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  1. I question how she got through Harvard. My son made a video (Instagram, I think)...basic party video, pretty girls dressed nicely, a little dancing and some fun. It hit 1,300,000,000 views shares whatever’s in 3 days. The whole point of this stuff is views, and I’m stunned she would make a stabbing video as good as the first one was (there was some poetry in the delivery, and yes, the musings of a psychopath) and sob later that people saw it and shared it. How weak are some of these people???
  2. By allowing people to $#@& wherever they choose, the city council has elevated the humble Dookie to honorary status as city flower of San Francisco.
  3. Wasn't he the guy who threatened to throw a guy down a flight of stairs for calling him "Fredo"? What a putz.
  4. I think I would apply the analysis that many in the msm and twittesphere apply to law enforcement every day. clearly, the crowd was in no danger. in fact, the couple was in no danger, either. not no one was in danger, so i really don't know what the fuss is. everyone goes home, let's leave it up to a certified counselor to (wo)mansplain to each party involved how this really is an opportunity for growth.
  5. I don’t know Idaho. I know many democrats and while I don’t understand much of what they believe in, they’re not the prolific doinkwad that this poster is. He seems angry and ultra committed to doinkishness.
  6. What about you causes you to be such an insufferable doink to others? 🧐
  7. "I'll ***** you outta that whip!". 🤣 This, after he overruns the guy who's about 3 feet wide, ends up on his ass, then rolls up with two "just-in-case" buddies, threatening the man who's got to worry about himself and the young lady with him who appears to be his daughter. Then, he breaks into some type of ritualistic mating dance like an albino peacock, all before screeching with a voice that sounds like he's still 3 months out from puberty that the other guy is a the p***** . It would all be funny, if not for the little girl who surely walks away feeling less safe, targeted and bullied by some random turd. The only solace here is that it's quite likely at some point, this a******* pushes someone who pushes back.
  8. It's absolutely frightening to me that it would take a nudge from her hot sister-in-law to take a closer look. I certainly understand the 'not Trump' angle, but with the internet, you'd think a voter would at least google a couple clips.
  9. Video surveillance from an ATM at a 7-11 in Takrit. One guy is wearing a name tag with "Boris" on it, hands an envelope to another guy seen making a cash deposit into his Citibank "Caliphate Checking" account under the name D. Tallybahn. I don't know what else you conspiracy types want.
  10. If you were going for creep af, you should be commended for this response.
  11. Who is 'we' in your 'we get it'? And if it's hard not to think there is "more to it"...what is the "more" that is to it?
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