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  1. They're praying and better hope he is. That defense is going to be horrible this year.
  2. No, he's still here because he's a former 1st rounder who has been with the Bills for just 2 seasons, and has only appeared in 21 games for them.
  3. Doc

    Bleacher Report has Allen with 12 starts

    Bleacher Report. LOL!
  4. Doc

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    Ooooh sorry., that's incorrect. You lose everything.
  5. Doc

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    Mock drafts are like...
  6. Doc

    Roseanne Show cancelled by ABC after racist tweet

    No one will watch.
  7. I found making the playoffs, without Sammy mind you, incredibly exciting.
  8. Doc

    Elon Musk isn't paranoid.....

    Yup. Almost $11B in shorts. Who are about to get squeezed soon.
  9. Doc

    Summit Predictions

    Yep, unhinged.
  10. Doc

    Summit Predictions

    The left has become unhinged over this.
  11. That he slams the Bills for making the playoffs shows he's a moron.
  12. Doc

    Favorite songs from the 80s

    OK, had to post at least one: