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  1. while i appreciate you going into depth about the subject i was simply stating that saying "no cost to tax payer" "pay their fair share" ect ect. its all just a backdoor way of burdening regular folks. thats all. i may not overdraft all the time. it may just raise loans and mortgages .1%. it may get so spread out you dont even realize it. but it does come out of OUR pockets collectively. when you talk about possible billions/trillions banks will get creative as most companies for profit will. if you look at this the way you are then who cares about any gov or corporate greed if it doesnt dramatically cost you personally. i dont overdraft but the person on a fixed income that repeatedly does may care that fee has gone up ect ect ect. it adds up in the end. so i was basically pointing out verbage and joking with the boom pow bang checkmate comment. ๐Ÿ˜ you seem knowledgeable and want to reasonably debate on topics so hopefully we can get into other topics we truly disagree on so we can test those chess skills. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  2. hssssssss. MY EYES!! remove the flowers and color!!!! we of the dungeon do not want the pretty. off with you!
  3. dont tell me what im playing! maybe im playing texas holdem!!! 4d holdem!! bam boom royal flush on the reply! ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. i have a question you claim to be 60 how is it you been alive so long and not see the democratic flip? did you even remember "i may not like what you say but i defend your right to say it" "not color of skin but content of character" " anti war peace of the hippies" "womens rights" aka knowing what a woman is to uphold them. ill stop there. serious question because believe it or not i still hold those values but you would call me right wing...and im much younger but see very clear the dems are completely different now.
  5. i was unaware i was playing chess. so just the fdic people are paying the price like me? good to know. eventually usually means immediate hikes....see inflation of entire country boom rook takes queen check in 3 replys. your up ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  6. everything is friend. where do you think those fees are generated?
  7. if we dont then it will be just another thread of him screaming trump all alone in a empty room like many other threads he creates that are filled with his own replys. that is pretty scary and will definitely push away new people that may actually want to have logical debates. lol.
  8. ummm i have. its all over this message board. i specifically talked to you about some of it. do you know where you are? what the date is? you post like your having a stroke sometimes. get checked out.
  9. i dont see the federal gov backing qanon conspiracies the way the left has adopted their "fringe". mostly rep will call out their side. anyone here believe the jan 6tj rioters should not go to jail? they just defend those who were charged but not paricipating in destruction and were LET IN. but blm was fully supported from top down. if the majority of dems would call out their loons you would have a point.
  10. assumptions? they pushed money in due to "risk of a broader collapse"..from what exactly? lol. ok im going to go touch this grass and stare at the clouds. seems maybe you should do less of that and look into who was lying and why. you may then better understand THE BEGINNING of why we are watching...oh were up to two banks now? hmm..collapsed by some stuff that couldnt be helped as "gov is big with alot of moving parts makes mistakes". that was a quote from a previous convo on the covid lies. it may be a enlightening but will require reading alot of ramblings from folks you may not agree with and feel superior to.
  11. my coherent questions was edited at the end. i accept trump fell for the covid shtick at first but wanted to change strategies. he helped cause inflation as well but no where close. you talk about it as if it has no major factors. its just somthing that happens. you can do that and then just tell the tale of the bank that made bad investment and cut out the story where it all came to be to begin with but i see the whole picture. you avoid it all cause it would go against..your faith. like i said the banks are being artificially propped up..that ends your this was isolated..why isnt this effecting more. as for the rest its just ramblings.. to a biased person unwilling to look at just how far we fallen from where we were because thats blasphemy. so you stay insulated from that mirror so youll never be wrong. me and everyone else looking at this country will continue to "ramble" amongst ourselves.
  12. was i so close? interest hikes wasn't due to covid? covid reaction of shutting down the economy didn't dramatically effect inflation? handing out tons of money with everyone sitting at home not making the things they want is a crazy conspiracy of why inflation and all that followed happened or you arent looking at the run on the banks and how stopping trading the last 2 days and gov intervention is effecting this veeeeery isolated incident of one bank making some whoopsies. you like hand waving those. lets let the ONE bank fail..opps i mean two..whats that three? anyways. and trade as normal and see where we land. off a cliff as you put it and we all fall with this SH/รท$how. lets see just a bit over halfway done. covid lies to keep people locked down for YEARS. ITS STILL NOT OVER TO THEM. its ok. afganistan disaster. its ok. crushing inflation. its ok. crime rampant with no change in rhetoric or action to reverse coarse. its ok. boarder crisis. its ok. no peace talks for poss nuclear war. its ok. banking/economic collapse. its ok. rare direct questions answered by reporters walking out on them regularly. its ok. non stop climate agenda until a climate disaster destroys a us town. its ok. gov colluding with the biggest public square for citizens voices. its ok. hows that for a cliff? cause you been on here excusing alot of it and this is just another example of the goose swooping into the swamp to tell everyone. its ok. not my prez. any point its not ok? any comparable examples to the evil regime before this besides the dredded jan 6 that killed noone..but scared the crap out of all the people WHO ARE BENEFITTING off these things that are crushing us?
