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  1. More than a few pundits and posters thought he'd be a major upgrade for them.
  2. So much for the big upgrade to the Jets' OL he was supposed to bring.
  3. It is what it is now, Bob. When Filthy Harry stood on the Senate floor and told a bald-faced lie about Romney not paying taxes for 10 years, and not only did not apologize for it but grinningly said “it worked, didn’t it?”, just to harm Romney's campaign, it told me that almost anything is fair game. The Russia farce was that, on steroids.
  4. The House won't impeach because they don't have the votes (and are probably losing what votes they did have by the lack of evidence from these secret hearings). The Senate won't convict because they know it's all bull####. But have at it Dems.
  5. They’d have to call him up first. I doubt that happens between now and Sunday. If at all.
  6. Glad to hear JB is back practicing. That being said, PLEASE SIT HIM AGAINST MIAMI!
  7. It's way too early to give up on Ford at RT. And Bates is also a candidate there. They need to see if he (Bates) can be the answer if Ford doesn't appear to be. No need to dump Long. He's under contract for 2 more years. Especially if they let Spain walk.
  8. If only they had AB or OBJ, things would be perfect.
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