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  1. So, Clinton as Sec of State treats confidential material like a 13 year old on her Tik Tok account, gets caught doing so, the FBI gives her opportunity after opportunity to delete and destroy damaging information to the tune of 30,000 emails, then goes out of its way to create cover for her by having the director of the FBI announce that while she was extremely careless with data that she deemed relevant 😉😉 and let them see, there was no need for a prosecutor to be bothered with the details. Unprecedented. There was a break in protocol to be sure, but it had everything to do with protecting Clinton because she was deemed a shoe in. Clinton created the mess herself because she was sloppy, arrogant and believe she was untouchable, turns out she wasn’t. Russia? It was a multi-year open-ended tribunal with broad police powers that yielded nothing because there was nothing to the claim. It provided cover for impeachment, nothing more. An obstruction charge was the goal, and it fizzled because there was no obstruction that took place, and what happened to Trump was characterized as egregious. The SCOTUS abomination was a stain on a country with more than a few stains on its charter (none of which resulted in FBI raids of an ex-Prez, btw). The premise was simple. Flood the floor with rumors impossible to verify, and equally as impossible to disprove. It goes like this “Sometime in 1983, or perhaps 1985, I saw the nominee….”. Or, “It was at a party, maybe, or a hoedown in spring, summer or winter of….”. They put future VP Harris on this one, and she set about to paint a man with a distinguished record of service as a serial sexual assaulter, and apparently made some headway with you (the now reformed lifelong dem mistruster). Interestingly, VP Harris, failed SCOTUS killer, actually believed the accusations of serious sexual assault by her future boss, Joe “3rd and trying for home” Biden. I know you have that trust issue, Chi—did you stand with Harris at the time? What happened there? I’ll call this one Stage 2a, a bonus that if they broke Kavanaugh, or Trump asked him to tap out, all the better. If not, they had a dry run at destroying a guy for his beliefs. Now, you’ve attempted to draw a parallel between Clinton’s completely self-inflicted wounds, and the incredible gift of self-reporting with an FBI director absolving her at a critical point—-to the intelligence agency/FBI creating a false narrative in conjunction with major media outlets to completely bury a most unflattering story about Biden, corruption, kickbacks and a drugged addicted son. That’s absurd.
  2. Righto, like the collective misunderstanding of the DOJ, FBI, Intelligence Community and major media outlets and the Hunter/Joe Biden story during the run up to the election. Every durn one of ‘em—party leaders who vetted Biden, the DNC, NYT AND WaPo deep sources, DOJ, CIA etc collectively did the right thing but just did it in the wrong way. This kind of thing just, well it just happens sometimes.
  3. He definitely could be a TPTO*, it’s hard to say. *Temporary Process Truster Only
  4. I think Chi is now a process truster, and it ain’t so bad. Stay tuned though.
  5. What a fascinatingly pedestrian tale you've woven together here! Clinton was handled in a different manner. She was extended courtesies that did not include a tactical raid on her home. She was allowed the opportunity to review email and decide what to share, what she preferred to keep from investigators, and the question of intent was not decided by prosecutors but the director of the FBI. Concepts like cooperation and intent are abstract and thus subject to interpretation, allowing some to be pursued while others vindicated. Terms like malicious prosecution and political persecution exist because they occur rather frequently in our system, and the sad fact is this sure feels like one of those times. When viewed through the lens of FBI/DOJ protection of Joe Biden's dealing with Hunter, China and Russian oligarchs, and the plethora of scandals under any variety of US Presidents that involve misinformation, money, injury and death to our soldiers abroad, none of which resulted in FBI tactical raids----coupled with Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and the 1/6 just-before-midterms-tribunal, it's near certain it's political persecution run amuck. Regardless, you'll see it your way, and you've offered nothing of substance to me from your partisan perch. In fact, your analysis that we are at "bullet #4 of the Clinton timeline" would be comical if not for support of tyranny it potentially represents. Still, the record shows what it shows, and the numbnuttery of 'Hillary Clinton as hero' is pretty funny.
  6. To recap just for a minute.... The folks who fretted about Trump not leaving office and authoritarian rule....now pointing to the special privilege extended to Hillary Clinton including, but not limited to, the director of the FBI making prosecutorial declarations that a crime isn't really a crime....see the FBI kicking in doors and raiding the home of a political opponent with the power to actually declassify intelligence....as evidence that the country is moving in the direction of freedom and away from...authoritarian rule? Break out the popcorn!
  7. I corrected my post, removed the quotation marks, and acknowledged the point you made. I assumed you would understand I was referring to dems in positions of leadership pursuing the destruction of Donald Trump since 2015. That's completely on me, I did not contemplate you taking what I typed literally. Since we're being completely clear and at the risk of inaccurate attributions, I never said "all" and thus did not imply every living democrat in the world today. I cannot imagine you knowing all dems, everywhere, or making such a broad declaration. Additionally, I made an assumption about your accusation that I was "classic straw manning". Now that I know you're a literalist, I want you to know I have never, ever created a man or person made out of straw, classic or newfangled. For you to suggest otherwise was hurtful and libelous, but with wisdom comes forgiveness.
  8. I’ve worked hard to avoid that particular poster, my natural inclination is to engage but he adds no value to the conversation. Still, the flip-flop inside of a couple posts was pretty funny. Corrected.
  9. Maybe you’re confusing straw manning for sarcasm, but then again you’re the Dems are pure of heart guy so who really knows? Either way, onward.
  10. This is true, and that's why the DOJ arrested DJT for collusion, illegitimacy, treason and crimes against humanity immediately after Mueller's testimony. This, btw, there is a new high water mark for Trump haters. Billsy shares a "Paul Manafort admits..." tweet as proof positive about Trump, and when @ArdmoreRyno and @Doc point out that what Manafort actually said, Billsy blasts the credibility of...Paul Manafort. Billsy's brand of stupid belongs in a carnival.
  11. I don’t understand intellectual cowardice, and you seem to be afflicted with it. You declared the following as an unequivocal standard: “But that is not my point. Anyone who starts to suggest any election they lose is rigged is aiming towards a dictatorship.”. The upper echelon of the Democrat party did just that in 2015-2019. Trump was called an illegitimate President, one prominent Democrat suggested a coup had taken place, the former director of the CIA under Barrack Obama accused Trump of treason, and the American people were promised that certain political leaders had clear and convincing evidence to prove each and every point. Of course, we all know what happened with each those claims, and that is, nothing beyond casting serious doubt on the legitimacy of our elections—-something that seems to bother you, but only now. It seems pretty obvious you support autocracy so long as your people are running it. You’re part of the reason that Stop the Steal works.
  12. Let’s stop this silliness. Do you believe Trump was an illegitimate President, assumed power as a result of a coup, and was guilty is treason? Also, assuming what you have suggested is true, what’s the standard in an election run up? Apparently the use of a data and intel (real or imagined) provided by foreign nationals is perfectly normal.
  13. Absolutely, and the reality is ChiGoose and others here know that. However, it’s far easier to shrug one’s shoulders, yammer on about conspiracy theories and talk about the free press, or at least the free press that they ascribe to and suits their political agenda. It’s silly, really.
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