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  1. To be fair, a lot of stuff is out of their control.
  2. Funny. You would figure he’d be charged by now…
  3. Just proving more and more what I’ve been saying all along: that a Dem (Hilly) wouldn’t have done any better with this pandemic.
  4. For the reasons she booted him from the committee. Duh. Another masochist. Great! See above.
  5. Again, find out what? He admitted he talked with Trump after the riot started. But you really think that, after Nancy kicked him off the committee, she’s going to subpoena him? :LOL:
  6. Looks like Vontae Davis was ahead of his time. He should be pissed.
  7. That’s different. They were murdering and injuring people and looting and destroying property for human rights!
  8. That didn’t take long. I just saw a Nike ad previewing future ads about it.
  9. In his mind I’m sure he thinks he used to drive one. And that’s the scary part.
  10. So, with so much advanced warning, why wasn’t there more security present? We spend more money protecting the 535 members of Congress than many major cities spend.
  11. Looks like the answer to my question is “yes.” I guess some people are just masochists. They probably will. After this blows up in their faces.
  12. I’d take him over any of the other kickers who entered the league last year.
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