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  1. If she came from a non-express lane I think I'm going to rule in his favor..... On the other hand, a pregnant lady has 15 items in a 12er and you're getting into an argument about it? Jesus there are some crazies out there.
  2. Agreed, no one involved is John From Nevada, or Cindy from Kalamazoo. They are political creatures, each side dishing out heat that gets folks riled up because they knit together backstories based on their own biases. Who cares, really? You, maybe, but you're a bit of a contortionist anyway. I always wondered where the outrage was when Obama made elitist comments about middle America, when Hillary lead off her debate with accusations of racism and a myriad of phobias the future President was alleged to have had. Did you struggle with any of that? Or when Obama went after Fox News for about a decade, and issues with that? If you did, good for you for your consistency and character. If not, I'll write it off to other folks just being human. On the Russia investigation, you've been guarded in your reply, or at least seem to be to me. On the one hand, you see nothing nefarious, which I'm taking to mean that you felt the investigation was warranted, the surveillance/unmasking warranted, the SC investigation warranted, and the outcome fair. On the other hand, you mentioned that you felt it was a waste of time, which seems contradictory to it being a very reasonable investigation. I cant see how it would be a waste of time if it was warranted, after all, we're talking about a pres under the spell of a Russian strongman. Then, on the third hand (we'll call it the Chernobyl hand to keep with the theme), you toss in something about those that broke the law should go to jail. Where does that come from in a non-nefarous clandestine investigation into a president? So many questions. Edit: oh, and who was the root cause of the divisiveness you mentioned last post?
  3. I don't necessarily feel better or worse, I already know how I feel. What I don't understand is how you can write off a massive plot to unseat a president, using intelligence as a weapon, using the resources of federal and state government to overthrow the president as something as benign as some folks are just "human". At least, I can't reconcile you writing all that sh8t off just as people being people and then get all uppity about another human just doing human things like tweeting. Come to think of it, why do we prosecute spies? Robert Hanseen, for example. I'll run the checklist: A. American; B. Human; C. Didn't like something; D. Definitely less divisive than Trump and Obama. What was the fuss?
  4. Hmm. "Divisive waste of time"? Interesting choice of words. You "think" Trump did not collude with Russia--would you go so far as to say you "know" he didn't collude (given 3 yrs, 30m Muller Muller Muller) with Russia? Let's agree that this is not "swear on pain of death know", just "based on the information readily available after Muller tore #@$% up asked. "Divisive" on the part of whom? Trump has been crystal clear since day 1. There has been no wavering, no cracks in the foundation of defense, no negotiation to make it all go away. I don't think you can consider a guy accused of treason to be divisive when he's defending himself against false charges as being divisive? So...divisive on the part of the dems/libs/media? If so, was it intentional on the part of the dems? Divide a nation by attacking the integrity of our elections? Divisive to impact the agenda of the duly elected president? To harm him, politically and perhaps...personally? It's hard to imagine calling someone out as essential a traitor might not have some fallout. What about the potential nullification of my vote, when he's hampered by this massive inquiry? "Waste of time"? I'd argue the dems/enemies of the people would not consider it a waste of time at all to wage a divisive psychological war against a stirring president. Certainly it would impact the admin and likely did the midterms. And I could be reading too much into what you're saying, but "waste of time" on this level implies to me incompetence by the DOJ and Obama admin on an epic scale, or something much more nefarious? How on earth could the intelligence community so misread the tea leaves that were so obvious they felt they had to detonate a bunker buster under the new admin---knowing the polarizing and paralyzing effect it would have---and be so wrong about it? How do you see it?
  5. Add "guilt" to that recipe and you have a winner. Fear and Guilt.
  6. 140 years of "hard data"?? Come on, even you can't believe that. We're a nation where a massive attack on our citizenry and infrastructure was carried out less than 20 years ago with a handful of boxcutters. You would trust "climate data" from the Wright Brother's neighbor Svenn Roker?
  7. Why are you raging at chefs? They deliver delectable culinary delights to people of all ages. Sure, you get a hair in the potato soup every now and again but it averages out.
  8. True, but I thought from a coverage perspective, Access Hollywood coupled with Trump Epstein was a great one/two punch and newsworthy/shiny new story in 2016. Unless, of course that also took out WJC and exposed the media queen Hillary to bad press during the runup to 2016.
  9. I was really thinking more about the media angle. The dems would bury or publish based on analysis of what it achieved, as would Republicans.
  10. Well, I'd think every tie to Epstein crimes should be investigated. Obama. Dershowitz. Schumer. Hillary Clinton. John Brennan. What I don't understand is how the major media sources didn't uncover what you've characterized as "ties" of the two major candidates prior to the election on 2016. Epstein is and has been a story, apparently for 10+ years. All those ties to powerful political names and....nothing. They found the Access Hollywood tape. Hmmm.
  11. In the world of politics and the media, you're not just "tied" you're the architect of the crime.
  12. Thanks for looking out for me, but you should know a while back I chose a doctor who happened to be Muslim as my GP, and I've never been afraid of spiders. I consider them nature's housekeepers. Btw, the doc, a nice guy who left private practice a while back, used to share some stories about Afghanistan, his upbringing and the devastation to his county. I always enjoy hearing about other cultures as it helps me to recognize how similar many of us are. Anyway, I had a nasty infection in my finger, I went to see him and his initial response was "We have to deal with this today. I must warn you, this will not be unpainful.". I processed that and asked "You're saying it's going to hurt?" and his reply was "Yes, quite badly.". Still makes me laugh and he spoke the truth. Facsists are people too.
  13. Wtf Koko stop responding to me. I'm a trump supporter so I'm a fascist right wing narcissist, increasingly filled with self-loathing.
  14. I didn't know that. I guess we have to be outraged at WNY specifically, at least in general terms.
  15. Tell me you didn't just use an offensive term misappropriated in a 50s era sitcom where the occupying villain was portrayed as a noble hero and the native son a subservient second fiddle in a serious conversation about racism in America? I am renaming you go Beginner Enabler.
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