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  1. I agree he has no credibility and comes across as a child. However, I also think the Giants have the wrong people in place to lead that team.
  2. Not sure who is less intelligent, Benjamin for stealing food, or the Giants for talking to him about it during a public practice. Also, if the food thing is real, how can they call it stealing when the food was prepared for the staff amd players? Its like paying for an all you can eat buffet and being told you cant eat anymore.
  3. Gettleman may want to rethink the shirt tucked into shorts look.
  4. While I completely agree with you, the sad truth is they probably don't need the business. They've recently branched out into other industries, which makes me think they dont need to pander to the loyal base they started out with. It stinks because they've always been a pretty loyal brand.
  5. The savages in my house hate the outer crust. This fact and beer are two of the main reasons I am fat. The outer crust is essential unless youre a communist and hate America.
  6. The Rams were glad to take the hit because they were moving someone they thought was substandard. Big difference between paying to get rid of someone, and losing both a Hall of Famer and 22 million dollars in one move.
  7. This year it was Russell Wilson too. It was the same year. Everyone and their mother predicted at least 11 QBs would change teams. Clickbait. An individuals power, especially when they are under contract is an illusion. The only way they have power is if ownership caves. Rodgers' wont have power until 2024, when he is 41 years old. Unless he stinks before then. I am not sure who in their right mind thought the Packers were going to trade the guy and take a 22 million dollar cap hit. It would have been idiotic.
  8. Because its incredibly hard to win Lombardi's especially in an era where the greatest Quarterback of all time is playing. If Green Bay isnt winning championships, the QB of the team need only to look in the mirror to see where the problem begins.
  9. I doubt very highly the poo dam breaks. Its a ploy. Every owner dealing with crap like this from players needs to stand their ground. This should not be something that the NFL allows as a precedent.
  10. Exactly. I am not sure why this is even a thing right now. I also agree with the Texans stance. If I am the GM there I want everything and more. Teams only get a QB of Watson's ability once every 20 years. If I cant get 3+ first round picks, plus players in return, then he can sit at home or retire. He signed the contract very recently, it was the same owner then.
  11. Addison and an OL wouldnt clear enough cap to bring him in. They need to clear 10+ plus if the guy wants a new contract
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