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  1. How about All High stadium then? Minor growing pains on the way to a shiny new stadium! I bet they find a way to play through in the old one.
  2. The Chicago Bears played at the University of Illinois stadium in Champaign, IL. (2 hours south of Chicago) when Soldier Field was upgraded
  3. the worried fans haven't thought that far ahead, they have Chicago Bears tunnel vision and the media fans the fire. of course the Bears would still be the Chicago Bears much like many other teams that have their stadiums in the suburbs. Somehow these fans do not get that idea and the mayor played into those fears. They would never be called the Arlington Heights Bears (for example), the NFL wouldn't allow it. Arlington Heights is a courthouse, some car dealers, a beautiful but vacant horse racing facility and a big bedroom community.
  4. she is correct about it being mostly a negotiating position but the Bears could make a lot more money with a bigger stadium that has more seating as well as corporate and private amenities. lightfoot has a tactic of her own in that statement, keeping the Chicago name in the team. she is playing on the baseless fear that many bears fans have, that somehow they must lose the chicago name if the stadium winds up in the suburbs. so many people believe this and are concerned about it, unjustifiably so.
  5. honorable mention the leodis mckelvin "spray painted lawn post game celebration" fumble against the patriots.
  6. nice jacket. just a little too good at mirror selfies chive girl style....
  7. this reminds me of an incident that happened to the bear's lance briggs several years ago. he crashed his lamborghini into an expressway light pole late sat night and left it there, never reporting the accident. he was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, much better than the alternative !
  8. Bears fans and media familiar with that mid 80's era will sympathize and agree with him. The fact that they only won one championship with the talent they had at that time is a telltale sign of how poorly they were run. good old number 94 Charles Martin.
  9. not the only difference.... coverage on hill and kelsay was superior to our game.....
  10. I like Greenberg but when i heard him say that i involuntarily said fung you !
  11. ONLY to keep the defense honest. They tried to run last KC game and it failed. Unleash the arm of allen and all will be well...................
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