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  1. A cover but a heater. Whole album is criminally underrated.
  2. I’m in on Paige from Atypical. 8A8566DA-4063-48F5-AA18-A2B2BB8E31B0.webp
  3. Thank you for the guide on how to act when pros are dancing without underwear on. Great resource with handy tips.
  4. I’ll bet the under on Pete scoring 1 point in an nba game.
  5. What a thread 🤦🏼‍♂️ We’ve got a jealous shot at Yolo and mocking a victim of DV. Terrible stuff.
  6. might want to look at that roster again. team USA is stacked.
  7. Someone get kicked off the chiefs board ?
  8. Heights Mayonaise Tickets to Hamilton
  9. can we cover it in croutons bacon bits and ranch ?
  10. can I also shame the folks who give 5 guys 20.00 for a burger fries and a soda while I’m here ? shame on you enablers.
  11. It really is amazing how terrible Wendy’s fries are
  12. when did you have your fill of baby mommas ?
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