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  1. Good thing for Mexico then that the Repubs are the ones pushing for a wall...
  2. True the bigger concern revolved around human trafficking...as it pertained to sex slaves engaging in prostitution. Which is exactly what Bobby got busted for, minus having a sex slave being used (I would assume he got to choose the non-sex slave, considering his wealth). Whether it can't be used in the case remains to be seen and the only reason Bobby isn't taking the plea deal and wasting the time and effort of everyone is because he wants the tapes sealed. That's not going to happen.
  3. Except that taking a dump isn't illegal. And no one thinks Bobby is a martyr. The tape will get out so he's a fool for thinking that dragging things out will make it any better for him. Yes I understand that evidence of a crime can be dismissed based on a technicality. That still doesn't mean that a crime wasn't committed. The manner in which the cameras were installed wasn't the reason Bobby broke the law. And that's why I don't think he has standing to challenge the evidence.
  4. There was a video posted a few months ago that showed far more than just 20 dropped passes. Like almost double that. And that didn't even take into account things like Clay's Bill Buckner impression at the end of the Miami game.
  5. If Hill has no alibi then yes, he deserves what's coming to him. If he wasn't even there...he doesn't deserve to be excoriated.
  6. So...appearances and not facts. If he was out of town as you said he might have been, he's innocent. What it looks like means nothing. But whatever. The Chefs drafted him knowing his history. If they want to give up on him over appearances, they're free to do so.
  7. Oh, the hypocrisy! Go gently when Bobby's video gets released. And thanks, but I took the W awhile ago.
  8. Thanks to the FA additions, along with expected improvement from Foster.
  9. Because I can. And yeah, I'm a mult because I've responded to him a couple times. 🙄
  10. Well that all depends on whether you believe that someone truly determined that the information was downloaded using a thumb drive. It could be fake news.
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