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  1. The same guy who was calling his Communist counterpart buddy in China to apprise him of the goings-on in the US.
  2. And obviously what "coverage" they've provided hasn't made a bit of difference to this corrupt and incompetent Admin. I'd be willing to bet more children have died making the trek to America than in school shootings. But since it doesn't involve an AR-15... He's a Dem, so mentally it's in the single digits...
  3. Then what is he, to receive such special treatment from the US Government?
  4. Clearly it was taken and filled with deep fakes by the Russians. Because a drug-addled, corrupt cretin who would sleep with his dead brother's wife wouldn't actually do any of the stuff that was on there...
  5. Yeah, really. It was definitely offensive...
  6. Yes, impeachment. Again there doesn't need to be proof (again, phone call impeachment) just enough circumstantial evidence. Again claiming "I didn't know that there were classified documents next to my car in my garage that I've visited every weekend for the past 6 years" isn't a defense that will play well to most people.
  7. Oh, you got me, simp. I'll make sure I point out your simple mistakes next time. I've refrained several times already because I didn't want to go cheap like that but hey, when in Rome...
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