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  1. I dont think its the scheme. Hausch Money looks to have lost power in his kicking leg. Dont feel confident in the guy at all right now.
  2. I imagine they sell them that high to cut down on the amount of people who get absurdly wasted at the games. Bills fans already come in trashed, do you really need more beer after youve been drinking all morning?
  3. He has missed 1 game in the last two years. In that same time period Murphy has missed 19, and Lawson has missed 7. So yes, I'd take him in that situation. You have to remember Clowney is playing in a defense where he is playing both on and off the ball linebacker at times. No he isn't a game wrecker like Mack, but who is besides Mack? The going rate for pass rushers is 20 million a year, you're going to end up someone that. If I have to pay someone 10% of my overall salary cap who plays the 2 or 3 most important position in football, I do it.
  4. I would gladly take that bet. You're comparing a guy who plays all over the field in 83% of his teams defensive snaps, to a rotational defensive end who cant beat out Trent Murphy. Clowney may not be the best in the game, but he is a hell of player who does a ton more than just rush the passer. He is better in every facet of the game than Lawson.
  5. He can have all the brain he wants if he plays well on the field. And not for nothing having a hot tub in your room, or scrawling swear words on a hat doesnt exactly scream super intelligent. Regardless, I couldnt have cared less about his political views or his hobbies if I thought he was any good.
  6. Thats why I never understood the hype machine around the guy last year. If you watched any full games on the guy you could see he was immobile in the pocket, held the ball too long, and thin framed. Felt like a majority of his hype was political.
  7. It also isnt a very good argument. How many companies pay their employees that percentage of their profit. Football may be an incredibly glorified job, but its still a job. He is set for life for working a few years. I am not going to shed too many tears for the guy. You nailed it. I am not sure he is a phony, or just has a ton of growing up to do.
  8. Posted this in one of the main forums, but Demone Harris was at my church a few weeks back. When you see someone that size up close you realize NFL players are pretty much born to be NFL players.
  9. I went through the same thing. I called and ended my service with them during the game I couldnt watch and told them I wouldnt be paying the fees because they werent honoring their end of the contracr. Spectrum was at my house 10 hours later hooking up my cable. I get cbs again and wont be missing anymore games.
  10. Until October through December when the rain and snow disrupt the connection constantly
  11. My point is this. I am not paying 112 dollars a month to try and "figure it out" I want point and click. I also want the people who represent the service to know more about it than I do, new or not. Directtv was always amazing at that. Now theyve went 180 it appears. One of the customer service people even said a lot has changed since at and t took over. So I am out. Not dealing with the bs.
  12. I called and cancelled and switched to Spectrum. 212-1 didnt work like they said it did. Then they sold me the ticket because they said it was on there. Ticket doesnt start until September. I am not spending my time hooking up a sorry ass antenna because they are greedy.
  13. I agree. Trying to get in and out of Sabres games is a mess. I drive from near Lake Ontario and its a pain to get back on the thruway. Keep it in Orchard Park, for God's sake.
  14. It without question does. Like I said earlier, I just signed up at my new house Monday. I had no clue it was a disputed channel until the tech was getting ready to leave. Already had a dish on my house.
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