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  1. I heard about that. Jerry Sullivan outed that information.
  2. Just took a look back. He is 53-66 without him. .445 winning percentage. Not easy without a good qb.
  3. Wonder who the rich fella who bet 20k on the Jets +11.5 yesterday was? Made a nice 85k over the course of 3 hours. Not a bad job if you can swing it.
  4. Belichick iw now something like 43-61 when Brady isnt his starting QB. No clue what happens Sunday as I dont think the Bills are world beaters but Kraft looks to have kept the wrong guy.
  5. Fairburn is a tough listen. First and foremost his voice makes it sound like he just had 3 xanax before the podcast and secondly he cant get off the Josh Allen stuff. He actually drags Joe down a bit. Just no enthusiasm on that pod once so ever. The Locked on Pod is a good listen albeit a bit formulaic.
  6. Small, average arm, oft injured and played with five first round wideouts in college. Thought he was the third best qb in his class. We will see but scared, no.
  7. Thats the exact guy that came to mind for me as well.
  8. He's been even better this year than last year. Just catching everything thrown his way. He is easily one of my favorite players on the team.
  9. Agree. They need almost a complete reset on defense. They are old, and need to inject some life back into the unit. Poyer is still a very good in the box safety, so he may survive, but both he and Hyde are struggling in coverage.
  10. Well lets hope they smack it out of them, because unless you're skier there isnt a whole hell of a lot to do on Sundays in Western NY when its 30 degrees and lower.
  11. The are incredibly old on defense. They dont play with any enthusiasm, and its looked to have impacted the offense as well.
  12. Going to be honest, I am very worried about the game. The Jets are healthy, are at home, and the Bills have injuries to major players on all levels of their team. The likelihood the Jets go 0-16 is low, and the Bills have looked flat the last few weeks.
  13. I dont think its really a Williams vs Oliver thing. Oliver was better last year, Williams has been better this year. There is some mumbling about Oliver playing injured, so who knows. What it comes down to is if you can get Williams on his rookie deal why not. They both are talented players. If you can rotate them, and then determine which you want to keep I'd say go for it.
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