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  1. That’s kinda the point. Allen was drafted based on potential. He was never once touted as a finished product. He needed time. And so far, with time, he’s shown marked improvement. I guess the other thing is, he could be doing nothing through all this. The fact that he held workouts in Cali, then Florida should have us fans salivating at his leadership and how others rally around him. Goes a long way on the field...
  2. Wow. Way to suck all the enthusiasm out of this thread. And literally for no reason at all. Guess you’re “that guy”...
  3. Here you go my man... https://www.google.com/amp/s/billswire.usatoday.com/2020/05/18/espn-chris-mortensen-buffalo-bills-josh-allen/amp/
  4. People need to give up the narrative on Allen. It’s become completely ridiculous. The guy improved across the board last year (except the deep ball) and people still want to bash him. Chris Mortensen recently tweeted that the national narrative on Allen is becoming embarrassing. He’s right. The metrics and stat nerds from places like PFF are looking like complete morons because they can’t let go of their pre-draft narratives. Joe Marino from Locked-On Bills had a complete podcast devoted to Allen this past Wednesday. About 14 minutes into the podcast he basically said that if you can’t see the improvements from Allen and appreciate that he’s getting better, then you just don’t want to. He said he’s got everything you want in a qb. He’s a born leader, he works his butt off, and he’s showing marked improvements on the field. He also mentioned that if people thought he was going to be a finished product after 2 years coming out of Wyoming, then they were going to be disappointed. Bottom line...we have a guy who might have one of the highest ceilings in the league. He’s not a finished product yet. His teammates love him and would run through walls for him. Why would we trade all that for Dak Prescott?
  5. Even though Feliciano was pretty crappy the second half of the season?
  6. I’m not sure how this has anything to do with it. The coaches are new and so are the draft picks. They have nothing to do with any of the years since Jimmy left.
  7. Well, they did have an amazing draft. Like it or not, that team is loaded and if they aren't good it’s on the coaches...
  8. Fitz might be the coolest and most likable dude in the NFL. Went to Harvard, scored a 49 on the Winderlik, old school mentality, tough as nails. He just doesn’t have what it takes to consistently win. He was an interception waiting to happen with the game on the line and it’s a shame...
  9. I think Zach Moss is going to give a whole new meaning to “You got Moss’d”...
  10. Not true. A lot of these guys are drafted as four year projects. Like it or not, that’s exactly what Allen is. He’s ahead of the curve so far and let’s hope he continues to trend up...
  11. This is so dumb. So...players that can’t pass drug tests or are too stupid to meet academic eligibility requirements in their cupcake majors can declare and possibly play this year, but players possibly affected by a virus can not? I don’t know what is more of a circumstance than having a season altered or cancelled due to a global pandemic. Unreal.
  12. Very interesting. I think the most realistic option there is to play conference games and cancel non-conference. It’s the most reasonable way of abbreviating the season without affecting the conference hierarchy.
  13. I wonder if he will “call it quits”?
  14. I hope my OP is all for nothing. My hope is we have a college football season and all these kids go back to school. My post was based solely off of speculation.
  15. Wow. I think it’s wishful thinking to be honest. I also believe that things are viewed a little more differently in certain areas of the country that haven’t been hit as hard to this point. I seriously doubt early games will happen on schedule, let alone later on. We shall see.
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