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  1. Haha…he was a 2 year starter in college…at WR. This feels like one of our former coaches moving from WR coach to QB coach. Whatever I guess…
  2. It’s really unfortunate that good interior linemen went one pick after two of our most head scratching picks. Two years ago…creed Humphrey went one pick after picking Basham. He’s now a pro bowl center. Last year…Parham went one pick after bernard. He made the all rookie team. Meanwhile…interior oline is arguably our biggest weakness two years later.
  3. Watch this video and imagine 2 TE sets with Knox. This dude can block like crazy and is an enormous target. Kills 2 birds with one stone. Another target for Allenand help on the line. Would allow knox toeat more in the passing game. Late first target?
  4. I’d keep everyone. I don’t think firing Frazier would do anything since he’s mostly a puppet to McD anyways. It’s mcd’s defense. Dorsey should get another chance to grow and learn. He’s a first year play caller. Josh loves him. Let’s see what another year and hopefully better players can do for him. Beane and McD should get this off-season to make it right with the offensive neglect. They are on notice now and just about everyone in the media and the fans know that the offense needs to be upgraded. Let’s see how they respond. If they don’t use resources (and I mean prime ones) on the o and it sputters again, they should be fired next offseason.
  5. Flowers reminds me a lot of Kadarius Toney. He has some swagger to him too.
  6. We had needs last year and traded up…again, my point.
  7. Figures you would nitpick whatever I said. Read the post. My point was anything should be on the table this draft and if he has to trade up for a receiver if he likes one, then do it. Posters are saying one might not be available when we pick, And I’m saying there is the option to trade up.
  8. Great point. Been saying this for a while. It seems that the run on WRs are usually in the top of the 2nd round every year. In fact, one could argue the best ones are taken there. I have no faith that the game changer that we need will be there at the end of 2. If they like a guy, they need to take him at 27 or trade down into the top of 2.
  9. What does this even mean?
  10. It will. Haha. I just think the o needs to be addressed first before we look at anything on the defense. I could live with d in the third round, but with how McD can coach DBs, I think it makes more sense to take one later. Last year, I wanted Tariq Woolen in round 2 and breece hall in round 1 for that reason. McD is great at coaching DBs and we could wait and still get a really good one. Now…Woolen is in the mix for defensive rookie of the year and hall was running away with OROY before he got hurt. My point is…just wait on safety and trust McD to do what he does better than anyone…coach up DBs. Remember…poyer was a corner before he came here and we converted him to safety.
  11. WR, OL, OL, S or OL, WR, OL, S. Either way, S needs to come last. Benford will step in and do well as poyer’s replacement and Hyde will be back. Too many years of high picks on d while the offense is put on hold are the reason we are in this mess to begin with.
  12. Agree. To me, bringing in those guys late was admitting they failed at WR. They bet on Davis and he didn’t step up. It was silly to not push him with competition in camp. That’s what they have preached since day one and they didn’t do it at WR this season. I can forgive them for McKenzie. Crowder was his competition and he went down early. But they need to add to the room and not with mid to late round picks.
  13. Joe Marino said it beat the other day. We have turned into a vertical passing offense mainly because Davis is so limited in his route tree. He has a hard time with intermediate routes and is basically a one trick pony that goes deep or not much else. WR2 is a glaring need because of these issues. Teams figured it out with him.
  14. Exactly!!! I said the same thing last year. They have mostly refused to address the offense in any way that would allow continuity or growth. Vets on one year deals are stop gaps and they need to start getting younger and with guys on rookie deals.
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