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  1. Doc

    Eagles to Tag Foles

    What article are you talking about? The only article I see linked is the one you have in your earlier post and that says nothing about what their salary cap number is.
  2. Doc

    Eagles to Tag Foles

    Both Spotrac and overthecap.com have them at ~$19M over.
  3. Doc

    Horrible QB Market

    He got the most out of Gannon and Johnson when they were well past 5 (how many seasons Carr actually has been in the league) years into their careers. Carr is a far better player at this stage of his career than those guys were at the same stage, and without a "master" like Gruden working with him. Gruden should be able to do something with him and if he can't, that's on him. As for Cooper, he had over 1,000 yards his first 2 seasons and was Carr's #1 target. And then he started playing poorly, which is why they shipped him out, but he was still their most talented WR. But even without him this year, Carr threw for more yards, had a better completion rate, and a higher YPA. Again he had a lousy OL and Gruden would be wise to fix that in this coming draft regardless of whether he keeps Carr or not because the next guy will need a good OL as well. He also needs playmakers. And a defense. Hell I don't think 3-1sts will do it, especially if he's picking the players.
  4. For his production up until that point, it was. But to credit him, he's earned it and then some. More than Sammy has, thats for sure.
  5. Doc

    Horrible QB Market

    Actually Carr saw 300 yards again, against the Steelers. Of course his #1 target (who had been playing like ***** but then magically found a pair of hands with the Cowboys) was gone after game 6 leaving him pretty much with just Jared Cook as a weapon. They also had one of the worst O-lines last year. In any case, Gruden won't get a crack at Lawrence until 2021. So his best move would to develop the ***** out of Carr in the meantime. And if that doesn't work, tank 2020. But hell, he won a SB with Brad freakin' Johnson (albeit because he knew his old teams' calls).
  6. No question. As is Wilson.
  7. His size was a major knock against him even back then. And size was the reason Brees fell to the 2nd round.
  8. It means he was also a Heismann winner, and that he also leaned towards playing in another league (the NBA) and his size scared teams off.
  9. Doc

    Eagles to Tag Foles

    They'll need to make a lot of cuts that will leave them a far worse team.
  10. Doc

    TJ Hockenson & Hakeem Butler

    Most of those teams have far bigger concerns than TE.
  11. Doc

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    I wait until I get the facts before commenting on cases. When I first heard what happened in this case, it smelled fishy. When I learned there was no evidence of what he said and that he wouldn't turn over the only objective piece of evidence, I knew he was lying. And if he doesn't turn over that evidence, the case goes nowhere. Which is probably what he wants since leaving people still wondering if it happened is far better than him proving it was a lie. He has no choice at this time. If he admits he lied, his career is over.
  12. Doc

    TJ Hockenson & Hakeem Butler

    Don't bother. Once he's no longer allowed to hold he'll be useless. See Nate Solder with the Giants.
  13. The best offense is a good defense?
  14. Doc

    Horrible QB Market

    Depends on what he does with the picks. If he's making the selections, like he did in Tampa, it will be a disaster. As for Carr, he had a decent season this year and a decent career overall. I wouldn't give up on him yet and if I were a Raiders fan I'd expect Gruden to fix him. I certainly wouldn't be looking for a QB in FA or the draft this year. And if Gruden or whoever runs that draft is smart, he'll trade one of those 1sts to get a 1st next year.
  15. Doc

    Eagles to Tag Foles

    From where did you get the $7.5M number? Spotrac, who is pretty current, has the Eagles at $19M over the cap and franchising Foles would add another $5M or so. They'll need to clear that room before March 13th and if it's truly $24M, that's a tall order.