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  1. No, I think you’re a good poster and get a lot out of what you share. I do appreciate it. On the other hand, some things strike me as funny, and I was watching Ozark last night and there was a therapist on that Marty was bribing and, well, you know. My bad on that one.
  2. JESUS CHRIST WITH STRIPES WILL YOU PEOPLE STEAL EVERYTHING FROM ME?? I used to love nothing more than driving my gas-guzzling SUV to a buffet, sitting within 2' of my friends and munching on plates of warm rice and finger foods before whistling at the pretty girls on the way home to watch Deniro in "Goodfellas". Somebody better fix this sh#t!
  3. •••sits back, takes glasses off and slowly fixes gaze on Doc••• "And this television, Doc. It heard you? You think you saved Boris, right? How does that make you feel?"
  4. If you're willing to surrender your rights as a citizen, there is always someone willing to take them.
  5. Hey Alf-- I asked you a couple questions yesterday after you posted the Biden op-ed. I saw later that you're no Biden supporter. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on the questions posed....joe and his relationship with China, joe and his comparison of Covid to Ebola, etc.
  6. We agree--people largely don't care. Most live everyday lives, doing everyday things, raising everyday families. When I was in Vienna during the Obama years, I felt no special love for my country's kindness and generosity from the locals, and especially the cabbies who tried to shake me down every damn trip for some extra coin. I came back and told my friends that it wasn't so much that they hated Americans, it was more that they hated everyone. Do you think they care what I think of them? More recently, I and/or my family member travelled to Australia, Italy, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Morocco, England---and you know how much hatred they/we felt? Zed, as they say on your side of the Peace Bridge. Treated warmly...with open arms. Honestly friend, that's on you if you think it matters, that's on you if you worry about what the world thinks of me or mine. In a normal month, I cross paths with people from all walks of life and probably 4-6 countries represented. I absolutely agree I may cross the occasional Guyanese (nothing against these nice folks, just popped into my head) who distrusts or dislikes me for my American exceptionalism. Before you get all worked up about that expression, here's my definition: I'm lucky enough to have been born into a family where my parents (one of whom came from your neck of the woods) cared enough to cuff me on the ear when I crossed the line, to spend time with me when they could, to hold my hand when I cried and to tend to me when I was sick or injured. My experiences taught me to treat people well, to trust people once I verified that I could, to understand there was decency in the world, that skin tone is just a color, that there are people way worse off than me, and those with much more than I could ever hope to have in terms of $$$, but not a damn thing more in terms of what matters. That's American exceptionalism in my mind, and the cool part is you may have it too, it's just called something different and you say 'Eh at the end. There are a few places I'd like to see in the world before I shut this whole thing down some day. I'm interested in Ireland, Scotland, maybe London and a few others. I'd like to retrace the steps my father took during the war to end all wars WWII. If, along the way, someone has a bug up there a$$ because Joe Biden is running the world from Shady Acres Retirement Home LLC, it's not my problem. On the other hand, I'd just as soon visit the US, maybe SoCal, maybe New Mexico, and for some elemental reason I cannot explain, I really would like to see the Grand Tetons. I forgot that, damn you. Seemed a little corny to me, but then again, the daughter's mattered as well.
  7. Well, as Joe himself says, "I'm in it until Johnson pulls the troops out of Vietnam".
  8. On this note Bill, I always want to hear more. Can you explain what you mean by America being hated by 'the world'? See, I don't think most people in the world give more than a thought about me and my family. I don't think most could tell you who the vice-president is, Secretary of State, Majority leader of the Senate, gross domestic product, or how many states we had in the union. I don't think they could guess within +/- $1billion dollars on aid to any given country at any given point in time, how much debt is forgiven, how many citizens died on 9/11, how many individuals are in the country illegally, how many politicians get exceptionally wealthy while serving in office, or the annual contribution to NATO/UN/WHO by Americans both pre-Trump and post-Trump. I think more than a few could tell you Trump's stance on the southern border, but very few, if any could tell you that Trudeau spoke eloquently on Trump's stance on border security, but not at all on the Canadian response to Haitian's trying to make it to Canada. I said this before, I'll say it again--I am very proud of the association I personally have/had with Canadian relatives. It's a beautiful country, with good and decent people across the land. In that regard, it's alot like the US. I love and always loved the Canadian anthem, gives me chills to this day to hear it. As far as worrying about some guy in Nova Scotia hating me because of Donald J. Trump, I guess I'd be inclined to say to him the same thing I'd say to the guy from Bristol, Ct who hated me: "It seems to me that's your limitation, not mine, so go %$#@ yourself".
  9. Never sakes second fiddle. I've been looking for a tag line, this is as good as any, since I have never saked second fiddle to no one no how.
  10. There's so much here to unpack from Biden's campaign pitch here, but he seems to compare the transmission potential of Covid wity that of Ebola. Alf, do you see this as a valid comparison based on number of cases world wide, the information available and transmission rates worldwide? Joe points to the Trump's failure to lead an international response to the virus, mocks walls and barriers in the fight against Covif, yet in retrospect shutting down travel to/from seems to be widely accepted as a means to combatting the spread. Joe is also on record as to encouraging people to get out, congregate and visit public places. Alf, given Joe's past experience with Ebola, did his actions conflict with his messaging from this opinion piece? Was he on the wrong side of the crisis, especially in light of widely published recommendations to, in essence, create distance and shelter behind the walls of one's own residence? He writes this: The outbreak of a new coronavirus, which has already infected more than 2,700 people and killed over 80 in China, will get worse before it gets better. Cases have been confirmed in a dozen countries, with at least five in the United States. There will likely be more. Joe's questionable ties to China notwithstanding, he's campaigned on his strong ties to world leaders, his perception that hes viewed as a strong world leader by other leaders of nations. He bragged about getting things accomplished in. While he mixed up the name of the leader from China that he worked with, his point was clear: I know these people, they know and work with me, I'm the man. Alf, 2700 infections and 80 deaths in China are of end of January, 2020? Does that sound right to you? Do these remarks leave you wondering of Joe has any connections, juice or fire power if this is truly what he thought at that time? Was he taken advantage of, relying on data he had access to given his relationship with Chinese leaders? Did he believe the lie, or simply perpetuate it for political expedience? I'd appreciate some feedback, because this piece by Joe looks very weak in retrospect.
  11. Reminder, and I know you’re not judging, but everyone is into something.
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