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  1. don’t forget to tag his #1 fan penfield 😂😂😂
  2. Joe Rogan = gone Tom Segura and wife = leaving “claims it’s not a place for kids” Count all those crackheads in Hollywood up. They will probably stay until the stimulus runs out
  3. Why is everyone leaving California ? Don’t hurt yourself bending over backwards to service the tax man 😂
  4. cool story, let’s just raise everyone’s prices. Everyone’s gonna love that because you read “studies” just shut up already.
  5. ive read your content. I’m glad you can stop the 4 year trail of tears you’ve left. lmao to think anyone’s gonna be able to match your meltdown 😬😂😂
  6. Some cnn fanboy. Good luck with the new expenses. RiGhT wInG !!! pull yourself together you shmuck
  7. You are dumbass talking to a small buisness owner about small buisnesses Carry your ass. You’re out of your element Donny cool “studies” No one cares nerd you still trust cnn as a bible 😂😂 Take your ass to another board. You have no authority here, hold the advice and pet those cats for me.
  8. Lmao, shove that study up your ass. Some of us actually do this for a living. Keep those fries warm ***** why did you leave the part out about the millions that will lose their jobs ? you’re a good bot/simpleton.
  9. He’s only in the top .0001% in his field and gets paid 1.9 million dollars to run. Story checks out.
  10. So Biden’s first plan is to kill all small buisnesses by doubling minimum wage 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Solid !
  11. The irony is too thick bud. Good luck turning it around.
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