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  1. chuck has been a sitting US Senator since 1998. I would assume the number of articles written on the trajectory of the Social Security program sine that time number in the hundreds of thousands. I would bet 98% of those articles skew negative. Yet this rich, entitled, sanctimonious, hypocritical boated piece of human politics can say without shame or irony that Trump is the problem. f u, chuck.
  2. We’re this far down the road, may have well have the storm hit late enough to impact 2020 election.
  3. Ground and pound, ground and pound, ground and pound. Keep tearing the guy down, throw constant allegations against him, when disproven or they fade from the public view, start all over again. In our little cross section of the world here on PP, we have some lovable dipsh#ts who crowed about (Among other things) Herr Mueller and his gang of sturmabteiliung acolytes taking down DJT for years, only to end up with egg on their faces, only to start it all up again. They have no shame, they are incapable of introspection, and thus they move on to the next scandal their overlords toss out. On the other hand, there are the rest of us who suggest, as you did, that this would unacceptable if the shoe was on the other foot, despite their feelings about Obama and those before him.
  4. It's why I think, if the material implicating Schiff in any way, shape or form will help put this issue to bed, it should be revealed. I hate to say that even in light of the sh6theel that he is, but so be it.
  5. Don't be disingenuous. The entire spectacle is political, and witnesses are blocked and trotted out to serve the master with the allotted time on the clock. For every "there's a reason a bunch of witnesses" will not testify, there is a reason other witnesses were called to testify. It's not the Rs job to "help their case", anymore than it was Kavanaughs obligation to prove he wasn't lead engineer on a rape train.
  6. Initially I always feel badly when I read these reports. “Accused of having sexual relationships with several students and providing them with alcohol” makes them sound easy and irresponsible. After that though, my mind wanders,
  7. I don’t disagree. My issue at time like these is that the politics of personal destruction is big business and alive and well. Watching Brett Kavanaugh and his hearing disgusted me. I wish that on no one, and if there is justice in the world, the main architects of that attempted destruction will rot in hell. That said, I’m not so sure I’d draw this line anymore, or if the republicans can afford to do it any more. Guess we’ll have to see.
  8. Would you support the release of embarrassing, though not illegal, information if it made a difference in the 2020 election cycle? Is it all fair in politics if the desired outcome is achieved? Just wondering how you see that.
  9. In fairness, The Fugitive guy had one arm, he wasn’t armless. You probably weren’t intentionally limb shaming him, but these movie characters are real people with real feelings. So many people call them armless, but is it so hard to refer to them as bi-laterally challenged? And the jokes, always with the jokes. “Hey, look, here comes Slots!” or “I saw a one-armed guy about to het hanged, so I started yelling out letters” or “When a one armed guy does Sign Language, is it fair to say he has a speech impediment?”. Sorry, I went on a rant, but armless? No.
  10. I'd love to see this sort of approach in 2020. I get that we'll never get away from bombastic Trump, or a speech that goes nowhere over several 3-4 minute segments (as opposed to candidate's speeches that go nowhere over the duration of the speech), but he can point both to action, in action, and the actions of his enemies on power to thwart border security and economic growth. Did these elitists bring the pens with them, or does the Senate need to run to Staples and do that $#!@ all over again? Govt waste!
  11. Seriously Foxxy, come clean and tell me you made this and it’s a deep fake. Let’s even agree Joe paid her the $2 for the babysitting and an extra $1 an hour to violate her personal space and smell her hair for an hour. All very doable on $40k+ at that time.
  12. It seems far too often the tail wags the dog. I think a sensible response is to help those who cannot help themselves. In some case ls that surely will result in forced compliance. While unfortunate, the other side of the coin--homeless people of all sorts wandering the streets, streets becoming the repository of drug paraphernalia, excrement, and of course the predators that flow to any crisis of this magnitude--- presents a risk to everyone involved, and that risk exceeds a reasonable standard. Part of the problem is the heavy-handedness of government in implementing programs. We have a group home for the developmentally disabled in our neighborhood. Been there 20 years, and the concern amongst many of the neighbors prior to occupancy was the potential impact on property values. I wasn't really all that concerned, I was raised by a mother who preached compassion and mainstreaming people as, well people. The problem is, proper values have been impacted. The property is at times unkempt, they enlarged the driveway beyond a reasonable size and apparently gave no aesthetic consideration to it, the garbage cans are overflowing more often than not and there really is no rhyme of reason to any of it. It's a difficult challenge and I think you're correct it is extremely difficult to solve. Status quo is a very bad option.
  13. In a world suddenly populated but officials in black shirts rushing the field with neuralyzers to make officials forget the calls they made and flags they might have thrown, this is not entirely crazy. I. Am. In. Let’s hope the next step in JAs development is recognizing consistently that small bites of the apple extend drives. Great post all in all.
  14. I read the “comprehensive reform measures”. Starts with capping increases on rent at 5%, strengthening protection against eviction, throws massive amounts of money at the problem, loosens burdensome and nonsensical regulations they put in place, and eliminates the need for referendums in localities that require such things, and mentions something about taking advantage of the prime real estate under freeways. So...tax the balls off people, f ‘em over when the tenant can’t/won’t pay the rent, regulate the $#@& out of building projects, add layers of additional government workers to the payroll, suspend the burdensome regulations that squeeze the $#@& out of people, and warehouse the homeless under the freeway. I agree with you, Jim, it’s a complicated problem and it sure looks like they’ve done a great job of $#@&ing up the solution.
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