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  1. They have multiple first rounders for the next two years and could probably get a second for Darnold. They will have ammo to load up.
  2. Exactly what I’m thinking. Why risk firing the guy and having someone else take Over and get a few wins out of them?
  3. So clear that they are doing all they can to try to get Trevor Lawrence. And it scares the heck out of me...haha.
  4. This is part of what’s wrong with this fan base, IMO. Allen has done nothing but improved over the entire course of his brief career, but it’s never good enough. Allen was unbelievable the first four games of the season and other than a few bad throws against Tennessee he wasn’t that bad there either. People ignore four amazing games and only focus on one “bad” game around here. If he plays great against KC, you will be happy...until his next bad game. Then you will say he needs to bounce back before you consider his “the guy”. You see how silly this is yet? The guy is still in the upper ranks of nearly every quarterback category and we want “more”? It just doesn’t make sense. No one saw him being where he is today, but for some it’s still not good enough. All qbs have bad games. It’s bound to happen. But we should already be thrilled with Allen’s progress and the future that he has.
  5. Hard to call a late third rounder a bust, but I get it to an extent...
  6. ...and this is what we get. Yeah, yeah, yeah...we are missing Tre and Milano. I get that. But Milano was a fifth rounder and Tre has been overall underwhelming this season. Either way...Edmunds looks completely terrible, Oliver is almost non-existent, and Epenesa looks completely lost. It’s beyond pathetic. There really isn’t an excuse with all the premium picks spent on making this a premium unit.
  7. Yeah I was getting ready to say the same thing.
  8. Burrow may not be in the afc East, but I’ve been thinking about Trevor Lawrence. The Jets are a mess. They are injured at key positions, Darnold isn’t as great as advertised, and I feel the team is going to give up on Gase. I feel they could legitimately be in contention for the number one pick. if that happens, obviously Gase is gone. How could any team pass on Lawrence? It would be interesting to see what happens. Obviously I hope that doesn’t happen, though.
  9. I literally just noticed that...stupid autocorrect. Haha...
  10. It’s a steady diet of dove poppers and Bud Light for me...
  11. I got Allen, Diggs, Bass, Bills defense, and...Moss. Call me crazy, but I think he’ll be a bigger fantasy stud than Singletary this year. I think he’ll be a td vulture once we get down around the goal line...
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