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  1. In order for that to happen, they will need to pass on defense in the first round and take an elite lineman that is cost controlled.
  2. Anybody got anything football related? Please and thank you…
  3. Exactly. He’s worlds more talented than Singletary. If he picks up the offense, singletary’s snaps will dwindle.
  4. On the other end…we haven’t heard any bad things either. No news is good news with edmunds. He’s solid, just not the game changer they thought they were drafting
  5. You are arguing over negativity. This doesn’t make sense. Just stop.
  6. What is your objective? Please stop with this…
  7. Well no kidding…with that line that’s out there today did anyone expect anything different?
  8. The only thing missing is an entire defense filled with first round picks. Only a few spots remain…
  9. You’re missing my point, but ok…
  10. I said it all off-season…Dane Jackson is a lot better than many gave him credit for. He’s not going down without a fight.
  11. This dude is gonna be a good player for us for a while. Very excited about what he brings.
  12. I think it’s actually pretty easy to understand why we have 3 slots. Crowder is on a one year deal and McKenzie is not an every down player. Shakir will most likely be the slot starting next year.
  13. That’s not the point. The point is how accurate he is. I don’t think Tua will ever be a complete qb or one that puts fear into us on Sundays, but accuracy has always been one of his best traits.
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