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  1. Hopefully he thinks this way. Because it's wrong.
  2. Sure it can happen. But the odds are not in his favor.
  3. Thanks for that assessment. Why do you suppose Dems are calling it a “racist/anti-black” bill then?
  4. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-today-espn-s-dan-orlovsky-loves-this-free-agent-quarterback-signing-by-the
  5. Because liberals think only black people can't be bothered and/or don't have the resources and/or can't figure out how to get ID. And that's totally not racist thinking...
  6. I wanted Rosen in the draft and absolutely did not want Josh (or Jackson or Darnold). After seeing Rosen play as a rookie, I realized he was going to be a bust.
  7. The “the bills want players who want to be here” suggests that he took it personally. I’ve never heard him say that about a departing player before.
  8. One followed the other. After proving not to be worth keeping, they draft Murray first overall and looked to trade Rosen. They found someone dumb enough to do it. Then the Dols see he doesn't have it either and let him go.
  9. And my point is that that still doesn't prevent you from showing you're worth keeping around and developing.
  10. Only Fournette, Michel and Vereen were 1st or 2nd rounders. And in fact, 4 of them were UDFAs.
  11. "Good Josh" was meant to distinguish between Allen and Rosen, playing-off of "Right Josh." Not refer to "3rd year Josh." Obviously no one could look into the future after their rookie years. Again what I'm saying is that teams don't just give-up on 1st and 2nd round QBs after just 1 year if they think they have anything worth developing. I mean, I can't recall the last QB drafted in the first 3 rounds who didn't get at least 2 seasons with his team.
  12. Out of that list, only Anderson and Fournette were Pro Bowlers, just once in their careers. And neither won a SB the year they made the Pro Bowl.
  13. Who was the last team to win a SB with a Pro Bowl RB?
  14. He was "beaten" as much as this was an "armed insurrection."
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