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  1. you expect too much. the offense is improving. it is going to take time. time for new players to fit in. time for the oline to improve. time for Allen to eliminate mistakes and improve. right now, the number one things they need to learn is winning. so far, so good.
  2. Even if it is self inflicted, that does not take away the amazing feat of saving Lois from the train at the last second. no less skill is required regardless of why she is tied to the tracks. Same goes for Allen. yes stop throwing ints but that does not take away from the skill and playmaking required to score in comeback mode.
  3. there is no insight to be found...
  4. i'm going to say that he needs more experience. pretty much every qb in the league has more, considering his college team and competition. now what are YOU going to say???!??!
  5. i think he will. most of the time one must learn by doing.
  6. Completely different players.
  7. Allen has much to learn. No one should be surprised...he has very little experience compared to most. Give him time.
  8. There is only one way to learn this stuff: experience. Allen has less than most. Give him some time.
  9. "should have" by what measure? seems like a misleading statement. i agree they can grow up offensively, and therefore they "should have" done exactly what they did.
  10. I was on board from that first phone call from Beane. Not sure what it was exactly, but there was a familiarity between them, and Josh's response sounded sincere. It sounded like this was the plan all along, and Josh was in on it. Beane: "you ready to be a Bill?" Josh: "yes sir!" me: "this kid gets it"
  11. my take is that they are progressing slowly and carefully with Allen. one thing at a time... that is an effective way to teach and learn. they are focused on the short passing game right now and are seeing vast improvement. i don't think they need more than that, they were winning with the short passes, no need to get aggressive until they feel Allen is ready for that. so yes i agree i want them to go for it. but i think the reason they do not is educationally based.
  12. i'd like for him to be good - Miami sucking is just boring. i prefer rivals that matter.
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