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  1. listen. i know i back handed you all around this thread. its what happens when authoritarians try to destroy our freedom and then want everyone to forget that stance. that's no reason to post a home video of how you spend your time instead of researching the topics that you routinley vomit nonsensical replys to. instant fascination with floaty things that enter your sight line is a good hobby. i hope the little butterfly gives you a moment of distraction from the voices telling you trump is stalking you. please stay out in the fresh air and sun awhile because you kind of resemble a troll. the internet persona is becoming a reality. 😁
  2. your crying about tax cuts trying to desperatly switch the topic that is citizens fighting and risking their lives against a authoritarian communist lockdown that looks very similar to the authoritarian communist lockdown you and the other chimps in your cult applauded in this country. a bit of time and release of the facts you all censored is all it takes to show you for what you really are. deflect all you want but we support the brave Chinese citizens who are risking everything to fight against people like you.
  3. if you gave 2 of your braincells a second to rub together you would consider why PPP was needed and it would direct you to the liberals locking down the country indefinitely against the presidents wishes to keep it open. all while screaming he was a murderer and antiscience. now wheres our checks!!! that's why its whatabout cherry picking garbage where you conviently left out every other inconvenient point i made. if it disapeared then there was poor oversight and federal agents should be investigating heavy and rounding up all the people who stole it..biden doj on a vacation? where are the cases?...riiiiight they love the people who got rich as much as republicans. sorry two paragraphs so far. too much info for billstime to digest. do a couple words a day and you'll get through eventually. ill be anxiously awaiting your recycled trump meme in the meantime.
  4. too dumb didn't read i did catch a known authoritarian puppet trying to say somthing in a thread where citizens are being murdered for fighting for freedom from people exactly like him. any billstime credability on this board poof- gone. not that he ever had it to begin with.
  5. im sure its very hard to digest when you realize you are identicle to a communist authoritarian regime. only pure narcissism of the brainstem coming up with amazing fantasy on all the ways the situations are somehow different is keeping this lie going. ill be here to inject reality. every bit of it they don't get to escape in their dillusions on this board. not while we all are still struggling with the aftermath of their garbage. not ever.
  6. pawns? i didnt know you could be conned into asking for basic freedom to be returned based on scientific FACTS that you fools declared "misinformation" based on absolute lies and censorship. your story says lawyers and trucker leadership would distribute money? where is it proving anything else? meanwhile, you pawns funneled billions to giant corporations who were the only ones allowed to stay open ect ect ect. you pawns went to your immune compromised gradmothers after you got the "vaccine" and "could not spread" and ended up hurting her on lies. you pawns ran people out of their jobs IN HEALTHCARE who forgot more info in virology on the toilet then you dummies will ever learn. maybe because they knew natural immunity was good as vax companies claims cause IT WAS THEIR JOB. they know full well when studies are hiding data and lying! but pawns can make essential heroes into selfish scumbags at a snap of your masters fingers. cant they? forcing your toddlers to strap on masks OUTSIDE like braindead zombies. all while your masters repeatedly get caught waltzing at events they knew had photographers unmasked! prob laughing about they have so much control over the simps that they don't even care about their own children. im sure in china "noone was burned alive" and far east versions of you idiots are saying this incident is a just a conspiracy of the west. do as your told! stop making trouble for the great leader! this will end quicker if you bow down and comply and stop being so selfish. very familiar rhetoric. i hope some brave chinese truckers join the protestors so you can really see the mirror this situation is holding up to show who you served.
  7. i wonder of theres a chinese tiberius on a message board right now typing about the anti lockdown "trouble makers" and talking about how the opposition to xi lost cause he "sucked" in a one sentence minimal energy reply that avoids how he has been on the side of authoritarians. hopefully there's a chinese buffarukus that will remind him at every opportunity. wont allow him to conveniently switch positions at his leisure. will never lets him or his other cultist forget who he works for and the damage he celebrated. its a small world. one can hope that's happening right now.
  8. trouble makers? lol. people who worked hard and spent days if not weeks on the road to deliver the goods and services you need to survive. the guys who were already isolated in trucks? the ones who were asking about natural immunity and never got a answer because that is free? the ones who peacfully waved flags sang and chanted about freedom of choice long after every statistic showed lockdowns only real effect was destroying buisness, stunt learning, spike depression suicide and drug use while idiots reveled in the little power of demonizing and controlling their neighbors. lol. whatever you need to tell yourself that your not a authoritarian little simp for poppa gov as China copies the blue print you laid out to crush people you now call "brave". i wouldn't call losing a branch of gov a win. you just avoided a blood bath. now that is done maybe the info that was heavily suppressed to keep you sleeping well at night might be coming out the closet. you'll shove your fingers in your ears and scream lalalala but voters who were just unaware trying to get through it and thought they were doing what was best for their families might find the info a bit more eye opening as the surface has only been scratched. delusional or completely lacking any self awareness? a therapist may help you figure it out one day.