  13. i wouldnt discount the ppp giveaways as excess money deposited. dont leave out the gov was asking for large investments in bonds to take out liquity and help tamp inflation. you talk about long maturities but i think it was very simple to predict rate hikes as the fed had very little tools left with 0% interest for so long and inflation going out of control. SELL. they were fools. cant predict their own major sector? this looks more as if we can be risky because our failure is not a risk. poppa gov will pick up the tab from working slobs. read above. so overall this was caused by inflation and its reaction by the fed. what caused this situation? point blank at first BOTH but overall dems ridiculous covid crap. banks playing risky knowing the gov will swing in while spitting in the face of customers. hiring higher up from the last bank issue. handing golden parachutes to there guys as the building implodes and gently landing in the lap of the fed who will pay their bills for them. same as usual. what should be pointed out with the wokeness is how the bank got top notch esg rating. how freely they gave to woke issues tens of millions and how at the end of the day all of that equated to the same old bank slime that happily took their cut and didnt give a crap about real people...the ones who invested and the taxpayers that will ultimately pay for their poor managment that made off with millions. just a reminder what all this caring and equity these corporation really think. but they should pay their fair share!! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… funny. hey banks roll them dice baby. risk is no object. we got your back and everyone making the decisions can take there bag on the way out. maybe this sort of thing will make you understand...whether hes a liar or not...why some are attracted to someone says this system is crooked and we need to drain the swamp, while dems run to a lifelong career politician that built the house of cards.
  14. sorry to bore you ill make it quick. you can only listen to medical professionals that you can HEAR. hence the censorship aspect that you should prob research a bit without jumping to the conclusion it did not happen..dems believe if the mass media machine is not supporting it must be misinformation. do a bit of reading and youll see just how harvard md was dismissed or how a medical professional who INVENTED mrna tech was silenced. doctor malone? ring a bell? why natural immunity was ignored. they touted just how great big pharma immunity was but not natural that had millions of test subjects at hand and day one to evaluate? why after clear data was present powerful people kept lying as they took out competition and monopolized everything under the guise of saftey. do that and you end up exactly where we are. inflation, trillion dollar bailouts and the working class paying the price for it all. as usual. as a bunch of people NOW say "we didnt know" were the same exact people that screamed down and villianized everyone who was trying to tell them exactly what they "didnt know" like it "was their full time job". then you talk about perfection? what?
  15. i never said that i do not have a degree of any kind bub. i have a bachelors of science. in electrical engineering. want to know how to calculate a 3 phase ground fault? map out a logic system? program a plc or micro controller? wire a rio. i might be your guy. but as for virology degree. none. it was common sense that told me if a disease is spreading at the pace it was and swaths of orgies were not happening on continents then it was airborn. it made me agree shutting down asian flight was not xenophobic like idiots declared. it was telling me natural immunity from people who survived was suspiciously ignored as YEARS rolled on. funny how rich powerful people tend to ignore the free solutions. funny how those who demanded you wear masks were repeatedly caught with the cameras off without them. gas station paper masks may have brought you comfort but i have nurses in my family that filled me in quickly with the diff of n95. you can say whatever you want about ivermectin but a noble prize winning drug that saved MILLIONS of lives is not "horse paste". for the people who demanded you inject experimental fluid in your and childrens arm or lose your job and not participate in society to dismiss anyone who wanted to try a inexpensive safe alternative and get mocked was pretty hypocritical to condemn. not notice highly vaxed countries getting re infected at a high rate and still push it stops transmission. dismiss Florida and California statistics for YEARS. on and on. subtle signs lol so all of the dem bs was blind loyalty to a cult. period. i don't care about trump. i guess you immediatly forgot that it was a response to you defending your buddies obsession. which is what it was in reference to. since you already forgot the topic of which i was talking ill remind you. democrats are not in touch with common sense and can barely talk about subjects without deflecting to whatabouts..usually with trump. ill give you credit. you did not deflect to trump. only to how you know i don't have a degree. also how the most powerful gov on the planet with access to the greatest scientists in the world just happen to make repeated whoopsies that just so happen to also to coincide with the centralization of money and power to the top and destroy regular people. you know as opposed to a uneducated idiots like myself using basic common sense ive outlined and is in my post history from years ago.
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