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  1. I can understand why you did, but she is a lightweight up through about 5 minutes. Did she ever get around to destroying anyone other than the reputation of whomever gave her the acting lessons? Very robotic. I swear I’ll push past 5 minutes to see her destroy Ted Cruz.
  2. Is your argument that the travel and leisure sector should have been excluded from COVID relief? https://www.ustravel.org/sites/default/files/media_root/document/USTravelLegislativePriorities.pdf This press release indicates that roughly 7.6m people in that sector lost their income as a result of the COVID crisis. That figure reflected numbers through July. I didn’t check the numbers from the UK or Ireland but assume the situation is similar or worse. Do you feel the data from the illegally leaked returns should be publicized by the NYT? It sees middle that they would accept pirated materials, review them in dark rooms in NYC and keep the details shielded from the public. As usual, we have no idea the source of the alleged returns, Trump and his attorneys are stating that the Times refuses to engage in dialogue over what they reported, and that the reporting is grossly inaccurate. I haven’t checked as of today—-has the Times even revealed the people alleged to have reviewed the data? I’m confused as to why all the details are kept hidden from the people. Democracy is manipulated in darkness.
  3. If you believe that citizens should be given the choice to vote for a democrat or be bludgeoned into submission you know nothing about freedom. Additionally, if you think those that would bludgeon others in some sort of M. Night Shyamalan election night purge would peacefully disperse upon the coronation of Combover Joe, you know nothing of the history of the world. The more I think of it, Rhiïno might be a double agent. Or, he might even be M. Night Shyamalan. Hard to say. This will end well.
  4. She starts off by acknowledging that she has to scramble to figure out what she’s going to say after Ted Cruz speaks. The first 5 minutes has her voice cracking as if she’s about to cry—and maybe she is that emotional about whatever point she’s trying to make, and that’s fine—-she says the First Lady is about to lie in state, presumably meaning RBG, and I’m still not sure where the destruction part comes in? If she’s smart enough to have studied theater and to try and add emphasis with contrived hand gestures, I’d think she’s smart enough to know that when the Senate acts, it’s fulfilling its obligation to the people. Can you get me to the “destroy” part? **edit for clarity—she didn’t say First Lady, she said the first woman. My bad, the structure of that sentence seemed awkward to me so I went back and listened to her again.
  5. So...the suggestion is to acquiesce or face destruction? Pass. i do believe that Donald Trump is hijacking mail trucks, that Putin controls all and that @Deranged Rhinois a paid agent of change. Or, he’s paid with change.
  6. I think we get used to seeing Biden lose himself in his thoughts so often in clips it’s a bit exaggerated. That is to say, he most definitely drifts, but does he drift all the time in a 90 minute chat? I just don’t see it happening. Btw, in a convo with a liberal friend today, I mentioned that “he’s losing it”. She asked if I was referring to his stutter, something I haven’t heard much about since he chose to portray himself as a victim a while back. I suggested she google some clips, but there are most definitely politically active people who hate Trump who have no idea he struggles with cohesive thought.
  7. The DOJ is the DOJ, no? Justice is blind, no political bias, just a well researched case brought against an American with a distinguished record of service. Seems the review revealed something different, and the DOJ moved to dismiss. Seems straight forward.
  8. The DOJ, upon reviewing all the details available on the case they brought, concluded that the matter should never have commenced. Individuals certainly can be reckless, but when the full weight and power of the US government has decided to crush you, you’re likely to be crushed. Imo it’s basically like an ordinary citizen standing up to the Mob in the 1960s. It has to feel a lot like this guy dancing on your skull.
  9. Poopy apparently missed the memo about the waning trust of the American public in the media. Perhaps if she wasn’t more interested in unconditional loyalty to her comrades at the NYT, a real discussion could be had.
  10. I think Biden will do well, and by that I mean he’ll handle the questions and play Scranton tough guy on the podium. He’ll be dismissive, he’ll be aggressive and he’ll make ***** up as he goes. He will interrupt regularly, and it’s up to the moderator to establish the ground rules or it will get ugly fast. Expectations are low, and if he can walk out and avoid sniffing DJTs hair he’ll do ok. I don’t believe he’ll be a dithering mess, there must be a plan to help him get through it. I could certainly see him taking medication for clarity and lots of it. I don’t worry about Trump being overconfident, he’s good in a room and will handle things the way he always does.
  11. So far today your main contention has been that following tax law and allowing the IRS to process the returns is noteworthy. Kemp is so far gone down the rabbit hole of hate he can’t put a clear sentence together. But it is nice to know you weekend tax experts followed the narrative laid out by your leadership group— that dutifully complying with mandatory tax obligations is indicative of wrongdoing. Thus. Simpleton Punching has become a spectator sport. Btw one of my best liberal buddies reached out today in horror over the latest gotcha moment. 7 minutes in she bailed and said “he’s just gross”. The whole “he followed the rules” argument is effective here. This is an easy one.
  12. You’re punching simpletons, and for whatever reason it doesn’t seem unwrong.
  13. I’m struggling to see what the hubbub is here, other than what appears to be some dirtbag violating the most sacred trust of a governmental employee by releasing confidential information. And, of course, a sleazy publication long past it’s prime in manipulating the public timing the story to hit just before the first debate for maximum impact for their candidate of choice.
  14. Good point that I’ll have to look at it again. I could have sworn at least the first shot happened in the pocket on the initial hit, but if you’re correct I’ll simply pack up my outrage and use it next week over some horrible call real or imagined. I’ll be right 50% of the time, it’s just like high school all over again.
  15. Good write up across the board. I can’t recall that penalty being called but do agree that since he held the facemask for what seemed like 45 minutes the call was legit. I mentioned last night that it appeared he took a shot to the head in conjunction with the play. On review it appeared he actually took two shots to the head on the same play.
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