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  1. If this only results in single item votes. That alone will change alot. No more (free people love freedom bills) that are just giant sandwiched paydays to who knows what or where. Idiots screaming why you against the trillion dollar deal? what... you dont like freedom? Having people go on the record for individual bills AT THE VERY LEAST will show what these people truley stand for. Accountability? Having to work together on bills neither side can oppose on the record. Dear god its armageddon.
  2. What did you change? Pelosi needed the squads vote to get power and they happily conceded it to her. No progressive concessions required. Rolled right over when they were the ones who would "fight" for thier voters. So much progress from the progressives. Medicare for all? Student loan forgivness? Defunded police? Ya sure...sucker. ( laughing emoji repeated) 😒
  3. Must be strange to watch what the progressive squad declared they would do day one but instead become homogeneous to the corporate dems In perfect lock step. Changing the status quo kinda requires...changing the staus quo. Not just blubbering about it during election time and rolling over when you suckered in your voters. Good to see imo. Maybe dems will follow suite at some point but the bernie ship and any other movement sailed long ago.
  4. So you accept biden or noone? But your right. As a democrat watching burnie again i must ask for your support lol Before they buried him and he rolled over on his supporters. Tulsi getting slandered as a traitor...as a veteran. The dnc proven colluding to destroy everyone except the one THEY choose including green party canidates. you never do. And your all ok with that. So...do you see it?
  5. Lol a sugar heavy diet is ok if your normal weight? Ok doc. I appreciate the diversion from the topic of how "science" and consensus has repeatedly shown they are more then happy to lie if it makes money. Ill assume this diversion means you have some investigations to do and are open minded to realize just because its universally agreed by the "scientific community" aka signal boosted to get grants and good standings with pay outs. Doesnt mean its correct. If you like more info on the topic please see every scientific breakthrough and what "consensus" said before it happened and was put through rigorous challenges for decades. I personally like the story of tesla and how edison would electrocute elephants at fairs to "prove" AC was dangerous to the community. Must have been very convincing to fools. Plenty to read. Ill let you get to it.
  6. You dont know why 6 to 10 servings of carbs a day is not a sound diet option? Really? Heres the first thing that popped up. I wont even read it. https://www.hyperbiotics.com/blogs/recent-articles/myth-of-the-food-pyramid theres plenty more documentation. Corn syrup was pushed because...we make a Sh ton of corn..THATS ALL! Sell corn! Kill people. Cigarette lobbiest say shhhh and consesus is its safe. Opioids are artificial herion. What could go wrong. Tons of lies on covid have been exposed. Im sure you were on the "its racist to suggest a lab leak". Yet here you are shield in hand to protect the innocent muti billion dollar pharma monopolies. History is proving the "misinformation" "anti science" people correct repeatedly but you still blindly argue points that have long been exposed. Well you got pyramid info now. Cant claim ignorance. Bout time you check on your other scientific marvels you hold so dear. Some are obiedient regardless how many times the owners kick them. Arent you sore yet?
  7. Your not a doctor. I dont care about your personal anecdote. Im talking about how the public viewed smoking as safe. Doctors would light up with patients in the room. Were you not alive when ashtrays were standard with everything? Or when opiods had no indication they were addictive and handed out like pez. Or the food pyramid. Or corn syrup being a "better" sugar replacement. Doctor hawk. The scientific method REQUIRES challenges and you idiots snuff them out of existence before they start. I know it very well as i had to do it to my own projects.. have you ever perfomed it? Do you even know the procedures? REAL SCIENCE REQUIRES SCRUTINY not immediate blind trust like you fools shovel.