  9. so... do to a gov lockdown people are being locked in a building and were murdered as a result. this has resulted in protests and civil unrest to fight against the authoritarian government response to the virus. of couse the communists are promoting propaganda campaign that anyone who fight against the lockdowns are dangerous threats to everyone's safety and anti-china terrorists. our authoritarians forced covid+ patients into buildings and locked them in with seniors. murdering thousands of elderly who everyone knew had the most comorbidities. of couse the communists are promoting propaganda campaign that anyone who fight against the lockdowns are dangerous threats to everyone's safety and anti-china i mean american terrorists. not really sure what side the OP and dem worshipers are on in this fight against oppression. don't worry guys I'm pretty sure disitents are being crushed the same way you advocated. bank accounts are already frozen gov soldiers are rounding up protestors. these "selfish" people will be dealt with accordingly until they follow the, i mean YOUR science.
  10. h2o is a construct of atoms backed by the patriarchy of hateful science. your a hate filled bigot unless you can articulate to us how you personally feel about this undefinable substance and make everyone around you agree. stop labeling everything!!!
  11. i cant seem to ever get a response when i bring up the violence they blindly followed. weird. 🤔 🦗🦗🦗🦗
  12. i think the question is not are individuals but what is the parties stance from where people seek leadership. read my response above for examples of democratic actions that has to this point been forgotten. "summer of love" was annouced for the CHOP and allowed to exist until a teenager was murdered. dem gov marched up with rioters to the federal courthouse to show solidarity with criminals who were throwing molitoves locking doors and trying to burn people alive in the buildings trump actually sent fed help to chicago to help clear up the spiking violence it worked. the dems still reputed it as fascist takeover and most refused!!! how many additional people died due to dems political bias and democratic refusal to get the rioting under control. i could go on and on. what is closely comparable? JAN 6th!! JAN 6th!! oh the day that was immediately denounced by rep and anyone involved is under strict prosecution? it was stupid of trump to do and i hope he loses in the primaries but what else are we talking about? +6 years media been talking about dog whistles and greatest threats to the country. alot of MAGA losses in the mid terms. still waiting on all this threat crap from election denials. still seeing dems desperate to pin any all violence on rep to the point we have countless lies. smollett, nooses in nascar, pelosi... you name it. just today they are saying the colorado shooter was a trans himself. take a day or two and they look like jacka$$[$ and STILL pray the next maniac can be that maga demon they all been waiting on so they can collect more power. its truley sick. so someone PLEASE explain what am i missing that makes the two comparable?
  13. democrats were litterally bailing out rioters..that proves they were never for peaceful protests storefronts were boarding up in cities in case trump won. dems dont even acknowledge the existence of antifa let alone try to stop their violent gatherings. but proudboys!!!! blm broke down barriers at the white house. attacked police. set fire to st johns church. and the reaction by dems was. lol the president had to go into a bunker..what a coward! lollollolol. they took over many capital buildings and police stations while stealing land and setting up their own violent racist little armed communities. nothing terroristic about that. but of coarse instantly switch to storming capitals is the biggest threat on democracy!! im shaking with tears by these magas and there buffalo outfits who had doors opened. 🙄 please. only difference? most if not all the perpetrators were all actually hunted down and prosecuted for that one. mass looting is justified as " just getting bread for starving children" and " they are taking reparations". so now at a point steal $999 and we might hand you a ticket if we ever catch you lets advocate people to go to supreme court judges homes and even after a plot to kidnap is stopped we will keep advocating. what could go wrong on and on but yeah just a few minor isolated incidents is what your going with? what percentage of the 90% do you think your posts make up?
  14. i completely agree and the bolded sounds like the beginning of a actual plan yet this issue is something that has not been touched by rep. too much " your problem not mine" hindsight qbing of other peoples problems. that message doesn't compete at all with "ill knock 20 g off your loan" and possibly more to come. never will. over 20 million people applied for forgiveness. thats alot of votes. how many more are currently in college that are hoping more bills like this get rammed through include parents of these kids and you may have a red wave that never was. even if bidens giveaway does not go through its Rs who can be blamed. it always was a win/win scenario. dems are great at those cause they can always count on Rs to block them, look like the bad guy...and nothing more. at some point simply "conserving" the broken system you outlined is actually worse then saying nothing at all. Rs need to pander. not by giving away money but by actually offering solutions. for example. hold the colleges responsible. kid doesn't come out and make the low end of the average salary you dictated with the degree and kids makes a honest job search..the kids tuition gets slashed. college pays the gov back. id think it would mean less phoney lib art degrees, more active engagement for college to be involved with kids job hunt or at the very least colleges being upfront and honest about a degrees earning potential before a check clears. maybe a dumb idea but ITS SOMETHING which is alot more then Rs even SPEAK about, let alone do! stopping the libs alone is not a winning strategy. its getting old.
