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  1. We saw Brady close the gap vs KC as the Chiefs coasted to a 27-24 win. I’d rather put up W’s then win by a billzillion points.
  2. I used to go through about one DirecTV remotes per season typically when we were officially eliminated. It’s amazing how non-durable they are.
  3. Arizona is allowing 4,200 fans out of 65,000. Seems commie by your standards.
  4. If a team has a stud like Donald or Bosa, it would be a good idea to double them and run directly at them early and often to wear down their legs. It’s basic attrition. The legs and lower back only have so much resistance before they start wearing down. Preferably run the ball with your RBs and not with your franchise QB.
  5. If we give up another Hail Mary I’m going to stop watching the final minute.
  6. What Milano lacks in power he makes up for it in coverage. Klein is a nice LB in a downhill straight line attacking scheme.
  7. Noticed after the WR catch he spun off Tremaine Edmunds tackle. Crazy considering Edmunds was behind him and had a clean shot.
  8. That’s how you answer and take back the momentum!
  9. T The best Buffalo area running back is playing college ball too. 🤣
  10. Such a ballsy throw and play call. Go put this team away!
  11. Time to put the ball in Allen’s hands spread them wide and rip it.
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