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  1. He went on IR just after the final cutdown. He did his 4 games and can return at any time.
  2. If he's upright, they can push him forward. If he's down on the ground, as soon as they touch him he's down. The point being go down well short of the goal line, unlike what Ekeler did.
  3. Given that he was posturing, I wouldn't be surprised if he's out awhile.
  4. It's not just the heat. It was having a day-and-a-half less of rest because of the Monday Night game. Not to mention all the injuries prior to and during that game. Why is this so hard to figure out?
  5. "Bends the knee"? The left can't do anything, meme or otherwise, without removing context.
  6. Listen and learn something. Stop relying on your lying news outlets...like the one you linked above.
  7. Your party did Putin's work far better than he could ever have done it himself. All because you couldn't handle Hilly losing.
  8. Yeah, I was going to mention him. Having Tre, Dane and Kair, and don't forget about Taron, and you have a strong secondary. It will allow Benford more time to heal.
  9. More like he speaks like a big stick and carries himself softly.
  10. Your side is none of those things. You let emotion rule your views and whether or not you're really smarter than some on the other side, it negates it.
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