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  1. If they didn’t go to the same school would you say this? Come on. This is just really lazy.
  2. He also must have sent Beane a text last year before round one that said “Dalton Kincaid”…
  3. For those of you that aren’t thrilled about the Keon Coleman pick…remember one thing. Word came out that he was the last receiver left on Allen’s wish list. Thats a big deal. Why would Beane not want to consult the face of his franchise when trying to get him more weapons? This tells me that Allen’s wish list included Harrison, Nabers, Odunze, Coleman, and probably Thomas. Think of it this way…if worthy, pearsall, or legette were on that list, they would have taken them at 28, or at most 32 for legette. I’m sure Beane would have liked to have traded down another time, but he could have risked losing Coleman. I wasn’t overly thrilled with Coleman being the guy, but while he might lack separation on tape, and a good 40 time, he also had amazing splits in the 40 and other drills. The drills are where the football comes out in these guys…you know, catching the ball. Haha. Anyways…when you look at the bigger picture with Coleman, it’s not a bad pick at all. The guy is really athletic, has great hands and body control…and most of all…Allen wanted him.
  4. How so? I haven’t seen anything that supports this. Still seeing odunze as a possibility.
  5. He’s my draft crush. Unfortunately, it just seems like a long shot. I’m sure there are other teams that are either already in position or a few that would trade up as well to get this guy. If we came away with odunze, that would be my dream scenario.
  6. Marino posting (cherry picking) an article saying we are more likely to stay put or trade down doesn’t do much for me. I like the guy and listen to him all the time, but of course he is going to post and article that has someone saying what he prefers to happen. Hes totally against trading up.
  7. With all due respect…have you seen Beane in the first round? We are most likely trading up imo. We have the ammo to do it to get a stud to replace diggs
  8. The problem now is we need someone to come in right away that has number 1 potential from day one. If we had Diggs, there was room for growth from the rookie. Now we need a day 1 contributor.
  9. It’s an amazing draft for WRs. Just draft one in the first on the cheap and control him for up to 5 years
  10. Why can’t it be the other way around though? What if they are planning on getting a WR in 1 and then trade up in 2 to get their DT?
  11. There are also gonna be some DBs and defensive line taken as well. I can almost guarantee that Beane won’t bet on shorter after Davis seemingly backfired on him.
  12. My fear is that we go defense in round 1, which allows KC to get a WR that we all like. It seems to be McDs MO…try stopping the other teams’ offense. Another thing that worries me is KC trading up a pick or two in front of us and taking our guy, kinda like how they came up for McDuffie and forced us to reach for Elam. Yuck. All that said…I hope I’m wrong and we are all celebrating our new stud first round WR soon enough.
  13. I like Polk a lot, but I don’t think he will fit what we are looking for because they have been very vocal about wanting speed and polk was in the 4.5’s.
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