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  1. I think Allen’s career has many parallels to Rodgers. Year 3 breakout season, top 5 level accuracy, mobility, arm strength, small market team, California born, no D1 offers JUCO transfer. You just have to appreciate talent when it comes along. Allen should have input on ways to improve the offense. We haven’t seen the full maturation and what is called the “ego” phase from Allen. Rodgers has earned the ability to provide input. Allen should be at that level once he signs the big contract. I hope Allen’s career continues to parallel and exceed Rodgers.
  2. SJF was a great camp spot and a good link between small markets. I’m sure it’s a possibility to look into come 2022 or 2023.
  3. Don’t worry Beane & McDermott are keeping us safe from enemies domestic and foreign.
  4. Preserving his legs by getting the ball out faster, continue improving footwork, touch & throwing guys open.
  5. Knox has a tendency to look upfield before the bringing the ball into his hands and securing it to his body when he is out in space. I’ve seen him drop balls while moving and when standing still. He needs this type of training and some good stickum.
  6. Going to need a pass rush, RB & TE production to claim the top spot.
  7. Arm strength imho = speed of the ball. Fitzpatrick can throw the ball decent speed. Tyrod too. I think the ability to grip the ball and sling it from multiple angles helps.
  8. Lefties just look better at throwing a ball. Rogers just looks effortless and accurate is bomb. I honestly don’t think arm strength makes a QB. The improvisational skill and ability to see a window and get the ball into it makes a QB.
  9. Always good to be around guys who can catch the ball and run after the catch.
  10. I like Harrison as a glue guy who provides depth and hold up playing around 35% of defensive snaps.
  11. Best throwing motion is Vick. Best accuracy Rogers. Best arm......
  12. Advantage at home, and if we can run the ball better on the road minimal impact. Allen is now a +4000yd +30TD QB. The dude is here to stay.
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