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  1. I'm surprised it's that low for Repubs and that high for Dems.
  2. Many of the libs here and most of the MSM and their followers. I can't believe you're even asking this.
  3. Do you deny that last part? They kept him around for continuity's sake and fired him when they realized it wasn't working. Did you think they'd fire him immediately or keep him and say "well, he sucks but he's here so we'll keep him"? Who knows? I think he's a big Whaley fan.
  4. You realize he got recognized while in Jacksonville, right?
  5. I'm not the one assuming anything: you are. I have been saying "yards/game" which is the most important stat and better than opining "well he probably wouldn't have gotten 71 yards in that last game." Hell I could do the same for players that had more yards and also played in just 15 games and say he ranks even higher, but I won't. But since you seem to enjoy the abuse, he was rested for the season ender against Chicago. Guess what he got in the earlier matchup against them in Chicago? 108 yards. No, he was 8th among WRs, which was the discussion. Do the math yourself instead of relying on some faulty website that gives you wrong numbers, and doesn't tell you basic information like how well he performed in games without Thielen and how many yards he got against Chicago earlier in the season, although I suspect that latter 2 are errors on your part more than anything.
  6. Sometimes you have to eat a bad contract. The money is pocket change for them. But it led to a big improvement in the team and the results of the past 3 years speak for themselves. It would be interesting to know if Whaley liked/would have picked either Mahomes or Watson.
  7. What's the plan now? It's hoping Stidham is close to Brady was last year, when the Cheaters were 7th in points scored, playing one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. But even as you admitted, there's going to be a (big) dropoff. The defense, which got exposed as the season wore on, will have to be even better.
  8. Yes, they retained him for continuity sake. He didn't get the job done (and I'm sure there was stuff behind the scenes we don't know about) and then they moved on. And were ultimately proven right.
  9. Prior to last season, Ramsey might have a point (for a few months). Now it rings hollow. And Ramsey is an NFL household name more for being an idiot. You perform, you'll get recognized. And if being recognized easier is what you crave...
  10. I disagree that there's a gamble with HCQ. It has been shown to work. It has been and is still being used by millions upon millions of people with no prior concern over its side effect profile. And at present there is no other treatment for Wuhan virus. The only one's gambling are the media and those who foolishly follow them, and as I've said, I suspect they want more deaths so that Trump looks bad.
  11. What was he right about? Tre made 1st team All-Pro last year.
  12. By calling it a "Pegula Propaganda Machine" I'm taking it to mean you think the Bills unfairly made Whaley a scapegoat. What I'm saying is that they gave him a chance, fired him, and then the Bills made the playoffs after essentially gutting the team he put together.
  13. Moron. And yeah, Jacksonville is a REAL media hotbed. But is he still saying this? After Tre made 1st team All-Pro? If so, he's an even bigger moron.
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