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  1. I hear you and I would say not so much lowering expectations but realizing they are "this close" to breaking through despite the mistakes. KC seems like the only one in the way really. Some player moves and we are right there again next season. They know exactly what their roster needs are to beat them imho.
  2. Cough..... blo$job. The Bills w/ Allen will crack the egg next. With a reasonably higher percentage of healthy LBs and DBs the Bills would have handled the Chiefs this year.
  3. I would like to see the pole responses vs. age, most younger fans are the most impatient- although a case could be made for older fans to.
  4. They are still learning on the job- no need for a blowup. Look at the record- they'll punch it in soon. What are the odds that new decision makers do better?
  5. Our leftover LBs and DBs in the KC game trying to cover 3 TEs. Klein and Douglas were painfully slow out of it.
  6. Thanks! This is one of the best highlights of OJ I have seen. I don't remember him returning kicks. Man can he turn the corner and shoot the gaps like no other. Best runner in NFL history. I screamed at my parents TV every time he got the ball.
  7. Congrats Josh! She seems like a nice young lady.
  8. how many effin threads are we going to have about this? winning in the NFL takes both talent and coaching into account. the combined output of each side has to be excellent and one needs to make up for the other if there is imbalance. fortunately the bills have both and will be excellent for years to follow...
  9. They are impressive but the Rave-ins pretty much self destructed with a goal line fumble and red zone INT.
  10. Been watching / listening to him for years. He watches so many game recordings that he knows more about every player in the league than anyone else really. College ball too. He wouldn't say it if he didn't think it were true. The question is can SD rehabilitate next year?
  11. So follow the KC model and trade their best WR for additional picks and spend them all on the defense? I agree about the needs on defense but WR comes first.
  12. how many times do you have to hear "everyone was covered" before you recognize the urgent need?
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