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  1. i didnt care for the boos yesterday. the chicago fans witnessed an embarisingly bad , possibly season ending performance by the bears and did not boo nearly as much.
  2. I can't tell you what color they are......
  3. they just played a replay during last sunday's game @ tenn. it was so obviously going forward i relived the agony all over again. all you have to do is look. or have some front office meddling and mishandling karma....
  4. more like the mike vrabel appreciation thread. putting the kicker out there on 4th and 4 with a 50 yarder? thanks
  5. just replayed the srewacle on the game. it was so obviously a forward pass i cant believe it there is no making anything right with a wrong call like that.
  6. 12/22 we take that game flat out and his drive home will suck even more! hopefully they will still have something to play for by then.
  7. If he is officially cleared medically you cannot deny him starting. not his decision, not mcd's decision but an official medical clearance.
  8. yesterday was the first game where he missed some blatantly open guys. even with that he could have had the chance to win it at the end and just ay have done so.
  9. I have lost respect for BB after those comments. He's dead to me- much like Greg Williams who is still a dirty coach. Eff the both of them....
  10. how about that a helmet to helmet hit is never good and that jones could have avoided it? by belichick saying there was “nothing different jones could do” he is basically endorsing the hit. does anyone believe belichick would not call for a hit like that a la greg williams? belichick is part of the problem
  11. I thought there was a good chance he / we would have won it. Unfortunately we'll never know.... he already did! witness the scoring drive- the FIRST TD on NEW ENGLAND OF THE SEASON!!!
  12. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/09/30/bill-belichick-defends-jonathan-jones-hit-on-josh-allen/
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