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  1. Often, this is less about big business (often the target of liberal ire and disdain for screwing the little guy, of course) “keeping people safe” and much, much more about navigating the perilous journey of the legislative environment. The state and federal govt is all over the page, the science a clusterf#ck, and the easiest out is “require it”. No one—no one—is looking to corporate America as the beacon of health and well-being. Bludgeoned into submission? Certainly.
  2. I initially replied to this post you wrote a short time before this one: 12 hours ago, ALF said: Get vaccinated , my health insurance premiums are high now without more unnecessary covid hospitalizations to make it increase. I don’t doubt you when you say you’re worried about unvaccinated people (Democrats, Republicans, White, Black, Latin, Native American etc) spreading the virus—-you’ve been clear on that, though perhaps a bit selective at times. I simply pointed out that your concern over the cost of your health insurance shouldn’t be a factor here—
  3. You seemed hyper fixated on your insurance costs. Together Everyone Achieves More!
  4. Too much worrying about the you, not enough worrying about the us.
  5. He can’t hear ya Alfie, but I’m sure in his own way DJT appreciates the sentiment shared by lefties everywhere.
  6. The political theater aside—and it’s a big problem whenever these hearings take place——but I have virtually no sympathy for any idjit who stormed/streamed/or casually walked into the Capitol. My greater concern is how it happened to begin with. Seriously, a bunch of adults show up and gain access that easily? It’s like a movie, though in the movies you laugh because they load up with 200,000 rounds of ammunition, armored vehicles disguised as ice cream trucks and terrorists dressed as cops. How does that happen? We won’t find those answers here, but something is very w
  7. “Seasons in the Sun” by Billy Jack’s brother, Terry. That family had it all.
  8. Sure, it wasn’t that you were duped, they almost had him!!! It was “see Bill Barr” who brought down Hans Mueller und das Katzenjammer kids super amazing fabtasitical tale of Donald Trump, KGB operative! 4 years. $40m. Doors busted. Media leaks. Offers to flip. Trump walks, but gosh darn it was amazingly close. But “see Bill Barr”. 🤣 Seriously though—thanks for the explanation about how you cloaked yourself in patriotism with your Biden vote. Nothing says class like bragging about how awesome you are.
  9. And the tap out follows as surely as day follows night. It’s not you, be-be-because you just stood in line and voted for the-the-the guy who wasn’t your first choice…you were just being a patriot. With virtually every card stacked in the deck—from the ability to select prosecutors, control of the intelligence community, to the FBI, to unlimited police power with an unlimited budget, your version of patriotism walked away with absolutely nothing on the primary charge that got you all super-jazzed up. When he didn’t fold under immense pressure, they switched gears and focus
  10. The lack of self-awareness here is stunning. Some, probably most, people voted for Biden because of his platform, he was their guy—progressive causes, student loan forgiveness, thoughts on police, past history of legislation. They looked past the allegations of sexual predation, racial commentary, the pay for play scandal and his pudding brain. “For the good of the country” simply means “in their own best interest” when viewed from the other side. You’re making the same argument some people made when they voted for Trump. “We didn’t vote for him because…., we voted f
  11. Nothing happens unless the state(s) approve it, or perhaps, mandates it.
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