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  1. Bills should be able to move the ball on Philly if Cox is out. If he’s healthy we rely more on Allen and know Schwartz will have a lot of looks to challenge him. Eagles secondary is their weakness so look for a big game out of the TEs and a big game from one of our WRs.
  2. We are the best team in the AFC. We aren’t losing another game this year 18-1.
  3. It’s scary to think what our D might do to Fitz. I know Fitz gets it out fast, but Phillips is a beast & Oliver is thirsty for his first sack. My expectations are they play Fitz knowing Rosen will get beat badly against our D. I expect a the game is close and we blow it open in the 3rd.
  4. In review of the epic showdown two weeks ago, it seemed we let an easily winnable game slip through our fingertips. Sometimes outcomes of games can change based on one or two critical decisions. Here is a strategy we should have employed to win the game knowing we were in a low scoring street fight. Sure Allen struggled, but the Bills moved the ball enough to win the game and were in scoring range. Against a team like NE you need to have drives that end in scores. 3rd & 9 ball on NE 35 1st Quarter 3:39. Actual play: Allen is sacked for a 7 yard loss. Bills punt. Score 0-13. Better play: Bills run a draw / run to Yeldon or Gore and pick up 5 yards. It's 4th & 4 on the NE 30. Hauschka drills a 48 yard FG. Score 3-13. 3rd & 10 ball on NE 26 2nd Quarter 0:29. Actual play: Allen is sacked for a 5 yard loss. Hauschka misses the ensuing 49 yard FG. Score 3-13 at halftime. Better play: Again another draw / run to Yeldon or Gore that picks up 3 yards, it's 4th and 7 on the NE 23. Hauschka drills a 41 yard FG. Score is now 9-13. Bills go on to take a 16 to 13 lead on the Allen 1 yard rush. Allen might not get the concussion, but let's assume it still happened. Due to Bills having the lead they kick a FG on 4th & 3 at the NE 3. Hauschka converts a 21 chip shot. Score 19-13. Final Bills 19 New England 13.
  5. We certainly have the coaching and talent on D to be in the #1 discussion. A #1 D should be able to destroy Miami next week. I’m talking sub 200 yards total offense and under 10 points.
  6. Is it me or is Beane & Allen talking about an upcoming trade?
  7. If Cowherd wanted to be edgy he might as well put us at #1. And wait for us to lose a game. I see 7-1 at the midway point as a definite possibility.
  8. I believe we will score 28 or more on Miami. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we scored 40 or more.
  9. More TD passes and more long drives. Cutting our turnovers over the first 5 games in half over the next 5 games would be huge. I suspect we will do that in the upcoming 3 game home stand.
  10. Good teams win games. Years past we lose 2/3 close games to NYJ, CIN or TEN. This year we are 3-0. As for the Pats a great team beats a great team at home.
  11. It’s clear Mayfield’s ceiling is much lower than Allen’s. Allen has all the tools to be a good QB. Mayfield has talent but nights like this make you wonder.
  12. They are really good in the secondary and linebacker level. But I think their weakness will be depth and overcoming inevitable injuries. They appear good at defending the pass but I don’t feel their run defense is as tough as people think.
  13. Dan Snyder should fire himself. Horrible owner.
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