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  1. Will always hope he gets it together. He provided the kids, including my son, some really great moments at Kelly Camp. He has done some really stupid things, all of which have served as good teaching moments for my son. However, I have seen first hand the good he has done in the community. We arent all saints, and the end game is a lot more important than the NFL.
  2. Family and I stayed at the farmhouse below in Brookesville Maine two summers ago and it was the best time of my life. We hiked, went to the ocean and caught mussles to cook over the campfire, and explored some of the most amazing farmhouse restaurants I've ever been to. I had my morning coffee on the deck watching the sun come up over a body of water down the street, and drank Alagash Beer while BBQing at night. Just an amazing time. There is a organic winery directly across the street with amazing blueberry wine. Down the road is an ocean inlet with very people around. Most relaxing seven days of my life. My dream retirement. Farmhouse Brookesville, ME
  3. Agree 100 percent. If he gets to nine wins this year he will be 24-24 with a playoff birth. No way they fire him with a .500 record, 73 million dollars in cap space, and the first playoff appearance in nearly 20 years. He will get four years minimum.
  4. Agreed. I liked his ending. My issue is no one spoke up about it during the discussion about who should be King. The ball should have been in John's court to say no and go North. Not being sent there as a prisoner. Regardless, his ending was apt. I was very happy when the door opened and Giantsbane was standing there.
  5. Agree on the first bit. I was happy where John ended up. My issue was the way the John being a Targaryen thing was hyped and basically flickered out at the end of the show. I dont think he would have taken the throne but to not have it discussed was odd.
  6. Not angry about the ending but feel like the show needed more seasons. It was however bad in a few areas -what was the point of the tower of joy John Snow is a Targaryen angle? Sam thought it important enough to tell John but as he is sitting there trying to decide a king he fails to mention they have the true king locked up? And after all that Aegon build up he continues being John Snow? It was maybe the most important storyline in the show and at the end seemed pointless -What the hell does a three eyed raven even do? And why was the Night King trying so hard to kill him? -why were the Walkers trying to kill humans so badly? What was their endgame? -the nobles had option beyond option fora King and they were super blown away by Tyrions choice because Bran "told good stories" lots of self importance by the collective writers there. Loved the show but man did this season feel rushed. It almost felt like they abandoned really important story lines just to get to the ending.
  7. Makes sense. The show started with Bran. Everything would come full circle.
  8. There is a theory article stating that Bran warged into Dany's dragon just after the bell rang and Bran caused the carnage not Dany. The theory states Bran has been evil since he was touched by the Night King in his vision. Not sure why the Night King would turn him evil and then attempt to kill him, unless he wasnt trying to kill him, who knows. Bottom line is virtually everyone watching this thing is going to be upset in some way.
  9. The only difference is the Jets have made a ton of good moves the last two years. Whaley was let go prior to drafting the franchise QB. The Jets had picked up a lot of good players, and were in good cap shape. Its a good discussion though.
  10. Maybe best remembered for his jersey give a way snafu?
  11. I enjoy their show. Like Tasker's stories and continued ties to the former players. Murph has some great stories going back to the early days of the team. Ive never understood why the expectations for a local AM radio show have been so high. If I had to choose either OBL or Schoop and Jeremy White talking soccer. Id choose OBL everytime.
  12. Exactly. And not for nothing her second dragon and Missandei may still be alive if she had used her brain and listened to what everyone was telling her. They both are dead directly because of her pride. She was foolish and overcome with lust for power, and she paid for it.
  13. He played Defensive End is some packages in college. He played every position on the defensive line. He also dropped into coverage as a linebacker on some plays.
  14. I live on Lake Ontario. So yes, minus the beads and drums.
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