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  1. #13 Buffalo vs #5 Kentucky CBS Sat 5:15pm

    W crappy jumpshots. Didn’t see them hit many vs Davidson
  2. Gross. So a lot of you are talking yourselves into Lamar Jackson is a good option now🤷🏼‍♂️? Wooooof, get me back to Baker, Rosen land
  3. 2018 NCAA Tourney

    Virginia would not be a good example to use here. Plenty of juniors and seniors. They did it all the right way and just got smoked.
  4. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    All coaches want a pocket passer. The running back’s function is to run. Lets not blame McD for Taylor’s limitations. Its all over now, let’s look forward to AJ and our draft.
  5. Patriots Signing DE Adrian Clayborn and RB Jeremy Hill

    Damn. Didn’t Clayborn have a 4-6 sack game last season ?
  6. Eric Wood issues

    Such as ?
  7. First Pick @ 12 - Not a QB? How 'bout Vita?

    We have two monster DT’s already. Doesn’t make much sense at 12 imo.
  8. RB Will Not Be a 2018 Draft Priority

    Ivory always nicked up and 3-6 = 💩 We have a lot of picks. Get a guy.
  9. Tyrod named starting QB of Browns

    So 205 ypg next season ? Ravens and Steelers will have him benched by week 10. Plenty of evidence he can’t as well
  10. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Goodwin got with QBs who pass footballs KB and Zay will be good. Add another speedster and it’s on. The anchor is gone AJ ain’t gonna go into a shell and cower from throwing 50/50 balls.