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  1. Finally just saw it. Horrible call. Doesn’t matter if he pushed off, that’s a separate issue.
  2. Who replaced Dawkins?
  3. I thought he would get above 60% for sure. Never expected over 70%. Much less with a 9.1 yards per attempt.
  4. If the call at the end was actually PI, it wasn’t a make up call. Just because they could have decided not to call it doesn’t mean anything.
  5. I don’t care where they lineup as long as they get the best five guys out there. Speaking of which, any word on Dawkins? I feel with that lineup, right guard is the weakest link and can be upgraded.
  6. Who cares? Silver‘s been living off the fumes of that 2012 prediction.
  7. It’s stupid not to make it a penalty within the tacklebox/in the pocket. The object is to prevent injury.
  8. No surprise. It was obvious they were getting their “information” from Russians spies all along.
  9. It’s worth restating the truth, if not for him, at least for those like me who initially believed Trump was making fun of a disabled reporter, when he does the same thing for everybody.
  10. True. Except the guy he’s mocking can’t move his arms at all, and he mocks even non-disabled people that way.
  11. That’s not a perfect quarterback rating, right? What more do you need to do other than throw for 68.6%, 11.9 yards per attempt four touchdowns and zero interceptions? A higher completion percentage?
  12. Interesting. A video of Senile Joe actually calling service members “stupid bastards” versus uncorroborated claims that Trump called fallen soldiers “stupid” and “losers.” Yet another talking point destroyed.
  13. I like more of what I saw from Dodson that what I saw from Klein so given the choice I’d rather have Dodson starting in the middle and Milano on the outside. Give Edmunds another week to rest.
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