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  1. My ranking of the 9 other playoff-caliber AFC teams, in descending order of matchup favorability with our beloved Bills: 1. Raiders 2. Dolphins 3. Patriots 4. Colts 5. Browns 6. Titans 7. Ravens 8. Steelers 9. Chiefs Your thoughts?? Mine are that I’m not entirely sure what to make of the Browns and Ravens right now, I don’t think the top 3 in my ranking make the playoffs, and a healthy Buffalo Bills team can beat anyone in the league not named the Chiefs.
  2. It looks like we can at least agree that slavery reparations and universal health care coverage for illegal immigrants are generally bad ideas. However, you seem to be intimating that these issues are the exclusive domain of scary socialists and not that of moderate Democrats. The reality is that none of the Democratic Party presidential candidates bothered to separate themselves from these ideas during the summer 2019 debates. Biden and Harris have the same official stance as Sanders does on slavery reparations: they only go so far as to support funding for studies on the idea. Also, both Bid
  3. I think the Republicans will be fine no matter what Trump ends up doing in 2024. Their voters tend to reliably fall in line for whichever small-government candidate is chosen to run against the “commie liberal” Democrats. I see the Republican Party as consisting of 4 main groups that need to be cobbled together every Election Day: the libertarians, the neoconservatives, the populist nationalists, and the religious right. The economic libertarians have long had the strongest control over the party (even during Trump’s reign). Once Trump is gone, I expect the neocons to move back in for a share
  4. I do!!! OMG I have so many questions for him. He cleaned up a bit for the second Fox News interview, so I’d like to think he has some basic level of sartorial self-awareness. Here are just a few questions: 1. When I say “business professional,” what are the first clothing items that come to mind? Is a Josh Allen jersey one of them? 2. What does “business casual” mean to you? Would a Trent Murphy jersey be included in this category? 3. Were you wearing Bills Zubaz pants below for the Lou Dobbs interview? If so, were they washed beforehand? Do they contain a variety of myst
  5. Excellent work, JGMcD2!!! I am a stats nerd as well, so we are kindred spirits. PFR is such an amazing website and one of my top three football sources, right up there with the NFL’s home page and this place, of course. If you’re looking for a single metric for football player evaluation, PFR’s Career AV is as good as any that I’ve seen out there so far. We agree that McDermott and Beane are one entity (McDeane!) united in football philosophy, so I’m comfortable considering Buffalo’s 2017 draft to be Beane’s even though it was technically Whaley’s. Supposedly McDermott was consulti
  6. “Notice how we’re all the same height lying down, Ms. Adams?”
  7. I’m guessing the opening night roster will be: G1: Ullmark G2: Hutton D1: Dahlin - Jokiharju D2: McCabe - Ristolainen D3: Miller - Montour F1: Hall - Eichel - Reinhart F2: Skinner - Staal - Olofsson F3: Girgensons - Eakin - Okposo F4: Mittelstadt - Cozens - Thompson This is playoff-caliber! Good things seem to happen whenever an ADAMS is put in charge. It’s time to break the longest NHL postseason drought (9 seasons) and third-longest playoff series win drought (13 seasons, behind the Panthers and Maple Leafs).
  8. I love it! You’re talking about the 2-0 personnel package, which I believe puts Buffalo’s most talented 11 players on the field: QB Allen RB Singletary RB Moss LT Dawkins LG Ford C Morse RG Feliciano RT Williams WR Diggs WR Brown (replace with Davis inside red zone?) WR Beasley (alternate with McKenzie on occasion?) Singletary and Moss have shown to be very capable receivers out of the backfield. The question is how good is their pass protection? Is it somewhat close enough to a Lee Smith or to an H-back like Gilliam? Ca
  9. I think that was Rob Ryan’s excuse. Multiple unfastened rib protectors. Yeah right, Rob. I hope so too, but everyone should be eating those! How I would describe either quinoa or kale: versatile, flavorful, healthy, MAGICAL. As a matter of fact, my own Thanksgiving meal yesterday included a dish with both of these stuffed into sweet potatoes! Needless to say, it was a huge success.
  10. Ok all you wonderful people, so here is my VERY rough first draft of a dynasty scoring system: 1. Championships: 2 points for a wild-card round victory followed by a loss in the divisional round, 5 points for a conference final loss or a pre-Super Bowl era title game loss, 12 points for a Super Bowl loss, 15 points for a league title during the pre-Super Bowl era, 25 points for a Super Bowl victory. 2. Regular season records: 1 point for each season between 0.500-0.625 (i.e. 9-7 or 10-6), 2 points for each between 0.625-0.750 (i.e. 11-5 or 12-4), 4 points for each above 0.750
  11. My Lord...and here I was worried that my Bills dynasty thread would be a real snoozer...can't wait for the bye weekend to be over... I'm voting for Corey Bojorquez solely because of that 12-yard punt. AMAZING.
  12. Right now I have the Otto Graham Browns at #6 under Paul Brown, but they are probably the most difficult dynasty to judge! You can make a case for them being as high as #2 or as low as #13, depending on the weighted criteria. And thank you for the Big Ben Steelers recommendation. I had a strong feeling I was ranking them too low, but it was a first draft and I thought to myself: “Whatever! You can always change it later. Stop being such a perfectionist, Kay.” The purpose of this thread is to position the mid-60’s Bills and early 90’s Bills within the context of NFL histor
  13. Hello, Bills fans! Let us break the bye week boredom together by addressing a random question that has been vexing me: how do the two beloved Bills dynasties (mid-60’s, early 90’s) rank in comparison with other NFL dynasties? I will start by very loosely defining the criteria as accomplishments (regular season win/loss records, division titles, playoff victories, league championships), duration, and legacy (innovations to the game, cultural impact, list of Hall of Famers). For comparison’s sake, I’m applying the NFL’s standard recognition of AFC/NFC conference championships as equi
  14. That’s a Vikings video, of course. I suspect that you would get a very different response within both the Bills’ close-knit locker room as well as within the WNY community. As an example, I have two older brothers who are also big Bills fans (and may even be TBD members reading this lol…as well as my Dad…AWKWARD). I know that they would be proud and honored to have me date any one of the players on the team. Even Trent Murphy. Why? Because we are all “One” Buffalo, not “Many Selfish Individuals Who Don’t Respect or Care for Each Other and Don’t Understand the Meaning of Sacrifice for the Great
  15. That could have been a lighthearted reference to her infamous former relationship with 5’11” 185 lb Danny Amendola (small by pro football standards). The real Kay Adams appears to be advocating for sensible sexual dimorphism between partners. RealKayAdams finds that to be quite silly and recommends prioritizing personality traits for optimal compatibility. The #1 quality that RealKayAdams looks for is the true measure of a man: how much is he willing to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves? Will he remain loyal to his vegan principles, for example, under the most trying
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