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  1. Pittman had a nice day. His hands are a little smaller than ideal but he’s a little taller than Higgins and has good bulk and a nice wingspan. He’s my guy in round 2.
  2. Why does this thread exist? Hasn’t this horse been beaten already?
  3. Ford played almost entirely at guard in college until his senior year. He was one of the best guards in the country. His footwork isn’t quick enough to handle fast edge rushers and that was evident. There is nothing wrong at all with moving him inside to his best position. By going after a true RT, our line solves two needs with one addition. I don’t see how this is a bad thing.
  4. No. If we go Lineman, it will be a RT IMO. That way they can move Ford inside.
  5. Yeah because a guy they picked up off of waivers and offered a prove it deal is equal to two guys that were hand picked as first rounders at premium positions. Come on...
  6. I really like Lamb...but no. No way. We need to get a WR with reasonable value where we currently sit. Either that or a slight trade up in the second. This draft is too deep to make an aggressive move in round 1. Can you imagine how much pressure Lamb would have on him if we made a move like that?
  7. OP, you make it sound so simple. Just because we “might” want a certain TE doesn’t mean we can get them. There has to be interest on both sides and in some cases, the player you mention is already under contract with another team. Not so easy...
  8. I disagree. I don’t think we have many “holes” at all. We need depth at certain positions, but we’re not devoid of talent. WR is a little different because we have our solid #2 and our slot guy. We need a 1. With that said, I think we should stay put at 22 and see who falls. If we go another position at 22 then a trade up in 2 is definitely on the table. Either way, we need to come away with a top receiver in the first 2 rounds.
  9. And I’m glad you’re finding humor in being a ****. Carry on...
  10. Not happening. You can’t tell me that Beane and McD would be ok with YGM’s hazing allegations. Too many potential red flags IMO.
  11. I’ll bet autocorrect never bit you on any of your messages or texts, eh “Richard”?
  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa...nobody is “butt hurt”. Would I be surprised if he turns into something more than a good story? Yes. But of course I will be pleasantly surprised and happy about it. Too many people are offended when others don’t share the same opinions. I would be happy if it happened but I’m not holding my breath.
  13. Typical half-with response from someone that doesn’t share the same opinion....
  14. There are a lot of fans that think Wade will turn into something because he broke a td against third stringers in the preseason. He’s a cool story, but he’s still a rugby player masquerading as a football player.
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