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  1. McD has never had two stud CB’s. He’s had a really good one and an average one every step in his career. I think they are banking on Norman regaining some of the form that made him a star in Carolina. I don’t put anything past McD when it comes to getting the most out of his DB’s.
  2. Who cares? There was also a report that said the Seahawks were ready to trade Wilson to the Browns for the number one pick in 2018 so they could draft Allen. Allen also won head to head against Prescott on Thanksgiving.
  3. Unfortunately it does not. It was a gift from my best friend at the time. His step mom knew one of Kelso’s family members and he got the program signed. The ironic thing is that it’s on the back of the program over a Marlboro ad. The silhouette of Sam Darnold’s grandfather. Haha.
  4. I have a question and want to get some opinions. I have a signed program and I’m wondering what you guys think it might be worth. The players that signed the program are Bruce, Jimbo, Thurman, Reed, Howard Ballard, Mark Kelso, JD Williams, Frank Reich, and a few others. what do you think? Phil Hansen, Biscuit, and Talley are also on the program.
  5. Another solid post as usual, man. Here’s the thing...Allen came from an ultra small, rural high school that lacked any star power and decent coaching. He then went to a junior college where once again he didn’t have any elite talent around him. His first year at Wyoming had some decent talent and he did well, but again, it was no USC, Bama, Clemson, etc. It can be argued that he never really had a chance to be around comparable talent or elite coaching until he reached the sport’s pinnacle in the NFL. Most qbs come from blue blood high school and college programs and have elite coaching during those years. Allen had neither. And to add to this, his first year in the NFL he had one of the worst lines and skill groups in the league, all while being “taught” by a wide receivers coach. What a joke. Allen is just scratching the surface of what he is capable of. The fact that some people can’t see that or want to accept it is mind boggling.
  6. Well...Joe Marino firmly believes Knox can be just that. He is an athletic TE that has shown glimpses and has every physical gift that all the great TEs have had. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could be top ten.
  7. Again...Glazer was talking about Allen improving and us being happy with what we have. Nobody is talking about anything else. My point is this...the draft “gurus” went out of their way to bash the kid before the draft and many of you have followed suit and fail to see the improvements across the board. Joe Marino said on a podcast that those who can’t see the improvements just don’t want to see them. It’s that simple. He’s here to stay unless he fails miserably this season, which would be a huge shock considering his dedication to his craft. Well said. Allen did all he could do. Sure he had some boneheaded plays but he put us in a spot to tie the game in regulation and also to win in OT.
  8. I’m not shocked by this response from you. Allen has improved and is our guy. That’s what Glazer was addressing. He said nothing about being consistent or not. Good grief...
  9. Glazer is right. There are so many Bills fans that bash Allen with every errant throw. They Are so hung up on pre draft narratives and completely ignore his improvements across the board. The narrative has become totally embarrassing.
  10. Jackson knew exactly what he was saying. He’s taking the easy way out once someone called him out on it by acting innocent. He quoted Hitler, which in itself was insensitive. I’m tired of the one way bull crap. This should be viewed in the most negative way, but will be swept under the rug because it doesn’t fit the current narrative. What a joke...
  11. Yep. Unless Bass completely falls apart in the preseason, he should win the job. You don’t spend a 6th round pick on a kicker just to cut him.
  12. My buddy who is a Bears fan came over to watch the playoff game with me. Most fans would be excited about being up 13-0 at the half of an away playoff game. I wasn’t. I told him the Bills would come out completely different and play conservative on offense and put the game in the hands of the defense. That’s exactly what happened. I saw it all year and there was no reason to expect otherwise. I truly think McD gets off on his defense. Haha. I think he wants his offense to do just enough and wants to see his defense close out games. It’s in his DNA. If he wants to be one of the best HCs in the game (and I believe he can be), then he needs to play to win on both sides. This is a lesson I think he learned from that game. We will see...
  13. That’s kinda the point. Allen was drafted based on potential. He was never once touted as a finished product. He needed time. And so far, with time, he’s shown marked improvement. I guess the other thing is, he could be doing nothing through all this. The fact that he held workouts in Cali, then Florida should have us fans salivating at his leadership and how others rally around him. Goes a long way on the field...
  14. Wow. Way to suck all the enthusiasm out of this thread. And literally for no reason at all. Guess you’re “that guy”...
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