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  1. Statistics are not good enough? Oh no! Stats win games whatever shall we do!?
  2. Your first sentence says it all. He needs practice and the coaches are giving it to him even if it decreases their chance of winning. How else can you learn to play vs the elite strength and speed that playoffs bring? This was the most difficult challenge of this young guy's life and the coaches put the game in his hands. He had it won several times, made some mistakes, and overall gained the crucial practice you mentioned. I'm betting everything is going to look slower to Josh going forward and that he will learn to make better decisions and better judgements of the opposing defender's abilities.
  3. Yes Allen needs to process faster. As you pointed out, McDermott is giving him the in game practise he needs. I am so glad mcd "gets it".
  4. i think we mostly agree. yes slowing down and then speeding up helps. i have been learning to play drums lately, that's exactly how i do it. and i'm getting better! however, nothing can prepare you for actually being on stage and playing. it definitely helps to practice before you get there. but the best way to be great on stage is to play on stage, lots (i.e. practice the real thing). there are aspects that cannot be duplicated in practice. similarly, i'm sure that Allen is starting slow and gaining speed in scrimmage or drills or what have you. however nothing can truly mimic game situation and speed except a real game. you need real game practice. you need to throw the deep ball vs the blitz in a real game to get good at it. you may fail, but when you fail you get to evaluate yourself and see what you did wrong, go back to practice try to correct, then come back to a real game and give it a go again. i think throwing motion can be taught to change, it just takes practice. Allen has already shown he can achieve this. he has a ways to go, which imo is quite exciting because if he can put it all together he's gonna be fantastic.
  5. no need for quotes on the brain training, it's real. I actually i think it is good brain training. he could have hit them, he should have hit them. and in the future i believe, he will hit them. but it is difficult to do if you do not practice it (and i mean practice in game).
  6. I think daboll is fine. Allen hits one or more of those three long ball misses and the game is much different. Yes, Allen has had some trouble with those. But he needs to keep trying. Daboll needs to keep trying. They need to hit those and the best way to do that is practice in game. I don't see the game plans being 100% about winning right now. Allen still has brain training to do, and that can only be done in a game. He has shown he is a great learner, and being allowed to fail is part of that.
  7. yeah - you can't know. i find it amazing that anyone would think it is valid. where? if i can't calculate it myself, how can i confirm the validity of their claims? how can anyone confirm?
  8. i understand what it tries to do. but how does it do it? it is important to know the method if one wants to judge its validity.
  9. It has been Allen from the phonecall at the draft: Beane "ready to be a Bill?" Allen "yes, sir" It was like they planned it all along.
  10. of course he would entertain it if the money was right. who wouldn't? 0.000000000000074% chance it happens though.
  11. i'm for Hamilton because i'm from Hamilton! oskee wee wee!!!!!
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