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  1. If you think these are high prices try a new stadium PSL.
  2. The real question is does he have enough gas left in the tank to catch Emmitt Smith 3,607? At 4.0 a carry that’s about 902 carries. Probably won’t happen, but assume he comes in 2019 and has a throw back year - 1,400 yards. Then perhaps 3 more seasons at 750 yards (age 37-39) and he’s in the record books. Sounds about as crazy as a 42 year old who is arguably the best QB in the game. Sports medicine and science has improved & behind a dominant line it could be a history making next 4 seasons for a guy known for being a decisive one cut down hill runner.
  3. I thought Tasker served a good purpose high energy little strategy. Kinda like the average fan. We go to see the hits, not understand every nuance. Tasker spoke for us gruntheads.
  4. I’m in the camp that we should be improved from our average of 7.5 wins & 8.5 losses record the past 2 years. We had a lot of dead cap money the past 2 years. Now that a majority of our cap is going to pay for contributors and we have a rebuilt OLine things should be better. One has the figure a top 10 running game, and top 10 defense will more than compensate if Josh Allen’s accuracy continue to hover around 50%. But ultimately the #1 factor in our success will be Allen. If Allen plays at a top 1/2 of NFL QBs this is where we enter playoff talk. Prognosticators like Cowherd put it all on the QB and not the overall coaching and complimentary players. Case in point, out Tom Brady on last years team and we might win another 3 games max. That’s assuming he could have survived behind a horrible OLine that couldn’t run the ball. Allen will be better the question is how improved will his supporting teammates around him be?
  5. Hard to throw when Oliver breaks his back.
  6. McShay gets paid $1,000,000 per year to be uninformed & offer his uneducated opinion.
  7. At this point one has to wonder what is more likely; that he makes an NFL 53 man roster, or ends up in prison.
  8. It’s a good thing our salary cap situation is under control.
  9. No problem with paying him his market value. He’s a run stuffer who is useful against run heavy fronts clogging the middle and taking up 2 blockers. We are better with him on the roster.
  10. So by the end of our lease we will be competing for a championship?
  11. Tom Brady is 43 in 2020. I don’t think he makes it through 2019 healthy. Someone is going to hit him & take him out.
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