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  1. It drives me nuts. I can’t recall from the video, but seems to me there were 4 or 5 people in the video. Let’s recap who stepped up to save this girl: Person 1, nothing. Person 2, nothing. Person 3, nothing. Person 4, nothing. Person 5, fighting for her life. Reporters in natural habitat: Why was the officer so slow? Why was he so fast? Why did the officer not shoot at a calf or foot, (as we know, there are no arteries in a leg). Why do you train officers to try and stop the loss of life through application of deadly force? Why
  2. Another question might be “For the Chief or Mayor, had that young lady not been trying to kill that other girl by stabbbing her in the neck, might the outcome have been different?”.
  3. The concept of law and order requires most of the population following the concept of law and order. When you flip the script and suggest law and order is the problem, things go sideways.
  4. A friend of mine was part of the NYS Police support team who assisted troopers and their families after the death of a Trooper, serious injury or loss, emotional support after this sort of thing. With very few exceptions, the people in uniform are significantly impacted by the things they see on a daily basis. Suicides. Child abuse. Violent death. Car accidents. Drug ODs. Sexual assault. General disregard for the value of human life. Another guy who retired from our local force a few years ago said he just couldn’t stand the thought of one more day seeing things he couldn’t fo
  5. I misunderstood. This is what I was replying to with regard to the people who play NFL football specifically: We need to stop viewing major sports as we do an average Joe's 9 to 5. It's not the same and it's not governed the same. So when they are in "uniform" they have the right to do whatever they like. I don't remember any athlete kneeling during a game, I remembered it being done before the game even starts so what is the problem? I interpreted that as suggesting the athletes were special cases, and I apparently misread the first paragraph and thought you had said the
  6. Any guy who refers to himself as “King” may be slightly full of himself.
  7. You bet. I don’t think I implied you said that, but if that’s the way it appears to you I certainly didn’t mean to. My point was simply that having an opinion on kneeling, and having an opinion on people that have an unfavorable opinion about those who are kneeling boil down to the same thing. Swing and a miss #2. Since everyone is entitled to an opinion, athletes are clearly entitled to theirs. You mentioned initially that athletes were special cases, I don’t see it that way, or at least not as it relates to the majority. I feel extremely comfortable in saying I can
  8. Another way to say it is the officer saved the other girl from serious injury or death, was put in a position that no sane person would ever want to be in, and likely will carry the emotional effects of taking the life of that girl for the duration of his.
  9. The TV folks at RCA called the police and told ‘em to cut the carp, just like now. Before Big Pharma was in bed with five-0, it was Big Telly. Btw they wanted to tell ‘em to cut the crap but they couldn’t get it past the censors.
  10. I saw an episode on The Sopranos, where Tony met with the Board of Director at CVS to set up the money laundering Op. He tried to shake down the Triscuit folks but they are backed up by the crew out of Sweden. Stone cold blonde killers slathered in SPF 50, the Swedes. Art imitates life I guess.
  11. Just remember what they always say—it’s on all of us, just on some of us more.
  12. Virus is dormant until commercial breaks. Another wrinkle to the magically morphing virus. Hovers fearfully over crowds of people engaged in social causes AND important speeches about people who pretended to be someone else for an hour-thirty.
  13. I see a few choices. 1. Conversate and attempt to defuse; 2. Wade in and risk being injured, assaulted and/or killed while precious time is wasted as the victim is being assaulted; 3. Try to taze the aggressor in hopes you disable before she plunges the knife into the other child’s body, perhaps repeatedly; 4. Use deadly force; 5. Call for back up and stand down; All carry risk, all carry downside, and all suck across the board. Interestingly, there were citizens about that likely could have defused the situation as we
  14. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for Ask Shakur to twit about why the police officer was “incapable of breaking up an assault with a deadly weapon” with a taser v “a fight”? It doesn’t look like a fight at all.
  15. Thanks for wading in, and sharing your perspective. I don’t quite understand you on folks choosing to express disdain for kneeling. If everyone is entitled to an opinion and thoughts on the subject, why do we need to go further than that? Some folks changed the channel. Some folks stopped watching. Some folks kneeled. Others didn’t. It seems to me the debate was sort of uniquely American. For what it’s worth, I had no interest in watching the NFL for it evolved into 3 hours of social justice activism, or frankly 30 minutes of it. With few exceptions, I’m
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