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  1. He can blame it on the blow all he wants but I am sure he was boozing like crazy too, and that's no exactly low calorie. The simple fact is the guy isn't some 6'5 wide framed dude. He's a 5'10 maybe 5'11 skinny dork. It doesn't take rocket science to know when he stepped away from an NFL weight room that he wouldn't maintain 210 pounds. Manziel should be irrelevant as this point but instead he goes on these shows and glorifies the exact thing he wants to act like he is rallying against.
  2. If you can't afford Gabe Davis, you can't afford Terry McLaurin.
  3. There have been a few really good ones since then. Jordan won back to back right after Spud won. Dominique, Harold Miner, and Kobe were all really good. But the last really good one I've watched was Vince Carter in 2000. So about 25 years of boring. The last 5 years in particular have been a total borefest.
  4. Yeah man. The dunk contest is horrid. Filled with low level NBAers and G Leaguers. Too many attempts for guys who aren't really great flyers to start with. Its long and boring. The 3 point contest, futures tournament and celebrity game are the highlights of the weekend. I didn't get a chance to watch everything but I did tune in to the futures game for a bit on Friday night, and then for all of the 3-point contest on Saturday. I am a 90's kid so I think I was spoiled in terms of watching some of the best basketball of all time. That said, my teenage son is a huge fan of the NBA and sneaker culture so he has brought me back into the fold. Lots of very fun young talent in the league. Guys who could very well be in the top fifteen scorers of all time when its said and down. Luka, Devn Booker, Trae Young, Jayson Tatum, Paolo, Webenyama, and Anthony Edwards are all guys who could make a big impact on the history of the game in the next 10-15 years. I've enjoyed following the league a bit more over the last few years.
  5. It depends on how you look at it. I don't think anything has really happened to them. They are still 3rd in the Eastern Conference. They needlessly moved on from Mike Budenholzer who was a hell of a head coach because they weren't winning the title every year. It was change for the sake of change. I think they hired Adrian Griffin thinking adding he and Dame would turn the Bucks into world beaters but it looks like the players didn't care for the guy so he is out. They will still make the playoffs and likely win a series but Doc Rivers is an overrated coach anyways. It's the NBA the players run the show. They should have never moved on from Budenholzer. One quick thing on the NBA. I am not sure any professional sports league does a better job with their All Star game presentation. All Star weekend is a hell of a lot of fun.
  6. Looks like I have WNED out of Buffalo. Its still on Monday at 8pm through Spectrum in Buffalo. I watch it every Monday to try and slow down before I nod off. When I look up the WXXI station out of Rochester it still shows Antiques Roadshow at 8pm on Mondays. Does Spectrum Rochester have PBS? Its Channel 3 here.
  7. He's made close to 1.5 million dollars a touchdown in the NFL. He will be more than fine with his 148 million dollars. For comparison, Josh Allen has been paid 513,000 dollars per touchdown. Mahomes 589,000. Bills have done pretty well for themselves.
  8. Really have to normalize the data to fully understand the comparison (click below). I dont think anyone would argue that Lamar isnt on Mahomes or Allen's level, but he isnt as far off as the raw data originally posted would have you think. He is on par with both Mahomes and Josh when it comes to total yards, the issue is the high number of interceptions in comparison to his average touchdown output. Josh and Pat are nearly identical when it comes to averages, but Id argue where the difference shows up is when it comes to being clutch. Brady was better than Pat in head to heads, Mahomes is better than Allen. Lamar is a fine quarterback. He sells a lot of jerseys.
  9. Just checked thought it was Tuesday night, its Monday. PBS Monday 8pm. That said, I think I get Rochester channels.
  10. Both guys are emotionally immature jerks. Both need to grow up.
  11. Little known fact Patrick Mahomes was actually the #1 FFA student those years.
  12. He's coached football for longer than I've been alive and I'm middle age. He's coached in the NFL for over 30 years and called plays for 25. There is a lot to be said about experience, he's been through almost every situation you can in football. Unfortunately in today's culture and NFL everyone wants a fast payoff. It took the guy 20 years as a head coach to win a Superbowl. At least part of that first victory was due to what he learned losing 4 conference championships and 1 Super Bowl before he got one.
  13. Mahomes is the best QB in the league without question. If you think he is the same Mahomes he is today without Andy Reid you don't understand the game. He threw a beauty of a ball to win the game. The play design was also a thing of beauty.
  14. I've played or coached football for a 3rd of my life. I understand how the game works.
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