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  1. I hope he turns his life around so he doesn't become another statistic. Whether he plays football matters not to me.
  2. Considering the success of the Bills under her, there is no one who should be.
  3. We'll see this off-season. So far they haven't been able to get players without paying a premium. What used the Bills to get a better deal from the Cards. And he didn't want to play in the cold.
  4. Well he first arrived in 2017 and they made the playoffs that year.
  5. No, Joey's are totally different and SOOOOO much better.
  6. And that just illustrates the problems the Bills have in recruiting players. It doesn't matter how well the team is doing...it's still Buffalo to many of them.
  7. The "oh no, they stayed together and made me study hard to improve my lot in life! Those bastards!" :rolleyes:
  8. Yup. At the time I and everyone else was wondering why the Bills would approach their best O-lineman for a pay cut and risk pissing him off. Then the incidents happened and I figured that the Bills had an idea they were coming. Then Ritchie's mea culpa in the interview cinched it.
  9. Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a failed NFL QB admit that.
  10. I was debating adding-in that while the "report" didn't bother me, it probably bothered you, for the reason you stated. And I've seen your work and interacted with you enough over the years to trust you. Although maybe that's misguided on my part.
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