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  1. Behold - the fruit of NRA donations to Senators: dead brown bodies in a grocery store. Pro LIFE baby!
  2. America first, socialism sucks, *****, we have no idea what we are talking about. Blame the government for capitalisms' failures! We hate socialism, but want one man to solve a global econ issue. We are smart!
  3. ppl continue to fail to understand that the US requires more in taxes from a family that makes $175,000 is than a company that makes $5,000,000,000. Beyond that, they fail to get that they are being pitted against brown ppl when the real culprit is automation. When was the last time you dealt with a bank teller? How about looked at an auto assembly line?
  4. Why's my gas cost so much? because Shell, BP, Exxon, and Mobil profits are the highest they have been in 7 years. Want proof?
  5. The reason ppl don’t want ppl to vote is because their ideas suck. The reason ppl want to restrict other Americans ability to vote is because they know how powerful each vote is. Ask yourself what kind of future you want to be a part of. It’s pretty easy. Does this policy move us forward? Or does this policy keep us stagnant/move us backward?
  6. Never thought i would see the people who don't understand socialism begging for socialism. Do we hate socialism this week or do we want socialism this week?
  7. It’s so easy to chart the rubes that defend slavery. So - much - white- supremacy
  8. “Let’s kill American kids 2024” foolproof in the American south. a complete loser where folks study. desantis has zero chance
  9. Let’s try to get more young kids who have not been inoculated against this old disease. Is there anyone?
  10. Let’s go POLIO P-O-L-I-O Polio baby! Leg braces for young kids for the win!
  11. The hypocrisy is on point - my body my choice - oh, wait. So many idiots. I stand with women. Imagine the government telling someone what to do with their bodies?
  12. I’m thinking we go back to your posts on Afghanistan since 2001 and review each one. Got the balls?
  13. 75% of Americans approve of Biden’s balls for finally leaving. How many Marines killed at the airport a few days ago were not even born when the towers were hit? How many? Imagine?
  14. I mean there is always context for spitting, bootlicker. love when ppl tell on themselves.
  15. Calling all patriots! Mo Brooks wants you to commit to fighting like they fought at Valley Forge! Can you do that patriots? Can you fight for America the same way they fought at the Heroic Battle of Valley Forge?!?
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