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  1. Yeah I don’t get it either. Acting as if having another top 1B type of receiver is inconceivable is beyond me.
  2. Good for you You’re missing the point. This is a wr centric offense. Yea the bills went and got Kincaid, but over the course of Allen’s career, he makes his hay by throwing to WRs. Having another top option if Diggs goes down minimizes the opportunity that his offense would sputter.
  3. And what is wrong with wanting that? This is a wide receiver centric offense. You act as if that’s a bad thing.
  4. Heaven forbid they actually get a country singer.
  5. How is this thread doing? Hmmmmm. Allen just got his 11th afc offensive player of the week…one more than Kelly. Oh yeah…he also has the most 3 td and 80% completion rate games before a player turned 30. And he’s 27. Go away doubters. This guy is our franchise qb and will be for a long time.
  6. That was my argument for taking another position early on. McD is arguably the best in the league at getting the most out of DBs.
  7. My guess is it could have been a somewhat high pick considering he’s still 22, has at least three years of control left, and has that “potential” label. However, I’m concerned a lot of that was wasted by hanging onto him and allowing other teams to see him inactive the first two weeks.
  8. That’s just it…Elam didn’t fit what this team does schematically. It was a head scratcher then and especially now.
  9. Beane should have cut his losses before the season started. It’s got to be humiliating for Elam as a first rounder. Give his the benefit of the doubt and trade him to a team that can use him in their scheme. Instead, we held on to him and now his value is plummeting each week as he’s inactive. Bad look all around.
  10. Buffalo will always be the perfect place for Allen and he knows that. Hes not going anywhere. He’s a big boy and can handle some criticism for an obviously horrible game.
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