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  1. jethro_tull

    The Strategy of Signing Frank Gore

  2. It' OK to like other players and other teams, usually if they have ties to the Bills- example the Colts. However No 2 is a long, long long way from no. 1 !!!!!
  3. jethro_tull

    90s Bills legacy in serious jeopardy next year...

    The Bills legacy is actually in danger of becoming more impressive if the Patriots make it to four straight. Think about it- the Bills being mentioned as the only other team to make it to four straight along with the the invincible Brady / Belichick Partiots?
  4. Which should accidentally catch on fire.....
  5. Chicago area resident, can't explain why but I enjoy when the Bears lose- mainly because the sports media are very entertaining when they do. I have been to Indy many times and they are my no.2 team. If anyone picks the first choice- well they should be banned from this board.
  6. see edit about cap space and draft picks!
  7. Agreed but the Bills have coaching and system continuity going into next season, The Bears fired John Fox last season. Still i like where the Bills are and they have enough picks and cap space to accomplish their roster goals. Also- I trust McBeane to get it done- the Josh Allen pick alone shows they have the capability to pick talent.
  8. I wish he still wore the blue and white....
  9. Are the Bills in better or worse "condition" than the 2017 (5-11) Chicago Bears ? Arguably I say better. Mirror what the Bears did to support Triubisky- Surround JA with more weapons, build / develop the OL and fortify the DL and next year's Bills could be right where the Bears are now- arguably a shot at the Super Bowl.