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  1. That sounds like another metal band. Helloween?
  2. Oh. I thought he was starting his next career early.
  3. Is that Marcus Mariota in the beginning?
  4. Can a Repub-controlled House really vacate (or whatever you call it) Trump's impeachment?
  5. "Epic" was great. "We Care A Lot" was pre-Mike Patton and is a good song. There's also "Falling to Pieces" and "From Out of Nowhere." Truth be told I didn't hear anything else from them than what MTV showed.
  6. What was the point? That the Bills should overpay to keep players who don't produce (Sammy, Darby) or were replaced (Gilmore, which would have meant no White and no extra 1st rounder the following year) and don't appear to want to be in Buffalo? As I said above, if the Bills kept Gilmore, they wouldn't have drafted White and gotten a 1st the following year (which they used along with trading Glenn, who is done, to get Allen). So no, I don't think that keeping Gilmore and Watkins and drafting Mahomes necessarily meant SB. As it stands, they've made the playoffs 2 out of McBeane's first 3 years, arguably getting a lot out of an improving but still unfinished roster.
  7. "Where are our Hurricane Florence supplies" "We have top men working on them" "Who?" "Top...men."
  8. OK, let's play your silly game. If the Bills had paid Watkins $16M/year, Gilmore $13M/year and kept Darby, you're saying the Bills would have won the SB? As for those specific players, Watkins isn't a major part of their success and is little more than Hogan was for the Cheaters. Speaking of the Cheaters, they won SB's without paying $13M/year for a guy like Gilmore. And as for Darby, he's nothing special, never even having made the Pro Bowl as an alternate. But let me ask you: when the 49'ers beat the Chefs in the SB, what former Bill will you be touting then?
  9. Because each of those guys was solely responsible for their team's success?
  10. They must have gotten that idea from the Cheaters. Except the (extra) speaker is inside the helmet.
  11. It was a combination of things. CTE in and of itself won't make you kill people. Neither will being gay (or bisexual, which he probably was, but still it's not considered to be a good look for an NFL player to have sex with guys). And one thing that wasn't really touched-on is that Hernandez was taking a lot of drugs like PCP and cocaine, along with pot, ketorolac (Toradol), and probably steroids and/or HGH. And prior to killing himself, he was smoking K2 (synthetic pot).
  12. Patton is a weird guy. He was in another band at the same time named “Mr. Bungle.” Very weird band/music.
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