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  1. Dalton could move the ball, but I don’t see them running the ball on them, which is where the Pats are vulnerable. I’m all for a 3 game Pats losing streak. Maybe Dalton can deliver us another gift, provided Josh Allen doesn’t do one of his abysmal sub 50% completion game.
  2. Best part was when they booed them at halftime. Total jerks.
  3. Gore isn’t the problem. The problem is not carrying more RBs on the game day roster.
  4. If Allen completes under 50% of his passes we lose. We need Allen to be efficient. Duck Hodges doesn’t concern me. He’s a sitting duck if we bring the pass rush.
  5. They should be mad that our defense made their offense look pedestrian.
  6. Jackson was well defended. We limited his running & even made him a thrower, but gave him too many short fields.
  7. I would have had him run a square in route instead of a deep post. Brown had a half step and that’s a harder route to defend because of the angle.
  8. Very hesitant today. Josh is best when he executes the play & gets the ball out.
  9. Josh Allen now 0-4 this season when his completion % is below 60%. 43.6% won’t win many games.
  10. Those are the right words. We all know he wants this one bad, but he’s taking the objective approach.
  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict the Cowboys take it at 7-9. They will host a playoff game but won’t have Beast Mode to bail them out.
  12. Darnold will be the Marino to Allen’s Kelly. Darnold will be a good QB.
  13. Just Make Your Kicks & then you can train Carli Lloyd to be your replacement.
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