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  1. dont pay him sqwat! let his contract expire! we can get another cb. the bills are doing better then the sabres. tre whites goalie school will have us churning out top tier goalies for decades and revitalize both sports teams! get it done Pegulies!
  2. McD will take off his shirt, thus activating his super ginger power by blinding any and all that oppose him. easy victory.
  3. not getting the reasoning for all the TE threads. we drafted two and picked TWO up in fa. did we expect our rookie tes to be gronk thier first season? knox made rookie mistakes that hopefully a actual offseason can address. sweeny i thought played pretty well with his limited snaps. i guess we can say the fas were let downs, but te is not a spot that i think we desperately need to address or take a crazy risk on olson or reed for. by all accounts we have a great coaching staff, so lets let them do thier jobs and develope the talent that is showing no signs of bust.
  4. well all reports seem to suggest brady to chargers so rivers as a stop gap to dolphins both make sense.
  5. somtimes i wonder if fans allow the opposition to make a good play. when i saw people angry he "dropped" it. all i could think was the cb made a good play and duke did everything he could in the position he was in including trying to palm it. he had a bad drop earlier but the point i saw was josh trusts giving him 50/50's which is somthing he did with no one else all year.
  6. all that has to happen is refs call clear and obvious. if its at all borderline keep your flag in your pocket. if it doesnt effect the play at all and noone is at risk of injury..keep it in your pocket. if you call boarderline ticky tack then people will scan the field and ask "you called this but not that?" the league must be consistent! the vikings td can be scrutinized but id rather let guys play. both initiated contact and if he doesnt push, is the cb faceguarding? that question can be asked so there was no reason to call anything and it plays out. ford pushes a guy who clearly saw him and its nothing vicious and did not affect anything.let them play!! a guy touches a facemask, head never gets yanked and its in the mist of a tackle that was going to happen anyways...let it go. slow mo replay should not be needed to see these penalties if it is, it shouldnt have been called. only important plays and spot issues. its wayy out of hand and gives the refs too much power. its never going to be perfect but refs need to understand the difference. this letter of the law crap means the refs can simply pick and choose at will and everyone will interpret it different.
  7. who would? thats crazy talk. first year he doesnt have full attention on other receiver and its not impressive season? sure he had garbage throwing to him but roll the dice on a kid on a rookie contract is essentially the same but get a few more cheap years. first for a blue chip proven commodity only if that.
  8. how many times has a holding call been against hughs? by his interaction with the refs in the past its prob good odds that hughs is a marked man who is watched like a hawk and never given a deserved call but i dont have the numbers. would be interested to know.
  9. im genuinly interested in what that is? we get OC's that run run pass and we scream this is a modern NFL we need to pass. We pass to much and we should run. we have designed qb runs that get chunk yards and a qb that gets a reception for a TD and thats not innovative? no doubt daboll has made some bad calls but we have to also look at poor execution of these plays as well. i dont share in the hate. ive seen too many poor throws, droped passes and missed blocking assignments mixed with ill timed penalties to say daboll is the biggest problem with the Offense.
  10. nice outlook but...it was really dumb. i could see if he was upright and tossed it in his chest. your in the middle being tackled and your spinning around and toss a hail mary heave in a general direction when you are not in a do or die situation.....not cool man.
  11. i guess if thats what you believe i cant find fault in that. beasley had his spots but wasnt the difference maker we hoped, ford seems out of his depth. knox seems ok but hes a rookie and te takes time. josh cant shake hero ball and mistakes are untimely. if you think none of this can be fixed, we are spinning our tires. i think it can given more time. the AFC is retooling? jets give their young qb the biggest FA running back as a saftey net and were still garbage. miami is in qb limbo and the patriots might not even have brady anymore. not sure why your hopes are so high with the other afc teams and not us...seeing as we were better or AS successful in the playoffs.
  12. i agree. theres a ton of stuff that we can look back at and hindsight about the game, decisions, roster but at the end of the day we lost. not in the old way. we werent blown out. we arent out of our league and the only game we could look back at as being dominated was the Philadelphia game. noone wants to accept a moral victory but i can look back and say we fought hard this season, we gained national respect and every team knew it wasnt going to be a easy win. like the past. the circumstances with the young talent, drafts that have payed off pretty well and not being up against the cap suggest we are in the right direction. its not that way for other teams. last year we got better this year we got a secured playoff spot early where we actually had a bye week against the jets...there is nothing to suggest that improvment stops. we have no big names or superstars and we still went toe to toe with allstars jj watt and hopkins. jets signed the biggest fa rb and were still garbage there coach sucks.and miami is in qb purgatory we know so well .the patriots seem like are finally hitting a decline with impending punishment from the league to boot. id much rather be us.
  13. i agree. maybe he puts to much on the D. like i said it is the reason we got here and frankly theres alot of reasons to not trust the O, see allens fumble or sacks to knock us out of fg range. i get that fustration im just throwing out why they do that. get a decent lead then count on the strength of the team to keep the doors shut.
  14. does anyone remember when white intercepted it to win the game and there was a brief question whether he caused a safety cause he was never touched and ran out the endzone to celebrate? remember? same thing. lets relax.
  15. dude relax. for the first time we werent worried about getting a playoff spot do to math equations. this was basically allens first year and has a high cealing. a rookie rb who looks like a solid pick, not sure why we didnt play him early and at least 1 impressive receiver in brown. O line can use some tooling but our weakness will get addressed. we focused heavy D in the draft thr last 2 years and saw the results. they got us here now lets fix our shortcomings with a ton of cap. hopefully josh grows out of this hero ball and bean does as good of a job with O selections that hes done with D Sorry but the end of this season is not like the past at all to me. instead of us being in turmoil and screaming for a new coach, qb, gm ect. i think what we have is solid. just missing a few ingredients and more experience in key positions. things are promising imo so im excited about the future.
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