  8. You advised non sick people to stay home yet counted every death as covid related to scare the population, get rid of surplus vax we had no choice in buying and keep a death ticker in peoples faces until a election was over. You got cuomo and whitmer the mass murder who put people in old folks home instead of the hospital ship. If you are as old as you say. Then you know about how "studies" showed smoking was good healthy life choice. It was misinfo to suggest otherwise. Tons of consensus. But here you are eating the pellets they hand feed you as if science has never been shown to be just another greedy corporation if you dont question it. 🤐
  9. Totally disregarding natural immunity. Forcing people to not have a right to sue. No idea about mutations. They didnt even test for transmission but declared it to be so. These idiots danced with the almighty freedom to take masks off...for a week, then ran back for the next round of the no mask ok. Time. Time is what stopped covid. They slowly saw every single person around them get covid and only then gave up the "killing your grandma routine". As the flock wandered sheep have no other option but go with the majority who realized it was a scam. But some are still bahhhing as if it did anything other then make rich people richer and poor suffer through the worst inflation since the depression. Id hate to know i caused all this. So id be in denial as well.
  10. More red then blue? Got a study on that? Hey. Psst. hydroxychlorquin DOES help sick people. Millions of them and won the noble prize. Guess whats been tested to be safe for decades while you highlight RARE cases of miocarditis from the vax. Just a couple young healthy men that could have EASILY beat covid...prob already had. But dont try a perfectly safe med...try a experiment. I dont think your making the point you think you are. No talk about excercise and diet. Cause being healthy wont help when your sick with a virus. stay inside! That was the liberals big plan. Hold your breath, dont move and stick this in your arm after you sign the waver! Thank god they contained the spread of covid. Thank you elitists for saving society by forcing people to get fired and not go out to those small buisnesses that are shut down. We are forever greatful. Everyone got it but at a slightly slower pace. God bless you. you brought race into a covid descussion out of the blue? Shocked. Ok well Next in line to thank you are the blacks who lives are forever better now that we have no DAs who prosecute and have less stores and buisnesses in their neighborhoods while being crush by the hyper inflation of everyday items. Its done so much for the community. So much "american exceptionalism" at work. Lol. And here you are. Defending it all over and over again.
  11. Every excuse they were given for the lies the left just immediatly shifted with. And yet they use cult to describe others. "Mistakes happen" as if shutting down the economy. Throwing covid plus patients in with the vulnerable. Shutting down and censoring those who were pointing out the "mistakes" that were happening in real time. Cheering on gov seizing bank accounts firings and public monitoring of health information now all the evidence of vax harm. Just brush it all off as nothing instead of saying...we were lied to, im sorry and am with the fight to never give away our liberty again. Truley elitist and idiotic at every level. They loved the power and prob more important a excuse to be a$$holes to people that disagreed with them. They would love to get that back because they have no other purpose in their lives. Free money and the feeling of power fuels them.
  12. you just handed a beer emoji to 3 words gets the admiration of the hawk after he responds to me with "spelling errors". truley insightful arguments being made. How can the human mind counter all these in depth logics and facts constantly made.
  13. The "facts" are dems are on board with strangers saying.. shh dont tell your parents about this. A adult says that to any child at any time for any reason is a huge disgusting flag to what could be said after. Every single time a stranger speaks those words it should be fully investigated. You sickos defend those words all the time and fight laws that prevent them. My house is fine. Kids can tell me anything and know their dad is not afraid to go to jail on their behalf at any time if those words get whispered. Ill do my own investigation real quick. How bout yourself? You ok with some adult saying that to your kids? If they have the title (teacher) BT just hands over complete trust and saftey of his family. Sad.
  14. I would never! Crayons can be melted into a sharp point that can be used to defend freedoms. Using them for drawing is a waste of a critical resource in this war. No i think every confession is a accusation! Lol. Are you really using "i know you are but what am i" all over this board still? Been awhile. I see nothing has changed around here.
