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  1. Yes our rookie project QB making just his 8th start should have done more to overcome poor ST's, receivers, OL play, and defense. Heck throw in coaching (a 54 yarder with a K with a bad back?).
  2. I agree. Season was over last weekend. And like last weekend, ST's, receivers, OL and lack of running game let the team down.
  3. The pass to Shady was a short pass. And without seeing the full play, it's hard to say when McKenzie was open.
  4. Good for him. I'd love to see Josh with Kelce (especially at the end of that Miami game), Hill and Watkins, behind that OL.
  5. I don't recall him trashing the Bills. Would have been pretty dumb.
  6. Jets embracing tank v2.0. Looking to get a franchise QB in the next draft.
  7. That penalty told me everything I needed to know about the hard=on the zebras have for Jerry and the degree to which they are willing to go to give the Cheaters any call they can.
  8. Doc

    Jalen Ramsey: “Don’t Blame Me!”

    It wasn’t a stiff arm. He grabbed the face mask and pulled down.
  9. Doc

    Jalen Ramsey: “Don’t Blame Me!”

    I was glad the Titans lost but there should’ve been several penalties on that run. Namely Henry face-masking Bouye.
  10. Nice UDFA Alabama pickups in Wallace and Foster.
  11. ...or else McD should be fired?
  12. Doc

    My FA targets

    Not seeing why people would want Conley.