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  1. Doc

    Bills vs. Vikings All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    He didn't actually say that, did he? Bahahahahaha! Look, I love Foster's ability to get deep and have hope for him. But he flat-out dropped that perfect pass and it's not even arguable.
  2. So Grassley resked'd the vote until next week?
  3. Doc

    Bills vs. Vikings All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    Another thing is that I loved that he skyed the QB sneak at the goal-line. Gonna be tough to defend that one.
  4. Doc

    Survivor Pool

    Sherman is out for the 9'ers. Yeah, I'm taking the Chargers. Too bad Bosa isn't playing.
  5. Doc

    Jimmy G carted off with torn ACL

    Sherman out 2-3 weeks also.
  6. I thought about it and I recalled that I said when I was watching Allen at the Combine running the 40 that he looked so nonchalant about it. I remembered right. He doesn't appear to be going all-out.
  7. Doc

    First time visiting San Francisco

    I absolutely love, love, LOVE FIsherman's Wharf!
  8. Doc

    Bills vs. Vikings All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    Pffft. You're no Jon Ledyard.
  9. Doc

    Jimmy G carted off with torn ACL

    He looks as rough as he did after the Falcons choked the SB away to the Cheaters.
  10. The do 10- and 20-yard splits. Not sure where to find them. And would be interesting to see if he's slowing down on the back 20.
  11. Sure, why not? What are facts anymore?
  12. a player should theoretically be faster on a track than a football field. A 4.75 40-yard translates to 17.2 MPH.
  13. For sure. I'm saying that you add a great RB to a (hopefully) great QB and...
  14. Doc

    Fumble vs Forward pass/incomplete

    Or course, and that is implied. He was in full control of the ball. Ryan lost control and pushed the ball forwards.
  15. This is what all libs think. They don't want him in the SC so they don't give a **** if they smear him and destroy his career and life. The ends justify the means, right? The problem is that there are unintended consequences of actions like this. You reap what you sow.