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  1. This keeps coming up. Thought Mouse McNally taught Peters?
  2. thenorthremembers

    Ronaldo being investigated for rape

    Or maybe just stop having relations with every rando you find at a bar. May be a good idea to have an idea of someone's character before you go there.
  3. thenorthremembers

    Bengals set to hire Zac Taylor as HC

    Can we crown McVay when he wins a playoff game? He has done a good job but at this point he is the exact coach as Matt Nagy.
  4. thenorthremembers

    WR Prospect talk

    In that category my favorite player to this point would be Deebo Samuel from South Carolina.
  5. thenorthremembers

    WR Prospect talk

    Starting to go through 3 games of each wideout. So far I've watched Harry, Harmon, Hollywood Brown, A.J. Brown, and Metcalf. So far I'd rank them Harry Harmon A.J. Brown Hollywood Brown Metcalf For me it's not close as to who the number one wide out is. Harry may not be incredibly fast but his ability to adjust to passes and high point the ball is tops here. He dominated games in ways no other guy I've watched so far has. He also does a great job on back shoulder throws, something Allen excels at, just saying.
  6. thenorthremembers

    Kyler Murray reportedly leaning toward NFL draft

    Guarantee the GM who text he was a 1st rounder has everything to gain from Kyler being in the draft, and I dont mean as his pick. A GM was also quoted in the article as saying he hadnt watch any tape on him because he was only considering baseball, now a few days later he watched tape and "he is a 1st round pick." This kid is going to get caught up in the offseason NFL games executives play and end up a Brad Smith type player in the NFL. I sure hope he can play special teams.
  7. thenorthremembers

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Gase is a mediocre head coach who thinks he is Bill Belichick. He seriously needed to check his ego in Miami and didn't. He refused to use the talent he had based on whatever issue he had at any given point. I am sorry but to say Miami had no talent is ridiculous. Who here wouldn't have traded olines with them this year? Not sure what his personal issue was with Kenyan Drake but he is a talented back. He had both Drake and Damien Williams two seasons ago. He let Williams go, then decided to bring in gore rather than feature Drake who was younger and cheaper. That team had talent and he pissed it away or cut it because he has ego issues And not for nothing why didn't Denver run back to him? They could really use an offensive "mastermind"
  8. thenorthremembers

    Cleveland Browns to hire Freddie Kitchens as HC

    So he wasn't good enough to be the interim, but he was good enough to be the permanent? Not sure about this one.
  9. thenorthremembers

    Packers to hire Titans OC Matt LeFleur

    My worry is he ends up more like Kyle Shanahan than he does Sean McVay. I think its kind of a hot trend in the NFL to hire younger coaches with more of an emphasis on their schemes than on their experience as a coordinator. I think you could favorably compare Lafleur to guys like Anthony Lynn and Sean Payton, plenty of years working in football but not really a lot of experience as the leader of an offense. Going to be a wait and see. I just wonder if he is a strong enough personality to coach in Green Bay.
  10. thenorthremembers

    Anyone use AirBnB?

    Used Air BnB for a family vacation two years ago. We rented a beautiful farm house in Maine for a little over 1k for the entire week. I thought it was a great deal and the owner was incredibly communicative. I'd do it again.
  11. thenorthremembers

    Tre White has launched his own online store

    My company won't allow me to speak at conferences without them clearing it first which they never allow. A few years back I had articles published in a magazine and got a cease and desist call from our lawyers, mind you I never mentioned I was affiliated with anyone in the articles. Additionally they make me pay 40 dollars if I'd like to buy one of their golf shirts. It's not a big surprise that mega companies care very little for their employees and on the grand scale I think football players do very well.
  12. I dont mind Rex. However, his assertion that it was one play is myopic and probably part of the reason he isn't a better coach. Does the kick matter if Mack doesn't lose against Peters? It's a team game. The Bears lost as a team.
  13. thenorthremembers

    WR Prospect talk

    Not sure about the separation bit, I think his speed is pretty evident on tape. One thing that did stand out to me in the three games I watched is the guy runs one route. Like a pass rusher who constantly uses speed to get around left tackles but overshoots the quarterback, Metcalf's bread and butter is to try and run around the outside of the cornerback and beat him on a go route, and its over and over again. It's clear he is immensely physically gifted, but I think he is going to be over drafted based on his gifts and have to learn a lot on the fly about being a wideout.
  14. thenorthremembers

    Arians expected to be TB HC tomorrow

    Pretty sure he came out a month ago and said he would consider the TB job as well.