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  1. Good for Alex. He was able to come back and go out on his own terms. It’s probably best before he has any other issues with the leg...
  2. What does it matter? The first two picks are set. There is no reason to blow smoke at 3...
  3. I don’t want Basham at all. Imo he is much of the same player as Epenesa, who am still pissed that they took. We don’t need another lumbering DE that they ask to lose a bunch of weight. Either find that guy who is that player already or don’t draft a guy trying to change his playing style.
  4. I agree but unless it’s Farley I’m not interested. We already have an elite corner in Tre. Not every team has one elite corner, what makes you think McD would require two? He has had a history of rolling with one elite guy and one guy that is another tier below. We already have that in Wallace and Jackson. Besides, if we do take a corner, it would make more sense to get one in round two or three where a really good one can be had. We need to start planning ahead for the days when Beasley and sanders are both gone. Beane said in his presser that you don’t wanna lose your fastball. Ou
  5. Imo, this is a weak draft at edge rusher and too many on here think we need to go that direction at 30. I truly feel Kwity Paye is the only one worth it at 30. There is way too many question marks on the other rushers.
  6. For me, the only defensive players I would be ok with in round one are Kwity Paye and Caleb Farley. Of course guys like Surtain and Parsons would be great but they will be gone. I told a guy the other day that my bold prediction for the draft is Paye starts to slide and Beane makes a small jump to get him. He offers something we don’t already have at the position. Speed and twitch. I could also see Farley being the guy if he slips due to injury. Other than that, give me offense all day. We are a pass first offense and Beasley is on the last year of his deal and Sanders is
  7. As long as Beane doesn’t take another lumbering defensive end that they will ask to lose a bunch of weight I’m happy with whoever they take at 30...
  8. We were linked to him a few years back. Seems the Bills usually get their guy even if it’s not the first attempt. I actually expect this to happen.
  9. No way. This might have made sense 5 years ago, but this team is ready to win NOW. Go get an impact player and take the next step. Good grief...
  10. Maybe so, but we needed a qb. We don’t need to draft another DT, thus my response. We also don’t need another slow defensive end.
  11. A defensive tackle or an edge that doesn’t have elite twitch and speed. We already drafted on of those last year...
  12. Travis Etienne or Kadarius Toney. Either one would put this offense over the top. Each of them bring speed and elusiveness to their respective position groups. Those are my guys.
  13. Boom. Well said. I hated going through draft after draft watching other teams take a shot at their guy and we sat there and took a corner or another defensive player almost year after year. Then we parlayed that into “fixing” the most important position in sports with some type of journeyman late rounder. It was nauseating.
  14. We FINALLY get a real qb after 20-some years since Kelly and we would want to trade him away? Ok...
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