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  1. Not happening. As secretive as these guys are, do you think they are hiring some outside jags to complete their staff? Not for nothing, they are running real life simulations in practice, why do they need Madden players again?
  2. He got half of his players to block. Feliciano got manhandled by 6'6 320 monster who may be the best DT in the league outside of Aaron Donald.
  3. I would take Carson here in a heartbeat. He is much faster than he gets credit for and is physical as hell.
  4. He may be fine at OLB, but I feel like the coaches have waited too long to find out. What I mean by that is this, if you move him this year to replace Milano and draft his replacement at ILB, then he falls on his face, you will be opening a hole on the roster you wouldnt have had if you just resigned Milano. For me you fix the problem you know you have now, without making future issues for yourself. I think he can play at this level yes, but I don't think its at middle linebacker, and I think Milano is the better linebacker. What I'd like the Bills to do is try and trade Edmunds bef
  5. Tends to happen when cornerbacks are blanketing your wideouts.
  6. The Packers are going to let Love sit on the bench for three years just like they did Rodgers. However, if he tries to force his way out of GB I wouldnt take anything less than 3 1st round picks. He is the league MVP, and a Hall of Fame Quarterback who probably has 3-4 years left.
  7. Wait what? Are you serious end of week 16? Like a month ago?
  8. Easily one of my top 3 players on the team. Buying a Cole Beasley jersey asap.
  9. 100% correct. Butler was supposed to be that guy, but even at 320 he is still more of a 3 tech. The Bills had to resort to using Oliver at 287 at 1 tech during portions of the season. I'll wait until after next year to make my mind up on Oliver, but Edmunds is case closed for me.
  10. Just a half a sack less than what we got from our top two pass rushers this year.
  11. I honestly think Edmunds best position may be 3-4 Edge Rusher.
  12. The other brother got cut. The safety is still on the team but is in trouble of being demoted, Steelers are incredibly unhappy with his production.
  13. No right now they arent. With Oliver at least you get him taking up some double teams, but he has offered you very little in terms of pass rush, which is what you drafted him to do. On Edmunds, I am sick of watching him play. For everyone in this thread who keeps saying he is young, you gotta let him develop...can you please tell me what he is good at? Where does he make an impact on the field? What does he excel at? Because when I watch the kid play he looks like a giant who cant tackle well, isnt all that physical intimidating, is slow to process plays, is constantly g
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