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  1. Teddy KGB

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Luuuuuuuuke ! Heels busted that 🍑
  2. Teddy KGB

    Votes on my misleading title being Quarantined

    Where’s the pic of the promiscuous teacher at ?
  3. Teddy KGB

    No in 2016, Yes in 2020

    You sound like a kook whose gonna interfere in the election.
  4. Teddy KGB

    Fascinating Read - How Ref Tim Donaghy fixed NBA games

    Pos cost Mavs the 06 title
  5. Rap Music and Youtube did that. Trump came after.
  6. Teddy KGB

    Would ya?

    Huge yes, she’s probably loud during sex too
  7. Teddy KGB

    What’s your most Controversial opinion?

    Nirvana > Foo fighters Biggie > Tupac Big bowl of wrong
  8. Teddy KGB

    The Green New Deal!

    Income inequality = chose a career working in a laundromat. Good luck
  9. Teddy KGB

    Las vegas

    Don’t know about Vegas but the DraftKings sportsbook inside Resorts as well as Tropicana sportsbook in Atlantic City are both pretty solid.
  10. Teddy KGB

    LA Times ranks the fast food french fries

    This list is a gd joke Popeyes and Rally’s are hall of famers.
  11. Teddy KGB

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    This cool story belongs in PPP
  12. Teddy KGB

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    Lmao. Cancel this bum and let her get back to smashing old men 😂
  13. Teddy KGB

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    Its been that since MAGA noose !
  14. We can never forget tibs is an idiot who has WiFi at the laundromat
  15. Teddy KGB

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Jets fan opinion > the perpetual jfr sunshine take that’s always wrong.