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  1. That right there is proof he has dementia. There is no way a parent should not know where and when his/her child died.
  2. Even Tibs admitted that it's not good to have an 82-year old President.
  3. He hates America, just like all the other people who want to "fundamentally transform" it.
  4. Except Geno is almost 33 years old. But it will be interesting to see what the Seahawks do there as well.
  5. A former governor and woman of color? Will be tough to pass up.
  6. A state that never allowed slavery giving money to people who were never slaves from people who never owned slaves.
  7. Not even close to the same thing. Although I'm sure there are a lot of whores idiot boy paid and filmed that are on that thing.
  8. Give it more than a couple weeks. The Dems have had no plans (no good ones at least) for 2 years now...
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