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  1. You can tell how credible Steele came off when no one reported on his interview. Anywhere. Just more lies Dems love to believe.
  2. No, the video of Trump flailing both his arms around (again, when the reporter can't even move his right one), like he's done when he's mocked other non-disabled people (of which there are videos), blows your argument right out of the water. You just swallow whatever they shove in your face.
  3. So says the moron proving my point time and again. Thanks for providing the vid-cap in question that doesn't go along with the rest of the video in terms of "mocking" the reporters disability. Again, the reporter can't even move his right arm. But you don't really care, do you? Why should we?
  4. Yeah. Miami is a dumpster fire and why Watson would agree to go there, especially if they're surrendering their 1st rounders, is anyone's guess. But yawn. Wake me when it actually happens.
  5. Also, thank you Joey Biden for for preventing that alien invasion. Everyone's been so worried about it but, so far, it hasn't happened under his watch.
  6. Biden caused that insurrection. We need to impeach him now. And Kamala as well.
  7. It's Joey's only accomplishment. Granted it's an imaginary one, but still...
  8. Sure. That's why you only show the vid-cap that is made to look like he's mocking his disability and can't/won't/don't link to the whole video. More of the same lies.
  9. Even if Josh were his only success, I’d say it’s a pretty frickin’ big success.
  10. The most important thing is to make this as cost-effective as possible. If it's true that stadiums don't add anything at all, there is no need for it to be anywhere specific,so might as well put it in the cheapest place possible. Again combining it with UB, who also needs a new stadium, would be the smartest thing to do all around, with the only question being whether they have the infrastructure, or the ability to create it reasonably.
  11. Yeah. And if not for the Colts' kicker, it would have been moot.
  12. I'll take the world crying versus laughing at us. You cry when things aren't going your way... And Russia thanks you and your ilk for doing far more damage to the US than they could ever dream of doing. China as well.
  13. "Exuded." Anyway... This is my safe space, sparky! I (we) withstood the lib onslaught here when Joey won, knowing things would turn to ***** in short order and most of you would stop posting because there would be nothing good to say about him. All you have now is January 6th, and you don't even have much there except for a dog-and-pony show meant to distract from the ***** show I (we) knew was coming. And realize that Joey's ***** show was all on him, not thanks to lies from the opposing party, parroted by their minions in the MSM and social media. The world is laughing at us right now.
  14. It's too bad Peter Doocy isn't an ####### like Acosta. I would love to see him do the same thing.
  15. I knew it would be a problem because I made the announcement and people still picked just one team. But this is all in fun. Next time though, no mulligans!
  16. The Ravens losing Staley is big.
  17. Excuse me, you must have me confused with a lib like you. I've been here before you and I'll be here after you.
  18. Yeah, "horse dewormer" and "a drug Trump picked out from his stock portfolio." If only they were as informed as you...
  19. Yup. If they want to keep playing NFL games in Buffalo, a new stadium is needed. The Ralph is nearing the end.
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