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  1. that could be the case for many but you cant just write off the factors i stated. there are historic, never seen before numbers of illegal aliens pouring into this country and democrats dont seem to mind..period. certain states say yes please come we will protect you..promoting it further. regardless of trump i promise regular people want secure elections due to this..it has zero to do with trump or software. im glad your rational enough to not fall for the full on board propaganda "on steriods and such". but both sides have their zealots and that will never change. if
  2. do some of the "restrictions" have nothing to do with fraud or trump but a natural pullback from concessions made to promote voting during a pandemic? serious question as i don't know Georgia laws before or after in regard to covid. as for another element that goes beyond trump. you have a historic amount of illegals crossing into the US, a president who seems to have encouraged and promoted this crisis and states that have openly stated they disregard US law to provide "sanctuary". these are real factors that would lead a public to want tighter election sec
  3. so you illegally drove. you are ray lewis accomplice and you want fraudulent elections. lol im just kidding. yes losing your id will make you SOL in alot of circumstances but what about the question i posed. is it really asking to much when democrats could simply help those who want to vote..and also give them a valid ID they previously did not have for anything else. seems like alot of hoopla and excuses for the simple act of securing elections without any republican excuse if they lose. win win win yet still is fought like its armageddon.
  4. so getting a job took you for your word without needing a ID verification..for 7 years? cashed checks? rented housing? ect ect? thats a very trusting environment. also a environment ripe for fraud. you worked a valet service..without a licence? or this was later? if you lived there then i guess ill believe their social net is not that good. it doesnt really change the fact that democrat and community organizations can help people obtain them then. ill pose this question since it was unanswered before. democrats want everyone to have the right to vote. repu
  5. do you live there? chef jim answered like he does and stated differently. as to how you feel things should be done.we all have opinions. the question is it unreasonable? im not hearing anything so far that leads me to believe that. cant put in alittle extra effort for security purposes then i guess its not that important. there are numerous things ID is required for in society and somehow this is the only one that has people up in arms about.
  6. so your positive that there are no resources to help those that want a voter id obtain one? there's a number to call that says they will help in that instance. as for going in "day of" and expecting a voter id ready and waiting..lots of time in between elections. lots of money dumped into campaigns to offset any hardships for vets or others who truley want to vote but cannot. i grew up and live in the city. i know plenty of people down on their luck that need help including family. they seem to get what they need ID requirements and all. they get section 8, food stamps, phone, FREE
  7. first id like to thank you for your well thought out response. its what people need to do now adays instead of the typical deflections and insults. my basic point about your friend is that she had to identify herself many times to get to the level of which you speak. for each example you seem to suggest, well she had to identify herself..but in a different way, its not "restrictive" like GA. i could easily take your position on the general premise of your arguments. she needed parents or bills or other forms of id to get vaccinated. your link on how many people do not
  8. i wonder how they would feel if americans went to canada and mexico in mass around election time and were able to vote for the person who was most pro american. since eligibility is not a requirment we can even come right back when we got who we wanted no questions asked. good old american imperialism.
  9. sorry to jump in the conversation but its incredable how little people think can be accomplished by others. your friend in school how did she obtain a student id? did she need to prove who she was to get into school first? did she have to get vaccinations as is required? how did the doctor admit her for those? rent a apartment out there? work full or part time. ect ect. so many levels of self identification to get her to the point you speak of. next argument. everyone has a god given right to vote. are you ok with republicans handing out guns? its litterally in our bil
  10. from what i can gather. biden said theres a eagle named jim involved. i think hes building a nest with peoples voter ids. baseball players killed jims cousin and are fearing his revenge so staying the hell out of georgia. jim has not forgotten your all caught up.
  11. i mention this a few times on this board but i grew up on buffalos east side, attended inner city schools and was a lifelong Democrat. ive been a minority in countless situations and have been in fights more times then i can count simply due to the color of my skin. racists are simply people that want to judge, segragate and attack others as a group and avoid treating people as individuals. so i litteraly fought against racists and am now told i am the racist simply by my skin? yeah, not happening. also not confused by the new packaging it is in. ill just keep fighting i guess. the
  12. are you suggesting we look at evidence and facts objectively? HEY EVERYONE HES DEFENDING THE WITCH! BURN HIM TOO!!
  13. you say its a no brainer. im not sure that's true. if your putting it into the context of arrest then, yes. the man showed zero signs of being a threat. that may not have been the case if looked at differently. what is the protocol for someone who is exhibiting a medical issue such as a seizures and such? im not trained enough to answer but you cant discount the foaming at the mouth and delirium exhibited as he became panicked, asked to be removed from the car and placed on the ground for no reason. i know certain types of conditions you want to restrain as much as poss
  14. the fact you had the need to find a picture like this to post to this board is hilarious. how many did you find and "investigate" before you landed on this one to share with the rest of us? what was it that caught your eye? im not judging, people like different things, tell your truth. 🤣😂😅
  15. because a entire summer many lives were lost, people injured and property destroyed in the pursuit of declaring black lives matter. while it is a conservative talking point, it is a liberal NON talking point from the very people who championed that black victims went unnoticed and recieved no justice. its hypocracy at its worst. if i lived in the inner city of chicago and especially if gang/gun violence has effected me or my family directly and i lived in fear. conservative, liberal, libertarian, communist? by all means bring the issue of the violence of my city to the forefront... or routinle
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