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  1. Was our OLine depeleted last season or is McCoy washed up?
  2. Good low risk pickup and he’s still young turns 26 in October. Probably a better 3rd down back with above average pass catching and route running ability.
  3. I don’t care what the surface is although it’s widely known New England plays worse on grass than a turf surface of any kind. On a side note the problem I have with the Bills stadium isn’t the turf, it’s the proximity of the corner endzone to the wall that is the danger.
  4. Surprised not to see Nathan Peterman on that top 3. He completed a high % of his passes, very accurate & anticipation.
  5. Ochocinco probably has 10 good routes in him.
  6. Josh Allen’s play is all that matters.
  7. 5’10 & 185 and now 31. Find me one WR 5’10” or shorter who had 2 good seasons age 31 & older.
  8. Trading for Adrian Peterson or Beast Mode would be awesome and likely give us the 3 active backs in league in terms of career rushing yards.
  9. Love Gronk’s elbow to Tre White’s neck. So classy. And his affinity for porn stars & acting a fool. NFL WONT BE THE SAME.
  10. Charles Barkley at TE & MJ at WR.
  11. At this point I feel good about saying 9-7. Its 2020 & beyond that excites me.
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