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  1. This is from 2021, so perhaps a bit dated in the world of cable newsformation shows. https://ci-magazine.com/home/explaining-tucker-carlsons-democratic-demographic “These numbers only account for October but reveal that Fox News’ and Carlson’s sizable audiences are not that easy to define.” “Some Carlson viewers may identify as Democrats, but are more right-leaning — or may agree with some of Carlson’s opinions — whether they have been disillusioned by COVID and government’s response or disagree with ‘woke culture,’ — concerned about movements like ‘defund the police,’ etc. Additionally, there is spillover from earlier Fox News programming with more fact-based reporting, and some may be frustrated by programming on other networks.” ******* From earlier this month, there’s this report: https://www.mediaite.com/daily-ratings/cable-news-ratings-wednesday-november-2-tucker-carlson-wins-demo-by-more-than-100000-viewers/ Tucker Carlson scored a whopping 583,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demographic on Wednesday night. ********* People are complicated, Frankish, but this is why a guy talking for an hour a night, offering opinions from the mundane to the outrageous, ends up being paid $40m per year and have a net worth of $500,000,000+.
  2. We gotta figure out which Russians though, Frenkle. The 2012 Russians were Russians that then-President Obama really seemed interested to work with, speaking of the post-election flexibility he would have in working with Vlad. They seemed nice. The 2014 Russians we can’t be so sure of. They had that whole Crimea thing going on, and annexation sounds painful enough. In fairness, there were only a handful of Russians that seemed responsible, at least based on the initial response. In the other hand, maybe that was part of that whole flexibility thing. The 2015/2016 Russians were tricky devils. They apparently directly and irrefutably changed the course of American history by partnering and conspiring with then candidate Trump. In fact, the actions undertaken were so devious that a couple dozen diplomats were expelled from the country just a couple weeks before the-then Prez vacated office. Apparently it took nearly the full 8 years for their deception and treachery to be discovered and nothing could have been done about them until late December. The 2016-2020 Russians were interesting. Between participating in the coup, helping to get a president elected illegitimately, convincing dem leadership that there was treason afoot, and confounding the special investigators that spread out over several years. Those Russians were just plain sneaky, I guess. The 2022 Russians, also known as the Biden-Watch Russians, it’s sort of universally agreed that those Russians are bad people. They sort of resemble the 2014 Russians, the ones active during the Obama flex years, but much more deadly and much more aggressive. Russians, go figure.
  3. I suppose that depends on each individual’s perception. Taking politics out of it, I think when a family sees the type of decline exhibited by Joe Biden, relative to where he was a few short years ago, they are having difficult dialogue about taking away the car keys if he still had them, having folks check in on him every few days to ensure he is safe, providing him a medical alert button, and moving him to a facility where he would have assistance if there was no family member to take him in. I don’t follow HW to any great degree, but bringing politics back to the table, I think Biden’s condition is very troubling.
  4. Sunny D can’t keep track of his own posts, expecting him to follow yours is a big ask.
  5. It never was, so why all the handwringing from people on the left? It seems obvious that the desire to control the narrative far outweighed the desire for a free and open platform to communicate ideas.
  6. For those of us that have been paying attention to the obvious, sustained and age-related decline of Joe Biden, it’s actually impressive he hasn’t already made this type of comment. On top of everything else…gibberish…wandering aimlessly..even with him being a political dbag he can’t recall where his son died, and that’s just sad. Given time, vampires probably make an appearance in JoeSpeak,
  7. I can take a guess—we have an abundance of cheap wind in this country, but there are concerns that over-harvesting of wind is harmful to the environment and indicative of America’s imperialistic tendencies and complete disregard for emerging economies in developing nations. The answer is to ration wind, recycle that which has already been used, apply a wind tax, allow people to purchase wind credits if their wind consumption exceeds reasonable standards, and if necessary, to import wind from India or Pakistan.
  8. Life in prison /no parole is no guarantee imo. Lemuel Smith comes to mind. And while I get that a while lot more lifers don’t end up killing prison guards, I think the propensity of those types of people continuing to victimize is pretty well established. Death kills.
  9. It also substantially reduces the likelihood that the guilty party victimizes another innocent individual. I’m against the death penalty, but only insofar as it’s uncorrectable when someone is wrongly accused.
  10. Maybe this is what covering weaknesses looks like at 50% of capacity?
  11. She handled that like it was her first day on the job, and she had no idea what happens when the press corp gets riled up. I’ve seen hundreds of these, and shouting out “that’s disrespectful” to people who supposedly get paid to be disrespectful was pretty funny. She seems like a likable enough soul, though.
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