  15. is leaking supreme court decisions a serious threat now or something? recent history says first you leak a decision. but you also should announce that everyone who can take a hour from there full time careers should go to the judges home to scream about the leak as well. so showing up and yelling at judges and their families kind of leaks are good. just leak. bad? i dunno, a smidge of violent kidnapping plot didnt really come across as good but the white house still green lit the doxxing party. pardon my slow and consistant eye roll on the fact you guys suddenly care about (potential) leaks from 8 years ago.
  16. my view on this issue is the same as when i was a liberal in the past. the dems are going about addressing this the wrong way and as usual republicans are complaining about it but have no plan of their own. obama care! still waiting on the republican healthcare plan. if the train we are on is careening off a cliff im not going to b!+ch at someone who decides to pull a lever. republicans far to often happy to sit back and wait for the crash and i think even see a alot of joy in the show when they arent on it. Rs better start coming up with some actual solutions or the dems WILL keep pushing these kinds of solutions. in most instances its the only choice on the table.
  17. prob one that replaces 75% of its workforce that can't answer whether they will actually go to work to work.
  18. epstein cameras conviently go down? why? epstein client lists? who? fauci lies? big pharma lies? hunters labtop? joes involvement? ppp money being stolen? contents of bidens daughter diary that initiated journalist doors getting kicked in? blm money being stolen? Russia er i mean Ukraine i mean who knows who is bombing poland? nordstream terrorist attacks by? ftx fraud funneling money to democrats? investigations? again Pelosi cameras go out? body cam? reporters suspended for reporting inconvenient facts? ray epps leniency? on and on. add it to the pile of things we will probably never get real answers to. "we do not talk about ongoing aka shutup investigations".
  19. if you listen to Brianna joy grey speak and alot of other progressives (shes in a quote a few right above your message)... or other people who actually do want loan forgiveness (krystal ball ect ect) they brought up more sound laws that biden could have used to get this done. they been questioning why biden used such a very weak emergency order to try to achieve this and had HUGE doubts it would hold up. seeing as biden has access to the top lawyers in the country one has to think if this does not pass it was intentional to con voters. I'm no lawyer but seeing as what they said would happen has been halted by the courts relatively quickly. no reason to think they were wrong.
  20. i agree. i think trump as a fixture is no where close to being a effective means. i pray for this country trump gives it up already. the dems funded those canidates and it worked out. at the same time the dems litterally lied about EVERYTHING about covid. im am shocked that people did not see that as a leadership flaw. i have no choice but to think alot of them were on board and dont really want answers to alot of questions on how much was a lie..because it would also expose themselves for rolling with it. not easy to digest the fact you stunted your kids learning or participated in a drive by funeral ect ect and put up no resistance when you could have while demonizing those who did. wrong side of history but history is written by the victors. the only major effect it had in this election were freedom states swung big red. no more swinging florida. people appreciate just how close they came from living in fear and losing basic things like the rest of the country. who seems to have stock home syndrome.
  21. yeah but the metrics. economy. crime. gas. these arent little things. they effect everyone everyday. regardless of who was running against them or why you would think it would be enough to have people want a drastic change no matter what it is. i think abortion got women out and i dont think enough credit was given to student loan forgiveness which got the young people out when they typically wouldnt. even if it doesnt effect them it prob does to someone they know or are hoping for more when they grad.
  22. ill interject a sec. just scanning so pay no mind. but lost in the debate is the perceived third party that is constantly not included in a abortion debate. a directly effected one. using religion as a means to defend that party that cant speak for itself as a moral compass as its voice is a worthy seat at the table...or no? if not. what is? anything that cannot defend itself will need a outsider to defend it using a reason..religion is just one. otherwise who cares about anything thats not happening directly to them.
  23. singletary is pretty good. nothing elite but not many are. what he lacks in speed he makes up in broken tackles. not sure why he gets a bad rap by fans. i think edmunds is average. we can keep waiting on the ceiling but im tired of the excuses. he has a good line in front of him and it seems the same result. i think his pass coverage is better then people give credit for but he just cant make big plays in either. not sure why you say this. guy litterally ran 30 yards down field to save a touchdown he had no buisness getting to. hes a very good dt imo and hope we extend him.
  24. eh was more rhetorical if anyone else thought the personnel swapping was a detriment to the offense and effecting the consistancy we are seeing a lack of from guys. people are saying McKenzie in for man and shakir for zone but its not like we put guys in knowing what defensive play they are going to play until we motion. if its about opponents tendency then we would see 1 guy in the whole game to counter the team or cb.
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