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  1. meh, this statement was ridiculous when it was made regardless of what Allen did. obviously whoever wrote it has no clue. "math itself" wtf is that supposed to mean?
  2. TBD is pretty much the only site I don't use adblock.
  3. Been here since 1997. Guess i'm a slow learner lol
  4. While i agree that bans are not good for society, is it not reasonable that a company can decide what they allow and do not allow in their website? I don't like the decision, but it is their decision to make.
  5. for all of those bashing social media: what do you think TBD is ???????
  6. indeed. children, and even babies, judge based on what they see, hear, smell, and eventually, understand (and misunderstand). most if not all animals do this. it is a defense mechanism to be cautious of "the other". a throwback to more dangerous times in human evolution. and even though we grow up into (hopefully) reasonable adults, we all still make these judgements. thankfully we have the ability to self reflect and make our minds more flexible. we can stop ourselves from foolish assumption if we choose, but it takes some practice and experience. i fully admit that at times i mak
  7. It seems you are also making assumptions. Canadians have a multitude of ethnic backgrounds including Chinese and Latino.
  8. Sure there are differences, mostly superficial. Far more similarities. For example, we think we are superior too. I'm sure most western countries do.
  9. The "American way of Life". What a farce. Not much difference between usa and the rest of the western world, if any. Perhaps the American way is...thinking there is an American way? Get over yourselves. We are not so different. Sincerely, A Canadian who loves you
  10. Plenty of gov money in sports. And a vested interest in distracting the public. It's roman empire 101: give them gladiators so they don't notice what we do.
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