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  1. You’re trippin. Navarro is a badass. Just wrapped it up. Would have preferred if Jonah did the deed but I guess he’s gonna get pretty dark on Wendy next season. What a comeback for Darlene. Her meeting with Frank Cosgrove Sr was badass.
  2. tapdance for death a little harder 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. he also didn’t kick ass in the playoffs and win a super bowl.
  4. Real Joe Exotic. Seems sober and knowledgeable here.
  5. And then we lost in the playoffs when none of the wr’s could play as good as Watkins did.
  6. Go hide in your panic room and let the adults worry about it. It’s amazing how your ppp content is somehow more ######ed than your football content.
  7. Should have got him last year when the 49ers did. They beat the Texans with Sanders > Duke
  8. The new sonic the hedgehog was pretty decent. Im not a Disney/Pixar fan older movies sandlot Home alone Newer 2 jumanji’s
  9. after finishing I double checked to see if it was a spoof or not
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