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  1. U had me at 5.51 40 speed. Assuming his age 30, and year he ran it 2012/13/14, he should be over a 6.0 second time. He ain’t no pulling guard.
  2. No big deal. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.
  3. Bezos has money but he can’t really expand the league monetarily. In order for the game of American football to grow it must be done outside of the US.
  4. I could some combo of Apple, Facebook, Google-YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, even Twitter, soon outbidding and wanting to replace the traditional CBS, Fox, ABC-ESPN, NBC. We now can watch many games on Yahoo - which is no tech titan. I think it harder to quantity tv viewership over online viewership which is data driven, unless cable tv providers and satellite tv are providing this data. With 5G coming online I can see how by the end of this decade a majority of NFL games will be watched over cellular networks.
  5. We can always trade Allen, Diggs & Shooter McGavin to stock up on draft picks while also getting Watson.
  6. Bills stadium holds 70,000 and they let in 6,700 in an outside venue. War Memorial holds 17,000 and is an indoor venue. X 10% = 1,627 people. Due to being indoors x 50% = 813. There are plenty of churches in Rochester that can hold 813 people. If they want to spread covid have at it. What is missed in all this are the fallen soldiers and the reason their Blackhawk went down. Why can’t Lockheed Martin the manufacturer of the BlackHawk which made $60 billion mostly on military contracts in 2020, make an adequate helicopter to ensure the guard can conduct night
  7. Bills Mafia now bribing players to sign. Love it.
  8. Chiefs just might fall apart or at least be challenged in their division from an up and coming Chargers team. Plus Gruden is good for at least one competitive game. If the Broncos improve I could see a 4-5 loss KC, meaning Mahomes may have to do something he’s never had to do before - win a road playoff game.
  9. Watson is a great QB but I prefer Allen due to Allen’s arm strength & body type.
  10. The Bills have never had a 1,000 yard TE. Dawson Knox is a good athlete but I can never see him turned into a consistent 500 yard a season player. If the Bills want to hoist a Lombardi they need to find a great TE.
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