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  1. There is no chance in hell they're trading a first for him. None “please don’t appear on freezing cold takes”
  2. I actually might place a healthy bet on this. Beers on me if it hits?!
  3. Brisket just went in the smoker, heading to the office for a “little while” and then back to have the boys over truly a holiday
  4. DirectTv is absolute trash. I have plenty of college aged cousins who give me their emails to stream it. Nothing would make me happier than their deal falling apart and people being able to order the same thing elsewhere
  5. First team I remember seeing play when I was young growing up in Providence. I’m 34 (not Super Bowls. Just random games I’d remember) and I just liked that it was different. Never wavered, went to school in Central NY, ton of new friends were up there were Bills fans which only made it more fun. Currently on year 3 of Bills season tickets living in Pats country. What a world
  6. Anyone know where I can find the nearest brick wall? Feel like going on a run
  7. In the era of kickoff returners being useless, he’s actually legit. Solid move!!
  8. Similar deal to Dee Ford/SF? Would that be a hypothetical barometer
  9. Funny that no free space was given because 90% of them are such layups!
  10. Couldn’t agree more Yolo... yeah, journalists etc have nothing better to do than make up John Ross rumors. I can picture them w their buddies..”I really turned the NFL upside down today w that john Ross fake rumor!!!” 🙄
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