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  1. Medical marijuana and bananas with a pear or two should clear you right up
  2. Cleveland is no where near as bad as folks make it out to be Downtown area has everything. Enjoy. Grab a beer and some wings here. https://www.harrybuffalo.com
  3. Ed Oliver or Harrison Phillips or the Carolina retreads ?
  4. Lmao. Stevie cut you deeper than Lesean did ? Guy was solid. No reason to meltdown.
  5. is this the part where we pretend Stevie Johnson isn’t good at football ?
  6. Juju Smith Shuster turned down more money from the Ravens to stay in Pittsburgh. TY Hilton has also declined signing a huge multi year deal with the Ravens today. The media always placing Lamars failures on the wideouts seems to be scaring new targets away.
  7. Biggie I’ve got a story to tell was a good time for the 30-45 yo crowd that loved that era.
  8. arm touching is a big thing to you ?
  9. It’s pointless. Everyone still calls them the redskins.
  10. He sucked last season and he’s gone now, it is what it is.
  11. Hear me out. Let’s ship Allen out for Bosa and a RB ITS ON !!
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