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  1. I feel like I’m in a scene from Walking Dead, and the all the zombies are wearing Biden4Prez shirts. The link you provided is helpful to understand where you’re coming from to be sure. It certainly must be exhilarating to have someone do the heavy lifting on sorting through ‘lies’, ‘lie lies’, and ‘lies you needn’t fuss about’. I understand the appeal of simplifying ones life. I wouldn’t put Biden’s troop comments in a lie pile, IMO that’s more of a theatrical passive aggressive ‘look how cool I am’ appeal to his peeps. Admittedly I’m downsizing his lie count, but maybe I’m naiv
  2. We’ve already established the problems with digging our heels in that candidates like Biden and Trump are above reproach. It really seems to be that you folks don’t want to acknowledge it with Biden for whatever odd reason you may have. I’m a bit confused, Logic. You started off with comments on Trumpies, irony, liars-presumably carrying the flag for honest Joe. You included a link to an op-ed, with such gems as “Trump said he had support, but no polls backed that up” as evidence of 20,000 lies. 20,000 man! Then you moved the needle—bravely acknowledging that mayb
  3. I keep thinking these posts can’t get any funnier, but you guys have supersized the whole “Joe Doesn’t Lie Ok He Lies But Not Much Ok A Lot But Still Not As Much As Trump” game and it’s hysterical. Seems the WaPo had 4 interns sitting in a basement and the magic number for DJT is 20,000. That article, btw, did you read it? Seriously, it reads like a high school newsletter. But, I mean, it does say 20,000 and man that’s a BIG number. I think the size of the number alone makes it newsworthy whether or not it’s actually based in anything at all. You’ve begrudgingly acknow
  4. You’ve got it backwards Log, it was the wails of feigned indignation for 4 years that a politician making false or misleading claims is something new. But seriously, if you see Joe Biden as all truth all the time, man, ya got steel in your spine and some real moxie. God love ya man. No lie Joe! What a hoot! 😂😂😂
  5. My goodness. Discussing Biden’s mask mandate as it relates to the Biden family picnic at the Capitol bothers you? It’s his mandate, not mine Nine. Your commitment to common sense and dialogue seems to end when the subject involves your guy. It’s almost like you really don’t believe the things you’ve said previously. Put another way, while you may be no more full of sh8t than the average American, you’re certainly no less full of sh8t. Just own it. Your guy won, I’m not sure why you’re so sensitive. I’m also concerned that you don’t really understand wha
  6. That was dark humor on a thread about Common Ground. I'm a participant. I'm trying, but Transpy started it. 😇
  7. I talked with @oldmanfan about this sort of things a couple months ago. My contention is and has been that for all the (often conflicting) science on COVID, the one consistent thing we see is abject inconsistency from the people we are supposed to trust to guide us forward during this miserable lock down. This was a chance for Biden Inc to show the way and to practice what he's been preaching. His handlers should have been shouting from a megaphone that this was a chance to lead, to show the way, and to inform all Americans that no stage was too big to ignore sensible COVID rest
  8. Accidents happen, it's just the way life goes. Biden is in many ways a weak man, you can see it as he confronts people who ask questions he doesn't like, his well-established propensity to threaten to take people behind the school library, compare IQs or engage in a push up contest. All of those things really point to insecurity wrapped in a quasi-fraternity boy mindset. Snopes if fun for kicks, but citing it as an irrefutable source not so much.
  9. Your first statement is emotional gibberish. Suggesting that it's a commonly accepted premise that lying is an American political tradition (something I think you're conceding here) says nothing at all about 'suffering and death' being 'ok'. But, if you've never heard that is a thang, by all means, check around. Get outside your comfort zone. Read a book. Let's mark this down: It took less than 48 hours from the Biden inauguration for you to deflect attention away from the subject of the post, president Biden and the lies he tells, to DJT, President-emeritus. To
  10. I know it's been said here--it reminded me of a Rex type speech. I was sort of hoping that Rex in his reincarnation here would hit his stride--correct the things he did wrong in prior opportunities, be humbled somewhat (somewhat--it was Rex after all), grow as a coach and in that regard, it was a fun presser. You would have thought he'd have a chip onhis shoulder, a burning desire to prove them all wrong, and you certainly could see how players would take to his approach. He's funny in his own way. "Now let's go have a g-d snack" is about as funny as it gets. This guy though,
  11. No sir, that was never my position. Lies, untruths and half-truths have been part of the American political system since 1776 (or 1622 if you read the new fangled textbooks that are ll the rage). Remove Trump and all the panties tied up in bunches over the past four years, I'm betting that you and I would agree on that. It certainly is and was a mainstream point most Americans could agree on back before the barbarian stormed the gates. Joe was bounced from several presidential runs in part for the whoppers he told, and all the eye-closing and "nuh-uh!" in the world won't change that.
  12. As I said in the other post, while I disagree with you and had no desire to allow you to set an agenda, I appreciate you as well. I'll get to the point: I didn't post in this thread to ask a question, I posted to opine on DJTs legacy from my perspective. It was your thread, you started it, you asked. I thought it was a good thread. I'm not interested in winning an argument, and I'm under no illusion that anything I might share will suddenly convince you of the genius of my perspective. The only point to be made here is that different people develop different opin
  13. Of course. This was common knowledge throughout Biden's time in the public square. He trades in his sort of thing. In the old days, dems voters realized he was this guy, but in the old days, dem voters were hard working folks trying to get by and they could sniff out his bullsh*t a mile away. He was laughed out of the race in those days, but those days are long gone. Now he's the Sugar Smack Daddy of the modern liberal wing of the dem party. Posted 14 minutes ago Updated per your post: Input magazine is the gold standard to be sure. I
  14. Input magazine is the gold standard to be sure. In order it goes: 1. Input magazine; 2. LieWatch; 3. Dances with Wolves; 4. The DNC monthly “Ucan Trustus”; 5. Watercooler gossip talk; 🤣🤣🤣
  15. This thread will be a real hootenanny as folks defend the honor of Joe B. After all, they’ll say, every candidate lies but Joe is a less liarly liar, in fact, he’s probably the least liarly liar ever. 🤣.
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