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  1. Lets not forget Mulva. You can't go around calling a woman Mulva and not expect to get doinked with your own helmet.
  2. The question is poorly framed. That has not changed. I had a mentor once, a person I look up to in my field, and I called to get some feedback many years back. I opened with all the issues I had with the company we worked with, the delays, the confusion, whatever. I then asked for some feedback on team building and some of the concerns I had with the attitude of my team. To paraphrase, he replied "With due respect, great southern rocker, I listened to what you said and have to ask you: Have you considered how what you say and how you say it impacts your own team and the way they look at their day with you?". The interesting part about that experience was that to whatever extent I've been successful in life, my ability to read, interact and harmonize with people has been a big part of that success. I frequently encounter people with opposing views, listen respectfully and respond in kind. I'd suggest that part of your problem in this particular forum is due in part to your own limitations and bias. Heck, you even chose to make a point of contention on the factual, indisputable argument that Congress is divided on the impeachment issue. I didn't even point out the obvious: Congress is divided over the moral and ethical question of "wrong". I guess in the end, one man's horse**** is another man's innocent quest for clarity. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  3. I’ve been nothing but respectful toward you and interpret your posts as I believe you intend them. I can interpret my own post and intent because I wrote it, but I believe your initial post was poorly framed as I do not know what “wrong” you were referring to. I think part of your problem was you personalized it by making it about Trump, you referenced wrong and impeachable in the same sentence, and clarity was an issue. I think you’re wrong on the freedom loving Americans down here, and as for consensus in Congress I agree, but I was speaking not as a partisan but from a position of pure objectivity on impeachment. Have a blessed day my friend.
  4. EARMUFFS! I find your language offensive, or would if I did not swear like a longshoreperson myself. But a reminder that Tibsy, Busey and jrobers may all have a snow day today. Let’s put impeachable to the side for a moment, there seems to be ample evidence an objective person would be able to look at the political landscape right now and acknowledge there is no consensus there. As for “wrong”, are you asking if the overly simplistic fact pattern you outlined is morally wrong, wrong from a legal perspective and are you speaking in political terms? For instance, I thought it wrong that Trump inserted himself into the NFL controversy with players kneeling. I did not think it an impeachable offense. I also thought it wrong of Trump to make comments about John McCain as a POW, but given the political nature of the dispute between the two, McCains own pettiness and the fact that he was just another fat cat politician engorging himself at public trough, context was important to me. I would agree that if Trump was a Russian spy, working in the interests of the Russians, to destroy our country as suggested by many of your people, that would constitute an impeachable offense and I would consider it “wrong”.
  5. I believe....and I may be wrong here..we get the tiebreaker over the dolphins if need be.
  6. The new top three go-tos for the liberal mind when debating impeachment of a President: 1. SNL 2. Comedy Central 3. SpongeBobFromMichigan Squarepants
  7. I don't spend much time watching TV anymore, but I'm on vacation and was flipping through and caught part of Tucker Carlson's show last night. He showed the surveillance clip of the FBI in tactical gear raiding Stone's house, and mentioned the CNN tipoff prior to the daring night time raid. He juxtaposed it with the Epstein arrest, the care with which courtesy was extended and civility considered for that guy. I understand commentators will make false comparisons, that one issue might be a federal case, another being pursued on a state level, but the comparison is pretty striking. You have the left tossing their collective salad celebrating the tyranny of government, thus emboldening the tyrants further. Hell if 50% of the citizenry are apathetic at best, or masturbatory voyeurs of a tactical SWAT style raid on a political opponent that everyone in America knew was being targeted for arrest by the Comey-tainted FBI, what's next? This was tactical oppression designed to perpetuate political suppression.
  8. I think the whole shebang backfires like a mofo. The point isn’t Russian assistance, or payoffs to the ladies—the point is he paid his taxes! ::patriot emoji::
  9. Nah. Screw patience. I’m enjoying the ride, albeit with occasional bouts of motion sickness. I’m spending my money on Bills tickets, Sunday Ticket, and some gear. I see improvement, that’s all I really care about.
  10. Seems fairly obvious to me that, when taking all factors into account, the 32 teams that chose the road more traveled made the right call all along. Dear Major Bobby, Some fans likely hate him. Some fans likely don't like him. Some fans likely like him, and some fans likely like LIKE him. Signed, Human Nature
  11. JP was a highly regarded player coming out of college, and the mix in Miami simply did not work. He comes to WNY, enjoys the team, the players, the coaching staff and the city. He's matured into a very good player and is one of the top DTs in the league. Former second rounder projected by many to go in the first round. He plays hard and brings passion to the game. I don't claim to know much about scheme fits, what McD and Frazier want to do well that JP may not, or salary cap, but as a fan I cannot think of a reason you would not want a guy like JP on your team. I also have heard that the Bills were interested in a longer term deal but that JP was willing to let things play out and see what the market would be after this year. Seems like he made the correct choice.
  12. Man, some people really like to work hard to find fault with others. What was the part of the interview where he became a j/a? Question asked, question answered. Question asked again, question answered again. Question asked again, question answered again. There is no deep existential answer lurking in the shadows that the interviewer can draw out. A guy clubbed another guy with a helmet. Seems like a violent act by a violent person, at least violent in the moment. When JH is asked what Coach McD said about bashing people in the head with a helmet, what exactly would you expect Jerry to say Coach McD said? Don't lead with the crown of the helmet? Given the league's emphasis on protecting the head, limit the beatings with a helmet to the upper torso, arms or thigh area?
  13. Jesus, that Schaffer’s blowing the whistle one is hysterical. Trump should get a free pass for ONE IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE just for sending that out!!
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