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  1. I stopped reading after your first point. I completely agree on the enormity of that drop by Singletary. IMO, that completely shifted momentum and signaled the beginning of the end. Had he caught that we might have scored and continued to put pressure on the chiefs. That drop was awful. I honestly hope we never see Singletary in a bills uniform ever again. He’s just not good. We need someone that can do all this and have speed to boot. He just doesn’t have it.
  2. Completely disagree. What is the difference between us and a team like the Chiefs? Speed at every level. A guy like ettienne would provide speed in the run game as well as a pass catcher.
  3. I don’t want to live in a world where we are questioning Jim Kelly. I love Allen as much as anyone, but until proven otherwise over a long career, Allen is a distant second to Jimbo. I actually can’t believe I read that to be honest. Kelly played a good game and it wasn’t his fault the defense couldn’t stop Anderson and get him the ball back. Look...the K-gun’s downfall was that we were so efficient that we scored too quickly, not allowing the defense time to rest. OP...I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish here.
  4. Again...we just don’t know. It might happen, but to say we know he’ll be gone next year is just wrong.
  5. We “know” Daboll is gone next year? Uh ok...I thought that was supposed to happen this year? Bottom line...nobody “knows” anything. Maybe teams don’t view Daboll’s personality as head coach material. We have no idea...
  6. This is not a good take. We have had one of the best passing offenses all year and a fairly week run game. We have won 15 games by doing it this way.
  7. Imo, our first round pick should come down to pass rusher, tight end, or Travis Ettienne. Dane Jackson has shown a lot of flash when he gets in games and Levi Wallace has played pretty well at CB2. IMO, we don’t need to take a CB in the first. So...that brings me back to the three that I mentioned. Pass rusher might actually not be as big a need as we think. Epenesa has progressed throughout the year and Daryl Johnson has elite measurables for the position. I’m not saying we wouldn’t take a pass rusher at the bottom of the first, but we might be picking the fourth or fifth
  8. Not only would he, but I expect him to. Allen gets it. He knows that in order to win consistently you need to spread the money around. It’s what Brady did. Plus, he’s the type of guy that would bet on himself and know that as long he works hard and doesn’t get hurt, he will have lots of time to make all the money that he’s worth.
  9. I might be in the minority, but who gives a bleep about them pumping up the ravens? At the end of the day, it will be settled on the field so stop getting so bent on a few people’s opinions. Good grief...
  10. Well...you are in the minority thinking Rivers choked. That’s all I’m gonna say...
  11. I was wondering, because to say Rivers stunk and choked yesterday is completely ridiculous. He had a great game. All qbs miss throws every game.
  12. Well...I “simply” was... You just cherry picked a few negatives. What about all the good throws and no turnovers? Rivers played well. And that fourth down throw hit Pittman in both hands. It was a very good throw off his back foot. I’d argue that Rivers looked as good yesterday as he had all year. Kudos to him...
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