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  1. I don't understand this thinking. It seems you are assuming there is only one option, an absolute "best" to be found. Is that really possible? Is the "best" woman (in this case) measurably worse than the "best" man? maybe i'm an ignorant canadian but i think there are probably many people who would do a great job, men and women alike.
  2. It's 350 pages so it must be good! It is ok, most people really do not have a grasp on sampling and statistical modelling yet conclusions are drawn and systems are implemented based on such shoddy science. We see it almost every day now. PFF is a prime example.
  3. McDermott tends to bring draft picks on slow, under the pretense that they must "earn it". And so it is for Epenesa.
  4. you guarantee what physics may show, but don't know physics. quite the guarantee!
  5. so now it's become the politics of posting! wheeee!
  6. Yes, all three of the people involved with that website are evil marxists. and did you know that antifa.com is joe biden's favourite website? Hehe "official"
  7. We are all racist. The sooner everyone can get on board with that idea and talk it out, the better.
  8. Have to? no. some people care, honestly. even if you claim you don't. although you seem to considering you made the effort to post this.
  9. ahhh the ignorance and not listening continues... and i really don't get it. it seems simple to me. when someone tells you they are hurting, you listen, and you do what you can to help.
  10. i'm not sure how you can be listening and your take away is "they got the name wrong". and i don't believe you, most people don't actually understand. how can they? they have not lived the same experience and they are not willing to listen to find out more.
  11. So much ignorance in here. My take away is that people who are willing to truly listen to others are few and far between. it is a damn shame.
  12. oh i am certain i have my moments. i think i have improved quite a bit in the past 10 years or so. as a musician and composer, active listening is pretty much a requirement in my life and i have tried to use that skill when engaged in discussion. I saw a documentary which inspired me and really got me thinking about listening to each other a few years ago. It was about Daryl Davis who is a black musician who engages KKK members in dialogue, inquiring about their hatred for him. He actually listened to them and their reasoning and was able to get them to listen to him too. Sometimes, once they were done talking, the KKK guys quit the clan and gifted their robes to Daryl. I wonder if you see much evidence of constructive discourse in these threads? I don't. Perhaps that's judgemental of me, or maybe it is simply an observation.
  13. i accused "a bunch of people". that said, he could easily be both. it seems most people around here are.
  14. These threads are all the same: a bunch of people with strong opinions based on what they are told to think, whilst being unwilling to truly listen to others who are contrary. It is a shame.
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