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  1. Mahomes also went out pretty early that game. Obv Browns are a very good team and a real threat etc
  2. Only one that stands out right away is McDermott
  3. Apologies if it’s been said... anyone checked out the name of her next opponent? 🤯
  4. Good friend of mine is the SID at Michigan and he just raves about Phillips from their crossover at Stanford. All the positive things we all hear are spot on and then some. Happy to have a guy like that on the Bills
  5. I’ve said it in areas I choose not to admit. (Prior to my group getting SB Tix.... and now putting them up on stubhub) them winning it this year and us not being able to experience the ride was TOUGH and I fuc*ing hated it we have a ways to go but are also in the mix. Tough one tonight, excited for the future. Thank you to all on this board who make loving this team even more fun than I could imagine.
  6. They all talk about the Chiefs like it’s them doing what the Bills are doing to teams THIS YEAR... yes, KC has 3 years of examples to go on.. let them keep on keeping on media wise see ya Sunday
  7. The NFL on location right now INCLUDING fees is 7k per ticket at its lowest point for Tampa
  8. Q: Which of these is not like the others? A: none of them (minus the whole prior to 2020 thing!)
  9. Well as a Bills STH, I’ve been told who we’re going to draft at 32!
  10. I was 2pm.. Friends at 1230 got in, fingers crossed for next week!
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