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  1. I imagine Brandt is in Europe all week for the game in Germany, so moving it really has very little to do with where Brandt is.
  2. Thought Dalton had some nice throws last night. His offensive line, wideouts, and bad coaching gave him very little help.
  3. The Cowboys have the money to offer. Bills have about 918,000 in available cap space right now. Would have to do some restructuring to make a better offer than Dallas, and I would say they have as good a shot in the NFC as the Bills do in the AFC. Ole Odell may have find himself the center of a bidding war.
  4. Not on the edge anymore. Its officially a joke show. This is what a franchise looks like when a crazy owner doesnt luck into two great quarterbacks one ater another.
  5. Welp its official Irsay is off his nut. Reminds me of those old posts both here and on the BBMB where people would call for Jim Kelly to be named offensive coordinator and Thurman as Running Backs coach. Guy has never coached at any level.
  6. Above average head coach, and good leader of men. A little early, and kind of harsh given what he has to work with at QB this year, but I think his ticket to the unemployment line was punched when he vouched for Wentz last year. From everything I've read Irsay was not happy with the money and time they wasted on Wentz.
  7. Right now I am not sure he is the 2nd best Dlineman. Jordan Phillips has outplayed him this year. 10 million dollar salary next year, going to be a pretty hefty expense for what he brings to the table.
  8. I would hardly say its bad recruiting the guy was the #1 Pro Style QB in his class. He is huge, runs well, and has a rocket arm. Those things together mad him a man amongst boys in High School. The recruiting was good, but its obvious he's a terrible Quarterback, so something went way wrong. The impression I get is the kid may not be the brightest crayon in the box. May want to look into playing baseball this Spring or transfer because the writing is on the wall at Clemson.
  9. 4-2-5 is a great alignment. Works very well against spread offenses and puts a lot of speed on the field, which you need. The Bills shouldnt come out of Nickel, its worked more than fine. Even when there is a perceived issue against the run, the two teams that took advantage of it only scored 17 and 20 points respectively. If you're worried about getting your smaller secondary players hurt, the defensive line needs to do its job and keep those players clean. Thats why the Bills have spent so much money, time, and picks on the D-Line. You need to be stout up front to run the 4-2-5. The injuries have been an anomaly, not the norm for this regime. Bottom line, the Bills need to score more on offense.
  10. The thing that worries me is our lack of offensive weapons. When I look around the league, especially at the other tops teams, I see rosters stocked with offensive talent. Outside of Diggs, the Bills are a bit bereft. I still think Knox can help in this instance, but Dorsey needs to start scheming things up to get him involved. Thats my main worry right now. Last year when the Bills were slumping it felt different, Knox was catching TDs, Beasley despite looking older was still great on 3rd downs, and Davis was doing a much better job of catching the ball. Right now I feel like the Bills have no identity on offense outside of throwing to Diggs and Josh running. They are missing Daboll's creativity right now. If Knox and McKenzie are non-existent, Dorsey has to scheme things up to get them involved.
  11. Should have never hired McDaniels so many better coaching candidates.
  12. Bills need to hope the high draft picks they've spent on defense start to pay dividends because the lack of weapons on offense and bad oline play is starting to look worse and worse.
  13. Even his form from last year is better than what they have now. Davis can't catch a cold and Mckenzie has about as much awareness as a blind bird in a world full of glass windows.
  14. Hate to say it but with teams going to two high shell and playing man coverage you either need to start taking advantage of the middle of the field or Josh needs to drop back and then run straight up the field. Against that type of defense Dawson Knox should be eating right now, but is somehow non existent.
  15. Tremaine Edmunds may be one of my least favorite Bills of all time. That said, you should be scoring more than 20 points when you have a top 5 player in the entire league running your offense. A lot more worried about the offense right now.
  16. Because he doesn't trust his rookie corners, and backup safeties. Not on the defense
  17. Earlier I said I didn't care about having OBJ. This is changing my mind. They literally have one good receiving threat. Both Knox and Davis have been huge disappointments this year
  18. Seemed inevitable that he would go young. Hope the guy finally found some peace.
  19. That makes sense. Rather see him here than in KC but all the hype is wearing thin. I suppose its natural with as big as him name is, just not sure the name hype matches the field hype at this point.
  20. Have to be honest part of me could care less where a guy less than a year off an ACL injury signs, especially a 30 year old just off an ACL injury. Hasn't played a full season since 2016 and hasn't caught more than 5 tds since 2019.
  21. This is a complete rip off of the Will Ferrell "Get off the Shed" skit from 20 years ago. Come to think of it, it's a complete rip off of almost everything Will Ferrell did on SNL.
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