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  1. Totally agree. They have been patching a line together the entire time McD has been here. Why? So they can spend heavy on the defense and hope Allen’s elite talents can mask an average oline. It’s funny that you bring up the Chiefs. Who do they have that was there for the taking a few years ago? Creed Humphrey. That’s the guy I thought was destined to be a Bill when we picked in the second round. What did we do? We doubled down on defensive end. That one hurts a lot. Another one that hurts is passing on JK Dobbins in 2020 in favor of Epenesa…a guy who hasn’t even shown up in the box score each of the last two weeks. My point is…at some point this regime is gonna have to swing heavy on the offensive line. Beane has made a point every off-season that he will never stop adding to the dline. He needs to take that same approach on the offensive line.
  2. If anything, it shows your unicorn qb some good faith.
  3. I can really see an off-season where kromer works with Beane to get some linemen that fit his scheme better. I want to see at least 2 OL in the draft.
  4. Well you are completely missing my point, but ok. We don’t have that problem on defense do we?
  5. Yep…McBeane took a chance and it’s biting them now. Davis or Diggs getting hurt was always gonna hurt this team about as much as anything outside of Allen getting hurt. Our identity is as a passing team and I don’t think we did enough at receiver or oline. But…we sure did bolster that defense, huh?
  6. Hahahhaha…EXACTLY!!!! We don’t have much outside of Diggs and now Davis is injured and McKenzie and crowder are too. Shakir has a chance to really step up so I’m excited about that. However, we do need to invest on the offensive side of the ball on the oline and more weapons for Allen.
  7. I said this all off-season…I was never impressed by what they did at WR. I love Diggs and Davis. They are REALLY good, but beyond them it’s very suspect. Crowder on a one year deal. McKenzie on a two year deal that they can get out of after one year. Shakir has a shot at being good so the jury is out there. The rest is just guys. We are a pass first team that isn’t very deep at WR talent wise and our oline is patched together too. I’m sorry guys, but we need to add like crazy this off-season to the line and WR corp.
  8. Yep…we still lack that burner. Yes cook is a burner but he’s a different kind of player…mostly lining up in the backfield. I’m not sure why Beane has drug his feet on getting that type of receiver for Allen.
  9. Really? He pretty much catches everything thrown his way, but the DB made a good play on the near td. Not gonna fault him too much for that. It’s a fairly isolated incident.
  10. Anyone else think it might be a bad idea for him to play in the wet conditions Sunday? I’d rather have him for the next 13-16 games than risk further injury in sloppy conditions.
  11. Has anyone ever considered that knox might have a lot on his mind? He just lost his brother right before the season started. I’ll give him a bit of a pass for the slow start.
  12. A lot of us could see it coming. The neglect at oline could be our undoing this season. Signing an aging vet to a one year deal and an overachiever to a 4 year deal isn’t gonna get it done.
  13. Beane is already scouting the first round safeties. Patience…🙄
  14. If you think ours is ok and just want to argue, then whatever. I see a line that could use upgrades at all but two spots. If you don’t hold the same opinion then good for you.
  15. I totally agree. I was never once impressed by the “depth” at oline. Dawkins and Morse are our only steady players in the entire group. Everyone else could be upgraded. It really is a shame that Beane and McD patch a line together and don’t try to make it elite for our franchise qb. I think it’s this shortsighted mistake that could cost us more this year than anything on defense.
  16. You do understand that oline is a glaring weakness too, right?
  17. Bingo! Agree 100%. Outside of Ford, this regime has failed to use premium draft capital on offensive linemen. Yes, they signed Morse and the previous regime drafted Dawkins, but the rest has been underwhelming. The bad thing is that we have a qb like Allen and he doesn’t really get sustainable resources put into the line. This off-season needs to be all about the offensive line and adding some more speed outside of cook.
  18. Wonder when they are gonna address the depth on the oline?
  19. My main argument is they need to draft more offense and do it earlier in the draft.
  20. I agree 100%. There are some on here that don’t ever want to hear criticism about McD. I respect the guy for helping us get back to being relevant, but I want more. I want him to hike up his pants and dig in in clutch situations. I want him to put more emphasis on the offensive line. I just feel like it’s not horrible to have some doubts, especially after the 13 second debacle.
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