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  1. Even they know it's not about restricting people from voting legally.
  2. If there's nothing to worry about on the audio, why not release it? Gee, I wonder...
  3. I'm not sure that was, but she is. She really, really is.
  4. They can think (more precisely feel) what they want. The report not only didn't exonerate him, it found him guilty, but since he's senile (and/or a liar), they wouldn't be able to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. Which is still a stupid conclusion because if that were the standard, there would never be any not guilty verdicts.
  5. Not if the guys throwing the to the people who showed up look terrible.
  6. It's actually in the middle. I searched the original thread and it was closer to 50% outside with Brady in 2020.
  7. You first mentioned his alligator arms. Why? Why not mention his inseam?
  8. Remove the alleged "BLM supporter" and you'd be glad a white guy carrying an AK-47 got killed.
  9. It always amazed me that ostensibly smart people bought the "wet market" claim. Even more so when after years of being unable to identify the zoonotic origin. Now I wonder if they actually knew and just didn't want to admit it because it implicated Teflon Tony?
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