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  1. Backup QB effect. Ultimately they didn't let him score.
  2. I'm sure there wouldn't be much blood redirected...
  3. They are (and along with the Colts are the 2 best defenses they'll face in the playoffs) but the wind was a clear detriment to the Bills' passing game.
  4. Wind favors the team who is good at rushing. That wasn't the Bills, but they won.
  5. The Ravens are in a tough spot and I don't envy them at all. Do they pay $40M/year when he's more of a runner than QB and needs a great defense to succeed?
  6. Seems to me Watson wants minority GMs and coaches. So...
  7. If the Texans hire Frazier, a minority coach, to be their HC, the Bills get a 3rd round pick at the very end of the 3rd round in the next 2 drafts.
  8. Hope he's OK long-term, though.
  9. I felt bad for Lamar initially. Then I realized he's going to be making huge bucks soon and I didn't anymore.
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