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  1. Except they are talking about the Xbox
  2. While the content of the video was a little silly, I think this is the first time I got a look at how serious Tre is about being great. He asked those question of Bruce very earnestly. Very cool to see.
  3. Completely agree. Garrett should have been fired forever ago. However then Jones would have to find another coach who lets him sit in on coaching meetings. Jerry Jones reminds me a whole lot of King Lear.
  4. Way too early for this take. Mayfield is slowly starting to have a similar career trajectory to Jameis Winston. If he doesnt start slowing down in the interceptions Cowherd could very well be right, but I think he could easily have the career of someone like Stafford.
  5. Sorry for your loss brother. Lost my Dad when I was real young, but he is the reason I love football. Blessed for the time we have, doesnt make it hurt less. Hope the Bills can get a win for your Dad this weekend!
  6. Madden was always my favorite. Nowadays I generally keep the sound low enough where I dont have to hear them.
  7. I've always really liked the red too. Mostly I just like the monochromatic schemes, just not a fan of the white on blue.
  8. The current Owner wasnt even there when McDermott was. The current GM was but he isnt going to make it into next year. The ties to McDermott there will all likely be gone before the 2020 season begins. Tepper is moving forward, not backwards- next.
  9. If he goes unsigned just bring him back to the ps. If Hauschka remains bad, you already have the replacement in house.
  10. He may be an ego maniac, but if he hasnt lived up to expectations, the expectations were too high. He is the best coach Michigan has had since Carr, and his win percentage falls in line with what Michigan has always been when the program is being run well. Any NFL or College team that wants a winning culture will let him run things the way he wants them to be run.
  11. How so on the Harbaugh thing? He has won everywhere he has been. Coached in a Super Bowl with a running back at QB. All the Michigan honks expecting him to come in and win National Championship after National Championship forgot their program wasnt a consistent National Championship contender since the mid seventies. Harbaugh is a really good coach.
  12. Will have to wait and see. I think most teams who are looking for depth want good locker room guys. Dont see a lot of people lining up to sign a 30 year old notoriously lazy player who wont have much to play for anymore. Dareus needs motivation, and I dont see where that is with backup money and snaps.
  13. He did us a couple favors. He also gave us a draft pick to pay Dareus 20 million of the stupid 100 Million dollar contract Whaley gave him. Have a feeling Dareus will never see the last 20 million and be out of the league next year.
  14. I want nothing to do with the guy. All the talent in the world, however I think his greatest downfall is he appears to care more about being a superstar than the work it takes to get there. I dont get the sense he has the type of fortitude it takes to be great. On the other question, yes he is 100% a bust. He was taken 4th overall, has had 1 1000 yard season, never eclipsed 70 catches or had double digit touchdowns. If the Chiefs part with him in the offseason he will be on his 4th team in 7 seasons.
  15. I cant see paying a tight end 8-10 Million dollars a year when you have Knox. I agree Kroft probably needs to go, and I agree we probably need to add another decent tight end, but Id rather have them go get someone like Jack Doyle for a bit less money.
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