenn (but unsure about that) and it didn't work out too well, but then our D in general didn't work out too well that day
  4. Fair, but last year the backup MLB was Dodson, so same situation mentioning him. Are you saying the author believes Dodson could play Will?
  5. So basically Kleiman is saying they let Russ cook, and he burnt the meatloaf?
  6. Seems like a good place to put this.
  7. I think they liked what they saw from him there. IMHO it's "Stock up" for Matakevich and Smith, and "Stock down" for Dodson though he'll come into camp.
  8. Interesting article. A bit of a surprise to me, given the above, that Fairburn mentioned Dodson and Smith as under-the-radar Bills LB who could have a bigger role, but not Matakevich.
  9. I can tell you that both Matakevich (48%), Smith(25%), and Klein (24%) got more defensive snaps than Dodson (2%) did in the Miami finale.
  10. That's basically where I am. It's adding entertainment they hope will enhance the live experience for fans. I tend to believe that football is more about business than some folks seem to. I would assume the WFT has done demographic studies of fans attending live games and done some surveys and concluded that a male/female dance team would be of more general interest.
  11. Please provide us with your insight: what is Feliciano's view of himself? When Feliciano was signed, he was viewed as a backup C/G with some injury concerns (he finished his last 2 seasons in Oak on IR) He started 17 games in 2019 at RG, including sliding over to C during two games. He started 12 games after coming off IR in 2020. His play was generally capable. If that doesn't change how you view Feliciano, you're probably not aligned with the general viewpoint around the league. When a guy has shown he can start 17 and 12 games on a c
  12. Dion Dawkins specifically mentioned it in one of his "Player's Tribune" pieces. "And then the next game, we played the Chargers, and Josh f*cking sonned them by spinning the ball in their faces. Yeah — that got us loose, man. I think we needed that." I don't "get it" but then I'm not a football player.
  13. Josh was in Gentry's wedding party. Not best man. If we're mentioning Josh "competitive fire" moments, you got to mention the face mask penalty in the Rams game, 2d and 10 in the 4th with :49 seconds left. Josh was clearly pissed because he felt the refs didn't call a face mask/horsecollar on Donald the previous drive, resulting in a strip sack. The line in the box score "Josh Allen pass incomplete short left. Penalty on Josh Allen, Face Mask: 15 yds (no play)" doesn't come close to capturing the mayhem of that sequence of events. Announcer: "That is a Strong Man"
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