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  1. I don't know. Here's the way it played out before the child was born: Some days, Grandpa thinks Iraq is in Bethesda, Maryland; Crack-addicted son caused such a fuss prior to the election that members of the intelligence community intervened with completely made up propoganda piece worthy of Vlad Putin; The widow of his son who died..somewhere....making googly-eyes at the crack-addicted brother-in-law, and likely slipping out to knock boots in the old man's classic Corvette and perhaps leaving bodily fluids all over the box holding classified documents; The crack-addicted son, generally; The daughter the old man maybe showered with up through senior prom hoping Dr. Jill puts her at the other end of the table; Seem to me the child would be the least of his concerns.
  2. I know, but there is a part of me that just can't wrap my head around him trampling on the memory of his son this way. I would think he was heart-broken when he died, it was a family tragedy and something anyone with a child would be devastated over. @The Frankish Reich feels it broke him on some level, but that doesn't make sense to me. Of course, even with all that considered, he spoke of the death of his middle aged son to impart some weird "I'm the same as you" when speaking to families who lost family members/children directly through the horrors of war. Even that is distasteful in my opinion. Let them have their day.
  3. https://nypost.com/2023/05/29/biden-admits-beau-died-from-cancer-and-didnt-perish-in-iraq-just-11-days-after-saying-son-died-at-war/ It gets harder to figure out whether or not he's just losing it, or intent on co-opting valor for professional gain. On the one hand, he was full-throated on the speech about diversity in the armed forces. He sounded coherent and clear, which is a nice change. Given his history of spinning tall tales and outright lies about things he claims to have done--it's certainly not inconceivable that he wants to leverage the tragedy and knows he could tell his supporters his son died taking Iwo Jima and they would rationalize it away. On the other hand, his recent fall, coupled with the every changing story of his son's death makes me think cognitive/physical decline are accelerating. Either way, @Irv, the guy is a mess.
  4. It's bedlam up in Toronto. You have a guy apparently violating team rules/protocol, the intervention of the team, and a public apology from the guy. Then the GM apparently decides to discuss internal personnel matters and trash the player. I suppose it's fitting that the GM shoots his mouth off, typically when an organization plays fast and loose, it starts at the top. Then again, maybe the GM harbors anti-religious bias and sees a chance to spread his own agenda.
  5. You're perilously close to getting it right and not looking silly here. https://clip.cafe/kicking-andamp-screaming-2005/were-at-every-game/
  6. You’re wrong, Tibs. This is a corporate issue, not a religious issue. He chose to express his feelings, and as an American he has the right to do so whether or not those feelings stem from his religious upbringing, the attitudes of his parents, small mindedness, open mindedness or even some childhood trauma that lead him to believe certain things to be true. The problem here is he crossed a line his employer didn’t want him crossing, they intervened and apparently cautioned him to get right-minded. Now, maybe in the hours that passed from the time he posted to the time he apologized maybe he really did have an epiphany. That’s possible and maybe he was just goofing around without thinking much about people he might hurt. That he’s doing an interview in a Blue Jays uniform still paints this as a corporate issue. I’m not sure why that’s even debatable here.
  7. I think it’s about a man who shared his apparently deeply held beliefs one day, had a corporate intervention team visit with him the next, and apologized for sharing what he thought he thought the previous day. I certainly understand the corporation intervening to protect the brand, but if he truly violated their process, why not just dismiss him?
  8. The question wasn’t directed to me, but you change “rigged election” to “illegitimate election”, “30+ court cases” to “one massive, expensive, open-ended and hostile Special Counsel report that ruled out collusion” and you could be talking about dem voters 2015-present. There are no new games at the fair, just different styles of carnival barkers.
  9. That would require reflection and dedication to self-improvement. These folks tend to excel at being manipulated into screaming about what everyone else is doing. Different skill set.
  10. I should have been more clear. Her father was accused, she was not. Liz Cheney as the political paragon of virtue is pretty funny though.
  11. Seems to me in a city where an endless variety of tax schemes are considered, this is a fixable problem if the desire is there.
  12. But you’re comfortable with pandering….lies…deceit when it suits you. That’s politics, really. Same with Cheney, really, offspring of the former VP who fabricated intelligence (so they say) and presented it to the American people and sent American men and women to fight and die in a war for oil. Liz Cheney leveraged her name, wealth and privilege to get elected. Her actions convinced voters it was time for her to go. It happens.
  13. Sure Frank, Trump. Trump, Trump, and more Trump. None of that explains Biden. There are many, many instances of Biden gaffes and miscues, from calling on dead people, to making up fanciful stories about his education, babbling like an incoherent monkey and making up words, getting confused by a teleprompter —these are reasons the grandparents and great grandparents of todays Biden supporters laughed him out of multiple races in spite of standing for many, many things blue collar supporters of old believed in. He was viewed as imbecilic back when Dems loved Trump. This issue involves where his eldest son died. He didn’t say Michigan when he meant Delaware, he didn’t call him Hunter by mistake. He’s thousands of miles, multiple years wrong and made up an entirely different set of circumstances to describe how his son died. He’s a liar, but all politicians lie and fabricate. Trump has nothing to do with Biden’s issues here.
  14. Frank, I'm attempting to be as compassionate as I can here, but it sounds to me like you're giving him a pass to a certain extent. His comments on his son reflect dementia and a rapidly aging brain. It's not that he convinced himself of anything per se, it's that somewhere along the line his brain jumped the track from "My son died in a hospital in Delaware several years after exposure to burn pits in Iraq" to "My son was killed in Iraq.". That's normal only in the sense that it happens when people suffer from cognitive decline. It's sad when it happens to a neighbor or family member, but Joe Biden is neither of those in this case. If intentional, or his inability to accept the difference--It's a lie, it's disgraceful to the memory of soldiers who actually died in Iraq (and to the families they left behind), and while I think Biden himself is just another establishment politician enriching himself and his inner circle by trading in corruption and power, I can't imagine him deliberately dishonoring the memory of his son with this absurd posturing. The bigger problem is those who run cover for him. "It's long past time for Joe Biden to retire." -Father Time, 2019
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