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  1. Seriously? Is THIS for real? We’ve never been to Buffalo, but I guess that makes me less of a fan, huh? Do I make fun of your vacations?
  2. Thanks guys. I’ll have to check out bar bill.
  3. Making my first trip to Buffalo for the August 7 practice. Taking the family. Any suggestions on where to get the best wings or food?
  4. Does he block well? Cause as far as I can tell Ben is gonna be doomed behind that line.
  5. That’s funny. When Simms talks glowingly about our qb, everyone loves him. But when he criticizes Rousseau and Basham, everyone feels negatively about him. Can’t really have it both ways. I think he makes valid points. Rousseau is a huge project and a big time boom or bust. He has ELITE physical tools that the Bills are betting on. Much like they did with Allen. It worked with Allen, and only time will tell if it will pay similar dividends with Rousseau. As for Basham…we will see there too. Another poster hit on the head with the reasonable floor, and low ceiling remark. I
  6. You do realize it’s “clear” that Singletary is not very good, right? He’s slow and can’t catch a screen pass in pressure situations.
  7. Ford just needs to stay healthy. He has the nasty demeanor that we need on that line. Oliver should be ok with a better edge rush. Im not convinced Knox will ever learn to catch the ball consistently. And he has had some really bad penalties at the wrong times that tell me he needs better discipline. As for Singletary…I hope he improves for the simple fact he’s on this team, but I’m pretty much over him. His drops out of the backfield and the lack of speed have me wanting a lot more. I think the team actually feels more comfortable with Moss anyways.
  8. Josh Allen critics still exist? I hope so! Lord knows they need pitching…
  9. Let me know when OJ Howard is in town for a workout…
  10. You mean a guy with a noodle arm is struggling to fit the ball in tight windows? Amazing…
  11. Apparently you are the one that is “high”. In no way did I mean he was one of the most talented…what I meant was he is one of the most likable guys around. Good grief…
  12. I think the choice in the first question is Stafford. He’s a very talented guy and now has weapons everywhere. For the second question…how is it NOT unanimous with Fitz? One of the best guys to ever put on a helmet…
  13. Chiefs. They have better overall weapons. The two qbs are a lot closer than most people think IMO.
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