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  1. It’s interesting to think what Allen could do with a DK Metcalf big WR. There’s a case to be made that the Bills simply need to find that #1 WR & #1 TE and the offense should be able to generate another TD per game. Assuming we can do find some more weapons & a big bruising back like Henry we could be a juggernaut in 2020.
  2. When we were down 3-35 against the Oilers there was lots of slumped shoulders. If I recall Watkins wasn’t the one dropping passes, I believe that was that Robinson guy. Probably mad he wasn’t targeted more.
  3. O’Brien doesn’t go for it on 4th & 1, but goes for a fake punt. Idiot
  4. Texans doing their best Josh Allen.
  5. Are the Texans about to pull a Blo & blow and even bigger lead, or will Cool Watson march them back down for a score?
  6. This is why you go for it on 4th & 1.
  7. Watson might be the hardest QB in the NFL to stop. He’s so much more accurate and decisive than Jackson. It’s crazy how accurate his passes are.
  8. If that crack back block wasn’t flagged or executed by Ford. We likely are doing the same to KC. It could be done.
  9. Mahomes getting WRs killed like Brady.
  10. If you’re KC you shouldn’t try to do anything punt return wise. They could be doing better had they just kneeled & Max protected on punts. Bet it would be 10-0 at the worst. Now down 21 they will likely lose the game.
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