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  1. Have they ever listed holder as a unique position on the depth chart before?
  2. Not sure why he is still talking about the Bills. He hasnt started a game for the Bills since last October. He missed 20 of the 48 regular season games while he was here either due to injury or poor play. Time to move on Jon, you're starting to sound like a jilted boyfriend.
  3. Cole was a great player for us. Played with broken bones, always came up huge on third downs, and was a big part of Allen's development. The changes had nothing to do with Daboll leaving, Cole was on his way out before that happened. The changes he seems to be pointing at was the way the organization changed in response to the COVID restrictions. McDermott has always preached that he wants his players to be able to be themselves, which is what Beasley is talking about in his tweets. However, the being yourself bit cant be at the expense of the teams chemistry and success, I think thats where Cole ran into trouble with the organization. In some circumstances no one is the bad guy, it just doesnt work anymore because the situation changes. I think all of us had issues come up with people close to us during COVID because of differing opinions. I think thats exactly the case here.
  4. I'm not being sarcastic but I feel like I am missing something. What young QB did he bring a long? I feel like the entire New England coaching staff, including Bill, were very lucky to have Brady for most of their careers.
  5. Those fans should never be allowed in the stadium again. You're an adult, pony up the 200 bucks and buy one online. Total embarrassment to the entire fan base. Twenty years from now these same people will be telling stories about how they had a run in with Josh once and he was a jerk. Get a life.
  6. No sir. Muscle Hamster is Maurice Jones Drew. Edit: I see they added Little to it. Still cant get on board.
  7. Closer to a city that isnt boring, and has Sean McVay and Aaron Donald in it.
  8. I am. I'm surprised he paid to have his EX-WIFE buried at all. How many people do you know that went through a divorce with someone then pay for that person's funeral? Stop playing on emotions.
  9. I stopped listening when he said "real experts." Saying something like that is a sure sign you're talking to an elitist, and elitist pukes like this guy have no insight into real life.
  10. Same thing I've always told my wife when she asks why I dont wear jerseys.
  11. Your an adult go use the money from your adult job to buy one. Let the kids meet the players. So odd to me when adults, especially adults out of their 20's idolize athletes who are 20, 30 or 40 years younger than them. Its borderline weird.
  12. Its Darnold this week and next. Once Baker knows the playbook, and audibles its his job.
  13. Whether he is impressing or not, the new coaching staff is handling the situation a lot better than Flores did. I still think Flores is a good defensive coach, but his handling of the QB situation in Miami was St. Doug like. Getting positive press out there about Tua is a good start to building his confidence up. That said, coming into the league I thought Tua was built to thin and had too weak of an arm to be an elite QB. Still think he is smart, can manage an offense, and gets the ball out incredibly quick. Is he a real threat in the division probably not, but he can be a solid starter for a few years. His career most likely ends up as a high level back up.
  14. Ill take the tickets for the Saturday practice. I told my kids we'd get out there and I failed to get tickets.
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