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  1. The Dols could have absolutely fought the Cheaters' illegal poison pill contract. But since they were getting a 2nd and 7th for a guy they signed as a street FA and who had 67 catches for 697 yards and 1 TD, they felt like it was a good deal. And at the time it was.
  2. He played on for other teams. He barely played for the Bills.
  3. How about reparations to me for having to hear that nails-on-a-chalkboard voice of hers?
  4. "Figuring him out" will likely lead to opportunities for other players.
  5. Nice story. As an aside, Moore was an undrafted FA (of the Cheaters) in 2017. He just signed that extension after 2 years in the league.
  6. No they should just cut him now because of last year.
  7. Ford is a shade under 6'4". And the Cheaters' LT, Isaiah Wynn, is 6'3" and projected as a breakout player this year (why, I have no idea!).
  8. Well yeah, that was the point of the article.
  9. Yes, a threat on the opposite side of Hughes, plus expected pass rush from Oliver, should make the DL a force.
  10. I'm more impressed that the left keeps falling for it. It's hilarious. Um...because it's not even real?
  11. Long is signed through 2020. As for the others you named, they can RFA tag Wallace and Foster cheap, Phillips likely won't be offered much more than this coming season, LorAx is getting close to the end and will likely need to be replaced anyway, Hauchka may need replacing as well, and Spain, Johnson and Gaines are wait-and-sees. IOW, they probably won't eat up too much of the cap unless one or more goes off. Any money they do have left over will be rolled over. No reason not to.
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