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  1. I started calling out Bass in October. Dude had a horrible season and went 2/5 in the playoffs. Meanwhile Bass is 12/17 in his playoff career, while Mahomes kicker is 32/36. Bass has been horrible 2/6 from 40-49 yards out, yet is 3/3 +50. Quite simply Bass’ power comes from his approach, the trouble is he is too reliant on the hips and perfect hips torque. He seems to lack a powerful leg, which isn’t surprising considering he is shorter and lighter than historically great NFL kickers.
  2. I’ll do you one better. Bills trade Elam for Rashee Rice. Do you take the Chiefs offer? 🤣
  3. Burrow and Chase getting paid soon. Cincy is cheap so maybe one has to go.
  4. if a Bills fan got to give a joke I’m sure it would have something to do with Brady’s failed relationships exceeding Super Bowl losses.
  5. I propose Worthy for Higgins straight up. Let Burrow and Worthy prove they can survive the rigors of an entire season.
  6. I think Shakir or Kincaid both go over 900 and Coleman eclipses 500. Samuel will get 750, and the RBs will get around 500. Knox & Q Morris go for 400, and the remaining WRs combine for 500. Allen should be able to manufacture 4400 yards in Brady’s short pass, heavier run offense. The question I have is how many sacks + hurries will the Bills D generate?
  7. I think the pressure is on Beane. He had some average drafts for 2019-2021, resulting in having to go out and pay premium assets and dollars on WR & Edge. Beane overspent on Von, & Diggs resigning, & missed projecting Bass’ sharp decline. As far as McDermott is concerned I think he is not a personal guy, meaning he can’t really be put in the same make or break category Beane is in. McDermott doesn’t draft any player, hard to blame the guy.
  8. Time to trade up for a Top 3 WR.
  9. Not spending draft picks on WR at this point is criminal. It’s year f’ing 7 of Franchise QB Josh Allen’s career.
  10. Wrong. Tyler Bass career 12/17 playoff FGs is the heart of this team. Luckily for us Bass is on pace to have a lower playoff field goal % than Scott Norwood (13/18).
  11. When you buy cheap you buy twice. See Harty & Sherfield.
  12. Assuming we draft a WR in the first or second round, I still think we draft one more WR. I’m curious TBD thoughts on mid-rounders WRs. WRs I like the most in that spot are; Jacob Cowing, Jalen Coker, Jermaine Burton. Lots of Js to keep track of.
  13. Josh is about to turn the same age Jim Kelly was in 1988, but that’s with a considerable higher odometer reading. I think it comes down to two key factors; having the will, and being healthy.
  14. Beane needs to draft a lot better to give us the best chance to win.
  15. Jones for Von seems like a good deal. Haha
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