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  1. He's played against Buffalo 7 times in his career. He's averaged 1 catch for 19 yards in those 7 games. His teams have lost 5 of those 7 games. I'd hate Buffalo if I were him too. I'd dislike him more if he hadnt stole over 30 million dollars from the Patriots and Dolphins in his career.
  2. Because it's no one's business. He isn't the President. Why anyone wants to know what an 18 year old kid who isn't their own is doing with their life is beyond me.
  3. Von Miller is listed as a linebacker. I wouldnt put too much stock into the Bills website.
  4. The flower may look pretty but the roots arent very deep.
  5. A. Screwed from birth by having two first names. You either end up killing yourself or someone else. B. When you've been drinking always always listen to your wife. C. Pretty colors doesn't always mean safe.
  6. Don't do dumb stuff and you get to stay employed. The NFL may have railroad him, but he served himself up on a silver platter. There is a fine line between being smart and charismatic and being an arrogant d-bag.
  7. Football is funny that way but bottom line is turnovers change the outcome of games Alot like the pff stat "turnover worthy passes" talk to me about the interceptions that were caught, not the ones that weren't
  8. Nor yet. Prior to the Allen-McBeane era I would take my young son. That young son now a teenager asked if we were going this year, haven't been able to get tickets in a few years. Would love to take my two sons, one who has never been, but won't be expecting it.
  9. Nick Cannon's entire body, including his brain and all organs shouldnt be worth $2 dollars.
  10. He is dealing with the same stuff the Bills dealt with during the draught...players dont want to play here. To want to come to a place with high taxes and little to nothing to do, winning has to be part of the equation. The Sabres dont win, they constantly change direction, and their best players may not even be considered in the best 100 in the league. It's going to take them drafting a star at some point because no one worth paying is going to sign or accept a trade here.
  11. Allen has 38 more turnovers in just two less career games. They are pretty much neck in neck when it comes to touchdowns and overall yards, but the turnovers, to me, are the equalizer. Allen is the 2nd best quarterback in the league but Pat is #1.
  12. Guy seemed to pop up on every show in the early nineties. RIP.
  13. So they are using an AI version of a guy who is alive?
  14. If they are able to pull this off and have their party openly support the move democracy as we know it is dead.
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