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  1. How dare you. The McDonald’s Fry is a HOF food item. Billions and Billions sold !
  2. Lonzo and Ingram are 💩💩💩💩. Lakers are happy to get rid of those bums.
  3. It’s a poster here that will argue whatever pro Bills angle there is no matter what. Hoping theres some validity to the rothlisberger/OL points and Zay can show us more this year 👍🏼
  4. Sounds good. You could just watch all the Steelers and Bills games like I have done. You win the JFH trophy for the day. Stop bringing up silly highlight reels. Juju is a killer, Zay is a guy who might start.
  5. You could use stats as well if you wanted to. It’s not really a debate at all.
  6. Yikes. Google Juju highlights The guy CATCHES footballs and runs places after he catches them. You can put blind faith in stonehands, I’m good. He has confused you by harnessing the Tyrod theorem. ( good vs Dolphins and worthless vs everyone else)
  7. Nope. He still stinks and was drafted over a real wideout like Juju.
  8. Tyrod the trashcan at 4 😭😭😭 Yikes
  9. 1000% yes. Has to be a monster in the sack
  10. Yes. Especially if it’s Odell, Gronk, Landry, or Aaron Rogers
  11. Stop it. There’s football then basketball Hockey, Soccer, and Golf are all trash
  12. Your brother has style. He sounds like a straight shooter.
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