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  1. I have a JD Williams/Keith McKeller Autographed Football. Apparently JD was a big signer.
  2. Until someone gets these guys a mirror they will never understand the real problem. Hard for me to take a millionaire that claims to believe in systemic racism seriously. Take your money and fix your communities. Educate young parents about the dangers of single parent households. Start to try and figure out why despite the monetary support being available for African Americans to attend college only 42% of males have a degree. Jenkins is correct jewish people are not the problem, nor are any other race.
  3. and still only scored 22 points, and still only won by 3 points. Ill take it.
  4. He isnt worth the headache at this point in his career. The move was one of those weird reunion trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice things. Not sure his owner would be too keen on his recent reading material either.
  5. And what about the African Americans who arent descendents of slavery? And what about whites who have dna that shows while not being African American still have dna from slaves? Whats the percentage you have to be to join this new utopia?
  6. Was just saying this morning if Biden wins I have a feeling the vaccine will be cleared sometime before Christmas. If Trump wins we may be waiting another 4 years.
  7. Part of the problem with the country right now. Give us...nope come take it.
  8. Change the name to Sentors like the team from 1921 and be done with this. Then hope PETA doesnt pressure teams with animal names. Then hope victim activists dont call for the Raiders, Vikings and Bucs to change their name. Seriously though should anyones opinion on this subject outside of Native American's really count? I would imagine they are probably more concerned with the incredible poverty the US government left them in but who knows.
  9. This is outrageous. If he loses he will leave. His supporters, and I am speaking as one of them, will not back an action like that. Wrong party.
  10. Its pandering. Nike supports the movement to sell $200 dollar sneakers and the NFL knew if they didnt support BLM this time theyd lose viewership. Meanwhile 67% of African American children are growing up in single family homes. Where is the outrage for that?
  11. The irony of people walking around quoting Martin Luther King and then demanding they be recognized in seperate fashion for the color of their skin should not be lost. The NFL can pander to a black supremecy movement all they want but it does nothing but pacify angry voices. If they really cared theyd be investing money in trying to fix the real issue which is poverty, fatherless homes and black on black crime. All much bigger issues in the african american communities than police violence.
  12. So the 20% of the population you trust are all Politicians and Doctors? Otherwise your point makes no sense.
  13. Love basketball but stopped watching full time when Jordan retired for good. Pretty sure the hour or so a year I spend watching the NBA has come to an end with this .
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