  15. Yeah they didnt have any of that english in my school. Full time malitia sun up and down. you need a book written. not your guy. if you need a true american patriot to protect the freedoms from authoritarians regime that this country has become. im all over it. 👌
  16. With the dems going full pro pedo. kids grouping up into a little militia defense wouldnt be a terrable idea. Its the only chance they have. They also have really small hands. Good for reaching in to unlock capital buildings windows and doors. making insurrections go alot more smoothly in the future. Alot of good ideas hawk. Keep em coming. 😅
  17. Its called child support. I dont know any women who had to pick up a second job and live in their car just to pay after a nasty divorce but know alot of men who basically have to start over from scratch simply because a marriage didnt pan out. Do you? Maybe instead of incentivising women to have children out of wedlock or winfalls from divorce we incentive men to stay in the home and spend time with their children. Why does a woman need child support if the father is willing to take them 50%? Why do judges give women huge settlements and force a man to continue decades after divorce even if she is engaging in new relationships or working full time. Obv this is case by case as women are the ones who give up occupations for family but to suggest men have no accountability? The ones who dont are because women dont hold them to it and let them skate. Otherwise its HIGHLY slanted against men.
  18. You would think after a certain amount of time enough people who went all in on what has been repeatedly exposed as lies would think twice. Soften allegiance. Not go back to the same wells to drink. If anything the people who do just simply stop posting. Everyone else just goes on as if nothing happened. I no longer see how rational descussion can be had so i stopped trying mostly. I just browse and see the same threads getting more pages with the same people repeating the same type of rhetoric. There will never be a "good point" or "i was wrong" or " i never considered that". Just tribes at war same as in all human history... i guess its good to vent without all the atrocities.
  19. Those 2 are in heavy media rotations. People who have these concrete opinions usually do a bit of fact checking and research. If you believe enough where you agreed with the response then you should know a bit of what it is your agreeing with. If you dont. Why? Ill answer. Because you dont. You care cause your told to and nothing more. You think a response to police brutality. One that has 1000s of cops villianized, spit on, ambushed, and murdered was the correct response but you care about police who are facing the same thing as long as they are in a capital. These instances follow. You dont.
  20. Thats says alot about you. As many times as blm attacked gov buildings i never once thought if one got shot that.....whats that? Die slowly and rot in hell. I mean this wholeheartedly. Get some meds.
  21. I asked 2 questions to see if your a shill. Police brutality was a pretty big topic that dominated the headlines and led to mass destruction and murders. You just said you agreed with the response. Response to what? Do you agree with the response to make it about a single race if you dont even know about a single incident outside that race? Id think if you find jan 6th so comparable youd at the very least have a basic understanding of it in a tiny bit more depth. So you dont know a single victim name, from the race, that has been victim of it most often? Not a single blm case where you believe the cop was actually defending his life and unjustly accused of racism and villianized....but you care about the police...in the capital. Stand down for your next thought after your local weather report.
  22. Without google can you name one white victim of police brutality? I bet you cant But you care about police brutality...right? No you are against the only brutality highlighted your told to. Out of the police brutality we heard about name one that you feel was justified if you can. If you cant, you know why.
  23. Well thats every one bud. I would think the bombing of civilians and endless warcrimes would be a bit worse. You should be angry they are mitigating all that destruction to one man, for one day alone. But you seriously only care cause your told to. If they told you anything diff you would. Just like your last post was about police brutality and i promise you could care less about the unarmed woman shot in the capital. Let that have been a blm shot in the throat and the media telling you how brutal instead of how deserved you will parrot the sentiment. Its what you do. Dems should stop posting. The media tell us your opinions on every station before you write a word. Covid. Jan 6th. Blm. Not alot of unique thougts outside the mainsteam media. Why is that?
  24. Condemned? You still celebrate blm after they robbed your money. You have made ZERO repreations of justice towards the buisnesses burnt to the ground. The reprocussions that your soft on crime has evolved into after villlianizing entire police dept. The MULTIPLE MURDER victims it gathered. Ask a liberal if they support blm and they will say YES! Ask for the fbi to hunt down and prosecute every person with a molotov for several years. Not happening and you equivacate the two as if billions of dollars and victims in the hundreds of violence at thid point is anywhere close to a building that was absolutely purposfully ungarded and a bunch of millionairs being scared. The two are bad but one was actually shown as good. You hear the media machine talk about jan6th in your exact words and because they ignored blm you do as your told. Echo the narative. Its all that can happen for some. You guys are dillusinal puppets regurgitating what you think is consensus because thats what your told.
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