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  1. #1 seed you get an extra week to get your players healthy plus you have home field advantage throughout the remainder of the playoffs.
  2. Maybe not 15 years ago but given today's climate I'd be amazed if both weren't required to take sensitivity training and write a formal apology to one another in the media wherein they would have to address the other in their proper pronouns as to not inflict further harm or cause PTSD.
  3. In other news it feels like Justin Houston has been playing football since 1978. I had no clue he was only 33.
  4. Who do you suggest we get? The Bills have about $2 million dollars in cap space, and are way up against it next year.
  5. I was having the same thought typing my original message. Football is football, but my hope is we cant be snakebitten all year,
  6. This is why people need to tune out Sports Media from March-August. And then maybe again from September-February. People literally thought the Bills would go undefeated this year and at the first sign of trouble its Chicken Little City.
  7. Ben played 18 seasons: In 8 of those seasons the Steelers were in the top 15 in the league in rushing, 10 of those seasons they were not. When you look at his average wins in the seasons where the Steelers were in top half of the league, vs where they were in the bottom half, the average wins are almost identical. To say he "rarely" had an ineffective run game is inaccurate. If you actually look at the stats, he had an average or below average run game for over half his career. The mistake we make when looking back at Ben's career is we tend to recall the early Super Bowl appearances where he was green, and they won by running the ball, that was 2006. What people fail to remember is the period from 2014-2018 where they were airing the ball out, averaging over 300 passing yards a game and still winning a ton of games. The point Cowherd was making is that the Bills are going to wear Josh down like Cam and Big Ben. Cam was an anomaly, he had an AC joint injury that rendered his incredible arm talent useless. He injured that making a tackle on an interception tackle, not running the ball. If Cowherd wants to be hyperbolic let him, but dont let the facts be dismissed, Big Ben was an elite Quarterback until age 36. And even when he was spent for the last two years of his career he was 21-10 as a starting QB, despite having the 32nd and 30th ranked rushing game in the league.
  8. Better to have it early in the year than late. White will be back in two weeks, and hopefully they get Dane Jackson back soon as well.
  9. For the you have to run the ball guys. Last three Super Bowl Winners and their season rank for yards rushing the year they won. Rams: 25th TB: 28th KC: 23rd You can do the same thing with short quick passes as you can running the ball. The bottom line is you have to outscore your opponents, you dont do that with ground and pound.
  10. They'd be 9-7 and make the playoffs for the first time in 17 years,
  11. I dont disagree with him, that much. However using Big Ben as an example when he won 2 Superbowls and is likely a 1st ballot hall of famer, and played until he was 39 years old is a bit obtuse.
  12. I love my team and wanted to see them win yesterday but on this topic alone Ill say this...The Bills are a billion dollar organization, if they couldnt come up with a plan to prevent a known issue than its on them not the Dolphins.
  13. Agreed you can't spend that much money on a guy and come away with 50 catches and 400 yards.
  14. It's football folks. The guy isn't selling insurance.
  15. Why am I not surprised to see you posting after a loss?
  16. I am not inane, obviously someone had to line up at QB. But if you think the QB that had 400 yards passing. 2 tds, and picked up multiple 1st downs on his own is to blame for a loss you're being petty. He did more than enough to get his team a W.
  17. Love these recaps Virgil but to say Josh lost the game on offense is totally wrong. Offensive line played like dog crap, too may injuries, and no one outside of Josh made plays. Josh was the reason they were in the game to start with. Without him this game is 21-0
  18. Offense relied too much on Allen and the defensive line didn't come up enough. That said, this isn't a game without the injuries and brain farts. On to Baltimore, we will see Miami again.
  19. My guess is they fear having a legal situation on their hands. Suspend him now for enough time to see if they have to pay him his entire contract if fired.
  20. Not sure Joe Haden is the guy, but they need to look into someone for the outside. You likely have three healthy outside corners until week 5 at the earliest. Even if they bring Olijah Griffin back for a few weeks its better than going with just three. Cam Lewis is on the active roster.
  21. I came to this thread just for that quote.
  22. Been saying the same thing on this board for a long time. Still have Belichick fan boys standing up for him. It's all there. Guy was on his way to being fired in New England when Bledsoe got injured and Brady saved his neck. Shady is right, it's over.
  23. 11 years old when I watched that movie for the first time. My Grandmother rented it for me from the local videostore. She was quite surprised by the content, but ended up watching the entire thing with me and laughing her butt off.
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