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  1. He isnt wrong. Its inane. Linebackers not wearing jerseys in the 50s....
  2. Absolutely hate it. Thought the college players looked incredibly stupid wearing 0 last year. Why the NFL insists on fixing things that arent broke, but not fixing things that are is beyond me. A Defensive Back can now wear the #1 but teams are limited on the variations of their helmets and jerseys?
  3. Not going to lie, Mayfield was my preference. But I cant agree with you on Rosen more. He came off as entitled during the process. Add the entitlement to the film, and I dont know how anyone can be surprised he didnt pan out. If you watched more than one game he was an absolute statue in the pocket, had no lateral movement which is essential, took tons of sacks and really didnt have elite arm strength. The talking heads did a great job of selling the "Most Pro-Ready/Great Technique" thing leading up to the draft, but man was he overhyped.
  4. Slice it how you want but they were 14th is yards and 16th in points against. They were the very definition of average when you look at the year as a whole. Whether they progressed or not, the first six games count.
  5. It was a leak. Suggested, but not confirmed. I think he makes the most sense if they dont go with a QB.
  6. Because he knows defense doesnt score points. The team with a good defense and bad offense lost to a Blake Bortles led Jacksonville team 10-3 in the Wild Card Round. The team with the great offense and average defense made it to the AFC Championship game. They knew they had to build a good offense first.
  7. I couldnt tell you the difference between the last iteration.
  8. With all the Mac Jones vs Fields discussion going on, I am pretty sure it will be Trey Lance.
  9. My wife who has no clue who the guy is said "Man, this guy is pretty smug, whoever he is."
  10. I enjoyed Ken Jennings. Rodgers was out of his element and it showed.
  11. Good football player would be good competition for Zimmer for backup 3T. Not a big guy (relative) so if they are looking to get more physical, I dont think he brings that element.
  12. You think he gets away with it if he settles for a couple million?
  13. I am not saying I didnt have fun after midnight. Just not the type of fun Id suggest my kids to have.
  14. I tell my kids this all the time. Nothing good happens after midnight, stay home and have fun.
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