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  1. Its a great segment. He needs to look into radio or television once he is done playing. He isnt playing like a guy in his late thirties.
  2. Glenn was a monster his first few years here. And when it comes to concussions the Bengals should know better not to mess around. That said the guy hasnt played a full season since 2015, and in any job the best ability is availability. If he plays again he probably will need a very good situation to be motivated.
  3. How does this compare with injuries to non-running qbs? Is there a big differential?
  4. Not sure if anyone caught it but yesterday the OBL producer put Murphs mic on too early coming out of the break and I got a good listen in as Murph said "They dont give an s***" was very weird hearing Murph hit a swear blast.
  5. "we" wont get the WH, the WH belongs to the people of the United States as a whole not 50% Your thinking is part of the problem.
  6. I think Green will fetch at the highest a 2nd. No one is trading a 1st round pick for a 31 year old wideout who has only made it through 4 full seasons in his ten year career. Ramsey is one of the top player at his positions in the prime of his career.
  7. I took this on a few pages back. With the cap going up next year they can afford it. They have Ramsey's 5th year option for next year. If they dont like what Goff and Gurley are doing by 2021, they can get out of both contracts cheap and save close to 80 million or so against the cap over the next three years. Ramsey wont need a new contract until 2021.
  8. I dont see where downtown Buffalo has the potential for the new infrastructure. The roads are narrow to the buildings now. I guess we will see, but I am not sure why you would force the issues when you have wide roads and acres to build on in Orchard Park. Resettling the neighbors in OP would be a lot easier than re-doing downtown for a football stadium.
  9. I wouldnt be so sure thats not the 2022 plan. My guess is they are betting on themselves not to fail. Snead and McVay dont come across as guys who have little faith in their plans. Probably one of McVay's weaknesses as a coach, it sure was in the superbowl.
  10. I understand the team building thing and I prefer the way the Bills are going about. However, I think the Rams have thought this out pretty well in terms of selling out to win games with Goff. They are building the best team they can for the next two years with Goff. I think their plan is to go all in with Goff this year and next. The way they set his and Gurley's contract up, they have outs on both contracts in 2021. If they designate Goff as a Post June 1st cut in 2021, they only have 15 million in dead cap with 78.5 million dollars in saving over the last three years of the contract. It's the same for Gurley, they have him for this year and next, but if they designate his as a post June 1st cut in 2021 they have 8.4 Million in Dead Cap with over 40 million dollars in cap savings on the last three years of his contract. They seem to have a pretty decent five year plan. Load up on talent to go all in between 2018-2021, and if they fail they can reload at QB in the 2022 draft.
  11. No I am asking if you want two proven blue chip players or 1 proven blue chip players and 3 maybes. Edmunds, Allen, and Oliver are all potential. None of them have proven a thing in the league to this point. Honestly, its kind of a push. Do you want 100k or 50k with three more chances at 200k?
  12. If they move the stadium downtown it is highly unlikely Ill ever go to another game. The parking down town is a nightmare and getting in and out of the stadium will be atrocious. Trying to get out of a Sabres game is terrible, I cant imagine what it would be like with three times the people.
  13. Not sure the Rams were fleeced. Goff withstanding, of the 5 1st round picks they gave up they have 2 Pro Bowl/All Pro Level players. They used the draft picks, just not on draft night. Depends on how you want to build your team. But I think using 5 1st rounders and getting a starting QB, a #1 wide out, and a All Pro Cornerback in return is kind of a high rate of success. If you look at the Bills last five 1st rounders would you prefer what the Bills have or the Rams: Bills: Ed Oliver, Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds, Tre White, and Shaq Lawson Rams: Jalen Ramsey, Brandin Cooks, and Jared Goff I'd still take the Bills but it's not an easy choice.
  14. Never understood what happened with this guy. Made a start and did relatively well, and then hardly saw the field after that. Makes sense the Dolphins grabbed him as Flores had him in NE. Glad he had a stop between the Bills and Dolphins
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