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  1. Such incredible wastes of money.
  2. LOL! I was thinking that they'd abruptly end the segment and that he'd never be back on CNN again.
  3. CNN was on at work and they interviewed a retired General who said he was satisfied with the WH's explanation that Trump wasn't briefed because it wasn't confirmed intel.
  4. Great song but he could just as easily have made her 18 without messing up the syllable count of the lyric.
  5. Yes, we all know that the offense held the team back last year, namely at #2 WR and #2 RB. Which is why they went after Diggs and drafted Moss. If Knox can fix his drop problem, it's gravy. We'll see what discussion we have next year. I'd rather let things play out than speculate on what it might be about.
  6. Yes, scoring is such an overrated stat. You win games based on who had the better ranking in some other statistic. πŸ™„
  7. I’m just waiting for the report where it says that other owners have done this and then someone chimes-in with β€œwhat took Kim so long?’
  8. Josh is ranked 24th in what? What I care more about is being ranked 6th...in TDs.
  9. Yes they did. Serves me right for listening to others.
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