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  1. The blowout losses are my no. 1 worry bead about the McD era- they are somewhat alarming so he makes a fair point. I just see too much potential- the defense could wind up being scary good and if the offense takes another step- they won't be miles away from anything....
  2. and a legit TE and a runner with good hands.
  3. Agreed. Very slim class at WR this year. It is still a need position for the Bills but I'm still glad they drafted the way they did.
  4. Not glamorous but essential and pays big dividends if they hit right. Time for the Bills to exorcise the ghost of Mike Williams
  5. It' OK to like other players and other teams, usually if they have ties to the Bills- example the Colts. However No 2 is a long, long long way from no. 1 !!!!!
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