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  1. Is it? I’m not so sure about that. NE and Baltimore have made good QBs look silly all year. That’s what great defenses do. And yes, there are many fans that think Allen will get next year to prove himself. IMO, he’s already proven himself. He’s this regime’s guy and will get his rookie deal at minimum. If guys like Tannehill (in Miami), Mariota, and Winston can get that long, Allen sure as heck will.
  2. Wrong. The Broncos and Cowboys have defenses in the top ten or just outside it. Bottom line is Allen will never get the benefit of the doubt from some of you because you already had your minds made up the second they called his name on draft night.
  3. I really hoping you’re not suggesting Allen needs to improve or he is on the hot seat. Allen isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And how quickly people forget the past three games before the Ravens game. Smh.
  4. Cause it was a dump off genius. But hey...whatever fits your annoying narrative...👍 So don’t watch the games if they are gonna get your panties in a bunch...
  5. It makes me laugh at how hung up people are on the deep ball. Any qb is lucky to get one or two good looks down field each game. And even then they are tough to complete. Does he need to improve it? Your darn right he does. But he has done a way better job of managing a game which is what the good ones need to do.
  6. Uhhh...he’s gotten markedly better in a year. It’s happened many times that a qb grows in his second year and then puts it all together in the third year. Where do you keep coming up with this crap? Go hide back under your rock.
  7. So noble of you to give him the benefit of the doubt that he will continue to develop and get better...
  8. So you are saying you think Allen is above average?
  9. Jrober38 was one of the worst on the old Bills message board and it’s not surprising that the clown is one of the worst here. But saying you won’t be on after the Bills win and Allen looks good is extremely pathetic. Cowardly, in fact...
  10. Look who decided to show up to the party. I figured you would be back after yesterday. You really dont have any dignity do you?
  11. Totally agree. This is my thought as well. If you watch him try to throw with touch he’s only throwing half strength.
  12. Our offense not being a liability. That’s the next step. We don’t currently have game breaking receivers. We have some good complimentary pieces in Beasley and Brown, but we lack a game breaker. Exactly!!!
  13. Yeah and that would be a shame. He needs to learn to value the offense like he does his defense.
  14. Great point. A talented WR makes that catch.
  15. Not at all. However, it’s clear as day what could help this team go to the next level and it’s never too early to start talking about it.
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