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  1. white supremacy is always frowned upon 100 of 100 times that I’ve came across but I guess I don’t know everyone feels reachy
  2. Safe Baltimore is boring. Get to the shady part with the strip clubs and don’t forget to after party at the Horseshoe casino til the sun comes up.
  3. thanks guys. This is very serious.
  4. You think Christian Wade is the best player in the NFL. Letting Carr walk isn’t the play, you don’t watch enough Raiders games
  5. Guy plays his ass off with no O Line and Hunter Renfrow and Zay Jones as weapons. What else do you want him to do ? Carr is good. Excellent signing imo.
  6. Anyone have any money left ? Who gets to keep all the money people lost on this stuff ?
  7. We got Smashing Pumpkins in Portsmouth Va, then we got Luke Bryan in Va Beach, maybe wrap it up with Blink 182 and Little Wayne in VB as well
  8. Broken ribs and listening to all the 💩 fans hot covid takes.
  9. about what ? Watson Chubb/Hunt is a ton of talent. To blindly say they won’t be any good doesn’t really make much sense fwiw 🤷🏼‍♂️
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