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  1. so you have proven josh allen is not ben roethlisberger. well done?
  2. i don't think you understand statistics. at all. although i admit that statement is based on a pretty small sample of ill informed posts. don't worry though, you are in good company
  3. me too, and i thought "is there a hand sign i don't know about?" we should have a sign!
  4. I am from Hamilton Ontario. My father went to school in Buffalo (and Rochester) ages ago and we visited often. I love Buffalo. Just like Hamilton it has had its ups and downs over the years but on the whole I have always had a great time crossing the border and having a little fun in the good old USA. Dare I say I feel a little kinship between Hamilton and Buffalo, similar cities in many ways: lots of hidden gems all over the place that you only know about if you live here and nice people with good spirits who truly love their city.
  5. actually i don't think it has been the same broken record over and over again. different players under different circumstances of different ages and different skillsets to discuss. you are free to disengage. and if fans are being 'duped' it's by sports in general. not single team.
  6. it is sad, all we can do is hope mcdermott works out. also, the word you are looking for is "bode".
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